Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey y'all!

Today is one of those days I wish I had a guest blogger. My mind is all over the place today and I'm super busy and stressed at work, so I know I don't really have time to come up with a well thought out post. At least not the way I'd want it to come out anyway.

I'm up late chatting with my cousin...you know..."Snoop" :-)

She's asking me, "Where are all the Barack's?" A lot of women I know have pondered the same thing. I told her that this topic could piggyback off of yesterday's discussion. I don't want my blog to become a relationship blog - but hey, it's on my mind and that's what we were talking about. And since I don't have a guest (still waiting on that "Bitchassness" blog Rameer), you'll have to just flow with me.

"Snoop" asks, "where are the Barack's? Why do we get the leftovers?" By "leftovers" she specified men who had bad credit, 5 baby mamas, no education, have commitment issues, no relationship with their parents, no assets, don't want to think out the box, have ex-wife or ex-girlfriend drama, no place of their own, are gay, in jail, have no ambition, lack compassion, lie, cheat, are high maintenance, and have some bitchassness in them (Rameer....still waiting...)

These are all HER words y'all, not mine. Okay...the "bitchassness" part was me ;)

ANYWAY...my question back to her was..."well, are you a Michelle?"

Of course she said yes :-)

We women ALL think we're the "Michelle" to his "Barack." But is that really true? Can we HONESTLY say that if a "Barack" stepped to us in his fly blue suit and killer smile, charismatic personality and stunning genius, we'd be ready? Would a man like that even notice us? Would we be his reflection? Michelle Obama is a force to be reckoned with in her own right, so we see why Barack clings to her. We want that from our mate too. But can we ask for a "Barack" if we're not a "Michelle?" Be honest....

"Snoop" said, "well, there are more 'Michelle's' out here than 'Barack's.'"

Now that I kinda agree with. Not kinda...I do. That's a blog for a different day, as I don't have time to research the statistics right now...but I will. I DO know that the ratio of men to women is not as steep as we think it is. I read it was actually 80 men to every 100 women...for us - but I don't know how true that is. We start out by outnumbering you and then it goes downhill from there :)

Add to that staggering incarceration rates; we are enrolled in college more than you are and graduate from college more than you do; factor out gay men, DL men, baby daddys, commitment-phobes, and bitchass men (I think I just like saying "bitchass") and it gets downright sad . And we're assuming you want to be with US...which I think most of you do. We tend to look for our husbands in college, but the majority of you are not there with us. We look for you at work, but the majority are not there with us either. We want to marry YOU and tend to be loyal to our men. You have many more options, and EXERCISE those options. We tend not to (even though that's slowly changing). I could go on all day...

....see...told you I was all over the place. I digress...

My point is this. If the odds are stacked against us and there are only a handful of "Barack's" out there, make sure you ARE the "Michelle" to his "Barack." And let's be clear - I use "Michelle" because I'm addressing the women who are looking for "Barack." By "Barack" we mean his ideal. A good man. One that we would be proud to call our man. So when I say "Michelle," I mean the fabulous woman she embodies, in all her glory.

But what I'm really saying is be the best you. Be the Queen that you are. Be prepared to meet your King. There may not be enough Kings for every Queen, but stack the odds in your favor. Don't ask for what you are not. Because in that 80 men for every 100 women, I didn't say all 100 women were "Michelle's." We just ASSUMED they were.

And do you think Michelle would be just as fly WITHOUT Barack? Of course she would. So stop asking where the "Barack's" are. If you're a "Michelle," HE will find YOU.



Anonymous said...

First! Ha! Eat it! Tase me! Call me a bitchass and all that! I'm still first! HA! Double ha! LOL


Let's be clear about Michelle. She gave Barack the business during the campaign. All of the "why don't you come home?" "can you come check this light fixture?" "Why come you didn't pay the mortgage before you left?" questions happened. Barack was seen on several occasions stepping out of the security cars to have heated convos with Michelle. She's a beautiful, strong, Black woman and she acted like one. Let's be real to the realest. They're humans. I see my parents when I see those two. With every bump there's a kiss on the ball floor, with every argument there's a hug or a handhold.

where are the Barack's? All over. And just like Michelle, you will avoid him at first and make fun of his name...then if you get over yourself, your success, your pain, your scars, your wounds, your education, your height, your weight, your cell phone bill and credit issues he may still be around. Or maybe he'll find his Michelle just like that chick that dissed Barack just to see him taking the oath and correcting the justice as he did it.

And I'm laughing cuz we love the Obamas so damn much, I wrote all of that and didn't even finish the thought. Gotta love em

Brooke said...


Dre done come up in here and beat ALL y'all asses! In the wee hours of the morning. What da hell!

I loved your response Dre...you crack me up!

So if a dude named Cleofus steps to us, we should just get over ourselves? Hmmm...I will try that ;)

Seriously, thanks for the insight. Michelle handles her business, so I will just go about the business of handling mine :)

p.s. you know AnaJolia is gonna shank you right? :)

Anthony Otero said...

Growing up in a family full of women, I have heard the question raised so many times. Having a lot of female friends in college, I have heard the question raised so many times. "Where are the good men at?"

Assuming that women and men have the same type of idea who the "Barack" type of man is, then I would say that you probably have met these type of men somewhere before. These guys don't hide, but in most cases they do not stand out either. I doubt that when Barack was in college or even in Law School he stood out.

These types of men may seem awkward because of the types of men that sort of dominate the scene (ie. playas, thugs, baby daddies). Trust me they are out there asking where "Michelle" is. I guess black women will have to look in places they haven’t thought of.

I will say though, Barack is not what he is without her. Michelle is able to give him the confidence and the strength everyday to do what he does best. So the Barack type of man will not be the ideal man yet...but if you truly want to be his Michelle, then he will be.

Brooke said...

GOOD ANSWER Ant! Loved that!

I guess women believe that they're out there...but here's a question - do you think there is a "Barack" for every "Michelle" out there?

I think a lot of women believe they exist, but they feel they're already taken or not enough of them to go around. Would you agree with that?

Do you think some of the "Barack's" out there don't look like what we think he looks like? For example, do we discount a divorced father of 2 as a "Barack" because he had a failed marriage and has kids, even though he may be a great man? Would we call a blue collar worker a "Barack?" I think some women don't feel these men fit that ideal.

Women, what characteristics does a man have to have in order to be considered a "Barack?"

Georgia Peach said...

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with the men today. Thanks Brooke for writing this blog and you know what - I'm gonna go out on that limb and say although I think I'm a Michele I'm still not ready to be a wife or a mom. So she's got me beat in that respect, but I can definitely match her on the career, money and ambition game. Latinegro you're right about Barack probably not standing out much when he was in law school. Michelle herself has mentioned in interviews that she was hesitant about even dating him. If I'm completely honest with myself I know I probably wouldn't have given him a chance just based on his name (I'm just being real - please don't throw any daggers at me men folk).

I have definitely been thinking a lot about this issue lately and I believe that you're right Brooke. If you're asking for certain things in your mate then you better make for damn sure you have all the same qualities as well. I have to run to a meeting but I'll be back later to complete my thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...


Anyways.... I'm sorry but I gotta side with the dudes on this one. In my opinion there are JUST as many Baracks as there are Michele's. Barack is a HUMAN BEING! A man just like all men. We have NOOOO idea of his flaws or imperfections. The same way we have NOO idea of Michele's flaws or imperfections. The only thing we do know is they are NOT perfect. The same way NONE of us are.
We must ALL (men, women, & some of you "others" that read this blog..LOL) strive to be the BEST that we can be.
I know a lot of women that want to be Michelle's. BUT instead of giving Dude A a chance they go for Dude B & try to make him into Dude A.. Then get mad cause they wasted 10 years of their life.. Chick you should have been honest with yourself & dude with about what you wanted & when you didn't get it bounced (YES I KNOW EASIER SAID THAN DONE)
Dudes: yea a lot of you Barack types get dissed at first BUT you know what if you really think she's worth it swallow your pride & put some effort in. Barack has admitted to chasing Michelle. STEP YOUR GAME UP. Swallow your pride & show that woman how you feel. Make her feel like your queen if you gonna walk around thinking you king.

I know I'm being a lil harsh today BUT I guess as Brooke puts it. I'M TIRED OF THE BITCHASSNESS. LMAO
Stop complaining about what you ain't got, make sure you on point & go out & GET what you want.

P.S. Dre once again WATCH YOUR BACK! lol

Anonymous said...

Umm..I totally forgot about the shank. I can handle the taser, Annamaria, but I'm too cute for a bucky fifty. LOL

I'm happy many of us seem to agree. One of the issues facing the Cleofus' in the world (love that name Brooke)is that women these days are so harsh and final in their dismissals it really gives no space for game to be stepped up.

Cleofus is a good brother, he thinks you're a good woman and then all you show is your negativity towards him. Why would he want that?

I won't pretend like I know the true story of the Obama courtship, but if like Georgia Peach (no daggers) she decided Barack Obama was a name she didn't like and made a life choice on his name...wow. That's closing lots of doors based on something very trivial. Like Latinegro said, that leaves more space for the thugs and playas. Those are the ones that will go ahead and break your heart because they know that flash and swagger is more important to you than substance and grit and they don't really want a trivial person in their lives either.

Anonymous said...

*buck fifty

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Brooke In my eyes you are MORE than a "Michelle"

You go girl......

Ms. Princess said...

Hello Brooke-lyn, how ya doing? (peace to Lil' Wayne). Let me first say there is absolutely nothing wrong with morphing your blog into a forum about relationships. The truth is you bring forth a lot of great topics that should be discussed. It helps us to further understand the fe/male. You're better than Dear Abby, lol. As a matter of fact, that's how I'm gonna start off my comments. Let me go back to the beginning...
Dear Brooke-lyn, this is a heavy topic, as both sexes think they are prepared for Prince/ss Charming and there just aren't enough of the opposite sex out there ready for him/her. The adjective that would best describe The Obamas would have to be loyal! It has nothing to do with how educated they are, except for the fact that that's the common denominator that bought them together. If God has someone for you, please believe his name, her height, his lineage, her age or education will not stop the love you have for that person.

Brooke said...

Nicole! how you gonna tag me in the middle of my comments section! You're supposed to tag me in YOUR blog! LOL!!

I'll get to it tho and post tomorrow :-)

And thank you, I love you!

Dre, AnaJolia...wooo saaaaa!

Princess! You're back! "Dear Brooke-lyn"...I like that :)

Very true. I think we put what we THINK a Barack or a Michelle is down on paper, but rarely look within to see the true person. We know that human being are flawed. I don't think any of us are looking for perfection - we know it doesn't exist. But finding the person that is perfect for US is the key, not what we THINK it should be based on some arbitrary standard. I guess we should just BE who we are looking for. And even then, you may end up with someone who is completely different from you, but who compliments you just the same.

Do any of you think the playas and flash and swagger outnumber the "Baracks?" Same question about the "Michelle's."

Ms. Princess said...

I think the majority of "us" women who have been lied to, cheated on feel such a pang of hurt because we were loyal to that man. Trust is such a major part of relationship. It's what separates my male friends from my man. As my husband, my partner, I put my life in your hands and once have taken those vows with me and a preacher and witnesses, I expect you to uphold them. Michelle not only put her life, but also the lives of their children in his hands and said "If this is what you want to do baby, I'm with you...we're with you!" Because of the decision he made, because he wanted to run for president and try to make the world a better place, he has changed his family's lives. They will forever be under scrutiny, be targets in the eyes of the world, be judged and have to be followed by security. No doubt, Michelle had her reservations and has said how tight money was while he was living on a campus in DC, she had to raise the kids alone. But all in all she believed in her partner.
In that respect, I think most of "us" are Michelles, in that we believe in our men, we're just looking for the Barack who'll do something for us to believe in. And that's all I have to say about that. (Sorry, I had to write 2 posts. You know my phone only allows so much text).

E.Payne said...

As I was reading this I was saying to myself, "here we go," then I was cracking my knuckles getting ready to dig in especially considering I blogged about almost the exact same thing for nearly a week - 2 weeks ago. But by the time I got to the end of the post, I was cool with everything. That's why my momma (a 2nd grade teacher for most of her life) always told me to finish reading. Great post! It leaves thoughts and challenges on the table.

Latinegro - your last point was seriously on point - but I do think it goes both ways because no queen lives in a vacuum (plenty do, but we have other words for them). Those two (Barack & Michelle) are mutually blessed by each other's love and adoration. Proof of that is in their smiles at one another and in their kids.

I like Ms. Princess' last point also - no matter what you think your "type" is -if God has someone picked out for you and vice versa the details are going to matter so much - but God is so great by putting beauty in the eye of the beholder - so it doesn't matter anyway.

Brooke said...

Pranny, you're commenting from your phone? Now that's love...:)

It's SO hard to put complete trust in someone, no matter who it is. I hope to be able to do that one day, and have someone trust me just the same.

E! You wrote about this? I guess great minds....well....you know ;)

Seeing with God's eye...very deep. But whe you see with His eye, you see the good and beauty in everything in His creation, and ultimately who He chooses for you.

Anonymous said...

I know this is not Random Thursday but I am Obama'd out...Really. Sorry, just had to get that out..

There is someone out there for everyone if they want it.

Honestly some people women may not want a "Barack" Just like men may not want a "Michelle".

Also, you as an individual really have to know what you want in a mate and there are people out there that really don't. They see an image or another relationship and I say I want that. Also so when you say that be careful of what you say you want because what some relationships look like from the outside can be a 180 in the inside.

Also, some of you might have already met your "Obama" but you were not ready for that...Timing is key.

Barack can be a rock to Michelle just as much as Michelle has been to him. Sure Michelle may still be a queen without him but she may not we don't know that.

We don't know the intricacies of their realtionship. That is only for them to know.

Anonymous said...

OK Brooke & I were chatting & we realized no one answered the what does your Barack look like question...lol SOOO here it goes for you Brooke.
Yeah I went for the fly boys & the playas...etc etc.. BUT MY Barack is THE COMPLETE opposite of everything I ever looked for..

He was divorced with 2 kids when he started pursuing me. He was the dude that always falls into the "friend" category because he's too nice you can't picture yourself dating him..His pursuit took almost a year. If you ask him he was just about to give up on me when we had our first date...
He became my Barack because on our first date. I took a stand. I was open & honest & told him that although I would understand it if he never wanted to marry again or have any more kids that this was something I was not willing to forfeit because these were things I wanted & felt I deserved. HE AGREED. He also said that he wanted those things again also they just hadn't worked out the first time around.
We've had our ups & downs & it hasn't always been easy BUT I feel like with MY Barack on my side I can get through anything. He BUSTS his ass every day for me & our future and to give me all those things that he told me he would give me on our first date. And every day I have to thank god that I gave the chance to the most unlikeliest of choices...

My mother was the biggest skeptic of him at first because as all moms they just want what is best for their children... BUT once she got to know him She said "the worst thing I can honestly say about him is that he is divorced with 2 kids." And then she looked at me & said you luckier than most. And that is when I knew he was the one....

Brooke said...

I don't think my post made Barack and Michelle the standard for men and women, we all certainly do not profess to know the intricacies of their relationship. That wasn't the question. The question was more about where are OUR ideas of "Baracks" and "Michelles" - the people who were made just for US.

Sorry if you're Obama'd out, I'm still riding my Obama high and felt they were relatable subject matter for us. I will be on my Obama high for a LONG TIME!

But anyway, just like Annamaria said, HER Barack took a different form, so it's all about finding the person that shares YOUR values and direction in life...no one else's. She held true to herself and what she wanted...she was the best HER...and HER "Barack" found her. They found each other.

Anthony Otero said...

I need to comment on a few things:

Brook, to you question about there being enough "Barack"'s to go around. That is a very good question and to that I would say yes. I think there enough to go around, however, i think the more important question is can you recognize him when you see him?

Annamaria made a good point about Barack being human. He can make mistakes too. I don’t consider this type of man to be perfect, Sometimes mistake have to be made in order to become him.

However, the Barack type of man can have confidence issues (like most men of color who are single,) so if you play or diss this type of man...why would he try to go after you again? It is not about "bitchassness" or swallowing his pride, it is more like, why deal with that type of woman?

Dre and think I think a lot probably because we are practically brothers (Landshark!).

I am still processing Ms. Princess's comments

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

S.O.S. Same Ol Shyt..different day. This conversation comes up 850 times a year. And we can all talk until we are blue in the face about if there are more Baracks or Michelles, more god women then good men... should educated sistas date uneducated men... blah blah blah. Not that I don't think this is an excellent blog Brooke... I just don't think there is truly an answer.

The only thing I can say is try and be who you want to attract and don't close your mind. Especially if you can get your mind away from the "packaging" of a good man. He just may have a crazy name like Cleofus, not be buff, and he may work for a grass roots organization and be struggling right now.... but he may be the one would spend the rest of his life trying to please you and give his last breath to protect his queen. You just have to decide is that good enough for you.

Brooke said...

Here's a question - do men do that too? Do they look for the Michelles who may not be a size 2, work at Target and are named Shaniqua, even though she may treat her man like a King and honor him?

I ask because I find that some men I've dated...mostly since I moved to NY, and other women have told me, is that men KNOW they have a bunch of Michelles to choose from and seek to find the most PERFECT one. I don't think it's just us women looking for that Barack. Men know they have options. Arguably MORE options. So in this case, they know that they can date 5 Michelles and if this one isn't quite right, there's another one around the corner. I know men who said "Kesha" is great in EVERY way, but still wanted to see what else is out there just in case he missed something. At what point do men say "she has everything I ever wanted in a person" and settle on that one...or do they say "I"m tired of dating, let me just settle down with her."?

Someone once said that women fall in love and want to get married. Men decide they want to get married and find a wife. Do they find Michelle, or whoever happens to be there when they make that decision? Talk to me...

Anthony Otero said...

Wow...you just got ultra deep.

I am not that one man can have that many Michelle's in his life to choose from. If any man thinks he has it like that...then he is not the "Barack" man we are talking about. While sure he is confident, dating more than one woman is a lot of time and effort and sounds like a playa to me...lol

We can spend a whole other blog about how men interpret love and getting married. I am not sure the type of man we are referring to is the type to settle because all his options are exhausted.

Brooke said...

Well, maybe he's not settling because his options are exhausted, maybe it's because HE is exhausted from dating. I know men who said they got married because they wanted to settle down and start a family, and married the woman they were in a current relationship with, but say their "true" love got away, or that they let a few good women get away but it's too late to go back. They still may have many options, but they just don't feel like going thru the effort to date anymore.

Does that sound valid to you? Or are these men not the "Barack's" we're talking about?

I know, I know...maybe I should leave this one up to you, or Ox or E or someone who has better insight. Guest blogger anyone? ;)

Serena W. said...

Annamaria aka AnaJolia your last comment was inspiring for those who are single. You just never know...sometimes your love is right in front of you. And if you just open up like you did people would realize that the one that God made for them has been right there :)

I also think some are fearful for change because of the additional stuff that come with the package deal like kids, a divorce, etc but if you look past it like you did then one would realize that they are the one that will compliment them and be their rock just as you are theirs...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks soo much!!!!!! To me marriage, kids, love etc may not be for everyone. Everyone may not want a Barack or a Michelle. The thing is to be open & honest with yourself & demand what you want. And to be a lil more open minded..
I never looked at him in that way but once I did I opened the door to something beautiful. And like he tells me all the time. No one will ever love me like he does.. And I honestly do believe him. If you stay true to yourself God will bring your "PERFECT" mate to you. That person will not be PERFECT meaning without flaws OR PERFECT to those around you BUT they will be the PERFECT man or woman for you!

Georgia Peach said...

Wow - such insight here today. Dre "Black Cloud" I totally agree with you that I have made lots of stupid decisions based on trivial matters and have probably passed up my Barack's on any given day because of it. It's silly - I'm learning from it and I'm correcting my attitude so that maybe one day I can grow up to be a good wife to my "Barack."

I have to agree with what Pranny and Brooke said about God's will for your mate. I was having this conversation with E and his wife (much like you AnnaJolia) - we really didn't get into the spiritual level, but they both said that if you'd talked to them a few years ago they never would have thought they would end up getting together. So I'm learning and still a young grasshopper. Or so I like to think. As Rene said it's really all about your preparedness for the right mate. I'm sure I've met the right person for me many times over, but at the time I wasn't in a place that I was ready to welcome them into my life because of other priorities.

I'll try to check back in again before I head home for the day. I always learn something from the Peanut Gallery you guys truly are good peeps. :o)

Anonymous said...

(looking over the shoulder for shanks and tasers)

It's very simple. Men have more options because we're GENERALLY open to more options. We'll kick it with Shaniqua from Target and Tricia from McDonald's because they're working and probably have a dream to do something bigger elsewhere or even be the manager of the Target or McDonald's (look at those salaries before you huff). She's attractive and cool? We'll kick it!

It seems a lot of women aren't open to those options...couple that with his name being Cleofus and it's a rizzy. LOL

Men and women approaching marriage - I think that saying should say "Women LOOK to fall in love and get married and men look to get married to a wife they fell in love with...and got nudged down the aisle." LOL

But for real, aren't y'all hunting for Barack, or Boris, or Bill Cosby or whomever is that symbol at the time from when you're children and playing dolls?

I think in relationships, women are focused on the final score more than men who are more focused on playing the game. Take that how you will..;-)

Anonymous said...

Somewhere there is a man named Cleofus ready to jump off a bridge because we have spent the entire day dissing his name & saying that he is not qualified to be our Barack because of his name... LMAO

Poor Cleofus!!! I think I'll put my taser down for the rest of the day in his honor!!!

Brooke said...

ah, so that's it? We're conditioned differently? Women are trained from girlhood to get married while men are trained from boyhood to sow their oats? Interesting....I want someone to do THAT blog.

For the record, I never played with dolls or pictured myself in a wedding dress or dreamt of THAT day. Wonder if that's what's wrong with me? ;) I digress....

Well if that is true, no wonder we can't figure it out...we're different species :)

And you're right..men will "kick it" with just about anybody. I wonder why... ;) are you sure it's cuz she's "cool"...or has a big butt and a smile? LOL! I'm sorry, I had to say it.

So before you jump on me for implying that's all y'all want, I was KIDDING!....sort of ;) ha!

Dre, you should change your name to Cleofus so AnaJolia won't tase you.

Glee, yes...these are a bunch of cool peeps on here. I'm loving all of you - both old and new friends!

Anonymous said...

Don't get it twisted I won't tase Dre AKA Cleofus TODAY!!! He can get a pass TODAY 1/27/2009 but starting tomorrow I will be tasing him & everyone else all over again! lol

Brooke you are ABSOLUTELY right.. Why is it unacceptable for women to go around sowing their oats???? Why should we have to have a head full of shoulda coulda wouldas about loves we never had or just that one dude you just wanted to take advantage of & then chase out your door with your taser (NO I SWEAR I NEVER DID THAT!) HMMM Very interesting topic that should definitely be done..

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Brookizzle... I would say... most men probably don't open their mind... they look for their Michelle all wrapped up in what they think is perfect packaging. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high!!! I think somewhere along the line, we got stuff messed up.

Also, some of this clarity comes from old age. I have to admit, I wasn't always this open minded. I don't think I would have dated a single mom before. But as they say you wanna see God laugh, tell him what you have planned!!!

Annamarie, I think you should put down your taser and start a HUG A CLEOFUS DAY! Or maybe even BLOG A CLEOFUS DAY!

Brooke.. and oh yeah... don't let Black Cloud fool you... especially when we're young... we're hollah at a girl no matter where she work as long as she's cute!!! We are not that deep that we see the potential right off the back. We tryna Blog'em first. (Just be real!)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

BTW... I am all for women sowing their royal oats!!!! I wish their was a lot more oat sowing going on while I was single!!! DAM DAM DAM!

Brooke said...

yes, but when we DO sow our royal oats, y'all call us ho's and tricks! and who wants that???!!!

can't win man...can't win!

And Cloud ain't fooling me, he THINK he is, but I ain't no natural born fool! Ha!

"Blog a Cleofus Day?" See what Craig done started?

Where is Craig anyway? hmmm....

probably somewhere rollin doobies - Ha!

Craig n 'em said...

First of all...I'm right here dammit...second of all...I was rolling doobies...what of it...Third of all...I think I'm gonna put out a BLOGSTRAINING ORDER on AnaJolia...You are way too aggressive and violent on the blogs...Tazing is illegal...You really do scare me sometimes...You need to hang with me and take a pull...And yes, I know you're pregnant...what of it..

Now, Lets not forget in all this lovefest that what we see on TV and hear on radio is the BEST OF BARACK AND MICHELLE. We don't know how they are pains in the asses to each other...cuz you know its true...We may have our Barack and Michelle standing right in front of us and don't even know it..But first...what is our BARACK and what is our MICHELLE?...what that signifies is different to each of us...For one MICHELLE..her BARACK could be a man thats half white and half right ;-)...that's it..no credentials..just a yellow mutha 'fer...Shallow and all about looks...For one BARACK, his MICHELLE could just have a nice ass...It varies for all of us. What do we hold important. Oh, and Pretty Rick? I've always been open minded...I've been dating Single moms since the 9th grade...You know Craig love the kids...But they usually don't love me cuz I always eat their snacks and they can never beat my WII scores but thats another BLOGSTRAINING ORDER...(Well...pending)

At the end of the day, never know what happens behind closed doors and how much work is put in to portray THE BARACK AND MICHELLE LOVE FEST...
Maybe it's not about finding...Maybe its just about working harder on what you already have found...
They've been married for around 20 years now...Imagine when they were only together for a year they were good friends of yours...Would you look at them the same you do now? Maybe...Maybe not...Time tells...It takes time and hard work to build a BARACK AND MICHELLE sandwich...

Ok...I'm hungry now...Peace...

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm going to stop reading your blog in a few months Brooke. If Craig keeps making me laugh like this I may go into early labor!!!!!!!!! LMAO

I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY TASER!!! I'm considering moving to Connecticut where they are legal.. YES THEY ARE I LOOKED IT UP! :)

Brooke said...

LOL!! The first thing I thought of while reading Craig's post was the part of Katt Williams stand-up where he ate all his baby's cereal...hahahahahahaha!

But anyway, you're right. I think we all stressed that when I say "Barack" or "Michelle," we don't mean THEM specifically, that's just what I'm calling our ideal mates IN OUR EYES for the sake of this blog.

Dre started it off by saying that Michelle was giving him the business just like regular folk do, and that he sees his parents in them. I don't think any of us are fooled into thinking they're perfect. Actually, I think that's why we love them and can relate to them, for that VERY REASON. They don't come off as perfect to me. I don't see a couple who never fights, I see one who may have differences and works thru them, TOGETHER. They are committed and dedicated to being one...no matter what goes on behind clothes doors or even in front of the cameras.

I say Barack and Michelle just as I would have said George and Weezy - two totally different couples, but strong nonetheless. My charge in the email was to define that person for YOURSELF.

But I do think you made a good point in that sometimes instead of looking for that Barack or Michelle, we should work on perfecting our current relationships instead of looking for a perfect person.

Now see Craig, you got Annamaria looking to MOVE just so she can tase someone!

Anonymous said...

I totally got what this was about but I feel people always look at icons and wish to have what they have and aspire for that when they dont really think about or find what truly makes them happy.That's why a lot of people walk around empty...

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