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Age of Consent

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By now I'm sure you all have heard that Lawrence Taylor, a former NFL star, was arrested and charged with the alleged rape of a 16 year old girl - a reported runaway who hooked up with a pimp who beat her and forced her into prostitution. Supposedly, the girl told Taylor that she was 19 years old. Reports also say her pimp had her enter the hotel room in the dark so that Taylor couldn't see her.

We still don't know if all of this is true, as details of the alleged rape continue to surface. It's messy nonetheless, but some question what the actual charge should be - rape or prostitution?

It would definitely be considered statutory rape since the girl is 16 and the legal age of consent is 17 in NY. Even if the sex was consensual, rape is rape...right?

Some have argued that the age of consent should be lower than 17, since teenagers who are WAY younger than 16 are engaging in sex every day. I hear kids on the train talking about who they hooked up with, smoking weed and drinking all the time - and most of them are 13, 14, 15 years old. And the ones who ARE 16 or 17 LOOK like they're 20 years old - easily. Kids today are NOT like the kids I knew growing up. I don't feel like I'm old at all, or that the 80's were that long ago - but I simply don't remember my peers being so open about sex, drugs and other grown folk stuff.

Although I don't believe teenagers should be having sex, it's a fact that they do. And they're doing it younger and younger these days. I certainly don't believe that teenagers should be prostituting themselves, lying about their age and having sex with grown men. But if a 16 year old has sex with an 18 year old, should that be considered rape? Remember the case of Genarlow Wilson - the 17 year old who was sentenced to serve a mandatory 10 year prison term for having consensual sex with a 15 year old girl? He was found guilty of felony child molestation, and that case sparked so much public outrage that Georgia lawmakers changed the law which now makes consensual sex between teens a misdemeanor.

Of course, lowering the age of consent makes it easier for adults to prey on teenagers who are not ready for premature sexual activity. It's a slippery slope. Oversexed teenagers who have crushes on college aged men and women may willingly want to have sex - and may lie about their age to do so. How many men and women go around asking to see an ID nowadays? If you don' may want to start if you like 'em young.

The other issue here is the sad state of runaways being forced into prostitution. The pimp should face harsher charges than Taylor if you ask me, because he preyed on the vulnerability of a young girl to do unthinkable things for his gain - all while putting her in harms way, beating her and depleting her spirit. This story is sad all around.

So my question to you is - should Taylor (or any adult) face statutory rape charges even if he thought the girl was of the age of consent? Do you think the age of consent should be higher or lower than it is now between teenagers? And lastly, do you think prostitution should be legalized so that it can be regulated better - or is it a bad idea no matter the age? Share your thoughts on this, if you have any!



annamaria said...

First Bitches!


Now for my comment..
I don't think the age of consent should be lowered. Yes teens are engaging in ALL types of shiznit these days BUT that doesn't mean that we should say since you're 15 & fucking already I'm gonna make it ok for you to bone whoever you want no matter how old they are.

I think as parents its our job to open our eyes to what our children are doing, EDUCATE.. because we can't pretend the issues don't exist either & most importantly PARENT! Set limits & rules for these kids. Powerz & I were in Fridays a few weeks ago at midnight & these 14 year old girls were sitting there eating & hanging out without a care in the world & with NO parent in sight? WTF????
LT already admitted to paying her so regardless he will be charged with prostitution. And unfortunately he's gonna get charged with rape. And because I have lil girls & I'm biased I'm gonna say he deserves it. And to tell you the truth I have a very difficult time believing that when ANYONE pays for sex they stop to ask how old the chick is??? Sorry but that is just me.

Brooke: I do agree with you. The pimp should DEFINITELY face worse punishments than LT should.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I agree with AnnaMaria - the legal age should definitely not be lowered. However, I don't believe he should be charged with rape if the girl TOLD him she was 19 - what's he supposed to do? Know by psychic phenomenon that she's not telling the truth??

It's a huge difference in knowing and not knowing. Had he known, Id' say he deserves it. And, let's be frank - the facts of the entire case have yet to be heard. LT's lawyer is contending no sex occurred; we'll see when the trial hits. I've heard nothing of DNA evidence thus far, however.

But ruining anyone's life for honestly not knowing ain't cool. So I think the rape charge should be dropped if he didn't know, and not cuz he's LT - but because that could happen to ANY person in the wrong situation.

Should prostitution be legalized. ABSOLUTELY. And before anyone thinks that's just wack as all hell to say, I'll just let you know that in Ontario, Canada the GOVERNMENT controls prostitution. That's right - it's completely legal to call an escort for the expressed purpose of having sex. And it's a non-issue up there. You wouldn't even know it. Illegal prostitutes (and pimps) are prosecuted to the fullest extent. Women and men who are escorts (they don't even really use the term prostitute) are protected and given fare wages, age regulations, etc. The stigma attached down here isn't as big up there; you can meet a woman who will casually tell you she's an escort as though she were telling you she was a manager at AT&T.

So, I actually live near a place where this is legal, and I can say it seems to be MUCH better than down here. The shady, criminal element is removed, and those who would want to do that sort of thing have much more incentive to do it the legal way than the illegal way. Thus, you never here prostitution controversies or issues in Toronto.

My 75 cents.

The Cable Guy said...

I find it interesting that LT is gonna face charges cuz the girl lied, but Ben Roethlisberger gets off free. LT is guilty of paying a prostitute...and it's sad that she was underage - but the pimp should be the one facing charges for forcing her into prostitution, beating her and telling her to lie about her age.

LT is a fool for paying for sex in the first place. He should go to jail for being stupid.

Craig n 'em said...

SIDENOTE: Is it wrong that every time I hear on the news a female teacher had sex with a student...I get JEALOUS...Is that wrong? Im sorry, but I would have loved to have been seduced by an older woman when I was young..There were a handful of teachers I wanted to SHAG!

Jay said...

I think prostitution should be legalized for the reasons Rameer stated. It should only be criminal if the people involved are underage and don't follow the rules and regulations. If you take the criminal element out, then there's less chance of runaways getting snatched up, drugged, beaten, etc. Those pimps who DO engage in that will be prosecuted, while grown, consenting adults can choose this lifestyle if they want to. And tax it!

I'm not saying I think prostituting yourself is right, but it should be legal. I think there are emotional and mental elements to it that most men and women don't consider, but if they think they can handle it - then do it safely.

As for LT, sadly enough, he paid for sex...whether sex was actually had or not. I think he AND the 16 year old girl were victims, so it's messy like you said B. Most men don't go around asking to see an ID. Think about when you first had sex and how old you were. Did anyone ask to see some ID? Probably not if you were both in high school at the time. But I know most people between the ages of 16 and 21 have sex and never think to wonder if the person is lying about their age or who they say they are. It's sad, but nowadays, men and women will have to start asking to see ID (which can be faked) and having them sign a piece of paper saying the sex was consensual.

The pimp should definitely go to jail. LT should face the prostitution charge and that's it.

Stef said...

I think it's deplorable that LT wanted a hooker in the first place. Isn't he married? You'd rather PAY to have sex with some skank in a cheap hotel room than with your wife? At least get a high priced hooker - some escort - rather than some cheap trick. Really?? Has it come to THAT??!!

That being said, I think men who haven't learned from the whole R. Kelley thing need to be taught a lesson. If she looks young, even if she looks like she's 19 or 20, you should still ask to see ID. I guess in the case of prostitution that makes no sense since you're already breaking the law, but come on now...why risk going to jail over some young chick? And you bone a chick who walks in in the dark?? Who does that?? I hope that's not true, because like cable dude said, he should go to jail for being stupid.

As for if prostitution should be legal - I guess if it's gonna go on, you might as well legalize it so it can be safe and help the economy.

The Cable Guy said...

Craig, you stupid!

I wanted to bone a few of my teachers too. But I'd have probably been too scared if they came on to me back then. My mom would've kicked my ass! LOL!

Monica said...

I don't think he should face rape charges. I think the only thing he is guilty of is paying for sex. If the little girl is a prostitute, he's not the first old ass man she's had sex with... he may just be the first "celebrity".

I don't know if I think lowering the consentual age between teenagers is better or worse. I don't want to condone it but the reality is that they ARE having sex. I do feel that there is no reason a 17 year old boy should go to jail for 10 years for having sex with a willing participant that is two years younger. Should the 15 year old girl be having sex in the first place ? Not at all but the fact is that she is having sex and a life should not be ruined over it unless he forced himself on her. In fact her mother should whoop her 15 year old a$$!

I think prostitution might as well be legalized. It has been happening for a long a time and will continue to happen as long as the world turns. Can we say tax dollars people? lol Hoes should be forced to contribute too!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Here's my problem with some of these comments - A LOT of people make stupid decisions. They should go to jail for that? Really? So none of you have ever made a stupid decision, be it sexual or otherwise? Fudge outta here.

And @ Stef - men have nothing to learn from the Robert Kelly case, because that's not a case of mistaken identity. Robert Kelly is a PEDOPHILE - he knew the girls he's slept with for quite some time, and knew EXACTLY how old they were. I know hundreds of men, and never once have I EVER heard a dude say "man, you gotta be careful - remember what happened to Kelly". Know why? Cuz normal men can't relate to that ish! You're more likely to hear a man refer to Mike Tyson being sent away fro a rape many don't believe he committed that Robert Kelly's nasty arse.

As far as LT cheating on his wife - that has nothing to do with the letter of the law. That's a moral issue, not a PRISON TIME issue. And since people aren't recommending David Boreanaz or Jesse James do jail time for stupidity and cheating, I'm not gonna start throwing that around at LT.

Big Ben actually raped a chick - and had cops cover it up. Funny how people let that ish slide.

The Cable Guy said...

I hope people realize that me saying he should go to jail for being stupid is tongue in cheek, not that I actually think he should. Come on now. jeez.

Stef said...

I didn't say LT should go to jail for cheating on his wife, I just said I think it's deplorable that he did it..and the WAY he did it.

As for R. Kelley and my comment as it relates to LT - like we said, we don't know the details of the case, so for all we know, he might have thought she was young and didn't care. Even if R. Kelley was a pedophile, most people I know who refer to men who have sex with young girls make a reference to R. Kelley...and they don't want that stigma of being a pedophile attached to them, whether they like young girls or not.

Cable Guy, I knew you meant it tongue in cheek, just like I did. I don't actually believe anyone should go to jail for being stupid, so please...chill.

The Cable Guy said...


was that directed at me?

Stef said...

No, it was directed at Rameer's comment. I was agreeing with you that we don't actually believe someone should go to jail for being stupid. It was just a way of saying he was guilty of bad judgement. I guess sometimes people can't tell when we're being facetious.

Ms. Penn said...

I find it interesting that Eliot Spitzer called an "escort" and nothing happened to him either. Is it because it was outside state lines? I may not be clear on the law, but if we're saying LT should face a prostitution charge at the very least, then how come Spitzer gets away with it?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I feel you, Stef.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Ms. Penn - Eliot gets away with it cuz (1) he's a public white official, and that's *different* and (2) I don't know that he was ever charged with anything - just CAUGHT as one of the escort ring's clients.

Annamaria said...

@Ms. Penn... She was called an escort cuz she charged $4k an hour..
LT paid $300 for whatever.. Therefore she gets called a hooker/prostitute.. The difference is all in the dough.
Had she been white suburban chick & charged a GRIP guaranteed this would have been a whole different story..

And I heard on the news the other day they had a used condom they were testing for DNA evidence? Did anyone hear what's up with that?

The Fury said...

The legal consenting age should stay the way it is. I remember being a Senior in High School and purposefully not trying to get into any shenanigans with underclassmen. Just too slippery a slope.

I think Gov. Patterson pardoned Spitzer. That's the only reason he could get away with it...

#randomMonday thought...though Ashley Dupree is pretty damn fine. Not saying he should've paid for it, but...

LT should be charged even though he didn't know her age. He has to, otherwise, molesters could easily get off on the "I didn't know loophole" It sucks though.

I'm still confused as to how Ben got off. Can someone explain that without including his race, his bank account, his celebrity status and the NFL on his side...oh....nevermind

Jay said...

We should know by now that the rules (and the law) are not applied the same way when it comes to race, fame and money...and that's why it pisses me off when we do dumb ILLEGAL shit and think nothing will happen to us. Who knows if it's an entitlement thing, but Ben got off cuz he's white, rich, in the NFL, take your pick. LT may not be as lucky.

Jay said...

Oh, and happy birthday Yolanda! :)

The Cable Guy said...

Happy Birthday to my boo Yolanda!

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