Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

I can't believe it's Random Thoughts Thursday already!

Before I begin, can I just ask - was anyone else as moved by this as I was? My sister mentioned it yesterday, and I had to post so we could see it again. Our First Couple's first dance:

Black love at its best. You can tell she loves that man...and that he loves her. I cried watching them dance together - it gave me goosebumps! I just want to squeeze them both!

- I got some GOOD sleep last night!
- I saw alot of good looking men on my way to work today, it made my commute very enjoyable :-)
- I have been craving Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for DAYS now!
- My cell phone situation is STILL not resolved! T-Mobile is killin me!
- I just ordered "Future President" t-shirts for all the kids I know :-)
- I have yet to watch Season 4 of Lost, so I'm tivo'ing the current season hoping to catch up later - so no one tell me what's going on....DRE!
- I want Snapple!
- Smoking should be banned from the Earth! I hate catching a nose full of someone else's smoke as I walk down the sidewalk! UGGH!
- My cat has been scratching the shiznit out of me because he doesn't like taking the medicine I have to force down his throat.
- Not long ago, I heard two friends talking about me behind my back on the phone - one of them must've accidentally conferenced me in and not realized it. I listened just long enough to hear what they actually thought of me. It's interesting to hear people discuss you when they think you're not listening.
- I'm using the pressure cooker my sister got me for the first time tonight. I hope I don't mess up my chicken!
- I just realized I don't have any onions...and that's what I need tonight to make my chicken! Dagnabbit! Now I gotta go buy some.
- Sometimes I wish I was having an Obama baby like Annamaria.....sometimes :-)
- I feel like I should have a framed picture of the Obamas in my apartment :-)
- Something about bodybuilders creeps me out.
- I love peaches!
- Lately I hate all my clothes...I want new ones.
- I need a vacation already...somewhere WARM!
- I miss my nephews :(
- And finally - this is simply to drive Annamaria crazy:

Okay, this list could go on forever...chime in!



momo925 said...

I'm First!!!

Anonymous said...


1. I hope you ordered a "future president" onesie for the baby!

2. You can borrow the baby whenever you want. Therefore you can have the baby experience without the commitment! lol

3. I am going to tase Brooke, Dave & Austin if I hear about the damn bird again! lol

4. You just had to be there on Sunday to get the joke..LOL

5. I love Barack & Michelle Obama. They are my absolute FAVORITE couple EVER!!!

6. Morning sickness is OFFICIALLY OVER!!! YEAH!

7. Now I can't stop eating & I'm scared!!! lol

Georgia Peach said...

LOL - Love your thoughts today Brooke. Sorry to hear about your backstabbing friends. I've begun to wonder about some of mine lately actually.

Also consider switching to Verizon. I love them!

Here are my thoughts:
- I bought two t-shirts the other day one said "My Boss is an Asshole" and the other was an "Under new management" one - Could I wear the Boss one to work without getting fired if I put it under a blazer?

- Why is it so damn cold here in NYC? Can't we just hit the 40's?

- I'm not sure I have anything to blog about today...I'm considering skipping it until I have news to report.

- I thought about calling in sick today

- I'm pissed off that I'm like the ONLY director at my company with no office and my boss told me that they aren't moving anyone into officees b/c it costs too much, but I just saw that they moved somebody into an office recently. WTF is that about?

- There's one co-worker here that I can't stand and yesterday she made a comment that I corrected saying that Obama didn't write his Inaugural address (he did write most of it himself btw) and then dismissively threw her hand up at me in conversation. I really wanted to beat that bee-yotch up about that. Don't mess with my Obama!

- Last night I went to see Equus with Daniel Radcliffe and I was in the 5th row and was squinting to see his goodness and mercy. Guess it would look weird if it were big with his little tiny body. He's damn near a midget.

Ok that's all for now.

Love you all! Happy Thursday!

momo925 said...

ok now that I have finally been first on Brooke's blog, here are my random thoughts.

- I'm more tired today than I was yesterday and I think I went to bed earlier...weird!

- why do people call The History Channel when they have cable problems??! somehow they always get tranferred to my line and I want to scream! lol

-It's too cold in this office and I wish they would turn on the heat.

Long weekends just make the work week go by slower.

I'm happy that I finally got to see most of the movies that are nominated this year for the oscars.

Brooke said...

Mo beat y'all? Notice she didn't list her sister is gonna get you! LOL!

AnaJolia, I had to do it...I had to! LOL!! Austin started it!

Glee, your thoughts had me cracking up! "My boss is an Asshole" is hilarious! I double dare you to wear it to work under a blazer!

Tomorrow is supposed to reach the 40's, it might feel damn near tropical out this piece!

Verizon huh? I'll check it out.

So lil Danny is tiny huh? Why does that not surprise me - with his lil Harry Potter self :)

I have so many movies to see, I missed the nominations this morning fighting with my cat!

Patrick D. said...

Random thoughts:

- Saying 'I'm sorry' is exactly the same as saying 'I apologize' ...unless you're at a funeral.

- I use to love competing in sports. Then i realize you could by trophies. Now I'm MVP of everything.

- Ever noticed squirrels are the same as soda cans? ...when you have a bebe gun in your hand.

Anonymous said...

LOL... actually Dave started it!!

Glee I triple dog dare you to wear your shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooke would you like me to tase those backstabbing b*tches????

Lil Danny..HAHAHAHAHAHA I am dying over there.. he should have consulted someone before getting naked on Stage...

Peggy said...

Brooke, I want to say sorry that you heard your friends talking about you, but then I have to ask, was it bad, ill and/or negative?

Georgia Peach I want one of those t-shirts!!! The boss one!!!!!!!! And I would wear it underneath my work clothes. LOL

Caught a cold and I'd rather be home in bed.

I'm so grateful it's Thursday

I'm so in-love the the Obama's, they honestly remind me of my parents in the way they absolutley love and adore each other.

I'm looking forward to reading Steve Harvey's new book

Brooke said...

Patrick, don't tell me you're just as bad as Annamaria with the bebe gun!? Squirrels? NO!!! not nice!

Annamaria, no tasing necessary. I'm just more aware, that's all.

Peggy, sorry you're sick! I know the feeling. My colds tend to linger all winter long. I hope you get better soon.

And as for what I heard, I won't really get into it, but it wasn't positive to say the least. It was actually quite startling, considering who these people were. I would have never thought this way of them, ever. They shared some perceptions of me that are completely false, and I wish I they would have shared them with me instead of each other. But confronting them about it would mean I'd have to tell them I heard them, and quite honestly, the damage is already done. Besides, I'm curious to see how long they'll pretend to be great friends to me in my face while talking about me behind my back.

The best thing I can do is continute to live my life in a way that proves that all the perceptions they have about me are wrong. I'm not changing who I am. No one will steal my joy! :)

Did anyone hear that Barack Obama had to take his oath over again?

Patrick D. said...

Yes, he had to re-take it just as a precaution. Because it has to be said as it is written exactly as written in the Constitution.

When ask why - President Obama stated, "It was so fun the first time, i just had to do it again."

Some left wingers actually were protesting, saying - "He's not my president unless the oath is said exactly as written".

So it was done over just as a precautionary measure.

Peggy said...

Yeah I did hear that, they showed it last night on the news...I guess they wanted to erase any doubt one may have...

I don't know if it's age or what that making this cold last so long. I've been fighting this cold since Sunday and as of right now it's winning. I've been taking EVERYTHING and doing home remebdies too, but I still don't feel any better.

Brooke, the position you've taken totally makes sense.

I've never heard anyone dear to me talk about me...negative or positive, but at times I've been curious to what has been said about me...right or wrong. I only pray that the people I call my loved ones, friends and/or family never are malicious in they're words or view point about me.

I've learned that like an asshole, everyone has an opinion

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Today is a crazy day so I can only really get out to of my most prevalent Random Thoughts

1) Slightly disappointed that Barack did not do the Running Man or Wop at the parties. Even more so... he really can't dance. I mean I guess we have to have baby steps in regards how black our President can be... but the next Black President we vote for sure as hell better dance like Usher.

2)To the Black Community ... if Barack does nothing for the economy, gets us into 16 more wars, and drives gas prices up to $4 a gallon, I think we will still have his back. But I swear for Lawd if he cheat on Michelle and got some baby mommas somewhere... I will whoop his black a$$ myself!!!

Bonus Thought...
Who the F*** are the Jonas Brothers and why are the first kids not rocking FUBU.

Anonymous said...

-Life is good
-Glad it's Thursday.
-Hope everyone is well
-Glad it's almost February
-Hope we have a short winter
-Gotta get a another television
-Feel bad for Ravens and Eagles Fans
-Steelers are going to win the Supersbowl
-Tuesday was a great day but I am bit Obama'd out.
-Gotta get a another IPod

Anonymous said...

Pretty Ricky that was HYSTERICAL!!!!

But let it be known. As nice as Michelle looks trust that if Mr. President even THINKS of getting out of line SHE WILL SHANK HIS A** IMMEDIATELY!!!! She ain't playing with him...

Brooke said...

Barack has integrity, he would never. He's a smart man, he knows he has a great woman at his side. A new world will be built before he does her wrong. And he knows the world is WAITING for him to do dirt, he ain't stupid :-)

And Barack CAN dance, but I think he pulled back on the two-step at the ball. Did you see him dance on Ellen? he can dance, trust...he only did that for THEM :-)

Leave Sasha and Malia alone...hell, you'd never catch ME in Fubu!

At least a Pennsylvania team will win the Super Bowl, I ain't mad.

You're right Mo, it's freezing in here! I have on fingerless gloves and it's not helping!

Serena W. said...

Thank you for posting the first dance! I missed it on Tuesday and they are truly inspiring! Black love at it's greatest, they give me hope!!!!

Brooke I'm with Ms. Georgia Peach...switch to Verizon!

Hey Peggy did Steve's book come out yet? I gotta buy it!

I'm battling a cold too :-(

I'm still on cloud nine!

Brooke forget those friends! I had a friend say some horrible things in my face to me last year and had the nerve to call me and wish me a Happy apologies nothing WTF. Oh and no she is not my friend and never will be again.

I'm loving the fact that we are under new management amen!

I'm praying on a call back...I applied under for a job under the Obama administration...pray for me.

I'm mad I'll miss Zay Day! Happy Early Bday Za Buge!

I'm loving life right now and can smell change!

Blessed that when one door closes that another one opens and God has made room for new/great people in my life! A lot to be thankful for!

Annamaria...don't even waste your tases on them girls that talked about Brooke! Save it for another day lol!!!!

Brooke said...

who said they were both girls? ;) maybe they were, maybe they weren't ;-) But you're right, don't waste your tasers, save them for Austin and Dave! LOL!!

Serena, I hope you feel better soon too!

And will call you back with good news! Praying for you!

I wish you'd be here for Zayday too! Gonna be a good time I'm sure!

Peggy said...

Rene, I'm not into football too much, but my Hunny is and I want the Steelers to take it.

Pretty Ricky, you're too funny, but Barack CAN DANCE!

Serena, I believe his book comes out on the 27th

Peggy said...

Oh and Serena, good luck and I'll definitely send one up for you

Serena W. said...

Oooooh lemme find out the culprits were dudes Brooke lol!

Thanks for the prayers...I applied back in November and I knew it would take time as all great things do! Barack just call a sista and offer me a job lol!

I'll be waiting in line for Steve's book, hope he does a book signing out here in Dallas!

Annamaria if you wanna tase peeps I got a list for you but one is international and a couple are out here in Dallas lemme know if you're down with the mission lmao!

I can semi breathe (just want Dallas weather to stop tripping...80 one day and 30 the next...literally).

Heading back out this weekend to do more laptop's down to a Dell, Sony VAIO and possibly HP...any suggestions.

Brooke I feel you on wanting more clothes...just went to Ann Taylor Loft for my bday and got some jeans for $9.88! Yes they are having a broke folks sale!

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to read everone's thoughts right now but I will later tonight....I hate to say it but I hope you guys work late tonight...

Anyway Brooke I will be calling you about the back handed friends you are talking about...But I am sure I can guess who it is...HATERS!!!! Don't make me have to call Annamaria for a taser!!!!!!

why am I totally addicted to blogging....this is not healthy....

Why was Brahim up half the night playing with his totah(penis in English)

What is it with that body part????
Craig, Patrich and Maliek don't answer that!!!!!!

I'm loving my husbands new schedule...I have to make it to the gym now...I have no excuses...

I need a cleaning lady....

Brooke don't close up the pressure cooker....chicken does not really need it....

Remember to shave the onion...and don't forget the cilantro....yousay you don't like it but you eat it all the time here....

Ok that's it for now...I'll be back later....
carry on..

Anonymous said...

Brooke: I would tase a dude for you too... Even faster if he is singing the BIRD SONG!!!!!! LOL

Serena:If you can finance the trips I will go whereever you want to tase whoever you need me to. Just make sure you do it in the next few months while I can still fly. OH & good luck with the job. I'll send a prayer up for you while I'm sending one up for me.

Nicole: I think I can find an extra taser for you to borrow....:) welcome to the dark side.

Serena W. said...

LOL! Okay let me find a sugar daddy to sponsor your tasing trips! Hahahaha! This is getting good!

Playing with the totah...uh oh we do need some brothers opinions on that one!

Brooke said...

Damn, now I gotta go buy cilantro too! I do like it, but for some reason I feel like I don't when you put it on chicken :-)

Monica LOVES cilantro! Can I borrow some from you MoMo? :)

It wasn't two dudes doing the talking. Wouldn't that be crazy tho?

Barack an'em will call you back :)

I FINALLY got my situation resolved with T-Mobile and my phone - new one in the mail! WOO-HOO! This woman was such a pleasure to talk too! I guess it's really just a matter of getting someone one the phone who knows what the hell they're doing!...unlike the boneheads from yesterday! AND she figured out what was wrong with my OLD now I don't even really NEED the new phone...but it's prettier :)

Brahim is obsessed with his totah - especially in the bathtub. I don't think it changes as they get older...they just do it in private :)

I'm so hungry I think my stomach is touching my spine...going to get lunch now! be back!

Craig n 'em said...

- Let me reiterate....I am proud to have a BLOG man in the White House....

- I got chills up my spine when I saw Barack in the back of a CADILLAC! I thought I was watching a BET Caddy commercial...But waaaaaay cooler...

- I wonder if this happened during the inauguration....Imagine yourself swimming in the sea of hundreds of thousands of people at the MALL, watching Barack get sworn in....sandwiched between a world of inspired people...Now here's the problem...You have a 2 minute hold on your poop chute and your NOWHERE near a bathroom station...I know, I know...I have issues...

-Speaking of bathroom....Someone farted on the train this morning…everyone was looking around with that Renee Zellweger look on their face trying to figure out who was the nasty muthafucka’….I love when people make eye contact and they try to give off a more disgusted look than you to prove that it wasn’t them! Lmao….Well, no one can fool me! I’m a excellent judge of body language…I scanned over the faces of everyone surrounding me…Reading them. …That’s it! That’s him! I know it is! Nasty ass! I found the culprit……….It was me…;-) That shit stink…I’m not gonna’ own that! You crazy?!!! That’s embarrassing!

- I'm considering using a taser in the bedroom Thanks Ana...;-/

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ANYTHING WITH CILANTRO! I think it makes everything better!! :)

Congrats on your new phone.

All men are obsessed with their "stuff" lol

Anonymous said...

Taser in the bedroom... THAT IS A NEW ONE EVEN FOR ME CRAIG!

Brooke said...

y'all have issues...Craig, put the weed down...just leave it alone!

Okay, REALLY going to lunch now, I'm starving!

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Everyone.
I have never posted a comment on Random Thoughts Thursday so I decided to jump the broom today (smile).

Here is an interesting read that I am curious to hear some opinions about.

Anonymous said...

Random thought: WHY IS COBRA SOO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!

Georgia Peach said...

OMG - For what ever reason the comments aren't being emailed to me Brooke. Maybe I have to sign up each day although I was getting them yesterday and the day before.

Craig and Pretty Ricky ya'll had me LMAO at work. I needed that laugh today.

- Peggy and Serena feel better

- AnnaJolia & Brooke you're both on I'm on I'm gonna find a way to rock my t-shirt. And wear it in front of his dumb butt!

- Serena - I'll send up some prayers that you get that job. But get ready to stop blogging and e-mailing girl. Have you read about those reports of them having to give up their personal stuff? I'd die.

- Yes Lil Dan was def. very little. But he had big balls. Go figure.

- Congrats on ending the morning sickness Annamaria - wait aren't Annamaria and AnnaJolia the same person? Am I confused? That's quite possible today.

-Brooke so glad your phone got fixed. I still rep for Verizon though. Love them like a fat kid love cakes.

- Peggy and anyone else - I'm supposed to be going to a Steve Harvey book signing next week, if you're in NYC you should come with.

- I ran out of random thoughts for now...

Anthony Otero said...

My Turn...

- I am actually happy that it will be above freezing for one day...

- I keep having this song in my head..,"It must be heaven sent, gettin ready to have a black president"

- It is bad that I feel my job hasnt laid off enough people? (like the dumb ones)

- Brook has made me want to blog again

- One day, I will get over this cold

- I am addicted to the wii, I think I need help...

Serena W. said...

Oh the areas I applied for are within other government agencies like the NEA "National Endowment for the Arts, Arts and Humanities, US Dept. of Education."

One of the 8,000+ jobs he's creating so I can still blog ;-) hee hee!

Oh I checked out the weblink about the creator of Boondocks. What type of fragganackle crap was that! He sounded ignorant!

Brooke said...

Ant! well then BLOG then! I'm your first post something! You can be a guest blogger if you like - my friends will give you good feedback!

I want to go with you to the book signing Glee, let me know when!

Watching Barack on tv now...he is just so damn PRESIDENTIAL!!! We did good...

Let me go check out this bossip site, I'll be back.

Brooke said...

Like Rameer and E. Payne said in previous posts, some people say exactly the opposite of what they really feel just to stir up some controversy, and I think Aaron McGruder is no different.

But I do feel there are alot of people, Black people in particular, who are afraid to have high hopes for Barack Obama. But what these people fail to realize is it's not JUST President Obama's job to make our situations better, which is why he is continually stressing personal responsibility.

We want riches, material things, pleasures, all these things without putting in the work, making a commitment or taking responsibility. We're lazy, we want it easy. Those same people will probably kick up their feet for 4 years until re-election comes up and say "well, what did he do?" instead of asking themselves what they've done as well. We can't isolate our President to take on the world if we aren't willing to take it on with him. You can either move in "cautious pessimism" or act in deliberate optimism. Each person is entitled to their opinion, but if you already have a negative opinion about what the President will or can do in his first 2 days of office, you're already off to a bad start and you'll see only the negative - which is all you want to see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glee,

Yes Annamaria & AnaJolia are the same person.. I just forget who I am sometimes! LOL

Peggy said...

PERFECTLY said Brooke!!!!

Peggy said...

Glee, that sounds like a good idea.
Do you know when and where?

Georgia Peach said...

There's a signing on 1/26 at Borders right next to Penn Station. Convenient that it's right across the street from my offices too! YEAH...

AnnaJoliamaria - thanks for clearing it up for me. I saw both on here and I was like oh did I miss something!

Just read that thing about A. McGruder and sent to a few friends... here's a comment from one of my co-workers:

"Went to college with him. He, ironically, was a social outcast- wrote for the “white” paper, hung out with the white frats wasn’t in the “in” crowd. I say that to say that he was socially incompetent then, it makes sense that he is a social retard now…."

Anonymous said...

SINCE I just heard someone was reading this blog:

1. Dave's ribs are pretty good even though they made me throw up like a month ago when he made them.



Anonymous said...

Anna Banana,
Have you heard the word?

Georgia Peach said...

Links to the aforementioned T-shirts...

Brooke said...


I take it Dave is reading the comments? :) that case...

Yes, the ribs were tasty even without sauce on them...I usually like them drowned in sauce, but these were good! :)

There is no way we should have been watching Family Guy instead of the game. He jinxed my team, I should have known better than to be in a NON-Eagles house!

Don't answer it Annamaria!

Anonymous said...

There's alot of random stuff going on today on this blog. Have not read all the messages but it seems a bit crazy. lol

Brooke said...

That's why it's called Random Thoughts Thursday man! It doesn't have to make sense :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love that clip. I think i laughed and bobbed my head the whole time. Family Guy is genius. I've never seen a clip or episode I haven't laughed at. yet...I don't watch it and I actually own DVDs of it.


-I feel like a nerd when I program web stuff...and not the cool Benjamin Button Poindexter Nerd Jay-Z is trying to be.

-That Benjamin Button Poindexter Nerd look annoys me.

-Lost was twisty and crazy last night...and I will be sure to ruin it for Brooke since she still hasn't watched Season 4. SMH

-watching nonHD stations on and HD TV sucks

-whatever happened to lemon meringue pie? I want some

-I've spent the last four years getting free DVDs from the film companies. I hope they change the address to my home address now:-(

-now that our President is Black, will I ever be able to afford a Lambo that's blue or a Maybach that is too?

Brooke said...

Dre, as "Pretty Ricky" would say, If you mess up Lost for me, "I swear fo Lawd" I will personally tase you myself!

Yeah, what's up with that nerd look, not cool on Jay-Z...does that automatically include a short fro?

Did you know that meringue is whipped egg whites? When I found that out as my great-grandmother was making it, somehow I didn't wanna eat it anymore :-)

I didn't have time to get any onions or cilantro, so now I don't want to make the chicken :(

Anonymous said...

Yep Meringue is beaten egg whites, sugar and sometimes vanilla extract...hmm...and now that I think about it, maybe I'm only allergic to the yolk of the egg. I don't ever remember getting sick from a pie. Although it's been forever since I had one.

So..Brooke, You know what happened on the island this week? We found out that the island is...(laughing evil-like)

Brooke said...

...we're gonna fight....

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