Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I can't believe it's MAY already! Summer is fast approaching, can't wait!

- I received my itinerary for Soul Siesta yesterday, now I am OFFICIALLY excited! I am SO looking forward to my little vacation!

- Monica needs to stop playing and come with me!

- I feel like shopping today. That's never a good thing.

- I want new sexy sandals :)

- I'm going to try to drink a gallon of water today.

- We have Deebo tonight and I'm skerred! This is our last month with him :(

- I want Naomi Campbell's body for my 40th birthday. She looks no where NEAR 40 - hot chick!
So what if she has a temper tantrum every now and then ;-)

- Looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2 tomorrow. Rameer said it was good, so I'll take his word for it :) Here is the extended trailer!

Don Cheadle is so sexy to me!

- I got passes for Robin Hood for Monday but it was full :(

- I saw a young guy in an oversized suit bopping around on the train today listening to his iPod. He looked like Larenz Tate as Frankie Lymon in Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Everyone was looking at him smiling on the subway - he made my whole day :)

- Speaking of the subway, I HATE when people stand with their backs to the door as you're trying to get on. Do they think they're invisible if they don't face you or that you can walk through them somehow? Like it'll kill them to step to the side so people can get on. HATE THAT!

- Go Los Suns!

- Going to Philly this weekend, I miss my family! What are you all doing for the mothers in your life for Mother's Day?

- Check out my friend Ms. Lylah Lylah's blog SugarPlumSmiles if you get a chance - she's great!

- Baby Sophia, aka "The Combination," stood up all by herself today :) Awwww!

- And now for Brian's Random Thoughts Thursday Throwback! This was the joint!




Anonymous said...

First Bitches!!


Stef said...

How is everyone beating me??? Grr!

Anonymous said...

I grew up with K Cut and Sir Scratch (they were the two DJ's that Extra P dissed on a track off of Tribe's Midnight Marauders) I would see Large Pro all the time in front of my building waiting for Kevin and Shawn when they had to do a show! Use to see Dres from the Black Sheep a lot too back in the day! He lived in my building at one point, so I am told Ahh when hip-hop was hip hop!!!


Anonymous said...

Baby Sophia is gorgeous! When can you get a baby's ears pierced?


Annamaria said...

1.Tasing Floyd.

2. My baby is growing up too fast! 9 months yesterday & today she starts standing!

3. Ms.Nay has almost shanked someone everyday this week on the train.... This is why I love her!

4. We have all 3 kids in one house this weekend so it should be a great Mother's Day weekend! Can't wait to see my babies!

5. MsNay & Geeque should come over Saturday afternoon with my Leelee to make it complete!

6. Speaking of growing Leah is sooooo big now! Seems like yesterday we were seeing her for the first time.

7. Happy Mother's Day to all the blog mama's!

8. I miss my older brother. My love & thoughts & prayers are with him as he goes thru his journey.

9. I'm sooooooooooo extremely happy with every aspect of my life. I'm soo blessed & scared to wake up from this

10. Ebay sells wedding dresses.... LOVE IT!!!!! :)

Jay said...

I'm with you Floyd, this was my shit! They don't make hip hop like this anymore...sigh :(

Brian's RTT Throwback needs to be a weekly feature B - he's on POINT!

I wanna go on vacation with Brookey Baby :)

Did you all see the depiction of the First Family as Sanford and Son in that L.I. paper? Fuckers.

Iron Man 2 looks good, I'll check it this weekend.

Brooke, work it out with Deebo - you're doin great!

Annamaria said...

Jewelry Stores shouldn't do it before 3 months. And you should get clearance from the dr! I went the day after the dr said it was ok! :)

Anonymous said...

I had to school my younger cousin on "Live at the Barbecue"!

Street's disciple, my raps are trifle
I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle
Stampede the stage, I leave the microphone split
Play Mr. Tuffy while I'm on some Pretty Tone shit
Verbal assassin, my architect pleases
When I was twelve, I went to hell for snuffin Jesus
Nasty Nas is a rebel to America
Police murderer, I'm causin hysteria
My troops roll up with a strange force
I was trapped in a cage and let out by the Main Source
Swimmin in women like a lifeguard
Put on a bulletproof n***a I strike hard
Kidnap the President's wife without a plan
And hangin n***az like the Ku Klux Klan
I melt mics till the sound waves over
Before steppin to me you'd rather step to Jehovah
Slammin MC's on cement
Cause verbally, I'm iller than a AIDS patient
I move swift and uplift
your mind shoot the gift when I riff in rhyme
Rappin sniper, speakin real words
My thoughts react, like Steven Spielberg's
Poetry attacks, paragraphs punch hard
My brain is insane, I'm out to lunch God
Science is dropped, my raps are toxic
My voicebox locks and excels like a rocket -Nas (pardon) Nasty Nas

Love that dude!


Serena W. said...


Looking at the front door was the shiznit!

Still is!

Wishing everyone on here a Happy Mother's Day. I'm glad I made it through the aisle of Hallmark and got cards.

After church on Sunday I'm shutting off my phone, going into isolation and writing. I just can't bare to hear all of the "I'm so sorry's's a lot to bear right now."

I'm grateful for positive people in my life that don't always focus on the bad things that have happened in my life.

It can get to you after a while.

Why do people do that? They focus on the negative...sigh.

Okay back to more positive things...

Sophia is a doll! You gotta see her in person! Those eyes will suck you in!

I want ice

Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Or maybe a Frap from Starbucks.

I'm praying that I can go away in August. Somewhere with a beach, clear water and a place where I can meditate and write.

Had brunch on Sunday in BK with some SU heads! Love seeing them!

Ran into another SU head because I was walking down her block on Sunday! Sweeeeet!

Went to a Women's Day Brunch with my Aunt Annette and her Mom. It was off the chain! The theme was, "Vessel's of Honor."

Hung out with my Nana and sister Christina too...I'm so proud of my Nana. She's so strong and will be 86 next week!

Brooke you need to do a before and after pic of all this weight loss so people can feel ultra inspired (even though they already are).

Can't wait for the SU Alum DC BBQ on July 17th! Be there or Be Square!

Still time to donate to my 5k on Saturday. We are now going for $1,000 and almost there ($155 more to go)! Please donate today at

About to drop these mother's day cards in the mail.


The Cable Guy said...

Lawrence Taylor arrested for RAPE?? WTF??

Brooke, can I go to DR with you? Forget Monica :)

That racial profiling mess going on in Arizona is bananas! Go Los Suns!

Naomi Campbell can get it. ANY day.

She's 40? Dayyuuumm!!!

She must got those Brookey genes :)

Who is Brian? His throwbacks ARE on point!

DMoe has been MIA.

So has Craig.

Fury's blog the other day was off the chain. And Dominatricks is too!

She wants you B :)

Don't be skerred of Deebo, the trainer is your friend! Work it out B!

Baby Sophia is beautiful.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

Monica said...

yaaaye its Thursday!! FINALLY! This week feels like it took forever.

I can't wait to eat lunch because I'm Brooke what are we eating? I didn't bring lunch.

I need to find a way to get up earlier. The bed feels so good sometimes but I'm just being lazy.

Baby Sophia is a cutie! How time flys...I feel like just yesterday Annamaria was pregnant lol.

Iron man sounds like the move this weekend.

How about I forgot this sunday was mothers day?! I have to do something special for my mom... she deserves it. And Happy Mothers day to all of you beautiful moms on the blog! Hope your day is full of love and happiness :-)

I'm still salty I didn't get to go to the Upfront event yesterday where the roots and john legend performed. I'm also tired of the people who went telling me that I didn't miss anything! Shut the hell up! Tell me that when you get to go home like me...not when you go and can't appreciate the talent performing! B*tches!

Brooke I'm working on the soul siesta trip. It's my new mission in life lol. I know it's going to be a blast and if I can't go...I'll cry myself to sleep every night that entire weekend! :-(

Brooke said...

I know, I heard about LT too. What is the world coming to?

Monica, make it happen! You'll have so much fun and I don't want you to cry yourself to sleep that weekend :(

By the way, I brought lunch, but of course I don't want it. What good is having a turkey sandwich if you can't put cheese on it??!!

I'm mad I didn't get to go to our Upfront too. Who wouldn't enjoy John Legend and The Roots!? I'm surprised A&E even them perform at the Upfront! They don't know...

I need to go to Hallmark today at lunch time Monica, don't let me forget!

Serena, you are my hero.

I'll donate today, promise!

Not sure I'd post the before and after pics. The BEFORE pic is not that cute :) LOL!

I'm going to the SU Alum DC BBQ in July, and I'm finally going to meet Yolanda! Should be a blast!

Annamaria said...

Serena..You amaze me with your strength & level head

Thank you cable dude & Monica...

Yea it feels like I was just pregnant too...Those were the good old days.. I miss having her in my belly!

Brooke said...

The thought of having a baby in my belly terrifies me! :)

The Fury said...

That Iron Man 2 joint looks to be the jumpoff. Damn how'd I miss Rameer's review?


Sophia is so cute...

...In 20 years, I wonder how she'll react when she fonds out her parents when to a sex club. Lol

Dwyane Wade's wife is 3 sandwiches short of a a psycho ward. Get over him, he don't want yo ass no mo!

Dwyane should send her that video

Happy Mother's Day mothers...yes I know those last few thoughts were contradictory

Naomi is always angry because she doesn't eat! All she does is drink and smoke cigs. Though I think she chilled on the drinks. I met her at a party and she's fine as hell, but very thin...ehhh

Monica said...

forget me cable guy?!! LMAO

No more putting in a good word for you... Thats why you NOT going sucka!

Serena W. said...

Thanks everyone...the comments bring tears to my eyes.

I'm having an extra hard day at work.

Truly I wish I had a back up plan to walk up out this camp. Contracts shouldn't be so horrible. Then with Mother's Day and all...not a good day.

But your comments make me smile.

I have African dance class tonight. I need the drums and get my body moving.

Taking a mental health day on May 20th. Mom's bday. Ain't no way I'm coming in here.

I've decided I'm going to Jamaica in August, even if it's leave without pay.

Gotta put out more fires over here...finally go to lunch and the mailbox.


Stef said...

Hey everyone!

Yeah, I heard DWade's wife was trying to have THE KIDS sue Gabby Union for busting up her marriage...and something about foreplay in front of the 8 year old son? What is THAT about?

Though, in some states, I think you CAN sue the woman who committed adultery with your husband. But you're right, she needs to get over him and move on. If he cheated on her, he's not worth the energy...and he'll do the same to take comfort in that! If he cheats WITH you, he'll cheat ON you. So Gabby needs to watch out!

Brooke, I want to see the before and after pics! I'm sure you look great!

Sophia is adorable! She's 9 months already??? Time flies!

The thought of having a baby in my stomach terrifies me too Brooke. I'd feel like an alien or something!

I love the warm weather!

How you just gonna walk up to a Latino and be like "are you legal?" That's bullshit.

I don't drink enough water either.

I wanna see Iron Man 2 too!

The Cable Guy said...

I meant that with LOVE Monica. L.O.V.E. :)


I need all the good words I can get with Fury and Jay sniffin all up behind Brooke! I wanted her FIRST!

Monica said...

LMAO oh ok well in that case you are forgiven.

Annamaria said...

It sounds a LOT scarier than it really is. The first time you feel them move you're like OH SHIT..LOL but then you find yourself sitting their waiting to feel them move & loving every minute. Although Sophia used to do cartwheels & rolls in my stomach.. It used to look like an alien was in there cuz you would see her elbow move OR poke out & stuff.. I should have known her lil ass was gonna be trouble...LMAO

@Fury: She's gonna have to react to a LOT of things her parents do... ; )

Shoot I still gotta react to the crap my parents STILL do & my mom & dad are 62 & 72!!!!!!! I WANNA GROW UP & BE LIKE THEM!!! LOL

The Fury said...

the focus of that loonies lawsuit is "emotional distress" on their sons because they "saw her do sexual foreplay" to Wade. She filed a 50K suit on behalf of the sons...dude...she's reaching.

I want a mamajuana. Anyone know where I can get it in NYC?

what's for lunch?

Brooke said...

I'll be having mamajuanas in DR! Woo-hoo! Don't know where to get them here tho.

D Wade's wife must be so devastated to go this far. But like Stef said, let him go. He's not worth it if he DID in fact do her dirty. Don't worry about Gab Union, just take care of yourself and your kids.

haven't drank a drop of water yet today...just Sobe water. Not good.

A button popped off my shirt :(

Why couldn't I hit the Mega Millions? :(

Jaz said...

D Wade's wife just needs to sue him for divorce and keep it moving, and keep Gabrielle Union out of it. Why do women always go after the woman when their man cheats? Even though she's wrong for messing with a married man, HE'S the one the wife is married to. Like Stef said, if he cheated on his wife, he'll cheat on G. Union too, so let her deal with his cheating ass. Get your alimony and child support and move on.

Yolanda said...

-I find it interesting that Siohvaughn Wade is only suing for $50K. That's waaaay low and she's clearly trying to prove a point. The claims she makes in her lawsuit about her older son's anxiety, hair loss and being left to play near a pool are serious and very sad if true. Divorce is very hard for everyone, but when the kids have emotional scars, you never really don't get over that. My parents have been split (they never divorced) since I was about 6 and I still get a little misty about it.

-What is up with Lawrence Taylor? The alleged victim is 15? C'mon LT. Crack is wack.

-I didn't get my ears pierced until I was about 10. My Mom and Grandmother don't have pierced ears...and my Mom was scurred. I finally talked her into it. She got a nurse to come to our house and do it.

-Going to all these job club and networking events has shown me the typical job search is all wrong.

-I love Treme.

-Chilli is crazy! I've come to that conclusion and it's affirmed the more I watch her show. What is SHE bringing to the table when and if she ever finds this ideal man on her list?

-I follow her dating coach on Twitter...she's comedy.

-Brooke, Nine West is having a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale. I was in there yesterday looking for shoes for my bridesmaid dress. I didn't buy anything. But they had TONS of 10 1/2s, 11s and 12s. I was AMPED!

-Big foot girls have it hard.

-Can't wait for Betty White on SNL this weekend.

-My Mom is taking me to a spa mini-vacay this weekend. My bday is the day after Mother's Day so we always do a co-celebration. Wish I could do so much more for her, but the times won't allow it. But I got her for the big 60 next year though!!! I'm taking her to dinner Sunday and giving her these plants that she's been searching high and low for. I found them at a florist and the truck comes in tomorrow. Yes, I stalk.

-I've been eating lots of kale and garlic...tasty but not so good on the innards. TMI

-Why are people still watching American Idol?

More later...perhaps...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Sophia needs to be a model. No - seriously. Y'all could make MAJOR COIN off of having her do kids' ads and being on boxes of toys - maybe even commercials. She's BEAUTIFUL. And I've seen/known enough babies to know she would get money...

- This ain't to hate, just saying the truth...Naomi Campbell is one of the MANY celebs who looks like a rat's hemorrhoid-infested ASS without make-up. Dead serious. Google some images of her without make-up - but don't have your face too close to the screen. And don't be on medication.

And, before anyone says pictures can lie - we have ARCHIVED VIDEO of her from years ago at my station. Ugh.

- My commercials lately have been DOPE. No need to lie or be humble...I'm a hell of a shooter/editor.

- Iron Man 2 is a lot of fun and pretty damned dope. DO NOT leave early - surprise after the credits (though you may not get it if you never read comics as a kid. I had to explain to my sister what it meant and why the audience got excited.).

- LT hasn't been charged. My thing is this - so many people wanted to wait for more info when it came to Rapistberger, but want to assume LT DID IT. Now, I have no clue if he did or didn't do it - but I'm willing to wait until I have more info/facts before trashing him.

I think it says A LOT about the subconscious mindstate of so many who find it hard to believe a guy who had previously been accused of the same crime did it again, as opposed to a guy who has NEVER been accused of that crime being assumed guilty.

- That Kobe Bryant photoshoot if pure f***ery! Bad decision, Bean. However - am I THE ONLY ONE who has issue with/noticed them darkening up his skin in all the pics? We've all seen Kobe a gazillion times - he's about 10 shades lighter than THAT. This darkening of Black people's photos has been going on for hundreds of years...remember they did that to OJ's mugshot?

- My girl is trying to wean me from being a choco-holic. She stopped buying chocolate, and has replaced it with fruit. We'll see if it works...

- I'm trying to get to DC for the SU BBQ/reunion as well...

- I find it funny people are JUST NOW acknowledging Deron Williams as the best overall PG in the NBA. He's been that dude for AT LEAST 3 years...just doesn't have as much fanfare. But REAL NBA heads knew what was up...

- Star Wars is 30 years old. Damn, I'm old.

- I haven't lost a Scrabble game in over 2 weeks...

- Swallow. It's *good for you*.

- The older women in my family are always shocked that I'm "strong". Like I'm still that skinny little 5 year-old running around the backyard...

- B.o.B.'s album is VERY good.

- That D.Wade situation is MESS-Y...

- President Obama is coming to town next Thursday. I'm soooooo hoping I don't get called to cover it - it's gonna be a *circus*...

- Speaking of Obama, I don't even pay attention to the cartoons and comments any more. They're never gonna stop, and they keep getting progressively worse - as I expected.

- I'm a sucker for nice legs. So glad it's Spring...

More After The Break...

Brooke said...

Nine West also has a 30% off sale going on for 4 days online only. I'm all over that!

If what D Wade's wife says IS true, that's sad.

The girl is 15? Really? LT is in trouble now.

Chilli is like ALOT of women out there who want the perfect man, but don't bring much to the table, if anything. Not saying SHE doesn't bring anything, but I was JUST having this conversation last night. Women (and men) have a list, but don't have half of the stuff on that list THEMSELVES. Why would someone who matches all your criteria want YOU if you ain't bringing the same thing? Just silly.

Okay, lunch time!

POWERZ said...

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the moms and those with motherly tendacies!!!!

Thanks for the cuteness comments for "The Combination"

Are you allowed to say a baby isn't cute?

Sophia will never know about the sex club!

Gonna watch my son kick butt in baseball today. His team won the last game 18 to 1! And they only 7!!!!

I'm still a die hard fan of Black Sheep, Tribe, Brand Nubians, Lost Boys, the list goes on

Are 7 and 9 year olds too young for Iron Man 2???

Life is great!

Another deal solidified today! Who said there is no one making money in Real Estate!!!!

Why are the restaurants so crowded on Mother's Day and so empty on Father's Day???? hmmmmmm

Brooke, what's up with the blog BBQ so we can see who's who???? We should all wear masks!!!

DR is the bomb! Mama Juana! (sp)

Looking forward to getting my White Henny this weekend!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Powerz - nah, they're not too young. Take 'em - they'll LOVE IT! Nothing too risque in this flick.

Yolanda said...

-The Kobe pics are hilarious. There are some articles online that note the skin darkening and major photo smoothing/airbrushing done to those pics.

-Chocolate isn't bad as long as it's dark (and not in abundance... unless it's 6 ft of chocolate).

Annamaria said...

1. Iron Man 2 is rated PG-13... You ain't taking my babies to see Iron Man 2... SORRY..

2. Why do men not realize that things are bad for kids...Like when we in the car with the kids & I change the radio station & Powerz looks at me like I'm nuts and I say well Rhi Rhi's talking about come here rude boy is you big enough & can you get it up????
Daddy's especially when you have daughters it's YOUR JOB TO KEEP HER OFF THE POLE!!!! And Powerz Sophia has mama's personality sooo you already gonna have your hands full!

3. Want the answer to the whole restaurant for fathers day/mothers day question...SEE

4. Rameer thank you for the Sophia compliment... She is a cutie pie. I melt every time I look at her & she smiles.. THEN she messes it up & says DADA...LMAO

5. Yes you are allowed to say a baby is ugly... I said it about my niece when she was born!

6. Rameer what does your girl have against chocolate? I'm taking that shit a lil bit personally...

7. Sophia has got my stank ass attitude.. I'm sooo gonna punch her one day!

8. When & where is this blog BBQ???? And is Brooke making cheesecake

9. The last time I was around mamajuana was when we went to DR last year & I was pregnant so I couldn't drink any... BUT I WILL INDULGE NEXT YEAR!!! :)

10. Why did I think Fury was asking for marijuana when he asked for MAMAjuana??? LMAO

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ AnnaMaria - there's NOTHING in Iron Man 2 that a 7 and 9 year old shouldn't see or hear that they haven't already been exposed to. It's actually QUITE tame. I'm assuming the PG-13 comes from the fact that Tony makes a remark to people about a female magazine reporter that is sexual innuendo ("she did a hell of a spread on me last year - and an interview, too"), and the fact that he gets drunk as hell and acts a fool at one of his parties. But there's no sex, very little blood (mostly running out of Stark's and Whiplash's mouths after being punched) and nothing vulgar.

Stop being a mean mom! Lolz!

And my girl doesn't have a problem with chocolate - she has a problem with how much of a chocoholic I am. She's caught me sneaking it and hiding to gorge myself on she's trying to wean me off of so much of it. Most people think of chocoholics like people who just like to eat chocolate regularly...I'm a chocoholic like Cheech & Chong were weed heads...

Annamaria said...

Call me what you want... I am a MEAN MOM & WILL BE EVEN MEANER WITH SOPHIA..

These new aged mothers are too liberal for my taste & these kids are RUNNING AMUCK(sp??) NOT MY BABIES....

There will be no Iron Man 2 this weekend... Powerz if you wanna see it WE can go Sunday evening...

And just because kids MAY have been exposed to something doesn't mean I will cosign & say aww hell let's just let them be exposed somemore.. I SHUT SHIT DOWN!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Well, far be it from me to tell y'all how to raise YOUR KIDS...fair enough.

I will simply say this - when I grew up, I saw all types of R-rated movies and things. I was the kid in the neighborhood who had explicit rap tapes that my parents KNEW I had - along with Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy comedy tapes. I grew up fine...why? Cuz I was parented correctly, and knew the difference between if I heard/saw something and actually copying or acting it out. Just cuz PE cursed didn't mean *I* could. Just cuz Richard Pryor went off didn't mean I could even think about it.

Other kids with stricter rules but less actual parenting didn't turn our as well when we reached high school and eventually became adults. It's less about what you see in a flick, on TV or hear in music than it is about being a parent and instilling that fear, honor and respect in the kids.

Honestly - if they've seen the original Spiderman movie, Fantastic Four, X-Men or Batman, they've seen worse than what's in Iron Man 2.

Brooke said...

Most fathers I know don't want to be bothered on Father's Day. They would prefer you cook for them, and then let them lay on the couch all day watching sports. So that's why the restaurants are empty :)

...well, that's just my theory.

My sister, mom and I cook on Father's Day.

My nephew wants me to take him to see Iron Man 2...he's 6. He saw the first one and has 3 Iron Man dolls. He LOVES him.

Usually when people see a funny looking baby, they just say "awwwww" :) That's what I do anyway :)

I'm going to have a funny looking baby now :(

This zero calorie Sobe water flavor I brought is nasty.

My sushi, however, is delicious!

Have to figure out where and when to do this blob bbq! Wait til after I get back from DR and I'll figure it out.

And yes I'll make cheesecake :)

What do you get a kid who's graduating from kindergarten?

Kobe pics are hilarious!

Serena W. said...

This is where I'm going on vacation in August


Now I want to see Iron Man 2! The previews look good!

I also want to see Just Wright!

I love Common!

Can 6:30pm hurry up? I wanna African dance!

Yolanda when are we hooking up! And happy early birthday.

Powerz! The whole list groups you listed are dopeness!

That would be a hot old school concert!

Still putting out fires at work.

Highlight of my day, my teammate ran to my truck with an older gentleman and said, "Ms. Wills, this is my Dad Mr. Moore!"

When I shook the older gentlemen's hand he said, "I like you first name, it's so nice."


Brooke, thanks for your donation!

My soror made a donation right behind you so now we're closer to our goal because of you ladies.

People are so giving, even though we have evil ones lurking in the midst of our lives.

Those evil ones need to kick rocks with flip flops on. lol.

Brooke said...

you're welcome for the donation - I wish it could have been more!

That Rockhouse Hotel in Negril looks nice! I wanna go!

DMoe said...

Whassup ya'll...

Been on the grind as of late.

Here's where I am today:

- LT? Say it ain't so.

- Kobe's pics? Hilarious.
In the words of Riley Freeman "Ni**a that's gay!"

- A drink on the patio? Why certainly!

- Kinda blue that I'm not headed to Soul Siesta this year. BUT, me and the homies are headed to the next spot in DR. Stay Tuned, cuz I cant wait.

- @Yolanda, Treme is my old neighborhood and I watch faithfully every week.

- Its gettin serious in Athens, Greece.

- My thoughts go out to Nashville. Damn.

- I'm all over IronMan 2.

- I got a 1/2 day today! ATL is my oyster!

- @BP, clean up the damn Gulf. We were just standin back on our feet, and you fukkin it up again.

- @Arizona. Secede from the union if you tryin' to pull that BS. Peace out.

- "24" is ending soon and I'm shopping for new favorite shows.

- Boondocks is back and kick-azz as usual.

- LOVE Brian's Throwback Joint...Well done.

With that, here's the DMoe RTT playlist:

1. Summertime/DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince. It simply never gets old.

2. Summer Breeze/Isley Brothers
Known for timeless jams, this one requires that you open the sunroof, or let the top down.
Don't call it old school, call it "good shit"

3. India Arie&Musiq/Chocolate High
She doesnt dominate record sales much these days, but the music is still primo.

4. Aaliyah/Back and Forth
This jam was from the Summer of 1994. Good times.

5. Jon B./Pretty Girl
This cat personified blue-eyed soul in its early years, and the "Bonafide" CD is STILL pretty good.

6. Amy Winehouse/In my Bed
Before the headlines, before her crackhead status, before the sappy "Rehab" song, there was her "Frank" album that went largely unnoticed. Start with this joint. Its a banga.

7. B.o.B/BoB Presents...
By now, your either tired of the first single "Nothin on you", or you cant stop singing it. BoB's CD is a fresh take on today's hip-hop with many other musical style's seasoning it up nice and spicy. The album is coppable, mainly for joints like "Dont let me fall" and my absolute favorite "5th Dimension."

That's all for today...Stay thirsty my friends.


Yolanda said...

@Serena, name the time/place and I'm there. That Jamaican spot is the bees knees!

@DMoe, had my 1st car accident to Aaliyah's "Back & Forth" when I was in driving school in the 10th grade I think it was. I was coming up a hill on a slightly wet day, had been doing so well the driving instructor fell asleep in the passenger seat. I came around a curve and didn't break (hey, I didn't know and dude was asleep). Next thing I knew, I lightly slid into a guardrail in front of someone's house. The only thing keeping me from driving INTO that house was that rail. Ouch.

Long story. Had to share.

Serena W. said...

I see there are some interested people in my trip to Jamaica, also click on rates! Wow!

I found it watching the Caribbean show on BET over a weekend back in September. I used to watch it as it would take me away from the sadness and Mom's sickness.

The other spot I would love to go to and can't afford now, but it is a contender if I can get the loot up is this one:


D-Moe...I love the picks! Especially Job B and DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince (timeless)!

The Cable Guy said...

LOL!! There ya'll go with that "bees knees" mess again :)

Definitely tired of that "nothing but you" song by Bob.

Treme is wack to me. Too slow.

So Jamaica is the next spot huh? I'm coming with ya'll!

Annamaria said...

DMOE resurrected... I was begining to think you never made it back home! lol

Brooke said...

The Dow took a major hit today - yikes!

I'm tired of that B.o.B song too. I really am.

I can't get into Treme. I tried. Can't do it.

I watched Boondocks for the first time ever the other day. I know, don't judge me.

I thought of Rameer everytime Thugnificent was on :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra - you HAVE to either rent, download or borrow the first two seasons of "Boondocks"! Thugnificent (who is a essentially conglomeration of coonish rappers like Lil' Whoopi, Jim Jones, etc.) is even FUNNIER when you know his history on the show.

Any time fools wanna act "gangster" with me, I immediately think of him or Gangstalicious - another Boondocks rapper who mimics some questionable behavior done by today's rap stars...

DMoe ain't lyin' about that B.o.B album. For REAL. It's the truth.

Serena W. said...

Other RTT! I discovered Trader Joe's this week! All I can say is oooooooh ahhhhhhh!

I bought some wine! "Velvet Moon and Moscato" some flat bread pizza and chocolate covered pretzels!

They had a wine tasting in the back of the store. Yummy!

New grocery shopping spot! Apparently a rack of people love Trader Joes.

I'm like you Brooke...been out the loop.

What kind of a hit did the Dow take?

Serena W. said...

Brooke and Rameer, listen to the anthem, the theme song track. That's my boy Asheru and the El's. They are dope!!!!!!

Yolanda said...

I wish there was a Trader Joe's closer to me. Closest one is in Annapolis. They're great though. Cannot wait for Wegmans to open down the street. I'ma be in the line when they open. Ha!

Gangstalicious is my FAVE... and I do like Uncle Ruckus for his sheer hilariousness.

Those NJ boys who were starved 7 yrs ago are on Oprah... I feel guilty about trying to eat my veggie burger right now.

Brooke said...

I love Trader Joe's too...there's one right up the street from me!

I'll have to get caught up on The Boondocks :)

I have racist people in my dept. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Dr. PLJ said...

1) Baby Sophia is absolutely gorgeous!

2) I can't wait to be a mom. Seeing beautiful babies everywhere has stirred up this longing. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

3) Mother's Day is also my birthday. I've got a big day planned - a motorcycle ride on my friend's Harley up the coast and then salsa dancing later that evening.

4) I hate it when I start to feel my age. I was working with an adolescent yesterday who referred to the Smurf cartoon series as "ancient"...

5) Why can't SU have a reunion on the West coast?

6) Spring is my favorite time of year.

7) I have no words for Kobe's photo shoot. He's been out of my favor anyway since Colorado.

8) Arizona?! SMDH.

9) I love being self-employed! My practice is continuing to grow...

10) I still miss my Granny, who passed away 5 years ago this May.

Serena W. said...

Yolanda where do you live? There are two in Alexandria, VA. One is off of Old Town and the other is by me up route 7 :)

Dr. PLJ I'm so happy your practice is going well. I'm proud of you ;)

I love the Charlie Brown pic.

I think a westside reunion would be bananas! I love the idea, can I come.

Happy Early Bday.

Serena W. said...

I need to leave before another person at work asks me a question.

I'm on Brooke's blog! Can't they see that this is important! LOL!

Annamaria said...

PLJ thank ya! ANd congrats on your success & happy early bday! :)


Those kids on Oprah...can't wait to see it.

Brooke said...

I get upset sometimes too when I get a call that I need to take when I'd rather be blogging. But alas, duty calls.

I think a west coast SU reunion would be HOT! Are there alot of us out there?

Didn't drink my gallon of water today. Not even close :(

Serena W. said...

Well Brooke, neither did I and I'm about to go to dance class. Maybe we should challenge each other next week and drink that gallon :)

There are quite a few SU heads out that way too :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Brooke-Ra - there are racist people in EVERYONE'S department. True story.

- Uncle Ruckus is my absolute fav on "The Boondocks"! Great minds, Yolanda...

- These people find it so hard to actually accept the fact that I'm NICE at my job...but EVERYONE in the building seems to want me as a shooter. Hmmm...AND, a client just told the station they wouldn't sign a contract unless I was assigned to shoot everything involving their business. Hey - truth is truth. These old white heads HATE acknowledging the self-assured Black dude IS one of the best - but I AM...

- There are also more of my commercials on air locally than ANYONE in my building - in face, outside of promos, I have more original spots airing than the others guys COMBINED...

- I don't know what to get my mother and grandmothers for Mother's Day... = [

- I always hear about Trader Joe's, but have never seen or been to one...

- Yes. I wear coach's gloves all day at work. They look like all-Black wide receiver gloves...this way, I don't wash my hands a gazillion times a day. One of my reporters just asked why I'm always wearing the cool Black gloves the past few weeks...

- I want ice cream.

- I'm shooting one of our reporters during our newscast at our "backdoor shot" (a shot we have set up that shows Buffalo's downtown behind the reporter. How am I on Brooke's blog if I'm s'posed to be doing news hits?


- There are two fat, ugly white girls at my job who always turn to see if any guys are checking them out when they walk by.

None ever are.

It's become a running joke between me and my boy - "who told them scallywags THEY looked GOOD??" Lmao...

- Don't shoot me - I STILL haven't seen Avatar!!!

- I want seafood.

- I gotta stop and buy some wine tonight, too...

- Gotta go! LIVE NEWS!!!

Serena W. said...

Rameer! I haven't seen Avatar yet either :(

Rameer The Circumstance said...

You're better than me - I'd have went off...

But then, they always tell new workers to "NEVER do what Rameer does"...lolz!

Jay said...

Trader Joe's is crack.

Brooke said...

she tried to play it off and everyone quickly changed the subject before I could really react. I might take a nice little trip down to HR tomorrow.

Trader Joe's IS crack. They have so many goodies in there!

I hope we get to box tonight at the gym, need to relase some steam!

Brooke said...

oh, and Serena, I'll take that water challenge next week! :-)

Yolanda said...

@Serena, I'm in Bowie.

-Happy Mother's day to the moms.

@Dr. PLJ...happy bday. Tauruses rock!

ArrElle said...

Now all of a sudden Brooke's blog is blocked at work??? WTF what I'm gonna do now for entertainment??

Dr. PLJ said...

Thanks for the early bday wishes:) And yes, Tauruses rock!

Trader Joe's is less than half a mile from my house. I think it's a West coast thing that's just now catching on back East.

If you love Trader Joe's, you'll love Whole Foods, or as I like to call it, "Whole Paycheck."

Serena, I'm not sure how many of us are out here, but I'd like to think so.

I just had three handfuls of peanut M n M's. I'm ruining all the wonderful work I've been doing with my trainer. I'm trying hard to continue to NOT look my age.

I just had the session from HELL. I'm pretty good at keeping my boundaries, but this one family just sucks the life out of me...which is why they're in therapy.

My break is almost up. Going for a walk until my next client gets here.

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