Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

- I think I'm the only person on the planet who has no idea what Hunger Games is about. Guess I should read the book. It's a book right?

- Do any of you watch LaLa's Full Court Life? I missed it, but here's a question spawned from that show (and the Breakfast Club on Power 105 here in the NYC) - would you allow your mate to cheat if you could pick the person he/she would cheat with?

- My answer is no...just so we're clear about that. But to each his/her own :-)

- Can't wait to each lunch outside with Monica and Princess!

- Is Grey's and Private Practice new tonight? I missed both last week...dang it!

- Go 'Cuse!

- The Jeremy Kyle Show is my new guilty pleasure. That Brit be lettin' 'em have it!

- I'm having a Snapple today. I've decided. Gonna drink my green juice first though.

- Can't wait til I can wear flip flops every day!

- I need some more perfume. Chance by Chanel in case anyone is reading this ;-) I think that's what it's called. Love it!

- I'm so hungry!

- Spinning tonight even though I have a little cold. No pain no gain!

- If you're in the NYC area, come get your Zumba on for a good cause! Annamaria's Mission 2 Mentor, Inc. is hosting a Zumbathon Charity Event this Saturday, March 24th to raise funds for the Mission 2 Mentor program. It will begin at 3pm at Brooklyn Launchpad located at 721 Franklin Ave Brooklyn NY, 11238. Admission is $10 and all proceeds will go towards the Mission 2 Mentor, Inc program. They will also have raffles, door prizes and more! I'll be there, and I hope to see you all there too!

- DMoe must be beside himself with all this stuff going on with the Saints. I don't think the punishment was too harsh though. This bounty thing is ridiculous.

- Tim Tebow with the Jets....thoughts?

- I need a spa day. And a mani/pedi...badly!

- This week's throwback! Feel good song!




A-buzzz said...


Stef said...


A-buzz said...

1. I saw Lala's Full Court life. One of my guilty pleasures... Yes I would give Powerz permission to cheat on me... WITH MY TASER NUCCA. LOL

2. B what are you doing Sunday. I was going to go get a mani/pedi maybe we can go together & have some girl time. I need some pampering after getting jacked up on Friday.. Besides gotta be cute for my birthday on Tuesday.. SHAMELESS PLUG.

And MORE!!!!!!!!! :-)

4. Next fundraiser is April 13th at LQ's. Details starting next week.

5. Actively looking for mentees so if any of you know of a young lady age 10-18 holla at me.

6.RIP Treyvon Martin. My condolences to your family. As a parent I can't even imagine what they must be feeling. His beautiful innocent face reminded me of Powerz Jr aka Aaron aka ADUB. He has one of those innocent smiles that makes you melt. I would kill someone.

7. I can't wait to have a Pepsi...

8. The Jets are RETARDED.

9. HIM

10. FYI: if you aren't in the NYC you can still donate via our website. Donations are tax deductible. :-)
Thank you Serena.

A-buzzz said...

@Stef... NA NA NA NA NA NA


Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Hi, everyone! Hope everyone's been doing well!! Well - here are a few of MY random thoughts today...

- I've lost 20 pounds by changing my diet and eating much better. It's been hard lately, though - having MAJOR cravings for certain things. My girlfriend is helping me stay on the path, though - she "rewards" me with something bad every now and then.

- GO 'CUSE!!!

- Facebook activists annoy me.

- I find people who still want to argue that mike D'Antoni WASN'T a bad coach absurd. And I said people putting the blame on Carmelo Anthony or ANY player was foolish and lazy in their thinking - and I'm being proven RIGHT. Plain and simple - the Knicks have too much talent to suck the way they did. They won't be the best team in the East - but at least Mike Woodson knows to play to his team's strengths instead of forcing a stupid system on them that doesn't utilize his players in the best way.

- I'm not going to get too deep on the bounty thing - I'm just going to say what I explained to my girlfriend just last night. If you've ever watched football, you've watched bounties. Like - it's not rare, or even used by a small amount of people. The only big difference is management being in on it and deceiving the league. The over-emphasis on whether or not the players were trying to seriously hurt others...they weren't. Trying to knock players out of games is just as common as a QB trying to throw a TD. Most fans simply don't know or consider that.

- It's been 70s and 80s in Buffalo for 2 weeks. We had no winter (I'm pretty sure NYC's winter might have actually been WORSE than ours), and we've had beautiful weather since last summer. Global warming is a muddafugga!

- I miss wine. I cut back on my consumption BIG TIME.

- My 26 year-old sister, after I spent the day spoiling her, had the audacity to pout about not having a birthday cake. I take her grown-arse, bratty behind out to get her a Strawberry cake made. Bring it back...the family eats it and she's happy (she has some big thing about having cake on her birthday, and it MUST be bought by someone in the family).

Turn around the next day - her f'n co-workers bought her a cake, too. What. A. BRAT!!!

- Someone asked me would I father their child not too long ago. Like - seriously. O_o

- The bad thing is, that's not the first time I've had that brought up to me. What is UP with some middle-aged women? lock ticking or something??

- "The Walking Dead" = excellence. Same with "Justified" on F/X.

- I bought a bike to ride. Have yet to ride it regularly, though.

- Time for lunch. I may be back again! =)

Brooke said...

A different way of looking at the bounty thing Rameer...but still, it's not nice :) I can't imagine watching a game and someone gets killed after a hit right there on the field. The threat of paralysis alone scares me. And I LOVE football. Oh well...

We barely had a winter here in NYC. It snowed once over Halloween and again...once in January. It'll get back to "cold" weather next week...normal for this time of year.

I was going to blog about Treyvon Martin but it's just too heavy on my heart. Protect our children. I can't even imagine.

I tried a NEW Snapple today - lightly sweetened cherry pomegranate with white tea leaves. DELISH!

Anna, count me in for Sunday! What time???

I haven't seen the latest Basketball Wives cuz the man won't let me watch it. Says it's fuckery. He's right.

Haven't seen RHOA in a while either. I must be growing up :-) I keep forgetting it's on.

New 16 & Pregnant episodes start next Tuesday!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

The way I described it and talk about it is the way the players themselves do. Like - that's what you're taught. If someone is good, you try to lay wood on them and take them out. NEVER to permanently injure - but you DO want to take them out. I told my girlfriend - simply look at how many different players over the past few weeks talked about it as though it wasn't really that big of a deal. Oh, the PUBLIC did. But the vast majority of players - pretty much said they understood, and it's part of the game. Even the ones who talked about how serious it was, seemed to lean towards "that's football" as an explanation. And it is.

Maybe I'm just in tune with this because I've known so many pro players, and I actually talk football with some of them. One guy (whose name I won't mention) talked about how ridiculous the whole situation was to me and some friends, and then was on ESPN the next week saying the opposite - damning bounties. When a friend asked him why he changed his tune, he told the friend "ESPN really wanted some voices to talk against it, and I think the NFL influenced them to not keep putting up people who downplayed it". And I can totally buy that - wouldn't be the first time a sports league has influenced ESPN's narrative...

I'm just saying. Some in the public view it as "Oh my gosh, how horrible - they good kill those guys for money!", while the players view it as they're going to try to blast particular players so they can't finish a game - not to ever do permanent damage. Hell, people forget - the Giants OPENLY admitted to targeting San Fran player Kyle Williams because he had concussion issues. If you remember, it was HIM who had the 2 crucial fumbles in the NFC championship.

Anyone think the guys who caused those fumbles didn't get some added pay from their teammates for doing that? Anyone remember outrage at the Giants defensive players brazenly admitting they were targeting them?

Yup. I can literally reel off so many examples per season of targeted players, it would make our heads spin. But the fans (like my girlfriend) rarely think about what they're truly watching, or what the motivation of players can be. They watch NFL Films highlight and praise guys like Ronnie Lott, Steve Atwater, John Lynch, etc. for destroying players on the field - what do you think they were trying to do? It wasn't trying to simply stop the play. They were trying to inflict PAIN. And you don't learn that in the NFL - you don't even MAE the NFL unless that's ingrained into your psyche as what you do.

Ray Lewis once declared before a game was ever played he would end Rashard Mendenhall's season (Mendenhall had talked junk about the Steelers in his rookie year). The next time they played - Ray Lewis literally ended the kid's season.

Not a word was said about it in the media, and no outrage was expressed. Ray Lewis is loved as a linebacker and defensive great. As are many. Sure, no one is probably ever going to admit the truth as a current player in today's climate, especially after these penalties. But pay attention to what some ex-players and coaches have said since this "bounty" thing broke. Because many (until recently) were blatantly telling it how it is.

Herm Edwards and Marcellus Wiley come to mind as truth tellers. Warren Sapp as well...

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

*COULD, not "good kill those guys". UGH!!!

DMoe said...

Whaddup yall...

- Ok, we'll take the punishment, and keep it movin. It is what it is.

- Free Sean Payton.

- Oh, and WHO DAT!

- Pollen sucks. Sorry Bees, i know yall love it, but it blows. Literally.

- Boot camp is an azz-kickin, but i'm able to withstand more and more every day. That's a good thing.

- NYC! I'm bitin the big Apple soon. Miss that place.

- Been listening to alot of Billie Holiday lately. She moves me.

- Travelling to Ibiza is on my bucket list.

- Goal: make red beans and rice this weekend. Gotta get the andouille sausage first.

- BFV tonight. Yep, I watch dat.

- I am Treyvon Martin. I say it that way because every young black boy lives the life he just lost. We cannot stand for it anymore.

- Rootin for the Cuse.

- Finally cut my hair. That ish was gettin kinda maxwellian (2nd album cover).

- Anyone watch Key & Peele on comedy central besides me? Anyone? No? Bueller?

- I miss Bacon, and doughnuts, and french fries. Me and my damn Lent sacrifices.

- Playlist? Sure, why not...


DMoe said...

Preach Rameer...

The problem wasnt that they get paid to hit guys as hard as they can within the rules, its that they get MORE money to hit guys as hard as they can within the rules.


A-buzz said...

B the best times for me are from 12-3 cuz I can leave Soso taking her nap. Therefore keeping the amount of bloodshed and headache down to a minimal. :-)

There are two spots I know of and like. Do you have a place?

Brooke said...

My mani/pedi place is in the city, so any place in Queens that you go to is cool with me. I'm not too picky!

DMoe - I was waiting to hear your take on it. Y'all will be fine.

I watch Key & Peele from time to time - they're crazy :-)

Sitting in the heated massage chair cover my dad got me...and loving it!

Serena W. said...

RTT! Hi everyone...

RIP Treyvon...God almighty if justice isn't found all hell is going to break loose! I can't believe what I'm hearing and it makes my heart hurt! Unreal...

Has anyone read the article that Marian Wright Edlman (President of Childrens Defense Fund) wrote? Plus she's rocking a hoodie! As Brooke said...our children need to be protected!

Here's the link to the article, it's titled, "Walking While Black"

Jordan is rocking orange and blue today (GO CUSE) and he had on a hoodie this morning!

I don't watch any of these crazy shows (I don't have cable again) oh well.

I want a girls day :(

Praying on some things right now.

Job is going well, I hope it can turn into full time with a salary post June 30th. If not then on to the next one.

I miss my pumpkin while he's with the sitter.

I don't like seeing my friends taken advantage of or lead on. I'll leave it at that!

Nu Shooz!!! That's my joint!

I want to go out to dinner, have a drink or two and dancing! I deserve it!

I love my Nana! On Sunday afternoon she said, "You're the sweetest mother." It brought tears to my eyes and I need to hear something encouraging right at that moment. It's as if she knew.

Going to see my sister and nephew next Friday! It's his 10th birthday!

We're going to take the boys to the beach! YEAH!!!

My sister is a hairdresser and I'm going to get my scalp scrubbed (yesssssss)!

Waiting for DMoe's list...

Go Cuse!

Mission2Mentor Rocks!

More later...

Oh and Brooke you're rocking that short cut girl!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Yep, DMoe. That's what did 'em in...

Serena W. said...

Oh and...

HI RAMEER! I can't wait to see you 20 pounds lighter wow!!!! You looked great the way you were though ;)

Brooke said...

When is the SU DC BBQ?

I had ice cream today. It was Crystal's birthday, how could I say no???

extra spinning for me tonight :(

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke's cut is hot. Saw a pic of her and her boo thang on FB. It's official, my heart is broken...but they look good together.

Justice for Treyvon Martin. Makes me watch my son that much harder. I have to start talking to him about keeping himself safe - he's only 5. Can't start too early though because it's open season on our youth, our boys especially.

Bounty is nothing new in footbal, it's just now being made public. It is what it is...they're being punished for lying about/hiding it. Saints will be fine.

Tebow, Jets...who cares. Giants are my team.

Knicks coach had to go. He sucked.

Where are the usual suspects? Fury, Domina*Tricks, Craig, Jay?

I need a new job. Getting bored.

What is zumba anyway?

What is BFV?

I install cable yet I rarely watch tv. Go figure.

DMoe said...

Here's what i'm on today:

1. Stacy Barthe/Never did - Funky.

2. Melanie Fiona/Like I Love you - Dancehall vibe.

3. Esperanza Spalding/I can't help it - Jazzy cover of MJ's classic.

4. Joe/Good Girls - Love this song.

5. Angela Bofill/I'm on your side

6. Bell Biv Devoe/When will I see you smile again? - Classic.

7. Newcleus/Jam on It

8. Adele/Melt my heart to Stone

9. Amy Winehouse/Halftime

10. Tenor Saw/Ring the Alarm

Stay thirsty...



Serena W. said...

BBD!!!!! I love that song! I still got the tape!!!!!!

Domina*Tricks said...

I'm here lurking Cable Guy :-)

There was no TMI Tuesday this month, so I think Fury should give us 2 posts for April.

Either that or Brookey should write one of her sexy stories. I'm about due :)

Brooke, you look HOT with the new hair!

Stef said...

Okay, I'm back...all late!

Did anyone see Couple's Therapy last night on VH1? DMX is a HOT ASS MESS! He had 6 kids outside his marriage while he was married to his wife. I'm sorry, I wouldn't be trying to mend ANY fences with a man who would disrespect me like that! No one wants his high ass anyway! Hell no!

Terrence J from 106 & Park looks like a cartoon character to me.

LaLa looks lost to me. What does she do anyway?

I wanna go get mani/pedis too!

Zumba is a form of latin dance, the new exercise craze!

I'd ask a man for his sperm. It's unfair, but a man doesn't have to worry about a biological clock. If the baby has to come before the man and the relationship, so be it.

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