Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Am......______ Fierce!

Happy Hump Day!

Today's blog is going to be short and sweet....hopefully. I'm working like a slave today and haven't had much time to think, let alone write. But one email discussion that began here at work has inspired my topic for today.

As some of you may know, Beyonce Knowles' 3rd cd, "I Am....Sasha Fierce" dropped yesterday. In this disc, Beyonce unveils "Sasha Fierce" - her racy, edgy, sexy alter ego. Now, we've seen Sasha, we know Sasha - but now B makes it official, gives her a last name, and unveils her in a double disc. "Sasha" is who she is when she's performing. She's raw. She's aggressive. She's not afraid of her sexuality. She wears patent leather super-high heeled stiletto boots. On a recent Oprah interview, she said sometimes "Sasha Fierce" goes home with her. No doubt Jay-Z is the beneficiary :-) Sasha's a freak.

....back to that in a minute...

The "I Am..." side of this schizophrenic double cd is simply Beyonce. The fresh faced, au natural, romantic, ballad singing Beyonce. She's innocent. She's lovey-dovey. She's the coy, country shy woman who bashfully shies away from questions about her man and guards her privacy. Beyonce's a lady.

And no doubt, Jay-Z is the beneficiary.

We all have a side of ourselves that others rarely, if ever, see. There are different facets to our personalities that some may find shocking to know existed. Some of my friends call me "church mouse." My sister had no idea I wrote erotic poetry. Who we are to the world may only be a facade. Or maybe only a lucky few are fortunate enough to meet the "Sasha Fierce" in us. to Hov...

Do you think a man - your man, any man - wants a lady in the street and a "Sasha Fierce" in the bed? Can the same be asked of men? A "Shawn Carter" in the street and "Jigga" with the swag in the bed?

Who is your alter ego? Do you have one? If so, what's his/her name?

I think I'll call mine "Sapphire Vixen"



Georgia Peach said...

Hell I had no idea you wrote erotic poetry... go on Ms. Brookey! That's fantastic and I totally agree with you we should embrace all sides of our family has no idea of me in my NYC element - my somewhat tough, fierce side!

Thanks for keeping me thinking every day!

Dre Lew said...

I think that we all have different hats we were at different times and it all depends on who is in the room at the time. Chemistry can have a major influence as into who you see. As for pretty much get a mirror. If come with high energy ~ I'll give your that and then some. But if it's low key, samey same.

But I would say that a lot of folks would be very surprised to see the ultra personality side of people they only thought to be only one way.

No nicknames ~ or just DreDre(only spoken in the 3rd person*LoL)

Brooke said...

Funny how no one addressed the "lady in the street, freak in the bed" question - HA!!

Yes, Glee, I dabble in some sexy poetry...but don't tell anyone :-) shhhhhh!!!!

Dre, we'll just call you "Big Sexy!" LOL!!

Anonymous said...

OK I got your back! lol I think you should have 2 different sides. The lady in the street & the freak in the bed. I personally love having that side that's a secret. Keeping people wondering...LOL. I may let pieces of it come out at times BUT it's mostly kept under wraps til it's supposed to.
As for the booboo HE LOVES it. He says it thrills him to know I got his back in a business meeting or when we're off showing property BUT he knows what's going to happen the minute we get
Go ahead with yo bad self Brooke!

Dre Lew said...

Brooke...I did, you just have to read between the lines!!! LoL

Brooke said...

So what is YOUR alter ego's name Annamaria? I know - "Selina Kitten" should be yours....since you were "Cat Woman" for Halloween! LOL!! I know her name was really "Selina Kyle" but I think "Selina Kitten" sounds better! :-)

Anonymous said...


I'm a multifaceted person with too many alter egos to name. Therefore, I'll simply list a few:

Demetrius: He is the cat who controls my sexual desires. Demetrius is known to venture to swinger parties.

Worthington: That's my professional ego. He holds me down when I'm at the plantation.

Eric: My boy E is EVIL...... You do not want to cross me when my Eric ego is present.

That's it for now. "Worthington" has to get back to work.

Brooke said...

It's a good thing you're anonymous - wouldn't want "Sapphire Vixen" to run into "Demetrius" :-) LOL! "Eric" just sounds mean!

Nikki_T said...

Brooke or Sapphire Vixen!

You are absolutely right! Men and women love the "angel" and "devil" parts of the opposite sex. Whether it is the bad boy swagger or power of women to take the breath away from a man with a single glance, it is that power of sex appeal, confidence and attraction. It commands the attention of everyone when you walk into a room. Anyone see Memoirs of a Geisha?? You know that you can have any man or woman that you want, because of that confidence.

I love morphing into my alter ego, Gabrielle. She is powerful, alluring, uber sexy vixen that can get just about anything that she wants. I draw upon that energy and have fun; whether I am hanging out with the gals or my fiancé. It is that energy that allows me to step outside my comfort zone and let loose, for example taking a pole dancing class (S-Factor). Doesn't hurt that Jason reaps the benefits! :)

Brooke said...

Pole dancing!? aww sookie sookie now! As Cedric would say, "I'd hurt my whole left side" if I tried that! LOL!!

The Fury said...

The Fury is definitely my Mr. Hyde. While being the regular quiet Dr. Jekyll on the norm, Mr. Hyde is the one that gives multiple orgasms and freaks anyway he wants behind closed doors. I prefer a woman that does the same. A woman that's about her business in the board room and about her bidness (LOL) in the bedroom?? ...Perfect!

Let The Fury meet up with Sapphire Vixen and the neighbors may start banging on the walls and ceiling. LOL

Brooke said...

Hmmm...Demetrius...The Fury.... so many choices! Sapphire is gettin all worked up over here!

Rene The Harlemite said...

It is all a about a woman who can be a lady and handle her business in the street and come home and be a freak in the bed.

Alter Egos....Hmmm
I have not named any. But people do call me Black Tom Brady and Black Phil Jackson.

Because I am told I come through in the clutch and love competition but also have a laid back spiritual side to me.

Brooke said...

Black Tom Brady? Are you sure you don't really mean "Tommy" from Martin?! (inside joke) :-)

achoiceofweapons said...

I would like to read your poetry, erotic or otherwise.
That Lunatic Mista Jaycee The Poet

Brooke said...

Hello Mista Jaycee!

I just checked out your blog - I dig it! Maybe I'll post a poem for Random Thoughts Thursdays... something I'm thinking about doing from now on. We'll see :-) I'm a little shy with it!

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