Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

It seems so strange to me that it's Wednesday already. These past couple of days have been an emotional whirlwind for me! First, it was a Monday filled with anticipation and reflection. Then yesterday, it was a Dream realized. I'm still high even though I'm exhausted today!

So many people from my job were off yesterday. Everyone is telling their stories of how they spent their day - how they were either in D.C. at one of the balls or sitting home watching the parade on their couch. It'll be one of those "where were you when?" moments that will be discussed and re-lived for years and years to come.

At first, as I was watching all the coverage of the people gathered down in the mall, I felt a twinge like, "man, I should have gone down there." But it quickly disappeared as Kyce and Ibrahim (my nephews) BOUNDED all around the living room screaming and clapping, "OBAMA! OBAMA!" In that moment, there was no place I'd rather be.

Would it have been great to meet people from around the country and around the world who came to witness this historic event in person? Absolutely. Would it have been great to stand arm and arm with folks who never thought this day would be possible? Of course. But as Kyce sat on my lap hanging onto Barack's every word, it hit me - this is exactly the way I was supposed to be witnessing history.

I didn't need pictures, and buttons and souvenirs. The best thing I got to take away from Inauguration Day was that, to my nephews, this was normal. Barack Obama was the first President they've seen being sworn in. A Black man, just like them. The most powerful man in the world is a man with an African name, just like theirs - he is THEIR President. What a sight to see - the glimmer in a child's eye - that he can be ANYTHING he wants to be in this world - whether he's Black or African or Muslim. Anything. This is all they know. Mini Obamas in the making.

I can't wait to see all the pics that my friends took in D.C. and hear all the amazing stories. If any of you have anything to share of your Inauguration Day experience, then please - let's hear it! As Pranny would say, "Spread Love!"



Anonymous said...

THAT WAS AMAZING!!! And I am SOOOO glad that you decided to go spend the time with your nephews... You will cherish that moment FOREVER no matter what happens!

I took the day off & watched the inauguration with my mom, dad & my best friend. We ate & told stories & just watched in awe of everything that was going on. The highlight of everything was when I looked up at my dad while Obama was getting sworn in & he was crying. And he looked at me & said my grandbaby can be up there someday!
It made the day that much better!!!
There was NO place I would rather be than exactly where I was yesterday!!
Hope everyone had a WONDERFULLY AMAZING inauguration day!!!
Change is coming!!!

Brooke said...

What an amazing feeling to be able to tell your future child that he or she can be the President one day - and actually BELIEVE IT!

Did anyone see the 100 year old man who came up from Florida (I believe) and just broke down crying because he never thought he would see the day a Black man became President? Then you put that up against my nephews who have been saying since the election began, "Barack is going to win Auntie" - and they had no doubt about it. How amazing is that? They will know of our history and struggles one day - but for this time - a Black man becoming President is normal to them, it's believable to them, it's what they know.

On election night, while watching with my sister and nephews, Kyce said to me after Barack won, "I think I want to be the President," it took all I could to not break down. I simply said "well then be the President, baby, be the President." :-)

phillygrl said...

hey brooke..excellent!..yes Zaire is familiar with Barack Obama as well!!:-) I'm in D.C. today , worked from home yesterday b/c logistical nightmanre..however, after seeing it all on TV, I was like hmmm..I should have gone..But like you , felt I was where I should have been. you can imagine is the aftermath down here...people are EVERYWHERE. VENDORS are EVERYWHERE & they have EVERYTHING under the sun OBAMA that you can think of.. I did snag a newspaper from yesterday(there was an inaguration special in the Washington Post). but you want buttons, they have it, you want shirts, they have it, tchachkes of all kind, keychains, stickers, magnets, everything!..The city is still full...and every single train is sold out! But yesterday was great, My grandmother called me 50 million times, like did you see this, did you see that...she was grinning & laughting( I could hear it though the phone) ..very happy...& I think the majority of the nation felt the same sentiment. Poice reported with an even this large, no INCIDENTS( & y'all know what I mean)

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the 100 year old man BUT right after Barack took his oath they panned the audience & they showed this kid for a minute & he had tears coming down his face.. He had to be like 6 or 7 but his face was amazing. Like he understood what this all meant!

P.S.-Brooke I want more cheesecake!!! LOL

Rene The Harlemite said...

It was a great day in history. Now it is time for us to unify and get to work to get out communities restored to a better situation. It's great that this event has brought people all together and this should not be just one day. it should be a lifetime.

We must put our differences aside and create a better place to live in.

Georgia Peach said...

I was at work and watched it with a few of my sista friends. It was funny b/c I had been saying all along that I didn't want to go to DC and not have a great view. I sort of wanted to take it in by myself so that I could concentrate and pay attention to the entire ceremony. I plan to re-watch his speech at some point soon anyway just so I can take it all in. Otherwise it was a wonderful experience and a day I won't ever forget.

Brooke said...

I'm glad I got to see everything as it unfolded live. The perfect view was from my sister's living room. Wouldn't change a thing!

So Rene, what did you do yesterday?

Anonymous said...

It was amazing. Getting there was crazy and all the walking in the freezing cold was wild. But when you arrived at the mall it was all worth it! the prayer was crazy...i have been around that many people praying. It was amazing! glad I went. it was like the million man that the experience was untangible. Brooke..i dont know if you know this but birthday in on Zaturday...and uh...Ana Jolie mentioned ummmm eerrr...maybe you could uh...bring me a slice of that cheese 'cake' :-)

Brooke said...

Zay, for you...anything :-)

I know you called me over the weekend, but my phone is all wacky, so I couldn't get the message or call you back. I can't wait to get my phone situation all cleared up!

I'm so glad you had a great time yesterday - I'm sure it was truly amazing!

Serena W. said...

Was I happy to be outside watching three HD Superscreens in Dallas with people I loved, strangers I don't know but hugged one another and watching a woman fall to her knees praising God right after our Prez took the oath...the answer is heck yeah!

I was so emotional yesterday! I took the day off yesterday and witnessed history with Obama supporters in Texas! There are a bunch of us out here that support his administration and ready to work!

I will be on a high for a while but it's time to work for our communities! The fact that my godsons, nephew and all of my male cousins who are mainly raised by a single mothers looked at the screen yesterday and said...I can be like him when I grow up was breath taking as I heard the stories of the young ones in my fam!

So it's time to dust ourselves off, get back into action, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and work to make change!


Anonymous said...


Brooke is going to have to make you your own Bday cheesecake cause there isn't a slice left!!! LOL SORRY!!!!!!!! lol


Brooke said...

awww, thank you :) I'm glad you liked it. I still keep picturing and hearing Austin yelling, "start the car, start the caaarrr!" LOL!! That was hysterical!

Did he stop singing "The Bird" song yet? LMAO!

Peggy said...

Yesterday was truly UNFORGETABLE matter where you were at or whom you were'll never forget it.
I was home with my Boo, we laughed, I cried...Hee Hee Hee We talked about the difference we can and want to make and were inspired.

BTW, I just got off the phone with Amanda and her experience was WONDERFUL. She told me everything and for those of you who know her, she has a special way of telling a story that has you feeling like you were right there with her. LOL

Brooke said...

I understand what you mean totally Peggy. I was waiting for her to chime in but I guess she's not back yet. I hope she posts her experience here for us all to share when she gets back. I'm sure it was amazing! Can't wait to hear it!

Anonymous said...

No he hasn't stop singing the damn bird song yet!And he looked it up on youtube! Even Dave text me yesterday asking me what the word was??? LMAO
Please no one ask what we are talking about cause I may just kill myself!

Brooke said...

LMAO!! That's funny! Don't let Dave suck you in!

A coworker just told me of her experience yesterday in D.C. and how she was standing behind the monument. She said it was a moment she'd never forget. I've been feeling so FULL today listening to everyone's experiences! It does my spirit good! Like Peggy said, I don't think it mattered where you were, the point is the day will be unforgettable for EVERYONE!

Anonymous said...

Brooke the kids and I totally enjoyed sharing every moment with you and I love what you said that this is normal to them....That thought alone just blows my mind!!!!!

I feel exhausted from my emotions yesterday...but I can't help to go back on the tivo and rewatch everything......especially President and First Lady's first he smooth dude or that's swagger!!!!

Brooke said...

Aside from him being sworn in, their first dance was my favorite moment! Loved that!

I love that Kyce and Brahim know Barack Obama just as they would a member of the family. They are so comfortable and familiar with him, they adore him, and they have since he first began this race. Kids know a good heart, a good person, when they see it. You can tell by looking at Sasha and Malia what a good example he sets for them. Every child can look to him as an example, but we have to exemplify all that is good in him ourselves. Barack Obama makes me want to be better, be smarter, be more aware, be more responsible than I am. I can't say that for any other president I've known. He brings out the best in us.

Anonymous said...

How do you think former President Clinton feels now that his black card has been revoked???? LOL

Brooke said...

His card was revoked a while back, when he was acting out during the election! He was never our first black president, I never understood that nonsense. I mean, I "got" it...but I didn't get that. But I'm sure he's proud of Hillary and the role she will play in this administration. I hope she does well.

Rene The Harlemite said...

I stayed home. Watched the footage on TV. Just chilled did some work and was organizing some files, medidtated for a bit. That's about it.

Anonymous said...

It was an amazing day. I was blessed to have been seated in one of the front sections of the capital. Never before had the capital looked so peaceful and beautiful.


Brooke said...

Oh wow! You had a great seat! I know you took pics right? I can't wait to see!

Anonymous said...

The net was overwhelmed with viewers so I couldn't watch from my computer (I had to work). I had my wife place the phone next to the TV and I listened on my speakerphone.

E.Payne said...

It's amazing the impact that Obama has on the little ones. It's a very beautiful thing to see them chanting his name and all too aware of who he actually is. I took my 3 y.o. daughter with me to the plaza of the State Building on 125th Street in NYC to witness the Inauguration. I wasn't willing to chance that this won't be one of the memories she may not carry on into the rest of her life. My hope is that it will be.

Brooke said...

Oh, I'm sure it will be! And as her father, I'm sure you help her to cultivate all of these memories. She knows who Barack is because YOU do. We have to make sure they understand our history and carry it forward. I'm honored to have played an integral part in shaping the memories my nephews now have.

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