Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Okay, so it's our first Random Thoughts Thursday of 2009! I'm sure these will be good today, as many of you have probably had a million random thoughts over the course of a couple weeks of vacation. So let's get to it, shall we?

- I'm out of "New York" shape...meaning I didn't do nearly as much walking or climbing subway steps while on vacation in Philly. I almost hacked up a lung climbing the steps at Grand Central on Monday!

- The Eagles will upset the Giants on Sunday...believe that.

- I'm going thru "Snapple Withdrawal." I haven't had one since Monday and I miss me some Half Iced Tea-Half Lemonade Snapple!

- I would like to have another Guest Blogger this month...anyone interested? :-)

- Kiddie germs lay me out! I've been sick with a cold for 2 weeks now! Not cool.

- The cable guy has one of the most adorable faces I think I've ever seen.

- I need a good "work-out" playlist for my iPod...anyone have one?

- Also, anyone have the latest NeYo cd I could borrow?

- I'm going to the gym tonight RENE! He's on my Team, but lately I feel like he's the coach! LOL!! I appreciate it tho.

- Now I just need people on my team for my Finances, Beauty, Spirituality, etc. I'm accepting applications :-)

- Speaking of "teams"...who does that sound like Amanda? LMAO!!

- "Plantation Mint" tea is now my new favorite tea thanks to my sister.

- I miss my nephews SO MUCH! Seeing them everyday for 2 weeks was good for my soul.

- The EAGLES will upset the Gia.....oh...wait...did I say that already? ;-)

I can't even remember how many times we sang the Eagles Fight Song at the Dallas game in Philly. We sing it every time the Eagles score a touchdown. For those of you not familiar with it, here's a taste - too bad the game this Sunday is in NY or else you'd hear it!

E-A-G-L-E-S - EAGLES! Your turn!



Anonymous said...

First! haha take that bitches!

- I love the ped egg keeps my feet smooth

- Did you know its illegal for US citizens to boycott companies that support Israel......What the hell??!?!?!

- Brahim likes saying fardin...that's baby talk for farting

- I think the babies are finally back on their schedule, but they keep asking for you Brooke

- Kyce is really into the Eagles. He said, "tell the guys in white to sit down"

- I made Indonesian fried rice and it was good

- I fasted for two days (from sun up to sun set) and it wasn't too bad so Rene rock on

- Still thinking of your last statement from yesterdays blog about the "grass" should write a book...stop sleeping in the 09'

that's it for now


Anonymous said...

1. I don't even want to tase Nicole for being first!!! LMAO


3.Can you hook a sister up with some fried rice???


Brooke said...

awwww, I miss my babies too. I'm tempted to come back to Philly this weekend just to see them... and to watch the Eagles game there instead of in NY :-)

The whole thing going on in Gaza has me upset..and worried.

Don't worry, the Eagles will make the Giants "sit down" on Sunday!

Indonesian rice sounds good, maybe I'll make that tonight...just not as spicy as Ina makes it!

I need a pedicure in the WORST way.

Brooke said...

If I make fried rice, I'll bring you some Annamaria. I still owe you a cheesecake!

You're numbering your thoughts like Amanda, too funny! LOL!

I hope your "ALL DAY" sickness goes away soon. Hang in there! it'll be over soon!

Anonymous said...

OMG please doooo you know where I live!! lol... Once I can stand the sight of food again I'll have all you girls over for dinner...LOL.

I need a pedicure & a manicure also...

Georgia Peach said...

Love both of your random thoughts lists today here are mine...

- Wonder if I'd get caught if I happened to push my boss out of the window of our building?
(we're on the 17th floor)

- Why was it snowing here this morning, but none of the weather folks mentioned that was going to happen.

- Since I never have to use algebra, geometry, combinatrics, statistics at work - why do the f'g GMAT and MBA programs in general weigh it so heavily?

- Hmmm - perhaps I should get my arse to the gym and stop tithing money every month for nothing.

- Where are the real gentleman hiding? Hello, hello anybody there?

- One of my co-workers got an official invite to the inauguration, right now I wish I could go with her.

- I'm trying not to become the angry, militant, black woman in my office, but these folks really make me wanna...

- I really want to go on a shopping spree, but with the world economy melting down all around me and the place I work on life support, I'm being very frugral right now.

- I had a great talk with my married friends N&E and they both made me hopeful that there is such a thing as the right person for me - even if it's not in the package I thought it would be...

- I'm really blessed to have great family and friends. I thank God each day for them and I'm trying to remember not to take anyone for granted!

Patrick said...

Random Thoughts - I think God named Oranges before Carrots.

Carrots came along and He said
Me-Damn! I've already used orange right?

Brooke said...

Glee, you have great thoughts today! It's a good feeling when you realize you have some good people in your life isn't it?... even if it's only one or two.

I've been making the gym my favorite charity too, but I'm going today! Even if it kills me!

I wish I knew where the true gentlemen were's like they live in the Underworld or something!

Patrick, you are funny! LOL!

Rene The Harlemite said...

"One who has random thoughts has an expansive imagination. Imaginations are a form of reality"
Rene Proverbs 117

-The Master Cleanse is a beast and I am glad that I doing it. You can smell eveything by day 3. Mind is so clear right now.

-I went to a Hockey Game last night and it was fun. Yes, people of color do like hockey and I am one of them.

-The Bodies Exhibition was okay but I feel is overrated.

-The Eagles beting the Giants is wishful thinking.

-It is sad about the man bing killed by a cop in Cali

-Slumdog Millionaire is a great movie! Everyone should go see it.

-I can't believe that it is already Noon!

. said...

1) I can not believe that my greedy ass has not had one single thing to eat for 3 whole days! Not a cracker, crumb, gum, mint...NOTHING!!! I got way more willpower than I thought. Day 4 of the cleanse ;-)

2) I still like the words Dope and Fly.

3) Do not eat popcorn before going to bed! Right, Duane? Ha, Ha! ;-)

4) I am soooooo looking forward to ALL the events this month! More time with friends and family…YAY!

5) Sandee - I LOVE the silver earrings you got me!

6) I feel great that I'm cleansing my system from all the crap I've been eating for the last 2 months...I feel lighter and sometimes light headed too…not good! LOL!

7) I just spoke to my sister who sounded like she just woke up and I asked her how bad does her breath smell! She couldn’t stop laughing. I guess it smelled like ass. LOL!

8) Sandee just told me she loves my ass like Red Velvet Cake! Now that’s love :-) LMAO!

9) I realize I like the word ass.

10) I love hats.

11) This Raphael Saadiq is HOT! Been jammin’ at my desk all morning. I would love to go see him live.

12) Everybody GO SEE Slumdog Millionaire!!!

13) Started reading Malcolm Gladwell’s new book this morning…The Outliers

14) I’m gonna get me a new copy of Kelis’ “Tasty” CD

15) I’ll be back!

16) I’ll be back!

Anonymous said...

-mariah's new version of her classic "hero" is garbage

-i am sleepy

-i need a hobby...not a boaring as stamp collecting but something more than reading...

-i love my eye doctor but hate his staff >(

i havent been drinking as much green tea and water as i did in the beginning...i need to start back up

-i would like to try the master clense...anyone have any idea how i should start?? maybe it will boost what i am already doing...

-i was able to get a pair of pants on this morning that i couldnt fit last month!! yay!

-i have a pair of pants hanging in my kitchen...i will get into those by the end of summer...

-i'm hungary...

Patrick said...

- I like hanging out in sports bars a lot... Don't drink - don't like sports. I just like slapping Fives.

- I'm affraid of sharks. But only in the water. I'm sort of the opposite with Lions in the water.


Anonymous said...

- I can help u get in shape, missy - provided u stop cheating on me with the Cable!

- I'll be your Huckleberry for the guest blogging slot, if u so desire...

- I will post my playlist today or tomorrow on Facebook - u may get some inspiration there...

- U can't have my Ne-Yo CD!!! Mine has 7 extra songs on it NOT on the retail release - but all extremely good...

- I'm rooting for the Eagles as well...

- to Gleana - all of the "real gentlemen" as you say, are in England. You can't actual be a gentleman if you're not an Englishman (I've never allowed anyone to call me such knowing my history). Sorry to be such a nerd - but I hate the term.

- One more thing, Brooke...


Brooke said...

Well Patrick, you won't be slapping any fives this weekend - Eagles gonna get in dat ass!

I'm afraid of sharks and snakes ANYWHERE! LOL!

Liz, feels great to get back in those jeans huh!? GO GIRL!

Rameer, you can be my next Guest Blogger...I'm sure you'll stir up some controversy!

And you cheatd on me first with Yolanda! You and that damn wheelchair! LOL!

And don't be stingy with the NeYo CD, PLEASE!!!!

Rene, I've been to a hockey game and it WAS fun.

oh..and Rameer...POKE YOU BACK! ha!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm going to have to give Brooke the green light to cheat on ANYONE & EVERYONE with the cable guy...

2. She's taking one for the team & trying to hook a sister up with some free cable.. times is rough.

3. LIZ congrats on your "NEW" jeans... I'm sure you'll be in the other pair before you know it. :)

4. I'm numbering my thoughts again DAMN YOU AMANDA!!! LMAO....

5. I just realized I'm going to be the big 3-0 this year!!! :)

Serena W. said...

Hmmmm random thoughts. Here we go:

Why the hell do I have to get two wisdom teeth removed today :( oh and a filling that is missing in action!

Day five of the Solemn Assembly Fast at my tv...and no internet at night (woah)! Doing great and feel focused as I've been meditating and focusing on God and all that I need to do.

Dallas weather is off the chain! 32on Tuesday and today...70 what the...

Rameer you're wrong...not all the good men are in England. Trust me there are transplants out there that are ruining it for the true Englishmen.

Brooke...I would love to be on the spirituality team! If I lived in NYC we could work out as I'm going to train for not one but two full marathons this year...GO TEAM!

I need a pedicure badly between running and African dancing (don't sleep the feel still look good and are soft)!


Yes I was hating on the Cowboys fans out here when they took a serious L!

Extra excited that Barack is taking office in t-minus 12 days and counting!

Can he call a sista back, I applied for jobs through'mon Barack give a sista a chance.

Reminiscing on xmas break in NYC...great time with the family...especially my sister. I miss her so much!

That's it for!

Brooke said...

And what a great gift you'll receive for the big 3-0 this year!

I'm not cheating on ANYONE with ANYONE! LOL!! If I REALLY, TRULY liked someone, none of you would know it, I'd keep it to myself. Trust me, it's better that way ;-)
Lesson learned :-)

But I'll still work on getting you that free cable ;-) Ha!

It seems like everyone has a birthday this month - My brother-in-law, Liz, Val and her 2 sons, Amanda, Isaiah and Dana. I'd better put this Januray get together in motion! All my friends having birthdays!

I want some new jeans.

My apartment is a WRECK with Xmas gifts and stuff to put away. Just looking at it exhausts me.

I'm eating strawberries right now and they are SO GOOD!

I'm looking forward to Greys Anatomy many premieres this week, so little time. I need a DVR at home.

Serena, you can DEFINITELY be on my Spirituality Team! Everyone should read her blog - awesome!

Maybe we can train together remotely! Even if you DO think the Giants will beat my Eagles, I still love you anyway! :-)

Anonymous said...

Brooke - I never cheated on you with Yolanda. Well, YOU call her that - I call her Anna Mae. Anna Mae is simply making Ike his's a business relationship. See how quick you run out the door into some other man's arms?

Annamaria - you're NOT helping things, here...

Brooke - I'm sure your cable boy can give you a music channel for you to listen to Ne-Yo's CD...sans the songs I have that didn't make the album...

And what makes you think I would start up controversy.? All I do is "tell it like it is, and I tell it like it could be - the hood be - requesting my services - oh don't get nervous - it's step yo game up time..."

That's Andre 3000 for non-Headz - from one of the dopest guest spots in Hip Hop history...


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Serena - I'm NOT wrong. My point wasn't that GOOD men were in england - you misunderstood. My point was that you cannot BE a gentleman unless you ARE an Englishman. Look up the history and definition of that's a title bestowed to a person. Kind of like we can call Batman "The Dark Knight" - but only an Englishman can be officially knighted.

It was about the term gentleman - not defending what country has good men. That would be kind of fruity - saying that a country I've never been to has better men than my country - how would I know even if I had been there? What experience would I have had to compare? Eww...yuck.

Believe me - I take nothing Euro over my country. Thought you knew my militancy better than THAT...

Brooke said...

I already have the music channel on my cable...and I'm paying for it. Cable guy hasn't hooked me up...yet ;) So come up off that NeYo cd! Pretty please! I'll be your bestest friend!

Rameer, I'm afraid of you ANYWAY. You always talkin about choking somebody! You saw what Anna Mae did to Ike in the end right? Watch out before Yolanda beats you with a shoe! And Serena too! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I would NEVER choke Serena. We got along too well. Anna Mae? She ALWAYS has it comin'...

And I love when every woman always talks about that ONE whoopin' Ike opposed to the 20 years he got in that arse! Lol! I'll take a 200-1 record any day. And before anyone who doesn't know me gets all upset - it's just jokes. I don't actually APPROVE of women being beaten by their husbands...

Anna Mae got 19 more joints before I'm worried about her...

Brooke, don't be afraid...Kanye says "when I grab your neck, I touch your soul..."

It's a spiritual connection! LMAO!

Brooke said...

I dunno, you might get a little too excited grabbing my neck, then I'll be choking!

Serena W. said...

Rameer we go back to SI man (OMG that was nearly 16 years ago) I love ya and now I understand...yes it would be fruity (how dare I misunderstand you lmao)!!!!!! And although I'm cool as hell...don't push it!

Other random thoughts...

I'm a January baby! I'll be 34 next Friday and I'm blessed to see life thus far cause so many of us haven't made it to 34.

Brooke thanks for the shout out on my blog! I appreciate it as more and more peeps are if they would just leave comments on the blog and not my email lol!

I'm mad I won't be in DC for inauguration!

I will take off January 20th and watch from morning to night!

Yes taking the bday off too...personal holiday...hmm what to do...oh yeah catch the new biggie flick!

Dang it, I'll miss my boy Isaiah's bday bash in NYC!

Gotta get back east...period this time with a U-Haul!

Everyone must see Seven Pounds...very deep flick!

Did I talk about getting teeth bad I hate pain!

Brooke said...

Serena, I read your blog and I have SO MUCH to say about it, so I WILL be leaving my comment later on after I eat lunch. Trust me, I know EXACTLY what you meant in your last blog.

I have to add you to my list of birthdays! I wish you would be here too for Zay's party! I have to go to two parties that night!
Amanda and Zay have the same birthday, yikes!

I have so many movies to see, Seven Pounds, Slumdog Millionnaire, Milk...I think I'll pick a day and just stay in the movies all day!

Sorry about your teeth - OUCH!

Anonymous said...

uh.....GO GIANTS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Serena-Sorry about your teeth & Happy Early birthday!

Rameer: The only reason Ike got soo many beat downs is because Tina didn't go get herself a taser!!!! She could have ZAPPED his ass from day one & I bet you he would have NEVER messed with her again.. lol


Anonymous said...

salsyI cant wait to see the BIGGIE movie..

Running sucks but it keeps your stomach flat..
The GIANTS are called that for a reason! We will crush the pigeons.

ZAYDAY 2009 - is gonna be crazy..

I love oatmeal raisin cookies...

life is good...

even though its the beginning of death..

the GIANTS...

I think Amanda is cute...
it helps that we share the same birthday!!

Serena...i cant believe you cant come...;(

Brooke...i hate sharing you with Amanda...
wait a minute...maybe that wouldnt be so
it's your boy!

Keefe said...

• Working is killing me today. But at the end of the day, I’m glad I have a job.
• I need to get back into the gym.
• To buy a new car or not? That is the question.
• I don’t want to meet with Leo and Cindy tomorrow. But I have to.
• Where is my brother?
• I need to get a new home security system.

. said...

1) Ramadhan!!! LMAO, LMAO!!!

2) Well Leesa, you and me can strengthen our eat right team! And continue to support each other and send each other updates :-)

3) Regarding the cable guy...beautiful teeth!!!

4) Busy @ work today but y'all know how I feel about RTT :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm mad that everyone knows about Jr.

Brooke said...

Uh, I'm on the eat right team too, don't leave me out!

he does have beautiful teeth right?! I LOVE a man with great teeth! And no, not everyone knows about him Mr. Anonymous!

Zay, stop flirting with Amanda, with your married self! LOL!

I'm kidding, flirt all you want, but we're not sharing!

Now I want cookies...but I'll continue to eat my strawberries instead...still haven't eaten lunch!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Brooke's audience will respond to a blog about BLACK SWINGERS?

Let me know so I can decide to guest blog.

. said...

Yes, I know!
I meant you, Leesa and Me!!!

Brooke said...

Black Swingers??? Are YOU a Black Swinger?? if that's the case, then you can definitely be a guest blogger, this I gotta read!

Anonymous said...

I don't think your audience is ready. I mentioned 2 words "black swingers" and it got silent like a motherf$#ker in here.

Anonymous said...

We ready! BRING IT ON! Some of us got silent cuz it is feeding time at the zoo! LMAO

Brooke said...

I'm getting a hunger headache, these strawberries aren't cutting it! But I feel like I should wait til dinner time now..UGGH!!!

Would anyone be offended by a blog about Black Swingers? LOL!

Rene The Harlemite said...

The blog comments need some grime to it. Lets hear about the swingers!

Anonymous said...


Keefe said...

Swing batter batter swing!!!! I'd see how this will play out.

Anonymous said...

- I vote for the Black Swinger.... I say bring it.

- I wanna go home! (I say that all day, every day - it makes me feel better)

- I think Rene and Amanda have alot more willpower then I do.

- The Lasik countdown has just begun...

- I decided I'm rooting for the Eagles. I'm starting to hate Giant fans.

- I really love going to the dentist, he makes me feel pretty.

- I really hate bitch ass niggas. Man up!

- I can't wait to go on vacation. Rene what's up with your travel agent?

Brooke said...

Jess! Yay Eagles! I'm beginning to hate Giants fans too! LMAO!

I can't stand b*tchass men either, like Katt Williams says!

You and I are the same when it comes to the dentist. I love going and I love my dentist! He even gives me gifts for having great teeth! He once gave me a Bath & Body Works gift certificate because I had such a good checkup! LOL!!

I'm watching Suze Orman on Oprah now, love her! We have to be good with our money in '09!

Where are you going on vacation? I wanna go! At this point I'll go anywhere! I wanna go somewhere nice and warm for my birthday. I'm gonna try to make that happen!

Rene The Harlemite said...

Jess-Me and Derrick who out the trips together are looking into some other properites. Not surte we want to use the initial one we werelooking at.
Travel agent is on that as well as flights so I will send out info soon.

Thanks for the inspiration on the cleanse. You are next!

I can't beleive no love on the Giants.

Rene The Harlemite said...

Brooke- I already told you several of times what the plan is... Antigua for Memorial Day Weekend.

I will shoot you info when I get.

You should take a Bday trip. It is always a good time.

Anonymous said...

Brooke - I love to travel so if you wanna go somewhere before Memorial Day let me know, I am down.

Rene- I dont know if i can do it. I've been trying to ease into it. I've been dreaming about food.

Brooke said...

I'm supposed to be going to DR for Baron's Memorial Weekend Soul Siesta...we'll see - I still haven't committed to that either!

Jess - February! or maybe March, I have to go SOMEWHERE!

I was told the Master Cleanse was good for detox, but shouldn't be used for weight if I did it, it would only be for 3 days, and THAT'S PUSHING IT! But I also read that it throws your system out of wack...have to research it more.

I met one other native New Yorker today who is rooting for the Eagles...AND...he's a Dallas fan! I think I'll make him my best friend now :-) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Brooke when are you going to DR??? I'm going in April! I will be sitting on the beach rubbing oil on my belly LOL.. and by then hopefully able to eat everything in SIGHT!! LOL...

Anonymous said...

I haven’t had a toe curling kiss in MONTHS! And yes it would be nice to have one.

I want to buy new bedroom furniture so I can act like I’m PARIS HILTON (I’M HOT)!!!!!

I want to run up and down the street because I feel like I can do it without coughing up a lung!

I want to go away for the weekend.

I really, really love my friends. Even the ones that can’t cook!

I really would like to number my Random Thoughts. Is that wrong?

It’s Thursday and I’m not getting my hair done (yikes)!


Brooke said...

Toe curling kisses are the best! It's almost better than sex..... almost ;)

What? not getting your hair did!? Is it a full moon!?

I should be getting ready to go to the gym now, but there's a HUGE crisis going on with one of my shows, so I will be going MAD late, but I'm still going :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm back..I hope it's not too late.....

Rameer I like you...Do I know you? You are funny....

Annamaria your new nickname is "Tay" for tasser.....

Don't worry the sickness will pass, just take care of yourself and when you can eat, eat healthy...first three months are most important.....

Black swingers? Corny.....

Brooke you need a clean sweep in the 09' know what I am talking about...NO BITCHASSNESS in the 09'

Brooke, let Rene know I am the HEAD COACH on your team....We like the Knowles we keep it in the family......That's who you can trust.....

If you need jeans, don't buy Calvin Klein (damn love those jeans)they support Israel....

Gleana in regards to tossing your co-worker out the window...first you have casually walk pass, tase them, and then push them...That way they have no recollection...learned that from Annamaria...although actually they'll be dead.....guess you don't need the tasser.....OK second scenario walk pass with anpther co-worker and push them into the other co-worker and then jump back and say "What did you do? Are you crazy?" You have to shift the blame!!!!!LMAO

ok Patrick not only do you look like Common you sound like him with the orange and carrot comment.....

I hate scrolling down to read everyone's comment and then scrolling back up to write mine.....

I hate that there is no spell check...sorry for typo's....

Rameer just hand over the Neyo CD....stop being stangy...and yes I meant stangy

my kids are driving me crazy today.....

Za Buge I would be at your party...and I like oatmeal cookies ya....

I'm scared of sharks too...and lions and tigers and bears...oh my...

SerenaW sounds like you have a great sis just like me!!!!!!(xoxox Brooke)

Brooke if you come home this weekend bring some strawberries with you...I'm dying for a smoothie.....I know I'll save one for Annamaria too.....


love ya bye

Brooke said...

awww, Nicole...(*wiping away tear*) hugs and kisses to you too! Yes, Serena has the same sisterly love I do...such a blessing!

Patrick kinda DOES look like Common! you're right!

The kids are acting up today...I can hear them screaming thru the phone..OY!

Zay's party will be off the hook!

I'm trying to remember what you wrote, I hatet all the scrolling back and forth too!

My crisis is finally over, so now I can go to the gym...

All I ate today is strawberries and oatmeal...hope that's enough fuel to work out on :-(

Yes, my sister is the head coach AND the GM of my team. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I trust her implicitly, the only person I know who would never betray me! :-)

I want braids.

...and that Neyo cd...RAMEER!

Georgia Peach said...

Just got back to at work I got caught up now that I'm following the blog hopefully I'll get indications when other folks post comments. Thanks to Rameer for clearing up the background behind the word gentleman...I'll find a more appropriate term for what I'm looking for now. :o)

Random thoughts to end the day:

I really hate studying in particular for the GMAT...I never use algebra, geometry, combinatrics, etc in my career in marketing so why would i F'g need it for my MBA.

I'm so glad it's almost Friday...

Brooke - what's up with this cable guy now I want to see his teeth and the rest of him for that matter...

aight I'm ready to watch a little tv and go to bed. Can't wait for tmrw and I'm curious about the black swingers topic so bring it on!

Brooke said...

I'm glad it's almost Friday too, this full work week has been crazy!

Will send you a pic tomorrow :-)

Good luck on the GMAT, I'm sure you'll do great!

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