Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome to Random Thoughts Thursdays!

Okay, so we'll see how this works out. Some days I have nothing to say. Others I have so many thoughts running through my head that I don't even know where to begin. So I figured maybe I'd dedicate a day to random thoughts, questions, or open it up to discuss whatever anyone wants to discuss. I'm sure there will be a Thursday where I have something specific to say - but in the meantime, let's try it out.

Some random thoughts I've had so far today:

- This woman on the train was smacking gum so loud I wanted to snatch her lips off!

- You ever see really skinny guys wearing skinny jeans...and the jeans are STILL baggy on them? What the hell man??? Eat something, lift weights, do SOMETHING!

- Why are the people at my job so GREEDY? I have a candy jar filled with goodies and they pretend to come over to ask me questions when all they really want is candy. And then they grab a handful instead of taking just one piece. There's someone digging in it right now! Just ask, TAKE ONE and then keep it movin'!

- Speaking of work, I've had a stressful week so far and it doesn't seem to be letting up. Everyone was getting on my damn nerves. By the end of the day, I'm wondering where I can hide the bodies and get away with it.

- I miss Bernie Mac

(LMAO! I needed that!)

- Any of you have "booty jeans"? Mine are not necessarily jeans, but corduroys. Every time I wear these cords, my backside is bootylicious! They lift it up, push it out and round it out nicely - especially when I have my high heeled boots on to go with it. I have them on today - I love it! (I'll be back to my flat back tomorrow!) LOL!

- Speaking of Bootylicious - can anyone see Beyonce playing Wonder Woman? She's expressed an interest and says she's met with reps from DC Comics and Warner Bros. to talk about inheriting the Amazon princess' tiara from Lynda Carter, who played the character in the '70s TV series. Now, if Wonder Woman was an Amazon, brick house, ass kickin' superhero, B might not be tall enough. Tyra Banks anyone?

Okay, I'll stop my random thoughts here so that you all can jump in with yours.

I'll leave you with a question for the day:

Would you rather suffer a nerve injury that forever numbed your entire genital region, or one that left you completely deaf?

(....huh? what?....I can't hear you! LOL!)



Anonymous said...

Random thought by me...

Okay, I don’t really keep up with Disney…

But that’s HARD when this little girl is everywhere (and yes, she’s a little girl).

But it disturbs me that she JUST turned 16 and her “boyfriend” is 20.


WTF does a 20-year-old have in common with a 16-year-old???

They were messing around when she was 15!!!!!

Granted, her parents are letting this go on and who am I to tell you how to run your household…

But almost a 5 year difference??

5 years ago, she was 10 and he was 15!!! In another 2 years, she’ll be legal so why not wait??

And no one can say she’s mature for her age…look at how shes giggling and falling all over the place at the mere mention of him. If she was trying to be cute, it didn’t come across that way…

Anonymous said...

Random thought of mine is why is it such a hard thing to ask that you let me know that you are coming to my house for Thanksgiving? I'm not asking you to give me a kidney. I'm asking are you coming to stuff your face so that I can make sure you have enough food. SOME CONSIDERATION that is ALL I want. AND why is it too much to ask that you arrive at my house ON TIME??? I mean I am cooking for ALL of you people can you get there when I ask so that I am not waiting on you all day & night to eat??? Is any of this tooo much to ask???

P.S.-Elizabeth I'm with you on that lil Miley Cyrus heifer! Her parents should be slapped & someone needs to remind her that she is ONLY 15! It really isn't cute!

Georgia Peach said...

Random thought - I'll admit I almost called in sick today, but didn't because it would have been trifling since I'm taking tomorrow off! Real talk... ok back to the grind.

Brookey - I def have a pair of bootylicious jeans... I need to invest in a few more though!

Anonymous said...

Random Thoughts- I do not like the cold.

Gotta long ride ahead of me tomorrow.

Don't know what I feel like eating for a snack!

Holla Black! LOL!

Brooke said...

Well then you are in for a treat tomorrow Rene, cuz it's BRICK outside! I liked to freeze my bootylicious ass off today! LOL!!

p.s. You're DRIVING from the ATL tomorrow? straight foolishness.

Glee, I wanted to call out yesterday but glad I didn't - had MAD fires to put out at work and it would have been disasterous if I wasn't here.

Miley Cyrus is simple as hell.

All I gotta say about Annamaria is "be at her house on time!" cuz she's DYING to use her taser! Seriously! Don't give her a reason! ANY REASON! :-)

Brooke said...

Oh, and uh...hello! No one is answering the question of the day! That was a REAL question y'all :-)

Anonymous said...

To Annamaria (regarding Thanksgiving):

If your guests don't come within 30minutes of when you asked and they don't have a resonable excuse, eat without them...

My biggest pet peeve are people who are a complete disrespect of my time...
pisses me off ::)

Kat said...

To answer the random question of the day: I would choose to be deaf. They say that if you lose one of your five senses, you heighten the others. Additionally if I were deaf, I could still feel the music.

. said...

Girl, I hear you on the jeans…Citizens do the same thing for me, lol

I want a SLAMMIN’ homemade meal…but I don’t want to prepare it, I just wanna be fed ;-)

Every woman is not maternal.

Children say the funniest things! My nieces and nephews have been crackin’ me up lately!

My niece knows every song in Hairspray. She’s 6.

I need a massage…BAD!!!

I wanted to choke one of my sisters last night.

It ain’t no joke keeping your house warm in this cold…not a game.

I just had a vegetable patty for lunch.

I forgot how much I enjoy Terry McMillan’s writing…just finished reading “A Day Late and A Dollar Short”…Might reread Suzie Orman’s “Woman & Money"

This is my favorite time of the year! I LOVE IT!

I love the holidays! I love NYC! I love NYC during the holidays.

My cousin Oscar is the bomb…always there when I need him…he knows when I need him before I do.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving.

My asthma has been acting up. I now have to carry a pump again…it has been years :-(

I love my Russian hat.

Yesterday this guy was staring at me so hard, he made me uncomfortable. He was handsome but dude please stop looking at my lips like that?!

I love nice sheets…high thread count…you can never have enough sheets or underwear.

I’m related to a couple of birds.

Looking forward to seeing Sarah and Marge for the holidays...

My handyman is the best and his flirting is harmless…just so comical to me, lol
Talking about…Stop playing you know I’m YOUR MAN, who else comes through for you like me? Now cook for me, Woman!

My arm hurts. I got the flu shot yesterday.

Brooke said...

I didn't know you had asthma! wow.

I JUST bought some new sheets, 600 thread count. Can't wait to put them on my bed and just roll around :-)

I had a quesadilla for lunch.

I'm looking for an excuse to play my Boyz II Men Christmas cd. It's not even Thanksgiving yet!

I always need a massage.

What you said about that guy staring at your lips made me think of that scene in Daddy's Little Girls where that guy who ordered "skrimps" said "you got some sexy ass lips" and Gabrielle Union sucked her lips in, LOL!!

How come no one (besides Kat) is answering the question of the day!?

. said...

yes, I haven’t had an attack in years but been wheezing lately...think the paint job in my bedroom set it off and the dust I inhaled when I cleaned out the garage...not good.

600?!Damn! NICE! Nothin' like some soft clean smelling sheets :-)

I love Mariah's X-Mas CD ;-)

That would have been to funny if I would have done that with my lips!

Come on man, you know my answer to that!!! LOL! WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!

Brooke said...

Actually that question was hard for me. I mean, I know I could make it thru life without hearing, but I'd miss the sound of my nephews' laugh SO MUCH. Hearing them laugh sends me over the moon with joy. It's one of those moments that makes life worth living for me.

. said...

Nah, all jokes aside…I’d keep my hearing. I feel you on that…

I'm either watching The Game Plan or Big Daddy tonight, lol

I love the color green!

Keyshia Cole's momma Frankie is a HOT MESS! But I really dig Keyshia...that girl got a huge heart, tolerance and patience...

Do all you Dean women cook Thanksgiving dinner together?

I’m in charge of the appetizers and dessert ;-)
We’ll also be celebrating Diana’s B.Day and my Mom’s B.Day…

Anonymous said...

My random thought today is why were my babies coughing up a lung last night keeping me and my husband up all night, I decide to keep Kyce home from school and I haven't heard a cough all day and he's running around like a crazy person. Did I just fall for the okey-doke?

Brooke said...

Yes, all the Dean women cook Thanksgiving together. I make the dessert, so cheesecake it'll be! Franco actually makes the turkey, but for the most part Nicole makes everything and I'm the "preparer." I chop, peel and slice everything and then hand it off to Nicole. My mom makes coleslaw every Thanksgiving, along with deviled eggs and she makes a veggie tray as well for us to nibble on. But Nicole is the main one to cook since Thanksgiving is at her house every year.

I love purple, but don't really own that much purple stuff and I don't wear anything purple except my favorite pashmina.


yes, you fell for the okey doke :) Maybe he's sick of school - HA!

I hope my baby isn't coughing because of me :-(

Anonymous said...



Anononymous that agreed with me is invited to dinner anytime.

Amanda what time is Thanksgiving dinner by you cause I'm soo annoyed right now I might just cook & bounce! LOL

Brooke said...

I don't care where you go for Thanksgiving, just make sure you cook and save me a plate! LOL! That dinner you made last time I was there was DELICIOUS!

Anonymous said...

yeah B,

I saw your booty today and it was poppin! you need to get a pair of those pants in every color! I just wanted to bite it! lmao!

. said...

Not sure yet but feel free to bring your butt over at anytime
:-) People show up whenever they feel like it in my family!

. said...

Well now we all know who anonymous're not anonymous anymore, dude!

Brooke - I want a slice of your cheesecake!!!

Brooke said...

I'll save you some cheesecake!

Also, please tell me who anonymous is, cuz I have no idea! LOL!! (on email of course) ;)

. said...

Nicole, sounds like you def got hit with the okey-doke! LMAO!
But I'm glad he's feeling alright ;-)

. said...

I think Nicole is on the money about what your REAL favorite color is!!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda that would be a NO on the dinner question. I usually cook everything!!!!!!!

Brooke has the assignment of making dessert. So we will see?!!! Ussually Brooke has the easy job of keeping the kids busy. My mother will bring random things that usually have pork in them as well so not only am I not able to use them I then have to store extra stuff until she leaves.

I had a chicken ceasar salad. I walked from the this gas station were I was having my car serviced. My first thought was to call my husbands partner to pick me up but then I said let me get off my ass and walk. It was good. I think an inner athlete exist under all this chubbiness.

My son is only 2 and likes playing with his totah (AKA penis in Arabic) already. Guys what is the fatuation? Sorry I don't have spell check.

Are you watching Oprah? How about Mortania....women are considered beautiful and sexy the fatter they are...even buying weight gaining pills....and if your divorced even better!!!!! Hmmm

I could probably would prefer to hear.....

Brooke's right hearing the kids laughing makes me laugh....I love hearing them say mama too.


Anonymous said...

Brooke I said your favorite color is maroon.....

Who is checking out your but like that at work??? Bite it? You better watch out Brooke.

Anonymous said...

Brooke I will save you a plate & take it with me to Amanda's house when I go & hide out! LMAO. Just bring me some cheesecake! lol Even trade! lol

Brooke said...


"could probably might could wanna hear" LOL!! No one is answering that one outright. No man has answered yet!

YES I AM WATCHING OPRAH!!! and I need to pack my damn bags and move to Mauritania!

For those of you who are not watching, Oprah's show today is about how women view beauty all around the world in different cultures. In Mauritania, the bigger the woman is, the more beautiful she is. If you have stretch marks, even better! Meanwhile, the MEN there are expected to be thin and fit. How great is that!?

What do you mean, "we'll see?!" You know I'm bringing dessert, stop it! And keeping the kids busy is NOT EASY! I have to answer a gazillion questions like "why does the moon look like a banana?" and wrestle with Kyce while Ibrahim is wrapped around my neck! Mommy does bring random stuff, but at least her coleslaw is pork free :) Leave that woman alone :)

From now on when I come home, I'll walk with you and we'll unleash that inner athlete. Go Nicole!

Brooke said...

okay..okay...I have TWO favorite colors...purple and maroon/burgandy. My apartment has deep reds all over it, but I still love purple dammit!

sounds good to me Annamaria, even trade! Don't let Austin eat up all the vittles!

I don't know who's checkin out my butt at work, but I don't even care! These cords are my favorite!
If I didn't enable the "anonymous" button, I'd get no comments! LOL!

Anonymous said...


I have 2 things to say to you:

one - I'm not a dude (wink wink)

and 2 - I probably wouldn't mind biting your ass either; I just don't know what it looks like! lol

Brooke said...


I don't even know what to say to that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Brooke, I'm going to make Austin wait to eat with his family since they are the ones that want to get to my house at 8 when I said 4! Therefore there will be MORE than enough for you & anyone else that knows how to tell time!!!!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

WOW (said in my best Flavor Flav voice) now I want to know who Annonymous is! LMAO

Brooke said...

I can't stop laughing!

. said...


. said...

Nicole you got me crackin' up!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to use all the

Brooke said...

Nicole, you are CRAZY!

Can you all tell she doesn't spend much time on email/IM? :) LOL!

Here's one for you Nicole - SMDH.

Figure that one one tell her what that one stands for :)

Keefe said...

Why am I thinking about sucking on a well pedicured set of toes?

Brooke said...

now see...Keefe...with your freaky ass. You always did have a thing with feet :-)

Anonymous said...

Feet gross me out.. Except for mine of course! And baby feet! LMAO Other than that just the thought of them makes me nauseous! :(

Keefe said...


Did you have a traumatic foot experience? Or maybe you are a foot freak on the low and you don't want to tell anyone. :-)

We all friends here. You can share!

Keefe said...

That should read "we ARE all friends."

Rene The Harlemite said...

Okay well...I guess you get what you ask for...Radom thoughts. I doubt people thought that it was going to be about biting asses today. LMAO!!

As far as the question...I 'd rather be deaf...They will probably if not already have a way for deaf people to hear.

Brooke said...

That just tickled me to death, that "bite your ass too" comment made my whole day - that and the gay Qdoba dude at lunch time (Monica and Nic Nac know who I'm talking about) :-)

Anonymous said...

NO I didn't have a traumatic foot experience!! LMAO At least none that I can remember. Unless I am repressing it in which I should seek therapy.
And trust I am not the type to hold back sooooo I'm not keeping secrets! LOL
I really just don't like feet. Like I wish that you could remove them at night like shoes! LMAO
Yes I know it's strange BUT OH WELL!

The Fury said...

I'd like to taste Brooke's cheesecake...and are we lining up to bite her on the butt as well?? I'll be second in line if need be. LOL

Amanda...hmmmm let's see what she's working with Anonymous. Maybe we can one, two her as well. Where would you prefer the lips, Amanda? LOL

random thoughts...

I always laugh when I watch The Family Guy, but I never purposefully watch it.

I think French Food is highly overrated...except ice cream.

Gayle King has a phat ass!

There are no English words that properly rhyme with purple.

Barack Obama has weed smokers lips, but claims he only smokes cigs...riighht! sure, Barry!!

comments on blogs are cool

The question of the day is hard for me. While I get off on hearing a woman orgasm, it's hard to do that without having the feelings down there...then again, I can always just use my mouth.

Brooke said...

oh wow Fury, you're going there? LOL! Why is everyone tryna bite my ass today? I said I have booty jeans, I didn't say anything about bitin' asses!

Gayle King DOES have a phat ass, no homo :-) I saw her once at an event and was like "DAYYUUUM! look at the badunkadunk on her!"

Don't talk about Barack's weed lips! Leave him alone! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Ok Keefe with the feet?!!! I agree with Annamaria...I don't like feet either....The Fury I never thought about rhyming purple.....I guess that could be true about the color turquoise.

I just put on Transformers for the kids and the intro scared the mess out of Brahim!!!!

I have no idea what SMDH could stand for...but while thinking about it my mind went to "mussy poo sugar bloomers...I mean what's the flavor neighbor"......remember that from def comedy jam.....

Yall must really be ready for Thanksgiving bitin' butts and sucking toes.....

its 6:30 when yall gonna go home????

Ok I have to feed my babies...Brooke I'm making BBQ chicken!!!!!!!haha

and don't be teeeeesin me!!!!!!!


Brooke said...

oh wow! I haven't thought about that in a LONG TIME - "moosy poo, suga bloomers!" LOL!!

SMDH means "shaking my damn head"

I can see Brahim running from the tv now! Kyce was probably looking at him like "what's your problem? Transformers are the shiznit!" LOL!

You always make bbq chicken when I'm not there...da hell man!?

You know I work late, but I'm trying to get out of here now so I can get home to watch my shows :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TRANSFORMERS! I leave in another 20 minutes thank god & YES I would love some BBQ chicken thank you for offering!! LMAO...
Now I don't have to cook tonight. I'm sure Austin & the kids can find something to eat at home! :)

Anonymous said...

Annamaria you got kids?

Sorry I only have three pieces of chicken...maybe another time though....

I need to go food shopping....Oh am I supose to be feedin my babies?

Uhoh we don't want a bad mommy moment...

can yal go home so I can stop looking for the next comment.....Brooke you are gonna have me stalking your blog.....

I am still trying to get used to this key board because the one in Morocco was backwards....Now I'm feeling all dyslexic...I already can't spell!!!!!!!!!

Ok for real now I'm gonna feed the babies.....

Be safe gettin home


Brooke said...

Three pieces of chicken? Make sure you save Franco the BIG piece of chicken! LOL!!

Yes, please go feed my babies. You know Kyce is gonna tell on you if you don't. I can hear it now "Auntie, Mommy didn't feed me til it was too late." LOL! He's such a tattletail! Brahim will just go eat on his own..he don't play around with food man!

Kiss the babies for me! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 BEAUTIFUL stepchildren 5 & 7 years old that I think I love more than I love their dad!! :)


I know what you mean I feel like a blog stalker myself!LMAO

Well today's blog definitely inspired us! Got us all chatting Brooke. GREAT JOB

I'm out to tuck my babies into bed (cause that is where they will be by the time my butt gets home) talk to you all tomorrow!!! :)

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