Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good morning my little chickadees!

It's Random Thoughts Thursday! You know how this goes....

- If anyone wants to go to a fun party, then please join me at my boy B-Luv's Ol Skool Jammy Jam for Charity. Let me tell y'all, B can dance his ass off! And his parties are always fun! If you like Ol Skool, you're guaranteed a good time. Just to get you in the mood, click on the link to go to the flyer - he has a playlist on there that will have you singing "it's got to be reeeaaaallll" all day. And the best thing about this party? It's for charity - Proceeds to Benefit The Three Doctors Foundation - ( and the Hope Mission ( You'll be sweatin' your booty off! Come have fun with us! By the way, it's his BIRTHDAY PARTY!

- Okay, why is the porn industry asking for $5 billion in "rescue" money from the government? ...Seriously?

- Speaking of bail-out money..........where is it?

- So far, my "take my ass to bed early" plan has not worked all week. You see what time I'm posting this blog right? (the time stamp at the end of the post is when I started WRITING the blog) Just insanity.

- And yes Annamaria, I know you're still sleeping :-)

- Why do I ALWAYS have dishes in my sink?! It's just me living here! I hate washing dishes! hate it hate it hate it!

- It is BRICK outside! Summer can't get here fast enough.

- I count my blessings everyday. On days like today, I thank God that I have shelter, warmth, food, clothing and a job to pay for it all. I'm thankful all my loved ones are just as blessed. Thank you.

- My sister started a blog - Deen Divas - geared towards Muslim women. I'm so proud of her, and I admire her devotion in learning more about her faith. Nicole (Malek) is truly a remarkable woman of matter what she calls Him.

- While we're talking about blogs, I want my brothas (and sistas) to check out this post and give E your honest feedback. I thought it was a thought-provoking, insightful piece; and while I have yet to post my comment - and I plan to - I want to go back to E's blog and read your comments as well - Black Male Misunderstood.

- I'm gonna have "Eric B For President" in my head all day thanks to B's playlist.

- Everyone, if you can, please check out The Beast premiering tonight on A&E. Here's a clip:

(and please pray for Patrick Swayze's health)

- Rameer, I'm still waiting....

- The blog I'm planning for tomorrow is kinda long...just thought I'd warn y'all now.

- Have we all gotten over the Giants loss yet? Good. In that case, let's all rally behind my Eagles shall we? Let's become a "collective heartbeat" (as Brian Dawkins calls us) and root for the Eagles to disrupt Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals! NFC Championship Game on Sunday! Good luck Dre Lew with your Ravens!


Was that crass? well ;-)



Anonymous said...

OK OK OK I am awake now...LMAO.. Although I want to get back into my warm cozy bed!!

Nicole I am sooo proud of you for starting your own blog..Can lil Puerto Rican girls check it out too??? lol

I hate working on days like this it sucks...

I will be unemployed in 2.5 months but if I hussle I have a few home based opportunities I am exploring sooo I'll get to spend more time home with my munchkin!! :)

I really hate most people ever since I've been pregnant. I've really tried to start being kinder & more polite so that munchkin gets good vibes BUT people make that soo difficult...LOL

I can wait til Aaron starts T-ball in the spring!! :)

We're taking the kids to see that Doggie Hotel movie this weekend & I think I am more excited than them.

Hope everyone has a warm place to rest their heads tonight & some food to eat.

Anonymous said...

oh and although I am still saddened by the Big Blue Loss I guess I can have your back & root for the Eagles Brooke! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi people!!!!

Yes Annamaria lil Puerto Rican 's can check it out. You will be the second....My friend is also PR( the first Muslim one I ever met) she's cool....I had no idea you were PR...That means you know I'll be asking you for spanish food....

If you hate people now wait til they start trying to feel your bump......

Can the damn Yankee candle people call me back so I can get this Fund-raiser started.....

FYI Kyce will be selling Yankee Candles (if they call me back) next month so skip lunch out one day and save that money for a candle!!!!!

I'm still jonesing for a strawberry smoothie......Are there no strawberries in the state of PA.....

And Kyce is jonesing for Brooke BIG TIME...He ask me everyday when you are coming here......I gotta get to NY....I'm sorry girl....bad sister.....

Brooke and Liz I am so glad to hear your diets are going well...Koodos to you Brooke for getting up early to work-out.....


Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-I never participated in a random thought Thursday so I'm about to lose my Random Thought Virginity

-Brooke is putting mad pressure on me with the "B can dance his ass off" line. Y'all are gonna come to the party looking for Scoop and Scrap Lover.

-My girlfriend's favorite song is Poison by BBD and she has challenged me to a dance off when this song comes on. Trying to think if she'll break up with me or give me some when I do the entire video.

-I need some MC Hammer pants.

-This girl I dated a long time ago was kinda mean. Si I'm thinking I can relate to the saying "colder then a witches tit"

-my favorite ol Nikes are starting to get a corn chip smell to them. Maybe I should put baby powder or cologne in them.

-Darla from the Little Rascals was playing Alfalfa

-Whatever happened to Another Bad Creation?

-Think I'm gonna call Brooke tomorrow, just so I can know exactly when she is gonna release her new blog and I can reply first.

-It may be easier to wait for Annemarie outside her place..and tase her before she has a chance to respond

-this was fun... I think I'll do it again next week!!!

Brooke said...

See, not ALL Giants fans are haters :-) And try to be nice to folks Annamaria, I can't even imagine you being hateful.

I would love to work from home but I'm not sure I have the discipline for it....unless I was a professional blogger! Ha!

The doggie hotel movie looks cute, but that "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" movie was just dumb. I didn't mind "Not Easily Broken" tho. That Morris Chestnut is one sexy chocolate drop...I never get tired of looking at him.

My phone fell out of my bag this morning and now it's broken. The screen is cracked and it's just black, so I can't see anything on the I can't make any calls. I can receive them, but I can't see who's calling. This SUCKS. I'll have to see about getting a new phone at lunch, and if I have to pay out the behind for it, I'm gonna be pissed.

SOOO...if anyone wants to contact me, you can try calling or you can call me on my blackberry. If you need the number, email or IM me personally. B - you better call first! (and Annamaria just said she was hatin folks, don't threaten to tase her unless you mean it cuz she'll shank know she got a knife too right?)

They arrested the cop who murdered Oscar Grant - bout damn time!

Awwww, Kyce is my baby. Yesterday he asked me if I was coming to his birthday party. Mind you his birthday is in March, but he tried to tell me his birthday was today so I could come home. He tried to trick me! That little boobadoo! I may have to sneak up on him Monday since we are off that day.

I'll bring strawberries when I come and make you a smoothie, I have a good smoothie mix here that you'd like.

Waking up to work-out is SO not fun, but at least I feel like I got it over with and I can start my day. And Liz is just killin it!

Annamaria can cook her ass off! I've had her Spanish food and it was delicious!

We're doing a show with MC Hammer, I'll ask him for some pants for you :-)

Oh and B, I've seen you dance, she'll give you some ;-)

. said...

1. Anthony Hamilton’s new CD “The Point of It All” LOVE IT!
2. I freakin’ LOVE IT!!! I got you Peggy :-)

3. My new favorite thing: C. Booth’s Body Oil.

4. Vitamins are expensive!

5. Not easily broken was a good movie.

6. Dre - Two Words: Crab Soup! Hint, hint ;-)

7. Why are my feet always cold?! No matter how warm my socks are! No matter what boots I’m wearing?! No matter if I’m wearing snow boots and two pair of thick socks (like today)! WHY ARE MY FEET ALWAYS COLD???!!!

8. I’m a vegetarian for the next month.

9. Brooke - Invite Sandee over. LOL! She can not stand to see dishes in a sink! She will immediately start washing them and once it’s empty, every single time you put a dirty dish in it, she won’t let it sit there for a second!

10. I HATE ironing. I don’t even have an ironing board and don’t care to have one.

11. Looking forward to seeing Notorious tomorrow.

12. I want to go to the circus.

13. I may have cut my hair too short this time so I’m glad it grows back fast.

14. I need some HOT Obama T-Shirts before I leave to DC.

15. I know someone whose feet smell like corn chips sometimes. Well I guess that’s better than always.

16. Colder than a witch’s tit?! WTF?! LOL!

17. Annamaria is always ready to give it to someone so I can only imagine how ready your lil’ ass is now that you’re expecting. Stay away from her!

18. Sorry about your phone! Yes, sucks! :-(

momo925 said...

HOLA! I think I use this word a lot when I greet people whether in person or IM and I don't even speak spanish fluently. Odd! lol shout out to Brooke who speaks more spanish than me and my last name is Gonzalez.

I literally got brain freeze from walking through this brick ass weather...first time that has ever happened. My face was so cold I got a headache.

Do people who walk past my cube and look at me funny think I am not working because I have headphones in one ear? Or is it because they are wierdos? On that note, why do people who stop at your cube to talk or ask you for something immediately look at your computer screen?!!

I want to watch 40 year old virgin right now for the umpteenth time. for shoooo! lol

It's 10:55 and I'm already thinking about lunch. Just call me McGreedums. lol Oh and why is it that oatmeal just doesnt fill me up? I might as well be eating air for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

Sleeping is overrated (stay up and take advantage of every moment you can)

Diets are overrated (put down that last piece of cake and ask for the grilled chicken instead of the fried)

Grilled chicken is overrated. Can I get some extra grease with my chicken fingers please?

The Eagles offense is overrated.

The Cards defense is overrated.

The Eagles vs Cards game is underrated.

Winter deaths are underrated (I pray they don't come in threes and if they do, then the one I heard about this morning is the third and life can continue in the state of mourning it is currently in.)

Blogging has now become overrated, yet I will still be rebooting my old blog in the weeks to come. SMH LMAO

Blogs like Malek's are underrated (congrats).

Brooke's writing is underrated...Brooke...let it loose, B!

Persistence? Underrated

Most people reading this are overworked and underpaid. The rest are underpaid and just happy they still have a job.

The work it takes searching for a new job in this economy? Woefully underrated.

The impact of this weather on apathy is underrated.

Leaving long comments on someone's blog that really should be a blog post of it's own...overrated. Yikes. Sorry Brooke.

Next Thursday LOST begins...have you caught up, Brooke?

Anonymous said...

Nicole thank you! I will definitely be reading your blog.
I am ADDICTED to strawberry anything & everything for the past few weeks.. Which is weird cause I've never liked them before.But my body is no longer mine.

Mr. Random Thought Virgin better watch his back.... Between my normal urge to tase & my off the hook hormones. I may just have to tase & shank him!!!!!!

Brooke I think you would be good at anything you did. Whether you were working from home or an office.. Besides when you see how damn expensive baby crap is you get EXTREMELY motivated...LMAO
Also the same thing happened to my phone a few months ago remember soo I can definitely sympathize.
Also if Sandee is unavailable call my mother. She has become my housekeeper since I told her I was pregnant. She doesn't want me doing anything.

Amanda-I always love your comments & don't worry I have the same problem with my feet & my hands. No matter what I put on them they are always cold. Even in the summer.

. said...

Really? MY HANDS ARE ALWAYS COLD TOO!!! I was beginning to think that something is seriously wrong with me!

Dre - Is FUNNY!!!

I sooooooooo agree with Annamaria, Brooke! I have always felt that you could do ANYTHING!!!

Brooke said...

I agree, this weekend's game IS underrated. I'm actually more worried about the Cards than I was about the Giants. We spanked the Cards once already, so I think they have it out for us...but no worries...we'll spank dat ass again!

D, the writing YOU know is not the same writing my readers here see, so not sure I can let it loose on them. They not ready! :-)

Annamaria, you have no idea the laughs Monica, Liz and I had earlier this week talking about you and tasing, etc. When I say we couldn't stop laughing, I mean, WE COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING! I think the REAL reason I get up and work out early is so I don't have to go at lunch time so I can sit with Monica and Liz and Princess. Eating and talking and laughing with them does my heart good - they make me smile. It's the highlight of my day. (I'm even plotting sneaking out early to deal with my phone so I can get back in time to eat with them!)

I want crab soup! I had the best soup yesterday from Hale & Hearty, I might do that again today.

Sandee...can you come wash my dishes? LOL! For the record, I don't leave them there for days, I DO wash them...but I just don't understand where they come from! I swear it's like I have a ghost putting them there on purpose. Everytime I turn around there's a glass in the sink! I think I'm being punked.

I'm looking forward to seeing Notorious this weekend too.

Annamaria, I have a surprise for you. And thank you for your kind words, you are so sweet, with your tasing self!

Is anyone getting as excited as I am for the inauguration next Tuesday? History on Tuesday. Might as well get me some Kleenex now.

Monica, the people on your floor are just corny for no reason, don't sweat it. A&E kicks History Channel's ass! LOL!!

Blogs like Nicole's - yes, very underrated. I'm looking forward to learning more from her.

Brooke said...

Thank you Amanda! I feel I can do anything too...I just wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up :-) I love my job, but I feel like I have something better in me just waiting to come out.

Oh..and Keefe...I didn't forget, Chapter One is almost finished.

Georgia Peach said...

Wow - great random thoughts Thursday!

- Love everyone's random's today.

- Pretty Ricky - use fabric softener sheets in your Nikes. You can spray something on them or use them alone to help fight odor. It works!

- Annamaria- do your thing! I worked for myself a few years ago and wish that I could go back to it. You'll never find a better employer than you...just make sure you get the paper lined up first that was my mistake.

- I've been going to the gym more to get a bikini body and I don't mind it so much although i HATE bally's.

- Speaking of bally's I'm selling parts of my membership for $20/month. Let me know if you're interested.

- I surprised that Brooke knows my friend E. NYC is such a small world.

- Congrats to Malek for starting your own blog. Speaking of blogs, how hard is it to come up with something fresh to discuss each day?

- I'm jealous of one of my co-workers who is going to Puerto Rico for vacation tmrw. Wish I was taking my booty there... all this damn cold and snow is getting to me.

- I really, really hate my boss. Love the job, but might get arrested for workplace violence. Can anybody talk me down?

- I don't want ya'll to think I'm a violent person because I'm not.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is everyone I know now associates me with tasers...LOL I literally get phone calls whenever a taser is on a show asking me if I am watching..LOL BUT I am glad I can be a source of entertainment.. Although I really think I want to register for one..LOL...

I don't know what I want for lunch. Any ideas anyone???

Brooke said...

Annamaria, SOUP from Hale & Hearty! LOL! The Sweet Potato Chicken Chowder was SO GOOD yesterday!

Glee is not a violent person - as a matter of fact, I can't even picture her hitting anyone. But everyone has a limit.

Oh, and how to you sell PARTS of your gym membership?

I have a Bally's membership if anyone wants to use it for $20 a month :-) I go to NYSC.

Oh and Glee, I don't KNOW E. personally, but I came across his blog on Facebook thru another friend and I got hooked on it. I love his writing! I read his stuff adn then read my blog like "eh.." :-) I hope he can help me pimp my page.

Yes, it's to the point where I posted a link to Annamaria's FB page about "Designer Tasers" - they were so nice...AND DISCREET! One looked like a keychain. So y'all better watch out, cuz for all I know, Annamaria bought 2 of them suckers!

. said...

Brooke - I understand. And often I feel the same :-(
So for you :-) For me! :-) For everybody! :-)

1 Corinthians 12:27
Now you [collectively] are Christ's body and [individually] you are members of it, each part severally and distinct [each with his own place and function].- 1 Corinthians 12:27
We wonder, What am I to do with my life? What is my purpose here? Does God have a calling on my life? God answers these questions through our natural gifts and abilities. He leads us to our purpose through the natural skills and unique talents He bestows upon us. God-given gifts are the skills a person easily performs without formal training. We derive great pleasure from doing what we are naturally good at doing. If you aren't sure of your purpose, just do what you do well, and then watch God confirm you by blessing your endeavors. Don't spend your life trying to do what you are not gifted to do. I tried to grow a garden and can tomatoes and sew my husband's clothes. I wasn't at all good at any of these things, and I even despised trying! It was obvious that God wasn't calling me to grow and preserve vegetables or to sew. But what if no one enjoyed gardening or canning or making clothes? God keeps our world in balance by giving each of us natural talent and pleasure in doing what needs to be done for the good of everyone around us. We know we are operating in our gifts and calling when what we do ministers life to others. If what we do makes us miserable and fills us with a sense of dread, it's possible we are not in God's perfect will. God gives us peace and joy to let us know we are fulfilling His perfect plan. I encourage you to look at what you enjoy, what you're good at, what God is giving you grace to do—and then let God be God in your life. He wants to flow through you in many different ways, but it may not be the same way He flows through others. Trust His ability in and through you, and don't be afraid to be unique.

Anonymous said...

Soup...HMMM I may just try that..I've never seen a Hale & Hearty soups around here so I gotta see where I go..

Glee.. Considering I talk about tasing someone every 30 seconds I don't think I'd be the person to keep you from commiting an act of violence against your boss. I may just encourage it.

I'll be looking for all these gym membership hookups around Septemberish!!! Thank you all very much! lol

Designer taser...That just made me feel all warm & fuzzy... Feel free to remember this as an option for my shower whenever it is.. Although according to Austin I'm not getting one til after I give birth so that I can be surprised..Little does he know if he doesn't throw me a shower his a** will be getting tased..

I can't wait to go to DR in April!!!

. said...

Sell it to me! I'll use it more often this time.

Craig n 'em said...

- I almost got hit by a bus as I envisioned having a shouting match with my boss

- “Company Checks” or a “Steady Paycheck” ain’t what it used to be, huh? Nothing is steady or guaranteed anymore…Self-empowerment for self-employment….Follow your dreams...

- The economy would be better if we injected two SPECIAL numbers into our lives...All these billion dollar packages and all we need is more 69…Won’t go out as much…People will save money….More kids TOMORROW but more money TODAY…

- I saw a man with hair plugs on the train…It looked like the head of a beat up Barbie doll…

- What does BRICK have to do with COLD?

- I think Brooke has R KELLY issues…Why would you show a little boy peeing on the head of a Cardinal? Three things come to mind:

2. BLOGstiality
3. BLOGA offender (I’m gonna throw a can of red BLOG on you BROOKE!!)

OR maybe this is Brooke’s way of showing her disdain for children being molested by Priests? They’re called Cardinals too, right?

-Questions asked this week:
- Would I rather have terminal cancer or AIDS? (ANSWER: DAMN)
- Would I rather have sex with…Melanie Griffith or Meg Ryan? Isn’t Melanie Griffith in “THE WRESTLER”? No wait, that’s Mickey Rourke…Nevermind (ANSWER: Um, a bottle of YAC and YES)

- (Bilal Impersonation) I wish I was Druuuuuuuuuuuug Freeee Sooooometiiiimes (SOMETIMES is the word to focus on)

- My dealer talks waaaay too much…hand exchange and keep it movin’…

- It is now 2009…….Will the world ever look like “THE JETSONS”?

. said...

Brooke - You are a writer. A GREAT WRITER. Books, blogs, articles, poems...all that! I think you can blow up on so many levels with your writing skills.

. said...

Craig n 'em - You are a funny ass dude.

Anonymous said...

Why do I love the "50 million pound challeng" commercial. LMAS

Why do I have such a hard time spelling?....

Why do I feel like I smell corn chips since I read that....

Thanks for the encouragement for my blog!!!!....

I am sooooo sad that my friend will be returning back to Indonesia this summer....I gonna cry...true friends are so hard to find....and while I have a couple they all live far away!!!!damn

Brooke I know a couple things you can do when you grow up....let's see:
Screen Writer
Financial consultant
Proof Reader
IT Tech
Inspirational Speaker

The list goes on...

I think that we should be worried that Annamaria brought up shanking. She could be moving towards the hard stuff...All I'm saying is watch your back LOL.....

Brooke if you go to this party you need to do the whole Thiller dance or Billy Jean dance....yal it is fierce.....

Brooke you should take off on Tuesday after all it is a black holiday....Come on Monday or Sunday night and stay over....Chuck-E-Cheese on Monday!!!Holla at cha girl.....

Does anyone have Sandee's number?

Anonymous said...

Nicole I definitely have shanking on the mind now.. I can picture myslef with a taser in one hand & a knife in the other...The question I have now is which hand should hold which...HMMMM decisions decisions..

Brooke: I agree with your sister..You should take Tuesday off & go see her & the kids.. I can tell you that I will be calling out "sick" on Tuesday & watching the festivities with my mommy! :)

Anonymous said...

Annamaria you are so funny LMAO

I say what ever is the dominate hand should hold the knife. But is you tase from behind youcan shock your prey then shank them is peace....

Anonymous said...

Nicole... I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...

I can't keep up with all these thoughts today! I'm overwhelmed!

Thank you Amanda! MUAH!!

Yes, you can "rent" the membership.

Craig...leave the weed alone :) But I do have to say, I cracked up reading about you almost getting hit by a bus while thinking about arguing with your boss. That was God's way of saying "hey, stop it!" And NO! I don't have Rra issues, I have EAGLES FEVER! It makes me crass sometimes, I can admit it.

My Thriller dance is HOT - B, can I challenge you to a Michael Jackson dance-off after you finishing wiping up the floor with your girlfriend? No one can top my Thriller dance...NO ONE!

Okay, how about my coworker is over here crying cuz her husband called her "white trash"? WTF?

Nicole, I got tired reading your list of things I could be, but I would thoroughly enjoy any of those jobs...I STILL think about going to Law School...

Please stop encouraging Annamaria, that baby gonna come out with anger issues. And did it ever occur to anyone that she might accidentally tase HERSELF?!

Monica, I'm STILL laughing about your brother, LOL!! Just so y'all know, Monica carries a knife...try to roll up on her and you might get GOT!

. said...

When the brother says “I’m tired of my thighs rubbin’” LOL! It’s the way that he says it that always has be rollin’!

I know Nicole knows more about your talents than I do but Lawyer, Financial Consultant, Proof Reader, Inspirational Speaker, Editor– Check, check, check, check, check!

Sandee would be crackin’ up right now!

. said...

Going to work now...bye :-(
Cause folks want to keep looking at my damn screen! Now some of you know that folks is only one person! LOL!

Rene The Harlemite said...

-Packing and moving is a pain in the ass but has to be done at time.

-Rio is not ready for the experience that they are going to get this year.

-I can't wait til next wednesday where I can post two funny ass videos on Old School Wednesdays.

-I love it when a plan omes together.

-I cant find one of my passports...Not a good look and I don't misplace stuff like that.

-I wanna go do paintball...Never done and may have to set up a trip.

-I want to go Skiin this winter. It's been a minute.

-It was 70 degress in ATL last weekend. Relocate..hmmmm.

-I just got a hilarious Instant Message!

And I'm out!

Anonymous said...


The baby is not going to come out with anger issues BUT I am starting to get scared that he/she's first word will be A**hole since I say that EVERY 5 minutes to EVERYONE including it's poor father.. By the time August rolls around that poor man is going to need a vacation from me! lol..

Anonymous said...

Brooke, YOU got tired of reading my list?????? Ms Disertation....

Annamaria tase her ass....LOL

Anonymous said...

yeah I know I have spelling issues

Anonymous said...


I kinda enjoyed that..:)

Random thought the chick that sits next to me annoys me. She giggles everytime I sneeze (I think I'm coming down with the sniffles..) And she keeps looking at my stomach & saying you're getting soo fat.. (Mind you I BARELY have a baby bump yet..)
She is going to get her a** tased!!!

Brooke said...

Sandee and Dre Lew have been MIA, what up wit dat??

Oh...and Craig..Urban Dictionary offers this definition for BRICK:

Very cold. Like when somehting is cold and frozen its as hard as a brick. ie: "Dam its madd brick outside"

"Elevate yo mind man!" LOL!!

Now I feel like watching Friday.

Nicole, I didn't get tired of reading your list FOR REAL!!! see how you do! I got virtually TASED!
(Mon, picture me wigglin on the floor, LMAO LMAO LMAO!)

Paintball sounds like fun! But don't invite Annamaria, she'll be tasing folks so she can shoot "I won!" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Annamaria that girl deserves more than a time tel her that I'm getting fat because I have a new life inside me....what's your excuse????????

Since when do people that are not your friends just start saying anything they want to you like they know you.....tase her ass!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I have a PTA meeting to get to.....Hope yal are working late...I love random thoughts Thursday...

Rene I didn't get your ransom thoughts...are you going on vacation?

I be back

Brooke you know its all love.....

Anonymous said...

Brooke: taking a taser to play paintball.. That's a GREAT idea..I never wanted to go paintballing before cause I never wanted to get hit with those things!!! LOL looks like it hurt! But your idea is great since then I really wouldn't get hit!!

Nicole: I barely pay attention to her because if I do I might do some serious harm. LMAO.. I was beautiful before munchkin, I will be beautiful while carrying the munchkin (as soon as this morning sickness goes away..LOL ) and I will be beautiful after the munchkin. Which is more than I can say for most people her included.

Brooke said...

Nicole, you better love me, I just told these folks that I'll be gone Monday and Tuesday so I can go see my babies! LOL!!

Chuck E Cheese, here we come!

Glee, how come I am just now hearing about you starting a blog? Monica told me, have my emails been bouncing back or something? I'm gonna get right on it - I missed it! SORRY!!!

And to answer your earlier questions, I thought coming up with blog topics on a daily basis would be hard, and that was my hesitation in starting a blog in the first place...cuz I didn't think I'd have anything to write about. (I know, silly right...ME? nothing to talk about? right) I'm usually never at a loss for words on any given subject, but that didn't translate into having something to WRITE about, in my mind. But since I started, I can't stop. Trust me, it'll be easy.

And for the days when I really have nothing to say, that's what my guest bloggers are for! LOL! So far tho, I've never had a guest blogger cuz I didn't have anything to write about - it was more because they asked me or I asked them cuz I think they're great. But now I feel like they may be taking over! LOL! I'm gonna have to start looking for advertising so I can pay y'all!

Annamaria, your coworker is a hater! Who says that? She liked to get dealt wit! I cosign..tase her!

momo925 said...

LMAO! Brooke I can see you wiggling!! LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm cracking up over here. That's exactly what had us messed up at lunch!

Anonymous said...

I wonder, since somehow I wound up going to college with a famous pornstar, what are his thoughts on the porn industry bailout?

Brooke said...

Something tells me Tre is doing just fine :-) LOL!!

Georgia Peach said...

Ok I seriously just laughed for about 20 mins Craig. Beat up baby doll? still LMAO.

Annamaria - I got your back you need me to come over and put a beat down on the lady who is calling you fat? I seriously need to release my anger.

Brooke and others who mentioned it- I pay $100 for that brokedown Bally's membership so I'm willing to give anyone who is interested a copy of my card (they only cost $10 to replace) for a $20/month fee to borrow my membership. it's a good hustle check it out.

- Brooke ya I started the blog...let me double check that i have the right email addy for you. I have you on my email list... check it out and please feel free to comment...

here's the url-

Thanks guys for keeping me from looking like I'm too bored today at work.

Anonymous said...

Glee & anyone else who is interested feel free to come beat up this heifer for talking smack.. Although I really don't know why she is like that. She isn't an old miserable person or anything. She's mad young. She's like 22 or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Extra Random thought.... Miley Cyrus annoys me!!! lol.. I have NOO idea where that came from..LOL

Georgia Peach said...

Just tell me where to show up Annamaria and I'm there.

Agree I don't get the whole Miley Cyrus phenomenon...

Why do folks wait to the last minute to cancel meetings? Can you let us know before we wait 15 mins for you?

I really want to go home and go to sleep right now. I had a heavy lunch from Soul Fixins and now I have the itis...blech...

Brooke said...

Oh, I'm with you on that. Miley Cyrus is irritating.I was forced to watch a few episodes of Hannah Montana when my sister's friend's daughters came over New Year's Eve and by the end I was ready to snatch her bald-headed.

Hate knows no age Annamaria, tell Maliek's little cousin from South Philly to come beat her up.

I remember I told the girl who sits next to me I had the "itis" (forgot who I was talking to) and she was like "huh?" For them it's called "food coma." Funny how these things are just...well...US!

Glee, my email address is

Brooke said...

Why are US Airways planes crashing into the Hudson? WTF!? I pray those people are okay!

momo925 said...

lunch was mmm mmmmmm good! However, bad customer service is WIZACK!! The guys behind the counter were total jackasses! Brooke you know...they liked to got dealt with! lol If you have a problem serving people then you shouldn't work behind the counter of a restaurant! Scratch ya ass and get glad and give me my extra ketchup packets! Men should not be in the business of rolling their eyes! Rudeness! lol

Georgia Peach said...

I just saw this - I'm praying everyone gets out safely. I HATE US Airways... it's funny I was just joking to my coordinator last week that I'll never step foot on one of their planes again. It looks like they are making rescue efforts now.

Brooke said...

There are 146 people on this plane, an airbus...crazy!

Yeah y'all, Monica almost whipped out her knife to cut a fool! All she wanted was some damn extra ketchup, not like she asked them to go squeeze some tomatos or something! Geesh!

momo925 said...

OMG!! I just saw this. Being in a plane crash is one of my worst fears!

Georgia Peach said...

Me too. Especially since I travel so much. One of my co-workers said that they got everybody off thank God!

Brooke said...

Yes, I'm watching them come off the plane now...they look so shaken up! I would be on my knees praising God! Thank God they're okay!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is off safe & sound THANK GOD!!!!!!

Georgia Peach said...

in case you didn't see this.. a pic of the rescue efforts.

Anonymous said...

I'mmmmmmmmm Baaaaack!!!!!

What's up? What the hell is going on in NY with this plane......

A bird got caught in the plane????

That is crazy? Thank God everyone is ok.

Well anyway Brooke I am so glad you are coming home...would that be Sunday or Monday?

Now I'm hungry hearing about people's lunch.....

I want something good to eat but don't know what.......

My meeting was ok. The Director of the school is from Egypt and while he speaks English his accent is so strong that I only understood like every third word or so......

While does Brahim keep taking off his diaper if he doesn't want to sit on the potty????? Boys?

Craig n 'em said...

- I'm amazed at the fact we now WATCH tragedies...we no longer HEAR about them...

- I'm mad at Brooke for referring to an URBAN DICTIONARY...URBAN...really...URBAN...

- Is "Jonesing" and "itis" in the URBAN DICTIONARY, Brooke?

- Annamaria scares me...Pregnant, knives and tasing? You sound like Angelina Jolie...;-/

- I love saying "Pretty Ricky what they call em" ha ha

- Pretty Ricky, your GF fav song is POISON? (Pause) Poison....Poison, Ricky...Poison...Really? (Please read lyrics, my brotha)

- Just saying Sweet Potato Chicken Chowder make me wanna url

- How do you spell Url? earl? errrl? Hurl? (Hamburgerrrrrrrr, Hamburgerrrrrrrr...)

- I need an URBAN THESARUS - I need a negro translation for throwing up...

- A Witches tit sounds very STINK! Even in the cold.

- Brooke has created a MONSTER!!!!

Anonymous said...

Craig BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!! And as a matter of fact I LOVE ANGELINA JOLIE!!! LMAO...Don't look like her but she's one of my favs..

As someone who barfs as regularly as I do these days.. SPELL IT HOWEVER YOU WANT TO!!! It still is some f*cked up shiznit...

Anonymous said...

Craig you are crazy!!!! But sweet potato chicken chowder does sound a little suspect.....

Why would a witches tit even be cold?

Brooke said...

y'all don't know, it was DEE-LICIOUS! It didn't even really taste like sweet me y'all, it was GOOD!

Nicole, stop listening to Craig anyway...HE'S HIGH MAN!

And the answer is...cuz she's a witch! duh!

Craig, yes, both are there:

a naturally occuring drowsy feeling that is created when a person, normally of the African-American race (although it may affect peoples of all creeds), eats a large amount of fried, salty, or fatty foods...this feeling usually causes one to sip some purple drank and take a nap
i dun ate all the KFC, the itis got me....wake me up when Cosby's on

and (and you'll love this)

the act of needing something badly. Usually related to chemical dependency.

This is what comes up when I type in "earl"

1. earl
Throw-up, Puking, Puke, Slang for Throwing up

(I drank so many beers I earled all over my girlfriend's face.)

hurl throw up yak puke puking throwing up

2. earl
the coolest ninja ever
that earl is tight!!!

3. earl
a raging retard but doesn't know it

John: I'm tired of being around Bill. He's always asking "Hey, does this look real"?

Jeff: I know what you mean. That earl can be pretty dam annoying.

Craig...why did ALL of these sound like you could have written them!? Let me find out you're a ghost writer for the Urban Dictionary :)

Oh! and there IS an Urban Thesaurus - it's called "Slangasaurus" - a dictionary and thesaurus in one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

You could not leave it at 59

Ok I am starting to wonder if you are high too....LOL

Brooke said...

Hey! I just answer the questions man! that's all!

Serena W. said...

I've been on the go since 8am and just reading your blog Brooke (dang)! But here go my thoughts.

My God, it's the eve of my 34th and I feel so blessed and honored to see this day.

Wow am I really turning 34, damn good age I must say!

Getting ready for this open mic tonight to do a couple of pieces and sell some framed poetry, wish a sista luck.

The time has come, Barack will be our Prez in t-minus 4.5 days and counting! I'm excited!!!!!

I can't wait to see the BIG movie tomorrow! Yeah yeah!

Really looking forward to this weekend to chill, see some great peeps, hang out and buy my Barack tee.

Oh yeah...why the heck is the Dallas School District closed on Tuesday...BUT they are making their teachers come in for professional development day. WTF! Do they not realize what Tuesday is.

And why did another district out here in good ole Texas say...we are keeping our schools open and will not air the inauguration because achievement is important and don't want our students missing a beat...hmmmm double WTF! Good ole Red States!

I'm bout to break out and get my poetry on. Peace everyone!

Craig n 'em said...

- Slangasaurus sounds like an old negro dinosaur...

- AnaJolia...can you tell your mom I'm pregnant too? My apt. is a mess...I'm having trouble getting dutch guts out of my carpet...

- I'm "Jonesing" for something right now...

Brooke said...

Good luck Serena! You'll be great!

I just scored passes to see Notorious TONIGHT, a friend is hookin me up! Looking forward to it...even if it IS BRICK outside Craig! LOL!!

Later y'all...for now!

Brooke said...

AnaJolia! LOL!! LOVE THAT!!! Her new name y'all!

An old negro dinosaur!? Ha!

What the hell are dutch guts? Do I even wanna know?

Patrick D. said...

Random thoughts:

- I went to the Army store the other day to buy some G.I. boots.
My size actually didn't fit. Made me think...the military is not a good fit for me.

- I then purchased a pair of pajamas with pockets!
...Just in case I want to hold stuff while I sleep.

- Swimming confuses me.
Sometime you do it for sport.
Sometime you do it to live!
...I guess it's all about what you have on.
Pants - Help!
Swimsuit - Cool.

- Why are there no "B" batteries?
...maybe to help out stutters. "Do you have some B battery?" ..."Huh?!? what kind?"

Brooke said...

Patrick, you're crazy :-) How exactly does that work, you sleep with your hands in your pockets? :-)

Good question - why ARE there no B batteries! LOL!

Yeah...pants in the water, not a good look.

The screening for Notorious was full, so we didn't make it in, dagnabbit! Oh well, back to the original plan - see it this weekend.

Serena W. said...

I know it's not Thursday anymore and it's now my bday (yeah)! But Patricks comments are too funny! Hey you need then pockets one never knows!

Who knows why there aren't "B" batteries. Heck why is the only letter that has a triple is A?

Brooke I'm sorry you didn't get in. I bought my ticket to the 1pm show out here online. I'm not playing so when you see it lets compare notes!

Open mic was tight, full of great poets and yes I did a piece and sold a couple of my frames! YEAH!

Okay onto Friday! Peace!!!!!

Brooke said...

That's great Serena! (don't ask me why I'm still up) And Happy Birthday!

I've always wanted to do an open mic, but I'm too skerred. Besides, I'm not sure how my poetry would "sound" out loud :-)

Patrick is funny.

Friday's blog is gonna be long, but I hope everyone enjoys reading it...and I hope it sparks some good discussion.

Okay, it's really Friday now, so we should be going to sleep. Night!

Anonymous said...

ok Craig and Patrick yal are too funny I can't stand it...I am LMAO

I really love RTT!!!!!

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