Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I've been TAGGED by my sister Nicole from to answer these questions. Since it's Random Thoughts Thursday, I thought I'd post my answers here today. If you've been tagged, you have to add one more favorite thing to the end of the list:

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite perfume (guys): Aqua Di Gio
Favorite perfume (girls): I like the Coach perfume I got for Xmas
Favorite pj brand: Val got me a Vicky Secret night shirt and I love it!
Favorite clothes brand in general: Gap
Favorite person in the entire world: My sister
Favorite country : USA baby - we elected President Obama!
Favorite car: an SUV
Favorite sport: Football
Favorite sport player: Donovan McNabb...haters!
Favorite spot in America: my sister's house
Favorite animal: My cat - Cole
Favorite movie: The Color Purple
Favorite singer: Not sure I have just one
Favorite day in the week: Saturday
Favorite time of the day: lunchtime
Favorite holiday season: Thanksgiving
Favorite number: 6
Favorite food: seafood
Favorite chocolate: Hershey
Favorite cartoon: Bugs Bunny
Favorite blogger: ME! Ha! Nah...don't have just one
Favorite flavor ice cream: Strawberry
Favorite Mobile Brand: They're all the same to me
Favorite name: too many to name
Favorite hobby: Blogging!
Favorite room in my house: my living room
Favorite vacation spot: so far, Jamaica
Favorite quote/verse: I have many, but the first to come to mind is, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1

Now..I will tag Rene, Latinegro and E. Serena did something similar already on Facebook, so she may re-post here.

Everyone I know on Facebook has been tagging each other with their 25 Random Things about themselves. Since I do Random Thoughts Thursdays every week, this was hard for me to do since I feel that most of you know so much about me already. I'm posting this note on Facebook as well, so feel free to leave a comment on either site if you're on both. Here goes:

1. I kiss my cat Cole....and NO...not on the mouth. My nephews do though and it drives my sister and her husband crazy.

2. I haven't had a real boyfriend in over 5 years, yet somehow it doesn't feel like it's been that long. It only seems long to me when I say it out loud.

3. I procrastinate A LOT! I think I do it because I know I do my best work under pressure, but the stress isn't worth it sometimes.

4. I secretly wish I was the Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine. I have an aunt that used to work there and I got to spend a day with her and the staff to see how they operate. I had so much fun! I can dream right?

5. I wish I had continued playing the piano when I was younger. I hated going to the lessons (Mrs. Dees would tap my fingers with a red pen if I made a mistake) and practicing always crept into my play time. But I always felt so proud when I finished playing my piece to perfection. I played for 3 or 4 years and the last piece I played at my last recital was The Fifth Symphony by Beethoven. I even curtsied at the end. Whenever I see Alicia Keys play I wish I'd never stopped.

6. I was born in Okinawa, Japan and I want to learn to speak Japanese for that reason. I minored in Spanish, but I would also like to be fluent in French. I should learn to speak Arabic though so I can keep up with my nephews. Can you tell I like languages?

7. I was valedictorian of my junior high school. I wasn't even aware of it until they surprised me with an award right before our 8th grade graduation. I always wonder if there was another Black valedictorian at Armstrong before me. I should check that out.

8. One of my 8th grade teachers, Mrs. Miller, named her daughter after me. Mrs. Miller wrote in my yearbook that by giving her unborn daughter my name, she hoped that "some of what I have rubs off on her"...whatever that means. She named her daughter Brooke Ashley Miller, and I always wonder who this person turned out to be and if I deserved or lived up to that honor.

9. I'm terrified of falling down steps.

10. From 6th grade to 12th grade I played field hockey, basketball and did the high jump, triple jump and long jump in track. You'd never know it by looking at me though. I miss my athletic self.

11. In 10th grade, I entered an essay contest honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. My essay was titled "Soaring on the Wings of Justice." I won the essay contest, $500, and the essay is currently engraved in gold on a plaque hanging in the Hall of Fame in my high school where it will live forever. I wonder if there's an essay hanging there written about Barack Obama? I hope there is.

12. I love sudoku.

13. I've been 5'10 since I was 14 years old and, like Yolanda, have worn a size 11 shoe since I was 11 years old. My right foot is actually an 11 and a half.

14. Syracuse University is the only university or college I applied to. Good thing I got in! I don't know what I was thinking, but I knew that's where I wanted to go and there was no other option. My years there were some of the best years of my life! Not only did I get a great education, I forged friendships that will last forever.

15. The next time my sister, Fouad and the kids go to Morocco, I'm going with them. There is no real reason other than money that I haven't gone with them yet. Just wack on my part.

16. I never go on Myspace anymore. Facebook has taken over for me because there are just SO many more people to connect with there. I feel like I have a birds eye view of what everyone that I ever knew is doing. And I don't even have to talk to them :)

17. I have a cousin who I just recently reconnected with on Facebook. We were VERY close growing up and we lost contact when we all went away to college. It's a shame that we had to get re-acquainted via cyberspace, but I'm thankful that we did and that we didn't get reconnected under different, potentially worse circumstances.

18. I love blogging! I thank Amanda and my sister for constantly encouraging me to do it. It's fun and cathartic for me sometimes, and I feel like it keeps me sharp for all the other writing I have to do for my job. Now...the BOOK!

19. I hate writing self-evaluations. I wish I could just write, "pay me what I'm worth" and be done with it. I have to get over my guilt of asking for what I feel I deserve when most people are happy to simply have a job. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to come to work everyday and I love my job - but come on...even in a global economic crisis, a sista needs a good raise. Anyone want to write it for me?

20. Sometimes I wish I could be hypnotized to NOT like bread, butter, sugar, salt, carbs or anything else that Dr. Oz says is bad for you. I feel like asking him, "dude, then what do you EAT?" I have been eating much better, but hypnotism would make it so much easier :-)

21. I have a feeling that 36 is going to be a GREAT year for me. I was further convinced of this when I realized we are in the Chinese Year of the Ox - which is me! (and Barack Obama! yay!) I read the predictions and I feel like this year will be my year to shine. Who wants to shine with me?!

22. I say I don't believe in horoscopes, but I read them all the time. I get upset when I read a bad horoscope for the day and I try to make sure that whatever negative prediction I read, I reverse it. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. I'm a Pisces, so maybe that's how Pisces people are ;)

23. I miss my step-father James. He passed away going on 5 years ago and I think about him all the time. The Sugar Shane fight was on the other night and James LOVED the fights. When someone got knocked out, he would yell, "BABY SEAT!" and I would crack up! I miss him so much, I feel like he's one of my angels.

24. The only time I didn't have a cat was when I was away at school. My cats' names growing up were Heather, Plato, Tigger, Jasmine, Morgan and now Cole. I also had a Great Dane named Jason and a mutt named Sugar Bear.

25. Every time I've had a fish dream, a friend of mine or someone I knew was pregnant. I don't know what it is about fish dreams and babies, but I haven't been wrong yet. My great-grandmother used to have the same dreams and she is the one who told me that if I dream of fish, that means someone is pregnant. Now I wonder if she told me that because she knew I would have those dreams too, or if it's just a coincidence. By the way, I had a fish dream over the weekend. So who is it?




Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...



Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

OK... I've been avoiding doing the 25 random things about me, because I always ignore those things when people email me with that shyt. But I have to admit... I think this facebook thing may be brain washing me. DAM

There is no possible way I am doing the 25 random things now. It may take me a month.

I wonder if Brookes Thriller dance is really that nice. I mean I know the joint, but I am worried about the technical points that Brooke might get!

My parents told me it was 77 degrees in NC yesterday. I'm a Jersey Boy but dammit I wanted to pack up my bag right then.

I think I am turning into an adult cuz I watch CNN at every chance I get. (OK When I'm not watching ESPN)

How come Your Momma jokes are not as popular as they used to be. I need a good yo momma joke.

I need an anti-tase suit... cuz I know Annamarie is contemplating tasing me.

I think I'm gonna stop now and work on my 25 random things!

Brooke said...

oh wow!!! you beat Annamaria, Nicole and Gleana?! Okay, B! I see you! LOL!!

Rene had some Yo Mama Jokes on his blog on Tuesday I think it was. Go to his site and check them out.

My Thriller Dance is NICE! No WAY you can out-perform me in that!

I'm really looking forward to your party, that's gonna be so much fun!

Anonymous said...


Random thoughts: I'm no longer on Facebook cause people that I haven't seen since HS decided to be crazy stalkers.

Random thought. I couldn't button my shirt this morning. Damn it's starting.


Random thought: as cold as it is the air conditioner at my job is ON??? WTF

Random thought: I felt like I was ice skating this morning on my way to the train.

I'll go work on my 25 things list now...

. said...

1) Oh How I Love Thursdays! :-)

2) I REALLY hate it when women use the term “Girl, you know you have to train them”. NO YOU DON’T!!! A real MAN does not need to be trained. He’s a man when you meet him. He shouldn’t need you to teach him how to be one.

3) My experience at the inauguration was absolutely amazing! Met so many beautiful and interesting people. The spirit of that crowd was beautiful! We were like one gigantic happy family. I’m going to put a really beautiful photo album together for my children :-) Already working on it! LOL! Still have 450 pics to go through though :-) And no, I don’t have any children…Ha, ha!

4) I really enjoyed that Biggie movie. Took me back ;-) I call the Biggie era the Laly & Amanda era…and oh do we have some stories! Ha, Ha! We even got to see Big & Jay perform “Brooklyn’s Finest” @ the Palladium and Big perform in Madison Square Garden with Junior Mafia, Puff and ‘Em @ an Urban Aide Concert. I had an Avirex jacket on and no eyebrows…it was the first time I got my eyebrows waxed and she jacked me up! LMAO! Don’t worry, Laly. Don’t get nervous! Ha, Ha! I’m taking the rest of the stories to the grave, Ace :-)

5) I am so happy Taraji Henson got nominated for an Oscar!!! That girl is so underrated. I love her!

6) Can’t wait to see John Legend @ the Apollo.

7) Jezebel.

8) Can’t wait to finally see Raphael Saadiq live. He’s such a dope artist.

9) Looking forward to going to the Circus this year. Yes, the circus! LOL!

10) February 20th - New Tyler Perry Movie! Marge we got a date in MD :-) Really looking forward to that weekend…Dre - Crab soup! Don’t play!

11) I’ve tried not to include food in my RTs but it’s impossible because A LOT of my RTs are about food. One day I’ll start a food blog…called all things crack ;-)

12) I love Steve Harvey! He’s my uncle, in my head…Ha, ha!

13) They should really call it a Crackberry.

14) “Church Heathen” - Shaggy

15) I’m not eating meat for a month and a couple of days ago I had a dream that I was eating fried chicken and the drumsticks were so thick and juicy…woke up salivating…WTF????!!!!

16) I’ve been celebrating my birthday all week…from Thursday to Thursday…I’ve been having so much fun! Jessica & I drank a lot of Q Oil on Monday! LMAO! Don’t hate, Rene!

17) Brooke - I forgot your friend’s name whose B.Day is on the 24th too but Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, Homie! Hope you had a blast! :-)

18) I love almonds.

19) I love all things pumpkin.

20) “I Don’t Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky” came across a contract for this song title and I think it’s a hilarious song title!!! That’s exactly what I thought after walking in my church’s gym on Tuesday night after the boys played ball. LMAO! Perhaps like boiling hot ass (not like it would be cold if it were boiling…dah!) and sweaty balls…not like I have any idea what that might smell like! LMAO!

21) I love my midnight blue nail polish. It’s the small things in life :-)

22) All of a sudden I really enjoy red wine. And now I’m enjoying a glass every night…lush? Janice, is this how you started? Okay, confession…last Thursday I drank a whole bottle. Help!

23) My new favorite item…my new cross :-)

24) I want to see Anita Baker in concert.

25) There’s nothing like staying home all day and watching the entire Curb Your Enthusiasm series. That damn Larry David!

26) During the holidays I stayed home one day (don’t do that often!) and watched Raw, Delirious and Friday and was crackin’ up! CRACKIN’ UP!!!

27) Antigua, New Orleans, DR, Brazil and Nigeria. My 09 Itinerary. GOD WILLING!

28) God bless and good night. Okay, I’m not Russell :-) Have a great day, People. But still be blessed…;-) Now I gotta work :-( But SOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL AND HAPPY TO HAVE A DAMN JOB!!!

29) Wait…why did listening to “Man In the Mirror” when I was a kid make me really emotional???

30) I can never hear myself calling Puff “Diddy”. He’s Puff/Puffy.

31) I’m gonna stop saying bye.

32) Why did I jack Sandee for her earrings on Friday! It was hilarious! Janice and I were crackin’ up behind that. Me: Run them!!! Sandee: What? Me: TAKE THE EARRINGS OFF AND PUT THEM IN MY BAG!!! Sandee: Okay (while taking them off!) GOLDEN.

33) Leesa and Sandee love ALL things TI even his salty _ _ _ _ _!

34) I think my boss just caught me talking to myself…I acted like I was rappin’ along to a Jay-Z verse but he didn’t look like he was buying it! Daaaaaaaaaanmn!

35) I want to see “He’s Not That Into You”

36) Joaquin Phoenix (Who I think is a great actor…he was great in gladiator!) retired from his acting career to become a rapper. Puff is producing. He now looks like a serial killer…check it out:

37) Fage Yogurt…Yum!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Another Random Thought- Being the first to comment on Brooke's Blog was a New Year's Resolution!

Anonymous said...


Anthony Otero said...

Thank you for the tag!

I came in late today because I got stuck in the snow, but I will to the 25 things on Facebook and then post it on my blog as well but her aremy thought for the day.

- I am so over this snow
- my dog picked the perfect time to want to outside (5am)
- what is up with the Orange Basketball team?
- coffee tastes its best after your has car been stuck in the snow for 30 minutes...
- i fell in the snow last night...made the best snow angel

Anthony Otero said...

Sorry for the typos too.. :)

Brooke said...

LOL!! Y'all are crazy!

Rene got you with the Q Oil?? Oh snap! I don't think I had that since college! I don't mess with the Q's and that mess...will have you jacked up!

Don't we already have a date to see He's Just Not That Into You?

I was thinking about going to see John Legend in Philly, he'll be there on the 20th. Part of the beginning of my birthday celebration. When is he playing here?

Why are you talking to yourself? :) Are you talking back? LOL! By the way, his name is Isaiah, ZAY BUGE!!

Delirious is the best - "wanna lick? SIKE!" LMAO!

You fell Ant? I hope you're okay. I was slipping and slidin on my way to the train...all this ICE! I should have said I'm afraid of falling, PERIOD...not just down steps!

Anonymous said...

Favorite color: Black
Favorite perfume (guys): Armani Code
Favorite perfume (girls): I just got Burberry Touch soo right now that one.
Favorite pj brand: I got one of those VS nightshirts & I LOVE IT!!!

Favorite clothes brand in general: Umm these days it's starting to be whatever fits.
Favorite person in the entire world: My mother
Favorite country : USA baby - we elected President Obama!
Favorite car: an SUV
Favorite sport: Baseball
Favorite sport player: AROD!
Favorite spot in America: my mom's
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite movie: Too many to list
Favorite singer: Alicia Keys if I have to pick one
Favorite day in the week: Saturday
Favorite time of the day: Whatever time I end up leaving work
Favorite holiday season: Thanksgiving
Favorite number: 7
Favorite food: ALL FOOD IS ALL RIGHT! :)
Favorite chocolate: Not a fan of Chocolate anymore!! :(
Favorite cartoon: Family guy
Favorite flavor ice cream: Strawberry NOW :(
Favorite Mobile Brand: Sprint
Favorite name: too many to name
Favorite hobby: Watching movies
Favorite room in my house: my room
Favorite vacation spot: so far, Jamaica but looking to DR in April
Favorite quote/verse: I have too many

phillygrl said...

hey , I love those tings that go around to ask about you..the 'tags', but admit, I never send them on, I usually just reply back to the person who sent it to me. But Brooke, you are right I love languages as well & althoughI cannot speak anything fluently, put me in a country for abt two weeks & Im set..I can converse with the best of them( just havne't been anywhere lately----does dreaming about going back to brazil constiture BEING there?:-). Anyway,
--I LOVE stuffing & PIZZA( can u tell I like CARBS) ..I also like those banana & chocolate creamy popsicles you get off the ice cream truck!!
--My favorite movie is the Breakfast CLub
--I love snowboarding & mostly the hot chocolate & ski know profiling w/ my goggles!!!:-)
---Vanilla Chai Latte is abt as daring as I am at Starbucks,..I don't like Coffee
---My 2 year old son is a JOY. He is stubborn though(doesn't listen),& if you are doing somehting he will say STOP doing 'so & so" & come talk to me!..irritating, but funny too!!!
--I love hats!
--when we were little (maybe 7 or 8)I remember my mom & aunt watching Wonder WOman & INcredible Hulk with us & eating chinese apples, then we'd turn on the radio & do "the ROCK" parents still HAVE FUN with thier kids(sans video games), or are we all too busy!!?
--I love to travel( have been to every continent (except asia) but I have never been to MIAMI!!!..I gotta get there!!
That's it for me, my director is breathing down my back, gotta go...Enjjoy the weekend people's.
--oh .P.S. I hate when peopel mispronounce words like'realtor'--they say REAL-A TOR, or 'jewelry'..they say "JEWL-A-RY"..irks the hell outta me!!

Brooke said...


Jew-LA-Ry is the WORST!!! THE WORST!!! I am SO with yu on that one! And when people pronounce the "L" is "salmon." WHY???

whew! had to get that out.

We would watch the Incredible Hulk with my mom too, and afterwards she would pretend like she was turning into the Hulk and say, "Don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry" and then chase Nicole and I into our room. We would scream so loud everytime as if she was ACTUALLY about to turn green. Those were the days. You're right, I don't hear of parents having fun with their kids like that anymore. That's probably why my nephews love me so much, cuz I act a fool with them. Our thing is wrestling!

As much as you're all over the place, I'm surprised you've never been to MIAMI!! I feel like that's somewhere you would've gone a long time ago! Let me know when you wanna go, I haven't been since senior year with Seana! Spring break! Looooong ass drive from Syracuse, YIKES!

. said...

38) My right foot is a half size bigger too!!! I’ve done something really slick twice though…let’s just say somebody got an 8 and an 8 ½…Ha, Ha!

39) I think Dalmatians are sooooooooooooo beautiful! I want one in the brownstone I dream about (Harlem or Brooklyn).

40) There’s a Great Dane in my neighborhood that’s the size of a damn horse! He’s a shiny grey and is so friendly! His name is Tiny. His owner is a man the size of TI and Tiny is over 6 feet tall when he stands. He’s beautiful!!!

41) Peggy, I love this body oil too! What’s lotion? I don’t know :-)

44) Going to lunch with Melissa today…so happy to have you back from maternity leave but I know you would much rather be home with Kennedy :-) Even though it’s been 7 months!

phillygrl said...

road trip!!!!:-)..( never did a spring break, b/c i was a dutiful student!!--we always had finals that week)

Peggy said...

I'm still waiting for my Anthony Hamilton hook up AMANDA

Going to a Luther Vandroos Tribute concert and I can't wait

Missing my dad

HATE SCALES and I still don't own one. Know that I've lost weight cause my clothes feel looser

I want some Shitake and Spinach Lasagne

Dreading this busy season (I work for an accounting firm) But looking forward to my overtime checks

I've been thinking about my wedding day a lot lately

I finally got rid of my cold

I'm really enjoying the new Steve Harvey book. Love him! He's my "Uncle Steve" in my head. LOL

I think Craig and them is HILARIOUS

I'm addicted to cBooth body oil

Love when my Boo calls me Heaven

Fell in love with Fuji apples, but my heart still belongs to Granny Smith

Leaving work at 4 o'clock today

Brooke said...

I have to get this Steve Harvey book! I read a bit about it on have to get it.

I love that Amanda is keeping her thoughts numbered correctly :)

My mother would threaten to bring Jason into the room if we didn't eat our dinner. So she'd let Jason in...and then we'd feed Jason our dinner, so it worked out. But how you gonna be afraid of your own dog? That dog was HUGE!

Karen, how do you have finals the same week as Spring Break? I'm confused. And no, no road trip. I will NEVER drive to Miami again. We had a blast, but that's just too damn far to be driving.

I can't wait to get my taxes done Peggy...that money is already spent!

Peggy said...

Damn Amanda, I didn't know all I had to do was tell Sandee to give me those earrings and they would have been mine!!!! LOL
They were BEAUTIFUL!

I can't wait to see He's Just Not That Into You
You got plans already

I haven't made a snow angel in a I want to do it

. said...

Nah, just Jessica and I doing it up and Rene was hatin’!

Yes, we’re seeing it together but I still had a random thought that I wanted to see it. LOL!

He’s at the Apollo on Feb. 9th but I know he’ll be at the Garden too can’t remember the date though…plus the Apollo is so small that no matter where you are, you have great seats! Plus I couldn’t help but think about dinner at MoBay’s before or after…see how my brain works…Ha, Ha! This will be my 3rd time seeing him live. You know he’s one of my favorite artists. He’s great live. So see him! Great way to set your B.Day off :-)

Regarding to talking to myself…girl, you don’t even wanna know! LMAO!

. said...

I still got you on the AH CD, Peg :-)

I think Craig is hilarious too!!!

Love the Steve Harvey book too! Can't wait to discuss it with you :-)

Don’t get it twisted, Peggy, these earrings are on loan. I’m wearing them now actually :-) And might have just cut me some birthday slack...

. said...

45) Tax season is X-Mas for a lot of folks :-)

46) The ones that are not numbered were just responses...LOL!

Anthony Otero said...

Yo...Amanda wasnt kidding about MC Phoenix! That is hilarious Wow...I think that made my day...

. said...

47) My cousin Alex’s birthday gift to me was so thoughtful. A beautiful 5x7 silver picture frame with the date January 24, 1978 engraved on it and a baby picture of me in
it :-)

48) Butternut Squash Soup ;-)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Random Thoughts Part II

-What ever happened to the Cents symbol? I can't find that thing anywhere.

-Philly Girl... what about the plural of Jewelry... Jewries!

-Warning guys! A date with a girl to see all "He's Just Not that Into You" may end up being a Blogless Night!

-I have a new housemate that finds a song that he likes and listens to it... at least 15 times a day.

-Peggy, I think I am gonna still your boos nickname for you... That may get me blogged this weekend. Thanks!

. said...

And apparently there's a youtube video of him rapping...and he sounds crazy! Look it up,Latinegro :-) That will probably make your week.

. said...

Here you go: ¢

Brooke said...

I've seen that video of Joaquin, he's trippin.

B, you seem to always be looking to get blogged...she holdin out on you? LOL!!

but you're right...where is the cents symbol? I don't see it on my keyboard or on my phone...??? Where did you get that Amanda?

Peggy said...

Hee Hee Hee
Amanda where did you find the cent symbol??? LOL

Pretty Ricky, you're funny, but I feel ya...what ever works!

Brooke said...

Condoleeza Rice on The View today, good interview..."she speaks so well." LOL!!

I want Chinese food for lunch.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

LOL @ Brooke. I get blogged enough. But I like when I do something that makes her want to blog the sh*t outta me. Like washing the dishes or taking the garbage out. Talk about an Aphrodisiac!!!

Craig n 'em said...

What does it mean when your job cancels their deer park water supply? WTF. No more water coolers? Where the F’ am I gonna’ talk about my fav shows? I guess home…First sign a company may be shutting DOWN!

Money is tight but my faith is tighter…

GRAN TOURINO is a funny ass movie..Not meant to be but Clint E. is Archie Bunker on Steriods…

I’m still getting a BLOGSTRAINING ORDER out on AnaJolia! ;-)

I have the utmost respect for Violetta Wallace…She said if Biggie were alive she’d smack him. She LOVES her son. But she’s not proud of the some of the things he did. Especially women. Real.

When I’m out walking about the city, I sometimes want to randomly kick people right in the ass pant.

It’s hard for me to trust people with black gums.

I feel like I use a roll of toilet paper a day.

I can’t get Crystal Waters out of my head…100% Pure Love!

I’m not gay! I just like dance music…Tyler Perry probably LOVES dance music...;-/

I'm still not gay...;-/

Peeing in the snow is fun…

Peggy is cool…Amanda is funny…Ana is funny and DANGEROUS…Brooke is talented…The name “pretty ricky…” makes me smile everytime…

How do you send a mass text on Crackberry?

Amanda…Steve Harvey is your uncle in your head? Well, we are all his nieces and nephews in his head cuz that’s a BIG ASS HEAD! BIG ‘OLE HORSE HEAD MUTHA’F’A. He’s the 4th man on the Kings of Comedy Totem pole. Just my opinion.

I want to get booed on Amateur night at the Apollo. I don’t know why that would be funny.

Why is being first on a blog such a big deal these days?...It's not a radio station. You don't get tickets for a JOHN LEGEND concert or Anthony Hamilton Jam session....I'm all for LAST!!!

I have more…;-)…

Anonymous said...

OK Amanda where did the cent symbol come from????? I can't find it either???

Anonymous said...

Craig...Get a BLOGSTRAINING ORDER! I'm still going to tase you!!!!!!! LMAO.. BBBZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Yes that may be a sign of a company that is shutting down. My company did that about 2 months before they announced we are

To send a mass email via crackberry you just have to hit the crackberry button for your options & it says add recipient.. I LOVE MY CRACKBERRY!!!

Crackberry messenger is my NEW OBSESSION!!!!!!! I LOVE CHATTING ON THAT THING!

Yes I am dangerous.. Especially now that I am hormonal. lol

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Craig an Nem... not even sure why it's important to be first. I got caught up in the Hoopla. You know guys like a challenge! But now that I got it... I'm so over it. Now I'm gonna look to be first opn someone else's blog. JUST LIKE A MAN... RIGHT!!

Also Craig... I've always wanted to be the Sandman and beat people off the stage like Homey the Clown!!!

Brooke said...

Hell, I'd blog the hell outta a man who washed my damn dishes! I hate washing dishes! LOL!!

Craig Craig Craig...I'd love to take a trip thru your mind...

but thank you..."talented"? really?

What exactly is Dance Music?

I never look at my crackberry, I rebuke it!

I think I'm gonna start keeping track of who is first on the blog, and whoever has the most at the end of the month, I'm gonna give them a prize...SO THERE!

B, I could SO see you doing that!

. said...

I do the same thing!!! I will listen to a song I really like 20 times in a row!!! Lately it's Anthony Hamilton's “Prayin’ for You”, Kanye’s “Heartless”, John Legend's “Quickly” featuring Brandy, Jamie Foxx’s “I Don’t Need It” and Fernandito Villalona’s “Tabaco y Ron” (Ha, ha! Who knows that song?!) Thank God my sister doesn't mind at all…because if I were her, I would slap me!!! All she says is leave your door open, I want to hear it too

49) I think it’s a wrap for my Ipod! :-( Both of my Ipods have been gifts. 1 from my boss and 1 from my cousin Oscar…I don’t want to buy one!

50) I really want the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song as my ringtone.

51) I’m working on a publishing contract with 3 samples and 18 writers…who eats?!

52) I haven’t even sent out my Quote of the Day…okay, let me do that…

. said...

Took it from the publishing contract I'm working on...Ha, Ha!

Brooke said...

Let's see if Amanda makes it to 100 Random Thoughts today...LOL!

. said...

For the record: I also thought Steve Harvey was the least funny man in the Kings of Comedy

Brooke said...

Bernie Mac was the funniest, hands down! I miss him.

"him downstairs..." LMAO!

. said...

Brooke - That would be easy. You have no idea the about of shit that crosses my mind on a daily basis. Just random crazy shit…all the time.

Craig n 'em said...

Pretty Ricky...They should Boo Sandman off too! That would really F with his self esteem!

Being as though B is handing out gifts...Now I wanna be first!!!

B, Dance music is like that music you DANCE to. Like Marky Mark and the funky Bunch. Ish like that...If you try to do a split? It's dance music. If you act like a mime when you dance? It's dance music. If you're sweating profusely on the dance floor, It's dance music. If you see a man dancing in a's dance music...

Brooke said...

oh I know! I know! trust me!

The woman who sits next to me has a farm, and all the animals on this damn farm are sick. I always hear her on the phone talking about chickens with leg problems, cows with the shingles, pigs with allergies, just crazy!

. said...

53) Anytime I hear someone say they are bored, I always feel like telling them to go wash their ass…one’s ass can never be clean enough. Like if you fart 2 seconds after getting out the shower…it’s like daaaaaaaaaamn! It can already use another good ass wash.

Brooke said...

I'm over here DYING!! I might try to do a split at Pretty Ricky's party next week! LMAO LMAO LMAO!

Amanda, what if you're bored at work, where you gonna go to wash your ass? hahahahahaha!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

AMANDA... NOW THAT IS SOME FUNNY SHYT. No pun intended! That may be my favorite random thought of the day.

I have a random thought about Shytting and taking a shower that may only be suited for TMI Wednesdays.

Brooke said...

oh, so we're doing that huh? I think I'll make it TMI Tuesdays so you all can leave comments on my sister's "What's on ya mind Wednesdays"....gotta share the love. Besides, TMI Tuesdays has a better ring to it...and maybe I'll make that the first Tuesday of the month. Thanks Rene!

. said...

yeah, like if you have to take a shit RIGHT after taking a shower...Daaaaaaaaaamn! Pissed!!! Like you be all mad at your butt and you serious right now?!

Brooke - you know exactly what to do if you're bored at :-)

Brooke said...

I've mastered the art of commenting while I work. My biggest problem now is commenting on everyone ELSE'S blog! I usually do that at the end of the day because I have too much work to do and too many comments to leave on my own blog! But I also comment on my sister's blog, E's blog (GOOD ONE TODAY!), Latinegro's blog, Ask the Black Man's blog, and Gleana's blog. It's to a point where I actually get mad when work interrupts me in the middle of my comment - like Bernie Mac said, "I didn't come here to work!"

Craig n 'em said...

Amanda, you ever sat down to take a dump and you realized AFTER your first push that you have NO toilet paper? .............No?....... Hello?........ Anyone?... Lifeline?

Brooke said...

Well, if you live alone, you just get up and go get some. But that has happened to me at my sister's house, and getting my nephews to go get me some toilet paper while keeping them from barrelling into the bathroom is another story. They always wanna come in and show me their cars or picture they drew me. I'm like "can I use the bathroom by myself please??" DAMN!

Peggy said...

Amanda you're CRAZY!!!! LOL

And Brooke you are truly TALENTED!!!

Craig you need to do stand up and BTW, you're right, Uncle Steve wasn't that funny in Kings of Comedy

Brooke said...

Thank you Peggy! You're so sweet. You all are. But are there BAD blogs out there? What makes a blogger talented? I think you just love me, that's all ;) But I love you all back!

Now I want a cheesesteak for lunch. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Anonymous said...

Random thought: My excersise DVD's just got here & I am really excited!!!


Brooke said...

I need new work out dvds, my kickboxing one doesn't challenge me anymore even though I feel good that I do it in the mornings.

Amanda, were you serious about renting my Bally's membership? Let me know if you are.

Blagojevich needs to sit down somewhere...just get the impeachment over with already.

Craig n 'em said...

B, you just can't get up and get some toilet paper. There are butt cheek issues...if you already push a BLOG out and THEN get up..Your butt cheeks close back up...Then when you sit back down, you're gonna have doo doo on your cheeks...Your ass looks like a Rorschach test...You know what that is??? That ink blot test you get when you go see a shrink. Please reference images in the Gnarls Barkley CRAZY Vid...

Thank you Amanda..For starting this BLOGSHIT up!

Had a Martin stand up moment..."She cleaned DOO DOO... OFF ME"...lmao...remember that one?

Ana, that cambodian chick is probably as thin as your taser...which is why she has five tupperware containers in the first place...You tase her...she'd light up like a glow stick....

Brooke said...

Okay, this is just getting nasty. But I think I remember what Martin you're talking about...where he talks about sh*t crumbs in the bed? "she climbed her sh*tty as back in the bed!" That one?

Now all of a sudden I don't wanna eat anything for lunch...thanks.

Anonymous said...


Craig the Cambodian chick is NOT skinny so she really doesn't need 5 tupperwares full of food!!!!

Brooke I may want to rent your Bally's membership come August or September!

Craig n 'em said...

When Martin was talkin bout smoking that OOOOWEEE! Ended up in the hospital and the nurse had to take care of him..She had to clean his nasty ass....lmao...

Oh, and Amanda started...

Funny...All this shit talkin' got me famished!

Brooke said...

Well damn, how far do you have to go to get toilet paper? Don't y'all keep it under the sink in the bathroom or in the linen closet? Not like you gotta go to the kitchen!

I'm still stuck on the Rorschach test image...just gross!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

OK Y'all have convinced me to leave a taste of what you might see on TMI Tuesdays.

-I like to weigh myself before and after I Pee or Shyt. FYI... I just pee'd 4 tenths of a pound!

Anonymous said...

I do keep some toilet paper under the sink in the bathroom BUT I usually but those damn Costco size things of toilet paper with like 30 rolls in it for $2!! LOL Sooo obviously that doesn't fit under the sink. That goes downstairs in the basement...... SHIT'S GONNA GET ALL UP IN YO ASS TRYING TO GO TO THE BASEMENT! LOL

Brooke said...

B, you're crazy...and you're right, TMI Tuesdays is gonna be gross or embarrassing or sexual.

Annamaria, you put like 5 rolls under the sink and keep the rest in the basement...when it gets down to 2, you replenish it so you don't have to walk your sh*tty ass to the basement. Simple :-)

Craig n 'em said...

I keep my TP in the kitchen...If I run out....With pants around my ankles....I just walk like a sumo wrestler to get it...;-/

Brooke said...

Why in the kitchen? What the hell is under your bathroom sink?

Anonymous said...

Brooke-Thanks for the ag and the Mama Jokes shout out.

I am not hating on Que Oil especially because Jess and Amanda did not have any. Quit the yellow

Today I got guided by a street crossing guard to to go across the street. She told me to hurry up. I felt like I was in 1st grade

I eating no meat (PAUSE!) for so far has been pretty good. Only temptation was when I was watching the eagles game and there was nothing else around.

I think you may get over 100 comments to Brooke. Can't believe there are almost 60 already.

Steelers will win the Superbowl on Sunday.

I think a game night will occur in Harlem in the next couple of weeks.

I have that driving 90 in a 65 hook stuck in my head. Don't know why..

I wake many mornings with a song playing in my mind. It's like a mental alarm clock.

I am Obama'd out...Got much love for him though.

I have not watched any television this week.

Facebook can be addictive be careful

Yes, I am done with myspace as well. Really wasn't into it in the first place. Did more for work.

Anyone wants cats my friend is giving some away holla. They are black Burmese cats.

Tasers should be banned in the state of NY...

Craig n 'em said...

My playboy and hustler mags...and a brand new taser....;-)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Y'all I gotta stop messing with y'all today... Random THought Thurdays is going to have me looking for Random Job on Friday!

But I too am curious of why the hell you keep your TP in the kitchen. Craig... you are hilarious! I've done the Sumo Wrestler thing but only to the linen closet.

Brooke said...

LMAO! B, you work for yourself!

I was wondering where they got Omega Oil (Q Oil) from, I thought you made a batch. That was liquid crack back in school. I don't mess with y'all on that.

Well, you got 4 more years of Obama at least, so you better get used to it. They're watching his EVERY move.

Bout time you had a game night. It's been like forever. I think I may have an impromptu one myself the weekend after my birthday. By the way, what are we doing for our birthdays? I can't believe it's almost February already. Anyone wanna celebrate my bday with me on 2/25? Just dinner...nothing fancy.

B's birthday is first - kick off the bday month with the Ole Skool Jammy Jam!

Serena W. said...

I work in a cube and I'm trying to contain my do wanna wash you behind after getting out of a hot shower and you fart! Amanda that was funny!

Brooke you need to add favorite adult beverage to your list...mine is a Kurrant Affair! Wooooo!

I so love the night shirts from VS!

One time I had a dream of whale watching in 2006, beautiful year 10 of my friends got pregnant (woah)!

Favorite car: SUV hands down!

Pretty Ricky...prepare to get tased or shanked by Annamaria aka AnaJolia.

Amanda I love Thursdays too! I was born on a Thursday so it explains it!

Crain 'n' em...first water, next coffee, then the vending machine and then your office lol. Watch out now!

Bernice was straight funny on "The Kangs" but remember Steve doing the Titanic! That was funny!

Here were some random things I posted yesterday on Brooke's sisters website. I'll chime in later with my 25 from Facebook!

Random Thoughts...part II

Why is there a dude, yes a dude who made false assumptions about me and hating on me out here.

Why can't we all get along and judge people for the content of their character as an individual and not based on a group of people or where you work...he sucks! He's hating the fact that I'm doing my thing with writing and poetry and getting more attention and his bad energy is running artists away from him!

Why did I have an 8:30am meeting Tuesday morning with my COO (Chief Operating Officer) a VP, my supervisor and future supervisor telling me my job will be flipped upside down and if anything the new position would be 10 steps backwards in my career. Are they nuts?

Why do people like my job say, "We want everything to be transparent." When it's not. If it was you would've talked to me about my career goals to see the new position is not the direction I want to go in!

Why the hell am I fighting parking enforcement about a boot that was placed on my truck even though I paid for parking! I want my money back and this all happened from Sat. night to Tuesday!

Can I damn! But I'm thrilled it's Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Rene tasers are Illegal in NY!!!:( But I am working on getting that changed! lol

Brooke that 5 rolls til 2 is easier said than done. I try that all the damn time & always end up screaming for a roll! lol

Craig n 'em said...

C'mon Pretty Rick...You never used TP as Paper Towel? Or paper towel as TP? You gotsa switch it up every now and them...Throw yo ass off guard...

I got my clippers under the bathroom sink too..oh, and my girls maxi pad boxes...As a matter fact...One time I was out of TP and my girls maxi pads were there and...Well...;-/

momo925 said...

HAAAA! So this is what I've been missing?? You guys are hilarious! LMAO

I can't believe its friday. Yaaye!

I have just discovered that I actually like brussel sprouts.

I joined face book this week and It's slowly but surely sucking me in. The only thing I don't like about it is that it gives you too much damn information about what EVERYBODY is doing EVERY minute of the damn day!

I'm sad that I can't eat lunch with Brooke and Liz :-(

Sometimes I wonder why the following is done in a conversation:
person 1: "I washed clothes last night"
Person 2: "oh really? did you?"

LOL - I person 1's response supposed to change? I don't know why but I do it all the time.

I need to upload new music on my ipod BADLY!

Serena W. said...

Hey Brooke you are my 25 Random Things from my Facebook Page

1. I was born in Jamaica Queens, NY and have lived in Silver Spring MD, Alexandria, VA and now Dallas.

2. I moved to Dallas to get married and let's just say it didn't work out...all good.

3. I have a tattoo of my Mom's African name (Sauti) and under it the symbol of Sankofa (wisdom).

4. I plan on getting another tattoo on my lower back this year of the symbol of Sesa Wo Suban for the meaning of life transformation and my friend Tahira gave me this idea...get one of your sisters name close to your ankle so she will always run with you...stay tuned! (Funmi let's do a group trip to the tattoo parlor soon)!

5. My navel is pierced and it's time for a new earring ;-)

6. This is my second time my hair is totally natural and I love it!

7. No I don't plan on getting locks!

8. In my former life I trained on Auto CAD because I thought I was going to be a big time architect! (Computer Architectual Drafting) and plan on designing my dream home because I can!

9. I also plan on getting a vacation home/condo in the future in Honolulu...because I can! And I fell in love with the place when I ran the Honolulu Marathon. Yep I'll have writers retreats out there too!

10. I"m a runner! I've ran four marathons and plan on doing a half in the spring and either Marine Corp or NYC full in the fall!

11. I love working out but not your lifting weights type stuff. I love running, African dancing and finally found a kickboxing class! I will do some crunches so my bod will be beach ready!

12. I've traveled to South Africa and Swaziland almost nine years ago to visit my friend Raashida!

13. Plans are to go back to Africa this fall! (Raa get ready). I also plan on going to Nicaragua in April...Lia I'm coming sweetie!

14. If you can't tell....I love to travel!

15. I believe in moving forward in life and not backwards and anyone that wants me to take two steps back can kiss know the rest!

16. I'm a writer and I'm published with a few more projects in the works...stay tuned!

17. I plan on completing my second manuscript in the next two weeks! (So readers of Losing Yourself in a Man will have the final part)!

18. I love my mother! She is one of the only selfless people I know! Too give her life to myself and two adopted sisters (Ayana has since passed away) and then to top it off they are medically challenged puts her up there with Mother Teresa!

19. I am one of six and counting...maybe more syblings out there on my Dads side. I'm the oldest of my Moms and the middle child of my fathers (life). Yes my Mom has embraced them too and Pit thanks for embracing me like your child. I love you for that! Shavonn you know I love my baby sis, now I got three under me...and counting.

20. I once danced hip hop for real y'all! Me and my girls were fierce and could've been in some videos (that's when people would dance and not just shake their booty)!

21. I once played basketball all the way through 2005 but adults are worse than high school and college students!

22. One day I will not and I repeat will not work a 9-5 and will be a full time writer and consult for the tables will turn! And I'm talking by my early 40's people!

23.I love my "sista friends" who keep it real with me! They've been there through the storms and the great times! I love my brothers too! I have some very special ones that have my back at all times! To the new friends in my life I love y'all...thanks for being honest, being there for me and having my back in the Big D!

24. I get very irritable when I haven't eaten! Ask my co-workers when a meeting is running over and I haven't eaten. Whoever God blesses me with just make sure we don't skip meals and we'll be okay lol!

25. I'm still hopeful that God has designed the man for me and when the time is right He will reveal him! Yes I'm healed from the past and it feels so good everyone! Have a great day!

Brooke said...

I LOVE the idea of getting my sister's name tattooed on my ankle so she can run with me. I might do that.

Okay...who am I fooling, the one tattoo I have on my toe hurt like the DICKENS! I'll let Nicole discuss her own tattoos.

I think I may go with Glee to this thing tonight, if I can get my ass of these comments and get my work done. I can do it any other day but Thursdays....wonder why ;)

Brussel sprouts are gross! yuk!

Craig...a maxi pad? really? Cra..
nevermind...I can'!

Anonymous said...

WOW after reading Serena's 25 things I feel like I haven't done a damn thing! GO AHEAD GIRL!!!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to hear an accomplished person that still has motivation.

Brooke: just leave the maxipad comment alone PLEASE

Craig n 'em said...

Hey, Rene the Harlemite! You have a friend selling some black pussy? I was looking for black pussy...I definitely want one...Do you know how big the pussy is? I hate big pussy...Too much to handle...Too much work...How much is pussy these days? With the economy and all...Probably cheap...Cheap pussy...Well not cheap pussy but INEXPENSIVE pussy...I want good pussy, I just don't want to pay alot for it...I want good inexpensive pussy...That doesn't scratch!..Now, that's BAAAAD pussy....

Brooke said...

okay, you have problems....

Craig n 'em said...


Anonymous said...


On a serious note things are getting bad out there. Another family was found dead in Ohio. The father killed his wife & 2 kids & then himself.

Brooke said...

You KNOW what!

Brooke said...

Annamaria, please don't depress me on Random Thoughts Thursday :( quiet!

Craig n 'em said...

Yeah, Ana...don't nobody wanna hear 'bout no serious blowin my high right now...

B, don't tell me to be quiet...You soundin' like my daughter right now and I'm not feelin that...

And just like I tell her....I say what I damn well please...

Jess- said...

Damn Amanda you've been thinking alot today.


Since i'm pretty new to the site i figure i'd share a few things ya dont know about me.

i have a son who is about to go to JHS.

And i curse out lil girls that call him.

i have over 40 nieces and nephews.

i have 10 brothers and 2 sisters... i'm the baby :)

i've been complaining about my job this week but i love what i do.

i curse like a trucker.

i'm a tomboy.

Amanda, you got me listening to old school merengue like a real dominican

Brooke said...

Jess! I was missing you! 40 nieces and nephews???? BANANAS!!

Craig...don't make me have to snatch you by the ear and call security on your ass!

Craig n 'em said...

Shut up....

Brooke said...

no, YOU shut up!

Craig n 'em said...

No you shut up!!....

Brooke said...


Craig n 'em said...

How the hell I'mma make you shut up over the internet...I aint that high...Just close yo damn mouth!

Brooke said...

I'm gonna fight you!

Jess- said...

Brooke i read your blog every day but these damn people here are trying to make me work for my money.

Craig n 'em said...

Bring it...I got a taser fo yo ass!

Serena W. said...

AnaJolia you are funny and as I tell people...I'm just getting started lol!

I'm so sad about the family in Ohio, this is getting really bad everyone, prayer is powerful.

Brooke you're almost at 100 comments girl! Crazy!

Brooke said...

Thank you Jess! They're making me earn my money this week too.

Good thing Jess and Serena jumped in, cuz I was about get yo ass Craig!!! You can't beat me!

. said...

Tabaco, Tabaco!
Tabaco y Ron!
Tabaco, Tabaco!!!
Ha, Ha!

I have a really HOT old school merengue CD! You would love it, Jess! It would take you BACK!!!

Jess- said...

I need that CD Amanda. I listen to spanish music all day long.

Anonymous said...

all I gotta say is...who in da hell left the gate open? Craig is wild!

Peggy said...

Craig, you are killing me!!!!!!

Craig n 'em said...

100 bitches!

Serena W. said...

OMG you broke 100 comments! This is crazy girl! I can't wait till TMI Tuesdays!

And Amanda if you have the Spanish cd that Jess is talking about I wanna a copy. I love Spanish music!

Peggy said...

I want one toooooooooooo Amanda!

Brooke said...

WOW!!! I turn my back for two seconds and Craig got us to 100! wow!

Amanda, just make the cd for everyone :)

Where is Rameer? I'm still waiting on my NeYo cd. I need new music REALLY BAD!

. said...

54) Who names their child Cinnamon?

55) I'm allergic to wool.

56) There's also a GREAT old school salsa CD called the Magic of Salsa think is was released by Sony...FIRE!!! It has all the 80s hits!

57) Peggy - I'm so hatin' that you can actually read a damn book at your desk!

58) Just opened my B.Day gift, Melissa...MUAH!!! Thank you!!!

57) it wool?!

58) Ha, ha! The label says no.

59) Annamaria - I want to see you pregnant! When? And I'm talkin' before the baby shower :-)

The Fury said...

1) I wanted to be #100, but wanted to be honest and at least skim the other much for honesty

2) I'm happy to be after 100, but I wouldn't be in a gang bang

3)I read Brooke's blog comments and wonder which female respondent would be better in bed that day based on her comments. LOL

4)Buying toilet paper at Costco is the shit! (pun intended)

5)They ain't never called me Pretty Ricky, but they damn sure say my name;-)

6)Barack hitting Michelle from the back

7)Are you scarred now...or turned on?

Anonymous said...

Amanda make me that CD & we can meet up whenever you want... I have my appetite back sooo something involving food would be great... I think Austin is gooing to AC one of these Saturdays with his mom & sister soo maybe I'll have a girls night in & cook for you ladies & have you over?? What do you think.. We can even celebrate Brooke's bday early..

AMANDA I don't know WHAT this kid is thinking BUT I turned 3 months on Sunday & I have a BELLY!!! I had to go buy the stupid band for my pants cause I can't button them anymore. I woke up the other day & POOF I HAD A BELLY!!!!And don't get me started on my boobs.. I'll save that one for TMI Tuesdays BUT let's just say I couldn't button my damn shirt this morning either..

Craig n 'em said...

#54 People who listen to HOT 97 name their children Cinnamon....
#56 I love Magic Salsa...It's off the hook with Tostitos!
#59 Ana's baby's first words are gonna be "BZZZZZZZZZZZZ"!

Do doctors still slap babies on the ass? My moms said the doctor slapped me in the face by mistake...

As far as I'm concerned...There's no difference between being the 2nd guy or the 100th guy in a gang bang...they all SLOPPY SECONDS!

Craig n 'em said...

Damn, Fury...There are pregnant women on here that comment! You's a BLOG!

Anonymous said...

1. Actually I'm scared that my baby's first word will be asshole considering the number of times I have said it in the past 3 months & it does NOT look like it's going to stop either! lol

2. I don't know if doctors still do it BUT I think I'm going to end up slapping this lil one on it's bootie for the morning sickness & the belly! lol

. said...

60) Buena Vista Social Club - Oh How I Love That CD! Old School Cuban Artists…I love "El Cuarto de Tula" That is my song! It’s about this woman who is so HOT…I mean on FIRE (if you know what I mean) that the apartment caught up in flames and the fire department goes in there to figure out what caused the fire…and it turns out it was her “ass” from lack of a man! LMAO!

Brooke said...

I didn't need to picture Barack hittin it from the back...really.

see what happens when Fury is gone for a while...

. said...

61) I have not listened to HOT97's morning show for like 2 years.

I'm down Annamaria...but I won't be in NYC during 2/20-2/22.

. said...

62) Poor Tula ;-)

Anonymous said...

COOL... I will let you girls know when & we will work it out!

Serena W. said...

Thanks Amanda! I'm going to order those cds!!!

Uh yeah I don't want visuals of Prez and First Lady, thank you!

Brooke get ready...TMI Tuesdays is going to be off the chain!

And Brooke we are the same exact height! I don't wanna tell you my shoe size cause you'll hate me :(

. said...

63) I curse like a truck times I wish I didn't...but it just taste so good in my mouth.

64) I pray about my potty mouth all the time!

65) Brooke - the other day I just started laughing out loud because I thought about that phrase you like to use...Kick Rocks. And I thought about a grown ass man I know kicking rocks! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

All I think about is cum shots. ALL THE TIME.

Craig n 'em said...


Anonymous said...

OK I can't read the blog anymore... People here are starting to scare me???????????????

Craig n 'em said...

Are you giving or receiving? You know what? Don't answer that...I need a spliff right about now...

Anonymous said...

well isn’t this about random thoughts?

Answer: Receiving.

Brooke said...

uh...HELLO!!! TMI Tuesdays is on TUESDAY!! NOT TODAY!

A lot of what was written today could be for TMI Tuesdays...this blog has definitely gone to the LEFT!

. said...

Craig - do you have a blog? If you do and I should have known that by now...sorry! What is it? I WANT TO READ IT!!!

Craig n 'em said...


Brooke said...

I want Craig to be my sidekick, the Charlamagne to my Wendy :) LOL!

Craig n 'em said...

Well Amanda...I haven't branched out yet...I smoke too much so I'm not responsible at the moment to carry my own Blog...So I've attached myself to Brooke...I'm the Ying to her Yang...The Ashford to her Simpson...The Bobby to her Whitney...the Sodom to her Gomorra (Misspelled and off the mark...sorry)...But stay tuned for tomorrow...I'm going to share a story with you...;-)

Serena W. said...

I'm waiting for Amanda to spew out the next set so she can reach 100 too. Brooke this blog is especially off the chain!

. said...

66) Just heard on the radio that The Dark Night is out again in IMAX…soooooooooo going to see it on Sunday.

67) I still want to see “Milk”

68) and “Doubt”

Anonymous said...

Amanda... I just drank some milk... and ate cookies too..LOL

. said...

69) Makes me think of 69.

70) So glad I now have someone that hooks my hair up on my same block! Yay! Never a wait…wash & set, blower, flat iron and wrap for $18…Freakin’ Domincans…Ha, ha! Gotta love them!

71) Oh and I get a manicure I’ll I’m under the dryer.

The Fury said...

Craig - I wasn't saying I'd do the pregnant women or that I'd do any of them. Just making inferences based on their passion and eloquence...and pregnant women can feel sexy too. Right? Help me out ladies of expectation...

I wouldn't even be #1 in a gang bang. eww yuck

Brooke - Sorry if I helped to twist the blog to the left...I guess your readers have lots of nasty things on their minds too;-)

I have to see Milk and Doubt, but thus far Slumdog Millionaire and The Wrestler are the films to beat

. said...

Gotcha Craig...well you guys are a great team! And I can't wait to hear this story! I can only imagine.

72) Hi Serena! :-)

Brooke said...

yeah, today is bananas! The blog isn't off the chain, the COMMENTS are! Gotta love Random Thoughts Thursday! I don't even wanna know what's gonna happen on TMI Tuesdays!

Fury, you started trouble.

Craig...he's my official sidekick, but only when he's high :)

Anonymous said...


Fury-Yes pregnant women can feel very sexy! I know I do. And thank god I'm with someone who agrees with me!! :)

Hopefully you will feel that way when it's your wife, girlfriend or the result of your random gang bang...LOL

Anonymous said...

COME ON AMANDA!!! You only got 28 to go to reach 100!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

Serena W. said...

Hi Amanda!!!! Girl you got a spot that gives you a manicure while getting your hair dried! That's impressive! I love my hairdresser, I get red wine while under the dryer! Can't wait till next Thursday for my hair to get did!

C'mon Amanda! We're rooting for ya! You're almost there!

Brooke...I'll say it again...I'm very scared for Tuesday lol!

Brooke said...

I know, I'm scared too...and I think I'm more afraid because I have to kick it off. I don't know if there's anything I want to tell that would be TMI!! I wonder if everyone will comment as themselves or anonymously? :) I'm already thinking about what I would say...should I only do it for one Tuesday a month? or ALL Tuesdays? I think all Tuesdays might be too much, no?

Anonymous said...

OK wow RTT is out of control....
Craig you are crazy!!!!

Pretty Ricky that's Malek. No "I" that's for

Peggy have you ever tried a grapple? its a grape and apple hybrid...pretty tasty...

Brooke you get a tattoo?!?! Do you remember the last time you got one? Not a pretty sight....but i love the idea of it being my name!!!!

All i have to say about my tats are I stay with a monkey on my back....and if you want a tat on you leg, between your ankle and your heel is the best spot because it won't hurt...

I got my finger caught in the door and now my finger looks like a hot dog!! :(

I have used paper towels for toilet paper but not vice versa...

Brooke what do you want for your b-day?

Anonymous said...

WOW! 117 Comments. Crazy!

Craig- It's Free Pussy.

Brooke-I am gonna figure out the Bday within the next week. I will let you know. Also NP on the TMI Blog. Should be interesting.

Yeah Game Night will be fun.

I did not make any Q Oil. Thye wish!lol

Nicole knows about

It is crazy to blog and aslo keep up o other blogs and work. You have to be a good multi-tasker.

I'm out.

Have a good night peoples!

Brooke said...

I only have one tattoo Nic, the one I got with you...I didn't get anymore...and probably won't. But if I did, it would be your name on my ankle...I love that!

I want all the people I love and love me back in one room for my birthday, that's what I want. No fakers!

Don't get Nicole started on Q Oil!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, what the hell. Obviously this entire comment body is not earning their paycheck today...I love it!

- I am amazed at the amount of toilet paper women use. Costco makes a mint off of me.

- I am amazed at Amanda's capacity for random thoughts. I'm rooting for 100

-I am amazed at the length of the notes my neighbor leaves me about trivial things. I'm getting him post it notes as a gift so he keeps it minimal

-I always knew there were some freaks reading this stones being thrown here. LOL

-Lost returned to crazy town! I am amazed they bobbled the ball and then ran it in for a touchdown on last night's episode. Brooke!! get on board!!!

-if one more person tags me for that 25 thing on facebook, I may have to write a Hood Fact about it.

. said...

73) I have trust issues with really nosey people. I like why the fuck are you so pressed to know my business?!

74) On Friday Duane stopped by my office to bring me some B.Day cupcakes and he also brought one in a cute box for the receptionist here that he has a major crush on…neither of us knew she was married (she doesn’t wear a ring) and when we found out, Duane looked sick! Tight! Like he wanted to snatch the cupcake outta her hand! Mind you, she had already taken a bite and was licking the frosting of her finger! LMAO!

75) I am not an open book.

Anonymous said...

Nicole know what? about omega oil?

They did not use that in the butt hut!!!!!
Not that I can remember!!!! Have to ask Loco.

And why you tryin to put out people bidness man.....

Brooke said...

OH TRUST ME, I'm EARNING my paycheck today...ask anyone here. If we have one more legal problem with any of these crime shows we have, I'm gonna pull my hair out!

I'm working, I just get to see the comments as they come in, I don't have to keep going back to refresh...they pop up in my Yahoo IM.

Dre, if you don't stop talking about Lost, I'm gonna pop you! I will catch up soon, I promise!

Your Snapple Hood Facts are funny :)

I know Nicole, he's tryna put your bidness on Front St. I don't need to know about you, omega oil and the butt hutt...

Serena W. said...

Brooke...I think TMI Tuesdays should be the first Tuesday of the month. Cause every Tuesday would be sick! Let peeps build up to it!

Random Thought...I'm looking forward to this evening. I'm going to a preview show tonight and my poetry is hanging up in a gallery next to some amazing art work! WOW!

I'm getting amped about the show I'll be a part of on Saturday. A lot of great talent in Dallas. I'm just happy this week turned around!

C'mon Amanda...25 more sweetie! You can do it!

Serena W. said...

And Dre I would love to see a 25 Snapple Hood Facts on Facebook lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Brooke you will never hear anything about the butt hut from me cause i have no recollection....I'm not even sure were that is?!?!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that you bourgeois muthafuckas talked about cum shots today!

The Fury said...

Thanks for the back up Annamaria. and yes pregnant women can be sexy...

but what's up with Kimora Lee? Why does she wear her babies in her neck??

No on the gangbangs...

And thus no on impregnating during wild freak random sex. bagging and tagging go together. It's true in the morgue and true in sex. If you tag without a bag, you could end up in a bag with a toe tag. Ya feel me? LOL

I agree with The Black Cloud on Lost. Though I was lost myself on a few things...sorry Brooke.

I agree with Amanda...nosey people suck and not in a good way

. said...

76) Not crazy about what I’m wearing today…I feel and look like a stuffed sausage.

77) Vin Diesel annoys me.

78) I wish it were the summer right now :-)

79) I love the intro to Biggie’s “Nasty Boy”…HA, HA!!!

80) The sick thing is that I’m really not trying to make 100…I really got all this shit in my head…wtf???!!! Sometimes I wish I could turn the shit off.

81) I love her. She’s FLY but I HATE that damn Beyonce song “Diva”…Alright, B let’s let Jay stick to the Rappin’. SHUT UP!!!

82) Biggie did NOT write the Ten Crack Commandments.

Keefe said...

Random Thought

1) I've been MIA for a few weeks. So, hello all.

2) B, FUCK IT UP and put your STANK on it!!!

3) I'm taking my black ass home.

4) I will be the first one to comment tomorrow. You can count on that!!!

Brooke said...

Yeah y'all, Amanda doesn't need to try...this is her everyday. When I had a random thought, I used to write "sidenote:" to people, but Random Thoughts is ALL AMANDA! LOL!

I don't really have a problem with nosey people other than they're nosey, but it's not a trust issue, cuz they show what they're about upfront. I'm more afraid of people who act like they have your best interest at heart but secretly are trying to hurt you...and KNOW they are. Nosey people are just busy bodies who can be ignored. I'm more worried about wolves in sheep's clothing :)

Fury, you too? Please don't talk about Lost til I get caught up, PLEASE!!

KEEFE!!! baby, HI!!! I've missed you!

I need about an hour tonight to fuck it up and put my stank on it. I promise!

. said...

83) I played Pink’s CD “Misunderstood” until the shit wouldn’t play anymore.

84) Linda Perry is a great song writer.

85) So is Diane Warren.

86) I just had a thought of Tom Cruise dancing in Tropic Thunder…Freakin’ Hilarious!!!

I hear you and feel you 100% on that but nosey people really annoy me!

Look at that, I think I got them all out…good night ;-)

Brooke said...

well, we almost got 100 on Amanda's thoughts...but there's always next week!

Nosey people are a pain tho, I get that. You be like, "daaaannnngg! get out my mouf!" LOL!!

I need new music.

. said...

87) Lil’ Wayne…8 Grammys…Fuck Outta Here. That dude is so fuckin’ overrated.

. said...

88) When I first heard that shit I made the same faces they made when they said…PLAYOFFS???!!! PRACTICE???!!!

Brooke said...

yeah, that's buffoonery. I can see your face looking like Allen Iverson :)

Brooke said...

okay, bust how the woman who just had octuplets already has 6 kids, a single mother in her 30's living with her parents...and now the mother of 14!!! da hell?

Craig n 'em said...

(clearing throat) In a Thurston Howell III voice..."What's that, Rene? Free pussy you say? Splendid... I'll take TWO!"

Serena W. said...

It's crazy! But lemme tell you living out here in Dallas my God they love that man for some freaking reason! It's insane y'all! They play the saaaaaaaaaaaaame song over and over!

Brooke said...

they love him cuz he sounds country :) can you believe we were talking about Lil Wayne and weed and stuff in our programming meeting the other day? let's just say I was surprised they knew his whole life story....

Serena W. said...

Ah hell no Brooke! LOL! Well they would fit right in out here! And when Mike Jones was out you couldn't tell these fools nuthin!

Craig n 'em said...

Little Wayne is the Prince of Rap...and I don't mean royalty....I mean...he's a little petite muthafucka like Prince...(DIAMONDS AND PEAARRRRRRRRRLS)

Anthony Otero said...

I know this was like a million comments ago, but...did someone say merengue cd????

Brook, how much is Rameer charging for the Ne-yo cd??

Brooke said...

I was hoping he wasn't charging me at all. He didn't mention anything about charging me :) Why, you have it too?

The Fury said...

Lil Wayne is overrated, but when he tries he's good and hilarious. "All she want me to do is fuck the police..LOL")

(tapping on Craig n 'em's car window) umm...pardon me sir, would you happen to have any more free pussy?

-the intro to Big's Nasty Boy is sheer genius just like the end of "I Got a Story To tell" where he tells the exact same story he says in his rhyme and makes it just as entertaining.

-Brooke can I give you a gift too?

Serena W. said...

Hey Latinegro! Amanda has a couple of hot Spanish cds...I'm sure salsa, merengue, etc. Somewhere back there she mentioned the name so we can all go out, burn it, buy it whatever!

Serena W. said...

And on that note I'm logging off! Wow Brooke, you're now almost at 200 comments! LMAO!

Craig n 'em said...

I roll down my car window...manually, mind you...;-/ A cloud of THICK SMOKE emanates....I respond... "Brotha, if you can find the can have it!"

Brooke said...

you have no idea how hard I'm laughing right now!

I know! these comments are outta control today! But I love it! Thank you all so much!

I'm going to an event tonight with Liz and Glee, but I will back on tonight when I get home to see what Tomfoolery has gone down in my absence. So like D.L. Hughley said, "uh..normally I don't do this, but uh...KEEP THE PARTY GOIN!"

Be back y'all! Thanks for the love today, I really needed it! :)

Craig...hold down the fort for me! LOL!

Anthony Otero said...

Um...have fun at your event...and yes I got Ne-yo...remember how many songs I have. :)

Brooke said...

yes, but Rameer was talking about having the NeYo with 7 bonus tracks on it that no one else has, so I want THAT one. You have THAT one? If you do, spread love! LOL!

Anthony Otero said...

Que Bonus Tracks??? I may have to see what I can do...

Brooke said...

yo no se Papi, you have to ask him. Let me know!

Craig n 'em said...

(Tapping Microphone) Hello? (clearing throat) Hello? Is this thing still on?

The Fury said...

Craig - I've heard that about the pussy before. LOL

random thoughts

how many of these horrible singers go home thinking that the American idol judges really don't know what they're talking about?

if that really is cat in the chinese every chinese place, would you stop eating it?

Tom Cruise dancing in Tropic Thunder is hilarious. I need to watch that right now

Brooke said...

Tropic Thunder was hilarious!

Would you drink something called "Booty Sweat?" :-)

That party was too damn crowded!

And no, if I found out it was cat I wouldn't eat it...couldn't eat it. I'm a cat person...never.

BrookLife said...

I feel ya' on most of em like say, 5,14,16, and 17 but yeah, I just came from a dinner party with two of your peeps.

Check out my blog when you get a chance...


Brooke said...

Hey there Brook!

Amanda texted me your info, thank you for checking out my blog! who else was there? I'll definitely check you out, thanks for the love B!

And yes, I was named after a man, Brook Benton :-)

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