Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Is Your Pledge?

Happy Inauguration Day!

Is everyone ready?!?!?! I am SO proud! I'm beaming! I'm anxious! I'm excited! I'm overflowing! I'm ready!

While taking in all the inaugural hoopla yesterday, of course I had to check out Oprah to see what monumental show she had planned. As usual, she didn't disappoint as she invited a gang of celebrity friends to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., including Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill.

Oprah also welcomed Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, who talked about a new online "pledge" campaign - an initiative to get people involved in service to Barack Obama. As part of a collaboration between MySpace and Kutcher's Katalyst Films, Kutcher, wife Demi and their celebrity friends will recruit users to pledge service to Obama by recording videos of their pledges and uploading them to Myspace. They produced their own video of pledges and presented it to President Obama to let him know he is not alone - take a look:

Something so simple, yet...amazing. Powerful!

It starts with a promise. You set a goal and you say it. My mother always tells me, "what you say out your mouth happens." Making this pledge is speaking into existence a commitment to making a change for the better. It makes it plain, gives you clarity, and it holds you accountable to your personal responsibility. That said...


- Take better care of myself so that the best me can be of service to others.
- Stop buying and drinking bottled water.
- Use eco-friendly tote bags while grocery shopping and not plastic bags.
- Volunteer in my community.
- Raise money for my nephew's school, which teaches Islamic studies, so that they have the necessary resources to nurture his faith and education.
- Be more financially responsible.
- Continue to be a positive example and mentor to my nephews, and all the children in my life.
- Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use.
- Continue to speak on career panels at Rutgers University and mentor students.
- Become more aware of the world around me and to speak out against injustices everywhere.
- Continue to include our President, his family and our troops in my prayers.
- Live by the motto, "to whom much is given, much is required."
- Be the change that I seek.

President Obama cannot change our nation alone; he can't do it without us. The change we seek begins with you and me. History Today! What is YOUR pledge?



Georgia Peach said...

Brooke -

What a great topic given today's mood. I AM SO PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY TODAY! Yes I just screamed that...Plus you know I have to note that I'M FIRST this am. It's simply because I'm so excited about today and wide awake already.

I think I'm going to be crying and screaming all day honestly and now wish that I had taken the day off!

Your pledges are great! Here's a few of my pledges

- To become a volunteer for a cause I believe in (fyi I signed up for one yesterday and hope you all will too!)
- To continue my interest and involvement in politics
- To always continue learning and searching for the truth
- To pray for the safety of my President, his family and my country
- To be more open minded
- To double my donations to charity this year

Ok that's it...I don't want to make so many that I can't keep them all.
I'm curious to see what everyone else will pledge

Anonymous said...

Brooke this was a great topic!!! Totally not the direction I expected!! :)

My FIRST pledge is not tase Georgia Peach today cause she took my #1 spot!! LOL

I kept my word & just called out & will be going to watch the inauguration with my mom!! I can NOT wait!!! I'm soo excited.

I think my one true pledge is to be the BEST american I can be. Try to do whatever I can for my county and just try to get things done. I also pledge to teach this baby about how important 2008 and 2009 were in the history of America & in his or her life! I am soo proud that I will be able to say baby you can be WHATEVER you want & don't let anyone tell you any different!!!
I have been an emotional mess since yesterday & I don't even care!!! I will proudly cry all day long because OUR president deserves it!!! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful & blessed inauguration day!!

P.S.-Brooke I'm in love with your cheesecake it really is crack!!!!!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great Topic Brooke.

I pledge to:

-Do more for my communnity.

-Touch, Move, and Inspire, people everyday.

-Gain more knowledge and spread that knowledge to others.

Georgia Peach said...

Wow - everyone's pledges are amazing. I'm so inspired and yes tearful today. Annamaria - what happened to your new name? Oh and thank you for pledging not to tase me today. I almost threw that in but seriously I've been up all morning. Now I'm at work and watching every little move on tv... wish that I could be with my family in GA to watch this all unfold right now.

Have a wonderful Inauguration Day everybody.

Brooke said...

All of your pledges are great! The energy today is electrifying!

Annamaria, what direction did you think I'd go in? :-)

I can hardly believe this day! Love it!

Anonymous said...

HI everyone and happy History Day!!!!!

I am so over the moon and am so happy to be sharing this with Brooke and my sons. Brooke said to me how amazing is this that Ibrahims's first Inauguration is for the first Black President!!!!!! Simply amazing

I pledge(as stated on my blog-Deen Divas) to change the perception of Muslims by showing people that we are not all hateful that we (women) are not oppressed that we strife for peace, as that is what Islam stands for.

Anonymous said...

It is a great day. I can't front I always believed that we would have a Black President during our time.

Now it's time for eveyone to do their part in creating a transformation in our country.

Annamaria-Yeah, Brooke's Cheesecake is crack

Have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Black Man I started it already.....DeenDivas@blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone check out my sister's blog today - it's great!

His speech was absolutely perfect. I was so moved by it, as I knew I would be. Let's carry this spirit with us into the future and get moving on our pledges!

Anonymous said...

hi Brooke it is me again
i read some of ur articles and i understand how proud and happy ur are in that speacialday so excuse me if i offensed u by my comments it is for personal stuff that i was angry
take sare

Brooke said...

Flifla, you do not have to apologize to me. Feelings are feelings. The trick is to not let the negative feelings overpower you and make you anything less than who you are.

I realize some of my readers may not understand your comment - (Flifla responded to a comment I made on my sister's blog Deen Divas) - but I read your latest post on the 19th and I totally understand where some of your frustration comes from.

If everyone gets a chance, please check out Flifla's blog.

Flifla, I have some words of encouragement to offer you, which I will post on YOUR blog instead of addressing you in my comments. I have to gather my thoughts first, so look for my comments later.

Thank you for checking out my page and I will chat with you soon.

Serena W. said...

I know I'm a day late but not a dollar short because I'm flying high!

Yesterday was amazing, I went to Victory Plaza out here in Dallas where a couple of hundred people stood and watched the "Super HD Screens" and saw everything! Amazing time!

I pledge:

Take care of myself in regards to my spirit, emotions, mental, etc and not let others invade that space unless it is positive.

Give back more in regards to my writing. I'm going to start working with youth out here in creative writing and poetry and how they can write about impacting their community!

Eat better. I started in 2008 (using raw sugar, less red meat, cleanse my system, etc).

Schedule a work out routine (last year I worked whenever and although I did great in regards to running and dancing I need to put it on the schedule during the week which means the mornings to run and workout)!

Continue to inspire others to make their dreams come true and to make a change in whatever they do!

This is a great blog Brooke! Thanks for putting this up! YES WE CAN AND YES WE DID!

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