Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Does It Feel?

Happy Thursday!

I'm still riding on the Obama high as I'm sure we all are. I picked up 3 more newspapers this morning with his picture on the front. A couple of the headlines read "Age of Obama" and "World of Hope." I feel renewed.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Sheppard had this to say about how this historic victory made them feel.

I can finally put my suitcase down.

No Limitations.

Those are very telling statements. To be born in this country, live in this country, and be an active citizen of this country, it's interesting that a lot of us now actually feel like we belong here. Like we are accepted. Like we really have a fair shot or that we are now finally validated. We were all these things before, but now some of us actually believe it. A Latino man who works in my building got on the elevator with me today, just the 2 of us. He looked at me and said, "What a beautiful thing we did with Barack Obama. They can't say NOTHING to us now!"

You could tell he felt invincible! It was written all over his face.

I think the renewed spirit I feel is evident in my smile. I see brothas walking around with a little more swagger. I see hopeful faces. We exude pride in our country. We did this. We deserve this. We deserve him.

Tell me how you feel.

Personally, I feel that our future is a lot brighter. Not because Barack Obama is going to come in and save the day. But because he inspires us to be an active participant in our own lives and our own community. He can't change our lives for us. It's up to us to do that. He serves as our example of personal integrity and responsibility. He represents the best in us that the world will see. He motivates us to act, encourages us to be great, leads by example and will help us give ourselves a greater future.

I feel now, more than ever, that we can do anything. Be anything. Believe anything.

That's how this victory makes me feel.

What did this victory mean to you? How do you feel 2 days after we elected Barack Obama? Do you feel that you are behaving differently? Do you feel that people look at you differently? Do you see a difference in others as a result of this victory? How do YOU feel?



Rene The Harlemite said...

It's a great feeling. The thing people must keep in mind is that as a collective unit we helped in getting him elected by voting, donating time, money, ect.

With that said, if you want to see transformation, these actions must continue. Help out a cause, a kid in your community, or something. One man will not change the state of our society. A collective unit will.

Anonymous said...

It feels GREAT! I also feel like I can do anything that I can think of. I literally feel closer to my minority people. I feel like we've gotten a step ahead. Like there is more power behind us. I'm hopeful that we will do great things now.
Don't forget to pick up Time, People & Newsweek all out now with our new President on the cover!

Keefe said...


I could not have said it better myself. All Americans should definitely be joyous and jubilant about of first Black American. Me personally, I walked in my office yesterday with my chest stuck out a little further than usual. I was truly PROUD to say that I am an AMERICAN.

But then it hit me. How do we keep this momentous feeling going? Barack didn't make it to the office dolo! We as a nation voted him there. We all worked hard to ensure that we get the CHANGE this nation needs. Some of us volunteered their time. While others donated the money. We all came together and work as one. We must continue to work as one to achieve the change we all desire.

Keefe said...

excuse the typos. That should read ... our first Black American President.

Brooke said...

I think that will be a resounding chorus throughout his term. I don't think Barack will let us forget that it's about us, not him. He said that over and over again, that this election was never about him, but about US. He's going to always let us know that it begins with us first and that he can't do anything for us unless we are willing to put in the work to do it ourselves. What's great about him is that I think he will always lead by example. Not just the way a President should act, but how a MAN should be, how a HUSBAND should be, how a FATHER should be. His personal integrity will always be the driving force behind the way we should view ourselves. It's up to us have that dedication in ourselves and our community. He devoted his life to service and said that we are our brother's keeper. He's exemplified that, so now it's time for America to step up and BE that change and promise he speaks of.

Dre Lew said...

How do I feel??? Pumped…Pumped!!!! Enthused beyond words! (Amanda you already know this…I must have said it 10 times during a 5 min chat*LoL) Extremely proud to be an American! We did it and now we support our choice. President Obama has set the bar high and made the call for all of us together to make a better American and better world. I know from management that not all can lead ~ and it takes a lot of worker bees behind one leader with a plan to achieve success. I see and feel such exuberance…for example* I already started to look at solar panels for my house ~ the call has been made to be a better citizens, I understand it’s going to take a different way of living to get the plans of President Obama done. OPEC can lower it’s oil output…we won’t care, because we won’t need it!!!! What a day that we’ll be, behind the plan of our Leader of these United States!!! President Obama lead us on!!!! Soon…I know I will start to feel a lot safer in the world to be an American abroad. There are so many ways change will happen ~ some slow ~ some now. But I’m excitedly ready!! As I write this, I feel my heart rate increase....Wow!! Wow!!

Peace and Love


Dre Lew said...

Keefe, Rene & Brooke ~ preaching to the chorus!!! So Preach On!!!

I see everyone with the same type of feeling and willingness to say ~ "I support my President" Chest out ~ heart singing ~ beaming!!

How Great it is!!

Brooke said...

What's also great is how EVERYONE feels the same way, not just African Americans. Everyone is proud of their choice because he's a good man and a great leader, not because he's black. He's everyone's president. It's amazing to see Latinos and Asians and Indians and White people embracing him one in the same.

During the campaign, one of my coworkers, who is overtly racist, would always say "your guy's on tv" when Barack was on, or she'd say "your candidate." She obviously was voting for McCain, and so many times I'd say to her "He's going to be YOUR guy too soon." After he won, she said "Congratulations, I'm so happy for you." I said "I'm happy for you too, because he's YOUR president too!" I was expecting a smart remark from her, but she said "You're right, he's my president too!" You could tell that even she was sincere about that and that he had earned her respect. To see the power he has to win over such narrow minded people is inspiring.

Rene The Harlemite said...

Thanks Keefe...

There is no color boundary when someone is all around fool. That is what everyone felt about Bush...There is no color boundary when where there is a national recession or when there are families that are fighting wars for person's personal wealth...

I can't front I am glad that Bush made the choices he did because it made it an easier process for Obama to get eleceted.

I hope people open up their eyes in this country and under the power of vote and of initiative.

Also to have a vision and see the future. If you live in the present and create possibilities for the future it can help plan for good times and for not so good times.

Brooke said...

Agreed Rene, totally.

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