Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

This week is going by SOOOO SLOOOOWWWLLLLLY for me :(

- I need an "EASY" button.

- I could use a hug too.

- My timing always seems to be off when it comes to men. I need to figure that out.

- All the men at the NYSC that Monica and I go to gossip. They're worse than women. Some of them are even "shaggable" - but your business would be on front street if you ever went there. Not worth it.

- Only 15 more days until Soul Siesta! I can't wait! I need a vacation to clear my head and refocus.

- I need to buy all new bras since I've lost weight. My cup size is the same, but my straps keep sliding down. Good bras are EXPENSIVE!

- I love Plantation Mint tea.

- I've been craving a Snickers all week! I eat low-fat granola instead :(

- I want oxtails too.

- The weather this week blows. The weekend is supposed to be nicer. I want heat!

- LeBron to the Knicks? wha'cha think?

- Not sure how I feel about this:

They was shakin their groove thang a lil too hard for my taste at the end. Sigh.

- Now for Brian's Random Thoughts Thursday Throwback:




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Gotta make this quick - Obama's in town, and I'm assigned to cover it all day...

- Apparently the girl is now saying her and LT never had sex now. Goes EXACTLY to my point of how quickly people jump to indict a Black celeb but give a white celeb (Rapistberger) the benefit of the doubt until everything comes out. What perturbs me is the number of people of color who subscribe to this train of thought...

- LeChoke James performance the other night was despicable, and his attitude even worse. He should NEVER be compared to the all-time greats - or even the current ones like Tim Duncan, Kobe and D.Wade - until he develops some killer instinct and tenacity. With that being said - I think he goes for 40 tonight...

- I hate hearing ANY white people in my building talk about Obama. They haven't been allowed to have a convo with me about him since he got in office - but they still talk amongst themselves within earshot...

- Speaking of white people - this turning the AC on ish is getting old. I'm constantly turning it off due to these descendants of cave dwellers...

- Got two sacks last week in my football game...

DAMMIT!! Gotta go! In the words of Riley Freeman...


Serena W. said...


Happy Birthday Nana! SHe's 86 years young today and still fabulous! She's such a rock and doesn't even know it. Love ya!

Had a great week at work so far (why...amazing). I was able to do workshops with the students and that made my week! We had a ton of fun yesterday!

Gotta connection with a press company and quotes on putting my book together YIPPPPPPEEEEEE!

I always say, "I wish Mom was here to see it..." I know she can...I just miss calling her and seeing her lovely face.

I miss my hugs too and giving her foot rubs.

She once told me, "You are good at foot massages."

I told her, "Don't get it twisted, you are my mama and I'll do anything for you. But not some average Joe with jacked up feet."

She would smile...those were the good ole days.

I made it through Mother's Day in one piece. With a sound mind, heart and complete spirit. Lit a candle for Mom and laid a white flower by her picture and prayed a lot. Church was greatness and there were a lot of tears shed.

I needed that release.

My team raised $1,100 total as we kicked off the weekend with the National Ovarian Cancer Run in Reston, VA. I know Mom is proud from the heavens.

One of my other bestie's (Emma) came into town for it. We go back to 1987 chilling with slouch socks and freestyles!

I love how she still rocks freestyles.

It was nice waking up Mother's day morning with a great friend in my space. Emma lost her Mom 20 years ago and she was comforting. I needed that...

Going to African Dance class tonight! Love it!

Got comp tickets for an African Dance show tomorrow (sweet)!

Brooke I love Plantation Mint tea!

I want Snickers!

I also want some slamming Mexican food.


Rameer please give us an update later or next week on the Obama coverage (the uncut update :)

My cousin Gianina is coming to see me again from the Carolinas this weekend!

Let me work on this 4 hour meeting I have this afternoon (sigh)...


mylylahn said...

Sending you hugs, Brookey! Hoping the sunshine warms your soul today. :-)

Brooke said...

Thank you so much missy!

The Fury said...

I have a hug for you, Brooke. Next time I see you, i'll give you a squeeze.

Plantation Mint Tea...what in the field slave are y'all talking about?

I'm happy this weather is finally breaking. It's too late in the Spring to be this cold in NYC.

Noticing these suburban moms are being reeeeeeaaaallly friendly when they see me out and about. Desperate Housewives indeed. One of them has a DONK! Oh my!

still haven't gone to the sex club....

there's no way Lebron can take all the blame. Williams and Jamison barely showed up. His attitude is sucking right now, though. He's like Jordan when The Bulls kept getting slapped around by the Cavs and The Pistons

congrats to Serena on raising money for a worthwhile cause! Kudos!

same cup size, you kept the ta-tas but your slimming down. Oh boy

Brooke said...

I'll take that hug Fury :)

And yes, so far the ta-tas are still there, but my traps are gettign muscular, and I have to keep tightening the straps. I hope the little bit of boobage I DO have stays :(

Happy Birthday to Serena's Nana! And congrats on the running the race and raising all that money for your mom and cancer research!

I'm with Rameer on the overuse of AC. It'll be 60 degrees outside and these fools have it on 45 INSIDE. You have to go outside just to warm up!

Serena W. said...

Fury! Go to your local grocery store and find some of that tea!

Thanks for the bday wishes for Nana! I'll tell her the blog fam sends their love.

I want some Ben and Jerry's.

This isn't good, I'm trying to get to 160 pounds and all this PMSing isn't helping the cause!

Brooke I used to work in a lingerie store and I would tell clients cheaper bras until you get to your ultimate weight loss. Otherwise you are going to blow a lot and I mean a lot of money and have to buy more later on.

Just my two cents.

I can't wait for Memorial Day weekend! I got my Dance Africa tickets in the mail yesterday!

Going to be hot!

Everyone who wants me to forward them my newsletter that talks about my writing adventures, events, books, me at and I'll forward it to you.

Or Brooke and Annamaria can since they got it :)

Where's DMoe...I need info on an independent bookstore in New Orleans called Octavia. I want to call them up about carrying my books and stuff when they drop.

Thanks for kudos everyone on the race!

Anonymous said...

I need a career change. My international guest are dumber than dirt.

@ Brooke try this snack called Bare naked. It's amazing. 100 % natural. they have many flavors, fruit & nut is my favorite.

The US Government doesn’t want you to know they’re funneling taxpayer money to foreign banks.
The US Treasury has evaded the direct questions about why, and on what authority they’ve given $50 billion dollars to foreign Bankster’s.

The US Treasury is merely as high-rollin gambler with the audacity to give foreign Bankster’s $54 billion of our hard earned taxpayer dollars. Look at Greece as an example of taxpayers who have had enough.
Look up futurist Gerald Celente. His predictions have been incredibly accurate.

Brooke said...

I think you make a good point Serena. I'll be at Target buying bras til I get to where I need to be. My bras cost a lot of money - I just hope the girls don't shrink :(

Brooke said...


I have to try this Bare Naked! I need new snack idea, thank you!

Serena's newsletter is great! Sign up to receive it!

I want sushi for lunch.

My braids are starting to look fuzzy. I'm taking them out right after I get back from DR. Not sure what to do with my hair after that.

This orange I'm eating now tastes like it's laced with crack - that's how hungry I am!

Serena W. said...

Thanks for the props on the newsletter Brooke!

Target and Walmart will be your best bet (especially Walmart) cheap bra's!

I don't think the girls would shrink, my friend Lori lost close to 45 pounds and now she's a size 4with the big girls still in place.


Brooke said...

well that's good to know :) I don't have much to begin with!

My hips are free to go tho...PLEASE!

Jay said...

I could eat a cheesesteak today, Brooke when we going?

Bad timing when it comes to men? Brooke, don't worry, your prince will come. If you're taking applications, I'll apply. I have no drama and I"m available - holla at me!

No one is good enough for you right now, that's the problem - except me of course :)

I'd take LeBron to the Knicks. His attitude has to improve tho.

I wish I was going to DR with Brooke over Memorial Weekend. Can't wait to see her tan when she gets back! Take lots of pics!

More details on the LT case - let the man go.

Still mad he was messing around with a prostitute tho - no matter the age.

Stef said...

DMoe has been MIA - he don't love Brooke no mo! LOL!

Finally, a nice, decent day!

Brian's RTTT is the SHIT! I miss De La.

Brooke, your timing isn't off when it comes to men - men are just always off :) No such thing as a drama free man.

LL was on The View today doing curls using the women's bodies. Sherri Sheppard is a clown. But LL was just YUMMY!

I wish I was going to DR with Brooke too!

Where is Annamaria today?

Brooke, eat sushi!

The Cable Guy said...

Everyone knows where Brookey's blog is, if they don't wanna comment they can kick rocks!

Brooke, I'm free - no drama over here either! Timing is ALWAYS good!

I'm glad you didn't go to the sex club with Fury too!

I have a feeling Brooke would make a great wife and mother. I still can't believe she's single. We men must be really stupid...or blind and deaf - cuz there's no other explanation.

Free LT!

Any dude paying for sex is lame.

My son is getting so big! He could use a sibling though, and keeps asking for one. Brooke...??? ;)

I agree with Fury - Brooke slimming down while the girls remain luscious is a GREAT thing!

Congrats on the marathon Serena and happy birthday to Nana!

Waiting for Yolanda's random thoughts.

Brooke, put me in your suitcase :)

Dr. PLJ said...

1) I had a wonderful birthday and motorcycle ride. Thanks for the well wishes!

2) I hate that video of the girls dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." It's basically sexualizing of prepubescent girls...

3) I had the session with a client yesterday. Normally, I don't bring work home with me, but this is an exception. Thank goodness I have my consultation group tomorrow.

4) I really need a vacation, which I finally scheduled for the first week in June. It will be a stay-cation, but at least I don't have to go into the office. Maybe I'll go to Catalina.

5) Happy Bday to Serena's Nana! I miss my Granny. I can still hear her call me "Shug" with such warmth and love.

6) I need a hug...a big grandma style one.

7) I can't wait to go home and see my dog. She's so comforting.

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Here's where I am:

- DR is 2 weeks away. T-shirts are being ordered.

- Just met Nas 15 minutes ago, he's pretty cool.

- Today's the big presentation, I gotta nail that beeyotch.

- Headed home to "drive Miss Daisy" to the N.O tomorrow...Gotta love riding to the crib with my Momma.

- Since I gave up burgers/fries for Lent, I've been pretty good at NOT eating them since Easter. All that's bout to get shot to hell...

- Its Thursday...Mojitos!!

- Tomorrow's Friday...Mojitos!!

With that, here's the DMOE RTT playlist:

1. Toni Braxton - Lookin at me.
Her new album is decent, and worth a listen. This is a fun, bouncy-azz song to start with.

2. Little Brother - What we are.

3. Rene & Angela - Your smile.

4. Keith Sweat - Make it Last forever

5. Doug E. Fresh - I'm gettin ready.

6. Illa & J.Dilla - DFTF (instrumental)

7. Erykah Badu - Ye Yo (Live)

8. Maxwell - Get to Know Ya

9. New Edition - If it isnt Love

10.Eric Roberson - Borrow You (Acoustic)

Stay thirsty kids...I gotta roll!

DMoe aka Chase Lounge

annamaria said...

1. I'm here I'm here!!! :)

2. Serena tell Nana I said Happy birthday!!! :) she's adorable! LOVE HER!!

3. Makes me smile that Sophia has both her grandma's in her life & they love her sooo much! I had a wonderful mother's day weekend with them both.

4. DMoe better stop disappearing! He's gotta hook us up when we go to NO!!!

Serena W. said...

Annamaria thanks for calling Nana adorable!

DMoe...check out Octavia books in NO for a sista.

I heard they are tight and when I get my books published would love them to carry it.

Still in a 4 hour mtg...

But its a good mtg!

Brooke said...

four hour meeting? Buffoonery.

we have deebo tonight - gotta work this sushi off :)

am I the only one who doesn't get this whole Twilight thing? They're on Oprah now...looks cool, but I have no desire to see any of these movies.

I have my Back-Up plan in place just like the J. Lo movie. Wondering when I should start :)

I want some water ice - thanks to my email conversation with Annamaria, Dave and Stan. Rita's!

Why does Powerz have 10 flat screen tv's? He needs to give one to me and Serena.

Serena, do you have a tv YET?

who schedules a meeting at 5:30? Who DOES that?

I always wear sneakers or flip flops to work with the full intention of changing into my "work shoes" when I get here - and then it gets to be 4:20 and I still have my sneakers on. Too late now.

I did 10 pushups on 2 medicine balls on Tuesday. That may not sound like alot to some folks, but I was very proud of myself!

I'm 7 lbs away from fitting into my next size down jeans! Woo-hoo!

Jaz said...

you go Brooke! I'm 7 lbs away from fitting into my "fat" jeans :(

Hey ya'll!

I love the Twilight movies! That Taylor dude is delicious!

I don't get the whole Justin Beiber thing though. He's trying to be a white usher, or a like Justin Timberlake.

I always want chocolate.

I love watching A&E Brooke, just wanted you to know that. Everytime I watch one of their shows I think of Brooke.

I wish I had a cool job.

I would LOVE to be covering Obama. I love that man!

Where is Yolanda?

Happy birthday to your nana Serena!

And to Dr. PLJ! and I want a comforting dog :(

I would DEVOUR an apple pie right now! I'm PMSing.

Brooke is single because no dude out here is fly enough for her. They're all corny and afraid to step to a real woman...and STEP UP!

I agree Stef, no such thing as a drama free man.

Brooke, the men at your gym gossip? That's wack!

The Cable Guy said...

how fattening can sushi be Brooke? LOL!

and Jaz, I beg to differ. I'd step TO and UP for Brooke any day!

who the hell is Justin Beiber?

Brooke, I have some sperm for your back up plan, just let me know when you ready!

DMoe, did Nas look pissed for paying all that child support and not being able to see his son? That shit is wack. I wish a chick WOULD take all that dough every month and not let me see my kid! She'd be choked up!

Dr. PLJ, I agree with you on the little girls dancing to Single Ladies. They need their fast tails beat, and their parents too!

Serena W. said...

Can I have a flat screen Annamaria and Powerz!

No I don't have a tv yet :(

At all.

Men do gossip at the gym!


Brooke you can do it!

Brooke said...

yes, the men at my gym gossip - and they're BAD with it. I know all their business, and it's always the biggest, hercules looking dude telling everyone's business too.

Monica and I gave them all nicknames:

The Mayor
Miami (pronounced "MEE-am-EE")
Silent Assassin
The Hype Man

They're all a bunch of characters :-)

The whole Smith family (as in Will Smith) is gonna be on Oprah Monday!

Stef said...

yes, Brooke, you can do it!

you did pushups PERIOD?? I can't do one, let alone on a medicine ball! Go girl!

the nicknames you have for your man friends at the gym are funny :)

No tv Serena? At all? What do you DO with yourself? write??

Brooke, you have a 5:30 meeting? Slap whoever scheduled that.

Justin Beiber is a 16 year old who sings pop, r&b'ish type songs who was discovered on YouTube. Usher and Justin Timberlake wanted him, but I think Usher won :) Little girls go NUTS over this cat!

I can't wait to see Sex in the City 2! and Just Wright. And Robin Hood. And Iron Man 2! SO many movies to see!

DMoe said...

Back again...

@ Brookey -
Congrats on your training regimen. Fly before, FlyER now...As a gift, my easy button is heading up the East Coast.

@ Cable Guy -
He seemed pretty easy-going and was with Damian Marley...I didn't see his fist balled, so maybe he got over that foolishness he's caught up in.

@ Serena -
Octavia Books is Uptown N.O.
I'll be in the neighborhood this weekend, and I just called ahead to a friend who might assist with getting you some info.

I'll need to know the publishing info, title, etc. and if you've been dealing with somebody already. Gimme as much as you can, and I can try to shake some hands and kiss some babies for your book.


- Free LT!

- "Lebrick" (as they have called him) gets his chance to show up and show out tonight. Let's see what he brings.

- Go Celtics? Seriously? I just said that?

- "Mexican" should be a food group.

- I miss Carmine's in NYC.

- If Lebron becomes a Knick, each of you will witness the largest billboard every displayed in Times Square. Lebron will be 15 stories tall, and you'll be able to see it from Space.

P.S. If you don't see/hear me, I'm workin' my azz off.

Your friend and mine,

The Fury said...

@The Cable Guy - don't count out Brooke for the sex club just yet, brother.

some football player took a shower and ustreamed it? My twitter timeline lit up with women talking about it. WTH?

Of course when the guys get something it's crazy, scrawny ass Tila Tequila dancing half naked/topless looking like E.T. with breast implants.

When do we get Before and after pics, Brookey?

I'm a visual person

@Dmoe- 15 stories? that'll be 102 Stories the entire length of the Empire State Building! LMAO

I want some cheesecake...ummm..Brooke...?

Yolanda said...

-I'm here. I'm here! Back from Florida and a little blacker on the arms.

-Woot woot.

-Sushi's fattening? Maybe that's my problem.

-I have a sushi lunch date tomorrow. Oh well.

-Calm down: lunch "date" with my soror.

-My bank's ATM was down. Who goes in the lobby anymore? Ugh.

-Hoping my dish thaws out in time for dinner cuz I'm hongraaay.

-My BFF sent my Mom & I to the spa while we were in Florida. She's the best.

-Lots of May birthdays!

-Shouts out to Nana :-)

-There's a news report coming up about the "cougar" lifestyle being unhealthy. Really?

-I'm not a cougar yet. I kinda like a distinguished gentleman. Gray hair is sexy.

-Anybody watch the Farrakhan interview on TV One over the weekend? I think I'll catch it tonight on my Tivo.

-Any playlist with Maxwell on it is alright with me.

-Who got Bieber Fever?

-Hugs to you Brooke!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Quick RTT update:

- That was SUCH a chore covering the president's visit today. I won't go into all of it, too long of a story - but it was a huge hassle, and I don't want to be assigned to do it ever again. If you don' work in TV, you have no idea how much of a pain it can be - I got sick of people telling me "what an honor" it would be or "how happy" they'd be with no clue of what it entails. It's not like you're chilling talking to the president...and you have to be there hours before he arrives, and quite some time after he leaves.

It was WACK for working media. And no - that's not just me having a bad attitude or opinion. EVERYONE from every station in the vicinity had the same opinion and feeling. It's not cool when you're working and dealing with everything.

- Happy Birthday to Serena's NANA!!!

- Blessings go out to one of my favorite people in the world - my friend Nadine! She just gave birth to her first child, Mason Gomes Williams! So happy for her and her husband!

- I haven't lost in Scrabble in 3 weeks. People are really getting discouraged playing me. Here's my secret - my approach to Scrabble is the same approach that this year's Lakers have to each game. While I won't tell you what that is, if you really know ball and watch the Lakers this year, one could know my plan and why I'm so successful - and could also possibly figure out how to beat me.

- I haven't eaten since this morning, when I had two toaster strudels and a banana while racing out the door to cover the prez...

- men DO gossip in some circles more than women. (Sigh) I've said ti before - the roles have *changed*...

- I want sushi.

- I need a haircut...

- I'm so sick of this woman who sits near me who talks incessantly, even to HERSELF when no one's around...

- I'm arranging a night out for me and some friends tomorrow night. Long overdue...

Gotta go. Have a good night, everyone!

annamaria said...

Powerz doesn't have 10 flatscreens in our house so I wonder where he has them at... He's about to go missing..I'll have NOTHING to do with it!!! Just don't look in that hole in the yard!!! Looks like I'l need a new BD!

I luv Big Mike... And Warren Sapp!!

I hate Justin Bieber & Twilight!

Brooke said...

A&E is doing a pilot called "Leave it to Beiber." Not even kidding :)

Hugs back at'cha Yolanda!

I love the new Witches Brew by the way!

And that pic of Tahiry's vagicat made me throw up in my mouth a lil bit...or whoever's it was. ewww!

Mine is WAY prettier ;)

Not ready for the before and after pics yet Fury :)

and he's right, don't count me out for the sex club yet! I wanna see!

I miss Carmine's too :(

and Mexican.

And anything with bread in it...or cheese...or sugar :(

I would think covering the prez would be a major hassle and alot of work. I feel for you Rameer.

I wanna go to Florida...and a spa - maybe a spa in Florida :)

Thanks for the easy button DMoe! I need one for these damn pushups I'm gonna have to do tonight!

Time for my wack ass 5:30 meeting. Again I ask, who DOES that!?

The Cable Guy said...

wait. There's a pic of Tahiry's kitty kat on Yolanda's blog?

I MUST see this.

Serena W. said...

Hot mess that they all gossip! Hee hee hee and have tag names!

The ones at 24 Hour would stare and be in a huddle. Almost like high school to see who would wave first!

Are we for real!

DMoe...the book is still in the process of being put together. I just need to know what's the process for self publishers to get into their store?

One independent store gave me a form and the process ;)

ONCE I have the info I'll share it with the UNI-verse!

Welcome back Yolanda!

Stef...I write and its that serious lol.

But I do want one now.

Its been 2 years without one. I'm more disciplined now!

Happy Belated Dr. PLJ!

Congrats to your friend Rameer on the baby. A blessing!

ArrElle said...

-Since my job has blocked me from viewing Brooke's blog I have to wait until I get home to be part of the crew. sigh.

-Brooke you're not the only one on this board who is single and wonders when her time will come to meet "The Gentleman"

-Two weeks ago I've graduated from college after 4.5yrs of working full-time and taking classes part-time all online. Talk about dedication, self-motivation, etc. I'm soooo proud of myself.

-How can I post a small pic of myself so it can show when I post comments???

-Miss reading everyone's comments during the day.

-Happy belated Bday to Serana's Gmom, you're blessed to even have your Gmom in your life.

Serena W. said...

ArrElle! Congrats on your graduation!

I'm very blessed to have Nana and today is the bday so you're on time.

She's the only one I have left with "parent" on the end :(

About to hit the dance floor! Check y'all laters!

Brooke said...

ArrElle, you have to create a profile on blogger so you can upload a photo.

And congrats on obtaining your degree! That's awesome, you SHOULD be proud! I'm proud of you too!

I'm not necessarily wondering when that gentleman will come, I just wonder why all the great men I meet are on a different timeline than me...??

oh, and another note for the men out there: If we're not jealous of other women around you, even when you TRY to make us jealous, that means we don't think you're hot. Period.

Sometimes NOT playing games is sexy. Ever think about that?

Is it totally wrong to watch tv while you're having sex? :)

Stef said...

LMAO!! Brooke, you crazy! And yes, it's TOTALLY wrong to watch tv while having sex! LOL!!

Even though I've done it :)

And you are SO right about men and trying to make us jealous. Only someone not secure in themselves does that! And when it doesn't work, that means we don't care. Good one!

Congrats ArrElle!

I can't wait to read Serena's book!

Brooke said...

Men who try to make you jealous secretly don't believe they deserve you. That's what I think.

I want to write a book. Serena is inspiring me and I can't wait to read it either!

Getting ready for Deebo tonight!

Serena, you have blessings overflowing!

Jay said...

a womam grown enough not to play games is VERY sexy. Game playing? Not so much.

what else is not sexy? watching tv during sex...TOTALLY WRONG BROOKE! LOL!

anyone who tries to make anyone else jealous is insecure. Period.

and yes, men are VERY guilty of it most times. Straight bitchassness.

The Fury said...

Congrats ArrRelle. Sucks about the job thing. Smart Phone maybe?

*penciling Brooke in for a sex club hang out*

That Tahiry (or not) pic was not the business. She (or whomever) spread it wide...and needed some manicuring on those errant hairs.

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