Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I literally didn't do anything - didn't even leave the house. It was GREAT...and SO what I needed. This week is going to be a short work week for me, so it's quite possible I will only blog today and tomorrow. MAYBE Friday. We'll see. Try not to miss me too much :-) (kidding...okay maybe not!)

First and foremost, let me post Liz's video blog so we can check in on her progress! Go Liz!

Now, since Thursday is Thanksgiving, and I probably won't blog that day...(maybe)...I decided that instead of Random Thoughts Thursdays this week, we could do "Bitchassness, Buffoonery and Wackness" Monday. This was Amanda's idea...she likes those words, so I figured I'd try to fashion a blog around it so we all can vent about anything we consider to be straight foolishness :-) This clip is for you Amanda - LOL!

Amanda hates Diddy :-)

Anyway - this morning while listening to the radio, the phrase/topic of the day was "You must think I'm stupid...." and listeners called in to tell their stories. This man called in and said he came home from Iraq to find condoms in his girlfriend's place. When he asked her who they were for, she said it was "protection for her favorite toy." Thus..."you must think I'm stupid" if you think I'd believe that! I was CRACKING UP! Hey, at least she thinks on her feet!

Straight Bitchassness!

Here's another story - and you tell me what you think. My sister said she was listening to the radio and this woman told a story about her first date with a new guy. He took her out to dinner and everything was going great. When it came time to pay the bill, he gladly took out his wallet to pay - along with 2 coupons - and handed it to the waiter. She must have had a crazy look on her face because he promptly said "hey, times are hard...every little bit helps!" LMAO! Now, she wanted to know if he was "The Wackness" for pulling out restaurant coupons for a first date. I'll let you all decide that one :-)

So...tell me - What do you consider to be "bitchassness, buffoonery or wackness?"

Here are some of mine:

- name droppers
- people who talk or answer cell phones in movies
- liars
- fishing for compliments
- dudes who go "pssst..." to get your attention
- D.L. Hughley (he's more like "coonery" than "buffoonery")
- Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View
- arrogant men who are cry babies (Terrell Owens, Kanye West, etc.)
- the closet racist girl who sits next to me at work
- haters

I'm sure I can think of more, but I'll stop here!

And if you can think of a "You Must Think I'm Stupid" story to share, I'd love to hear those too!

Have a great day!



Georgia Peach said...

LOL - I love this subject and I have to give propos to the sis with all the condoms around her place. I'll use that one at some point in the future I'm sure. I also hate time wasters (whether personally or professionally) they are the biggest bitchasses of them all.

Keefe said...


I nominate my wife's friend. I'll leave her name out because I know her DUMB ass reads your blog.

"Why-come" my wife's friend recently purchased a $1,500 Gucci bag and had the audacity to ask my wife for a loan to pay her utility bill on the SAME day she purchased the bag. She bought the bag so she can go to Maxwell's concert last week. Is that wack or what? Get your priorities together h@e! And don't call my house anymore!

. said...

Know what your problem is, Shapiro? It's that you just have this really shitty way of looking at things, ya know? I don't have that problem. I just look at the dopeness. But you, it's like you just look at the wackness, ya know? LMAO!!!

Your boy ;-)

BUFFOONERY! Most freakin’ reality shows…I JUST CAN’T!

. said...

Keefe - She's a BIRD.
Nah, more like a PIGEON.

Brooke said...

LMAO!! Leave it to Amanda to quote the movie :-)

I hear you Glee, "time wasters" are the worst!

Keefe - "why come" you put that woman's business on front street?! LOL!! But if she's reading these comments - don't buy at $1,500 bag if you don't have $1,500 to put IN it! I'm jus sayin....

Anything with Flavor Flav, New York, or Chance in it is The Wackness! Straight Buffoonery!

Keefe said...

G's to Gents gets all 3 "Bitchassness, Buffoonery and Wackness." I can also think of a few more choice words to describe that horrible attempt at entertainment.

Anonymous said...

How about people that come over & want to tell you what to do in your own house. Like how I threw a friend of mine a baby shower & decided to serve the mama & papa before I opened the food to anyone else cause I knew they would be too busy to get on line for themselves. WHY did some chick get behind me & say I am hungry I haven't eaten all day so I"m just going to serve myself! AND YES SHE BROUGHT THE WACKESS GIFT! SHE IS THE WACKEST OF THE WACK!
You might as well have mentioned the chicks name since you put her business out there. I'm sure she knows who she is. AND YES SHE IS WACK TOO!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Oooh lord I thought I was the only one that hated those flavaflavenychanceandrockoflove buffoonery.

I recently saw a man checking his wife on some real disrespecting shit in front of about 12.5 people (he was the half!). That's bitchassness at it's best.

Brooke said...

Oh wow, that's not cool at all.

You know what else is some straight bitchassness? Men who won't give up their seat to pregnant women on the train. Last week I got on the train and I swear everyone sitting was a man and everyone standing was a woman - 2 of which were pregnant. All the men seemed to be staring into space or looking down at their feet with their iPods on. I'm not saying they had to give up their seats for ALL the women, but at least the PREGNANT ones! And I mean they were OBVIOUSLY 9 months!


Anonymous said...

Uggh! These men are discusting--that's right disgusting with a "c"!
They forget they came from a woman..smdh.

. said...

Wackness: Dudes that drive luxury cars while renting and living in a closet. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DRIVE, DUDE!

Bitchassness: Your boy ;-) LMAO!

Buffoonery: The fur coat crew that lives in the projects.

Anonymous said...

Or dudes that drive luxury cars and live with their mothers...wackness!!

bootleg handbags..wackness.

Brooke said...


Or dudes that have pimped out rides and jacked up TEEF! Take that money and get your grill fixed.


Brooke said...

By the way: No one is telling me what they think about dude who pulled out the coupons!

Wackness...?? or is he just being frugal :-)

. said...

Wackness: Mom is fresh to death...kid lookin' like a hot mess, lol

Anonymous said...

I think your boy is frugal...the economy has eveybody jacked up!

Now if he schedules her dates around the early bird special...wackness!!

. said...

Frugal...he could have left the coupons at home and asked her to pay half...LMAO! He did what he had to do to cover the check...corny? Yes! But hey he fed her ;-)

Brooke said...


I thought about this, and anyone who knows me knows I hate wasting money. I cut coupons, I only shop sales, etc., so if a guy pulled out coupons during a date, I wouldn't automatically think he was wack...I might think he was a man after my own heart! LOL!!

Hey, as long as we're not washing dishes, I'm cool! :-)

. said...

And I'm sure the food didn't taste any different because he used coupons...Ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

OK Ma Dukes here... I think its too early to tell with the guy with the coupons...Frugal is one thing but cheap is another. I am all for mine ready for Black Friday....Hope the hubby drops me some cash.....Bichassness is someone jetting out into traffic and then driving slow once they get there....Guys trying to put you in there back pockets saving you for wifey while they finish trying to get every chicken they can.....

Who is Buffoonery....Curious George
and Thomas the Tank Engine

wackness is parents who know they don't work not joining the PTA til they got a problem with there child in school and want the PTA tp back them up......

alright peace and hair grease


Anonymous said...

Oh one more thing.....Brooke I know you had smoke coming out of your ears when you read about Keefe's wife friend and the purse......Sheer buffoonery......Can someone donate her the Suze Orman book.... I like shopping but even I'm not that bad......

Brooke said...

Oh yeah, $1,500 bags are ridiculous when you can't pay your utility bill. Suze Orman would have let her have it! And she bought it to go to a concert - wackness! Like who's looking at your bag at a freakin concert? And if they are, why not buy a $200 or $300 Coach bag instead and keep the rest in the bank and pay your damn bills!? Buffoonery! :-)

. said...

Men that gossip. BITCHASSNESS! Major turnoff :-(

BTW, Nicole
"Guys trying to put you in there back pockets saving you for wifey while they finish trying to get every chicken they can"
Exactly! Straight BITCHASSNESS!

momo925 said...

LOL! Funny stuff. I agree with everything.

wackness...guys or girls that speak and every other word out of their mouth is the N word or a curse because they lack vocabulary!

...a guy who will actually let you pay for dinner on your birthday!

bitchassness... people who dodge you or pretend like they forget when they owe you money! lol

As for the guy with the coupons...I mean any other time I would be a little embarrassed BUT given our economic state its not the end of the world. We all need to cut corners right about now lol.

Lena said...

LOL, love this post...

I'm a realist and an optimist so if dude used the coupons on the date and was able to save money so he could take the woman out on date #2 next week instead of in two weeks when he gets paid again then I'm all for it!

Brooke said...

I agree!

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