Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Thoughts FRIDAY!

Happy Random Thoughts FRIDAY!!

- I know, I know...I've been a bad blogger. I can't believe my last post was over a month ago. I'm so sorry blog fam - I'll try to do better. But a blogger's been busy!

- Thanks for checking out my articles on though - you all are awesome and the support means so much!

- The boo is making breakfast and I'm off on a Friday. Don't get no betta!

- I'm in the playoffs in Fantasy Football - but my luck may be running out. Should have put Jackson or Williams in instead of J. Maclin. Oh well.

- That probably made no sense to anyone but Rameer :-)

- Shonda Rhimes is a beast!

- I have a lot of holiday shopping to do, so I can't be lazy today. I have a lot of writing to do not sure how I'm gonna get all of this done. Today - write. Weekend - shop.

- Also going to check out my Godson Lee in his performance of The Nutcracker. Should be great!

- Just found out a friend of mine is preggers! Yay! Babies on the brain!

- Not my brain....right now anyway....

-  What to write about today?

- I want a house.

- Time to put up the Christmas tree too...I'm all late.

- What were the highlights of your 2012?



Rameer said...

First, bitches!

Stef said...

Dammit!!! I just knew I'd be first the next time Brooke decided to post a blog. DAMN YOU RAMEER!!! LOL!

ArrElle said...

*Yes, Shonda Rhimes is a beast for sure!
*I'm so tired of all this negativity in the world today (LeSigh)
*2012 went by so quick!
*Does anyone else watch the show "Person of Interest" and "The Good Wife" besides me?

Jaz said...

Brooke, where you been!? I've missed you!

Stef said...

I can't say that I watch those shows ArrElle, but I LOVE Scandal too! She's doing her thing!

Yeah, just heard about a shooting in a school in CT. This world...

I'm grateful for simply making it through another year. Have to think about highlights though. But Barack Obama being re-elected is the first thing to come to mind!

Brooke, we need you back in our lives!

But your madamenoire articles are great!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Now that THAT'S done...

- I detest "Scandal" - simply based off of how stupid women act over it in my Facebook newsfeed. I'll never watch.

- Brooke-Ra - you have a great chance to win still. Stop knocking yourself.

- Rob Parker of ESPN questioned Robert Griffin III's "Blackness" - a man he's never met. Imbecile.

- In a pretty crappy mood today.

- Cari Champion on ESPN is yummy.

- (Sigh) my Lakers suck.

- I'm really sick of moist, over-sensitive men. The emo thing is NOT cool - I blame society for sending the message it was.

- Why do people attempt to have conversations with people who are eating? I had to flip someone off this morning for them to get that maybe they should come back later.

Possibly more later...

ArrElle said...

@Stef you made some valid points:

*I'm with you when President Barack Obama was re-elected, I was nervous on election night however the voters came through.

*I'm also grateful to have survived being unemployed, thanking God for making sure all my needs are being met.

*2013 will be GREAT! (employment and achieveing funding to continue to start my own business along with other goals I still have that will be accomplished)

*I enjoy Brooke's articles as well

Will have more later

Stef said...

Well, I love Scandal. I don't post updates on Twitter or FB though when my shows are on.

I'm happy you survived being unemployed too Arr - that was a hard one for a lot of folks I know. Thanking God for all our blessings.

A-buzzz said...

1. WTF you can't even send your damn kids to school anymore. Shooting up a kindergarten class in an elementary school???

2. I love Scandal & I Love the Good Wife also. Although I think Alicia needs to go back to boning her boss. #justsaying..

3. I'm honestly over 2012. Looking forward to 2013 and being a happy person. Nothing will stand in the way of that.


5. Rameer how can one tell if YOU are in a bad mood??? LMFAO....

6. Doing a clothes & toys drive for the kids affected by Sandy at work. Getting boxes of stuff even from other states. Can't wait to take this all in.

7. Brooke you aren't the only one that is late. We are putting our tree up tonight

8. I'm already over Christmas. Let's get it over with already.

9. I'm over this day.

10. I need to go out for drinks.

11. I'm mad that Powerz is home relaxing....

12. Glad that my sister in law finally comes out of the hospital today. That's all the Christmas miracle I need in my life.

Abuuzzzzzzz said...

OMG a parent is the shooter in that school shooting.

Brooke said...

I'm home, with writer's block. That's not relaxing to me.

The boo, on the other hand, is napping on the couch. Nice.

Guns in schools...crazy business.

Highlight of 2012 for me was our Pres. being re-elected for sure. But just being blessed to get through another year is enough for me.

Maybe if I take a nap, stories will come to me :)

unless any of you have any suggestions? :-)

Serena W. said...

I'm in mourning...may those poor children's spirits rest in peace.

My heart goes out to the parents as well. My God. I screamed and cried.

Just like its been said already...thankful I made it through this year.

I have a great doctor and we are getting to the root of the problem of what's been going on...

But again I say...I'm grateful I'm here!

RIP to a phenomenal artist named Derrick "D.Marq" Smith. He passed last week of a stroke. He was 33. I was blessed to have shared the stage with him twice.

What a season.

Highlight of my year as always is being a Mommy and seeing my son turn 1! (God he's 16 months old already)!

This season of my life made me shift my thinking a lot for 2013. Time to get cracking on some things and make it happen already!

I put down a deposit on my book cover! Tired of waiting and being scared of how bills will get paid. I can't wait to see the cover!

Next stop is the book layout.

I love all of you! Brooke don't make it another daggone month before you write a blog again!

What to write about...people dating their ex's best friend LOL!

(I had to throw that in there and no I'm not doing it)!!!!

Brooke said... an ex's friend - INTERESTING.

The President just brought me to tears. This story is so sad. God, I'm praying for healing and peace. I can't even imagine.

The Fury said...

Nice to see everyone on the blog doing well. Whaddup y'all?

Horrible news out of Connecticut

Also hearing CNN has released a photo of the wrong person as the shooter

Rush to be first and not correct can create horrible consequences

There are much bigger issues in the world today. That's all I'm thinking...

But...I REALLY enjoy Scandal. Great show

The Cable Guy said...

I was all set to leave a bunch of funny comments when I saw that Brookey posted RTF. But after today's tragedy, none of it matters and nothing about my heart today feels "funny." All I can think about his hugging my kids and telling them I love them every second, every hour. Prayers go up to everyone affected by the shootings in CT. May God rest their souls.

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