Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Okay, is it me, or is anyone else having trouble remembering what day it is? Being on vacation for 2 weeks has me all over the place...but I believe it's Tuesday, so...Happy Tuesday!

Let's check in with Liz! She's been recording herself, she just hasn't been uploading or sending the links to me - so don't think I forgot! But today she sent me week 6 and week 7 updates, so click on those links to see how she did :-)

Okay, so last night I watched a new show on ABC called True Beauty - did anyone see it??? The contestants on this competition reality show all think they're being judged on how beautiful they are on the outside, but actually they're being judged on their inner beauty. Check out the contestants:

"When I walk into a room, time freezes."

I mean, I understand confidence. No one thinks, or should think, that he or she is unattractive. But even the most confident of us should realize that no one is perfect by everyone's standards. And truly beautiful people understand that beauty illuminates from within.

These men and women were obnoxious. They were arrogant. They lacked any substance that could be seen - at least not in the first episode. Sure, they were physically attractive - but on the inside? Whoa. Let's hope creative editing cut out any redeeming qualities any of them may have had, because it was sad...so sad.

But what was most sad about these contestants was how noticeably insecure they all were. We all have insecurities. Some of us work through them and try to overcome those insecurities. Others mask them with a false sense of pride. We build a bigger ego thinking no one will see the real person within. I got the sense that these contestants were hiding behind a veil, even though they desperately wanted to be seen. They all measured their worth by their outward appearance and were crippled by what other people thought of them.

I understand they thought it was a beauty contest - but when asked how one measures beauty, not one of them said anything about having a good heart, being compassionate or generous or having a sensational personality. They were concerned with cheekbones and eye color and their physique. They were jealous of each other. They were condescending. And they were ugly...to the bone.

Don't get me wrong, we all enjoy looking our best. We wear make-up, stylish clothes and get our hair did :-) We make ourselves attractive for many reasons...whether it's to put a little more sway in our step, or to attract members of the opposite sex. The great challenge for each of us is to let go of our limited view of ourselves and trust the intimations of our soul, which whisper to us "rejoice, you are a child of God." We focus outward when the beauty we long for and try to paste on our bodies is already within us.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying taking care of yourself and looking the best that you possibly can. But all of that should be done to please yourself, not to be judged by anyone else. We should take just as much time, if not MORE, to cultivate our inner beauty. Too often our appreciation of beauty does not penetrate beyond physical attractiveness or sex appeal, and our relentless pursuit of beauty at the superficial level prevents us from understanding that our oneness with God makes us beautiful from our souls. The outward appearance may be what attracts us to a person, but the person's inner self is what will keep our attention and capture our hearts.

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

Out of His love, we are created in His likeness, divided and multiplied into a myriad variety of images manifest in His glory. Be content with your natural appearance. And I don’t mean a reluctant contentment - but a joyful, sincere gratitude to God for what He has blessed you with...and what He has given to others. You can’t be grateful and envious at the same time. God created us beautifully, knitting each part together deliberately. We are all unique - no two of us are exactly alike. Beauty is infinite because God is One. No matter how deep it is...where there is beauty, there is an eye to see it. Once we tap into the beauty that is God in us, the veil is lifted, and our inner radiance shines through.



Anonymous said...

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

I purposely didn't want to see this show because I knew it was going to make me want to tase someone (first taser reference of 2009)
I understand we all do things to make us more attractive BUT if you are a generally fucked up person there is nothing make up & clothes can do for you. I think it's more important to "dress up" your inner self & make that more appealing than it is to work on only your outside. And I for one always preferred being with someone whose personality was more attractive to me than looks.. EXCEPT for Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami but he's a totally different story! lol

Rene The Harlemite said...

"One who always has to be first tends not to care about those behind them"
Rene Proverbs 115

Most peope that are arrogant are insecure.

Arrogance and confident are two different characteristics.

When you are worried more about the outside is because there is not alot inside.

Gotta be right within..

Anonymous said...


Cause you know that if I wasn't first you would have made some SLICK comment about being first!!! SOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA & a taser to your gut! LOL

Brooke said...

...so much violence - INNER BEAUTY PEOPLE....INNER BEAUTY! LOL!!

But yes Annamaria, I had to make myself watch that show, and the whole time I was like "ewww!" And of course the black girl got kicked off first. She was SO UGLY on the inside...cussin at people, going thru people's private stuff, just a hot mess. When she realized what the show was really about, she was acting like she was mad, but you could tell she was really embarrassed. They make you look at yourself from hidden video...and it was not a good look.

Anonymous said...

I did not see the show cause I needed my beauty sleep...But I think when someone is so focused on the outside they either don't have anything else to offer...or they are really insecure about the other aspects of there being...like their looks are all they got...and that is sad....Rene nice proverb but I think its nice that you all love Brooke's blog that much!!!!!!

PS Renen time for the x-mas tree to come down...hint hint

. said...


Dre Lew said...

I didn't see the show but I was shocked of how each of them came off on their introductions. I'll first give them the benefit of the dout as I don't know what the producers of the show requested them to say in the intro...but it was clear that they all were superficial. Sad ~ you can see the outer beauty a mile away and within 20 sec of speaking ~ Joe/Jane Ugly is at the door!!! I love the concept of flipping the script on these Butt Ugly folks!!! I hope they each take a large mouth full of Humble Pie!!

I think the inner beauty of a person can shine and brighten the heart of all. God Bless those who have it from the inside out and are comfortable in their shoes.

Rene...right on point with confidence!

Now I must say...I know quite a few male and female body builders. In a competition they are in contest of symmetry and definition ~ I have found most, not all to be very beautiful from the inside.

I don't get some people though. I met some who I think alot of people would say they beautiful ~ but they can only see that their nose is too big, tummy needs a tuck, lip needs an injection and so on. I say to those type of folks ~ get a real life!!!

Great blog Brooke!!!

Brooke said...

Thanks Dre! And I hear you. I know some stunning people who only focus on their flaws...or their PERCEIVED flaws. They want to be perfect. That's why so many people who get plastic surgery don't know when to stop. It's a sickness. Who has the time to fixate over such things? And if you do have the time, what does that really say? If people spent a FRACTION of that time committing themselves to being a better person, then they'd realize how truly beautiful they really are. Ever meet a great looking man or woman AND they were a great person as well? Makes them 10x more attractive right? Not everyone gets that.

Dre Lew said...

So right Brooke!!! What time waste and lack of focus on bigger, better and more worthy things. I just really wonder how far would they go ~ M. Jackson was a good looking black man until he lost his focus and went to the dark side * LoL

Brooke said...

Michael Jackson is just wrong on SO many levels :-) He just crazy!

Anonymous said...

Yea I think Michael Jackson's perception of himself is the LEAST of his worries...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello Brooke:

Happy New Year to you. I see you are back into "blogger" mode again. That is awesome.

This is a great topic and for whatever reason it reminds me on the the movie "The Color Purple" with Seeley.

There is a lot more to beauty than just the image.

Beauty comes from the spirit which comes from God.

Seeley was not looked as a bautiful woman on the outside but was bautiful from within which is more powerful. The skin dies the spirit is eternal.

Take care everyone.

The Black Man

Anonymous said...

Annamaria-Give tasing for 2009

Dre Lew-Good looking out.

Nicole-If you are going to ask me to something at least spell my name right.

Monica-Where are you at? Still in 2008?

Brooke said...

Now you know that's my favorite movie. Remember the part where Shug Avery says "you sho is ugly!"? Well later in the movie, she admits she was jealous of Celie, saying "I thinks you beautiful." Celie was hiding her smile, afraid to shine from the inside. She was shakin' her shimmy by the end of the movie!

Celie said "I'm skinny, I'm black, I may even be ugly, but I'm HERE!" We are all beautiful, simply because we exist.

Renen...I mean RENE, it was a typo, you know she loves you :)

Monica is studying for an exam, so leave her alone! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm back...Rene you know what I meant....Just DO IT.....Gosh you're cranky in the 09'.....

As for Michael Jackson....he went to the white side not the dark side....LMAO

I wonder if he looks back and says "Did I go too far?".....probably not...

PS Annamaria so what's the details of your new bundle of joy....how many months, are you feeling ok,

Rene The Harlemite said...

Not cranky at all Nicole...Feeling great actually!

Brooke- If that is your favorite movie I am surpried you made no reference to it in today's blog.

Until tomorrow...

Brooke said...

I think I referenced it in a previous blog. And The Color Purple wasn't my inspiration for the topic :-) That movie had so many themes in it, beauty merely scratched the surface. Actually, when I think about The Color Purple, I think about my sister. I think that's why so many women in particular love that movie, especially if they have a sister that they're close to.

Don't worry, I'm sure I will reference that movie in a future blog :-)

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