Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- My entire body is on fire! This "Club Strength" class Monica and I took was a killer! I'm definitely feeling it 2 days later, but it's a "good" pain. Gotta keep it up!

- It didn't help that my body was sore as I tossed and turned all night. Saw two flicks last night - Project X (HILARIOUS!) and The Grey - which traumatized me...thus why I was tossing and turning all night with bad dreams. My new fear? Wolves.

- ...oh, and slamming into trees as I drop to my death. That movie was NOT cool.

- I feel like I need to see The Lorax to bring my spirits back up!

- It's March already? Is it me, or is time flying??!! It'll be Spring soon! Not that we had much of a winter, but I'm SO not complaining.

- I want something REALLY good for lunch. Any suggestions?

- My juicer is the bomb - had a strawberry, banana and pineapple smoothie for breakfast! Yum! Thanks babe!

- Not really excited about the new cast of Dancing with the Stars. Especially not Sherri Sheppard's clown ass.

- I think I'm officially over the Basketball Wives.

- Kobe in a face mask - ha ha!

- Angelina Jolie needs to either get a tan or eat a sandwich. That "leg" could use some meat on it, but you can't be pale AND stick thin. Gorgeous face...but jeez!

- I'm still celebrating my birthday in case anyone wants to hang :-) I should celebrate the entire year as it's the last one in my 30's. Let's get it!

- I'm still 27 years old in my head. Not sure why 27 is the year I choose to be in my head, it just is.

- Is Dmoe back from all of his festivities?

- I either love or hate Nancy Grace. Sometimes she irks the ish out of me, or cracks me up.

- My hair is growing, not sure what my next move should be - to keep it short throughout the summer, or let my coils grow and see what they do.

- I need a jacuzzi and a sauna!

The throwback!



A-buzzz said...


Stef said...

Love the Missy throwback!

It's a dreary day.

I want to see Project X, it looks funny!

Serena W. said...

RTT!!!! Hi Everyone!

A jacuzzi and sauna sound great right about now!

So does a Sangria!

2nd week at the job and I'm doing well. I did cry yesterday at lunch missing my Jordan.

He loves his sitter! Yeah!

I donated to Mission 2 Mentor today! Folks need to donate to this worthy organization (right Annamaria)! Match my donation of $25 or feel free to give more. Website is

I was one of the featured artists at a companies black history month program this past Monday and it went well!!!! Great energy, great food and they paid me!

My baby boy will be 7 months on Monday! Wow! He's trying to sit up on his own (looks like he's doing mini crunches) lol!

I'm loving the weather today! Going outside is on the list of things to do!

Brooke I hate movies that freak me out.

I watched Purple Rain last night! I love that movie!

I told a friend about my journey to publish my poetry book soon and how money was tight. She said I'm going to invest in your book and is donating some money to get it published! See how God works! When it's meant to will happen.

Heading to lunch with one of my friends. Be back soon!

A-buzzz said...


2. Next week parent teacher conferences again for Soso.

3. She looked soo cute at her show.

4. Still trying to plan our anniversary trip.. Some place nice & tropical.

5. Mission 2 Mentor, Inc's FIRST fundraising event...Zumba for Charity on March 24 at 3pm at the Brooklyn Launchpad 721 Franklin Ave Brooklyn NY 11238!! Door prizes, raffles, etc!!

6. Thank you Serena for your AWESOME heart.

7. My hubby is awesomely supportive. Love him

8. Sophia is a CLOWN.

9. Irony.. My office is sending me to do outreach once a week at a bank branch that offered me a job a few months back... HMMMM

10. Still deciding what to do with my hair also B..

A-buzz said...

And Serena I am still going to make you donate your time & talents!!!! :-)

DMoe said...

- What up yall? Hey B!

- Back from, did i miss my city.

- Back from All-Star. I worked my azz off, but I played nicely also.

- The beat goes on as my Willie Nelson/On the Road again azz keeps it moving again this weekend...

- Know what I hate? Stupid questions intended to jumpstart conversation. Example: DMoe is putting bottled water in his shopping cart at the grocery store. Some man/woman comes up "So, you drinking water huh?"

- "Yeah man...I am"

- Uh...Da hell?

- Ended up with some tickets to a ATL Hawks game falling in my lap about 5pm yesterday. At about 8pm, T-Mac (aka Tracy Mcgrady) ends up falling in my lap chasing a loose ball at the game! Nacho cheese everywhere!!

DMoe: "Dude, you alright?"
TMac: "Yeah man, I'm good"
TMac: Damn bruh, my bad about the nachos"
DMoe: "Yeah, imma need another plate playa..."
(Ref blows whistle)

...And DMoe is now Nacho-less. Damn.

- I like watches. Correction: I love watches. If you see a fly one, I'm always down for some new ish.

- Gotta run the 2 miles today. No excuses bruh.

- Just took care of my dad's birthday gift. Hope he digs it. His finicky azz.

- My year. All fuggin year.

- Playlist coming shortly.


Brooke said...

If I watch Sports Center, will I see you and your nachos flying everywhere? ;-)

Also D, I'ma need 2 tickets to the Knicks vs. Sixers game on 3/11. Can you make that happen Mr. NBA? :-)

What is Wayne Brady up to these days.

I think I may get Chinese.

Serena made me misty yesterday telling me she missed Jordan. That must be so hard :(

Gonna make my donation some time today Anna!

I want a bag of Doritos too - but I won't do it!

Serena W. said...

Sorry to make you misty Brooke. It is hard, especially with the weather getting warmer! We would be out on a walk right now :)

DMoe sorry about the nachos!

Orange and Blue BBQ planning is kicking off for the DC area! So excited!

Annamaria, just say when chica! I'd love to donate my talents!

Love the video Brooke!

So I ordered a blender for my bestie/sista friend/Jordan's godmommy and why did Walmart charge me but the order is still in the shopping cart! Sigh...can a sista get a dag on blender please!

I'm so thrilled! My coffee lover gift bags are still selling!

Where is Rameer these days! And Ant!

Cable Guy? How about Sillouette?

I'm at lunch and about to partake in some air before I go back to my cube.

Annamaria, I think its funny your job is sending you to that bank lol!

DMoe...can't wait for the list!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday month ABuzz!!!!
I have to stop letting people's ignorance get to me.
Planning on a fun weekend with my fiance and my stepson. was thinking about seeing the Grey but maybe not, he's only 10.LOL
have a great weekend all.

A-buzz said...

Serena it's AWESOME when your kid loves who they are staying with. It's definitely hard to leave them and you never quite get used to it BUT it makes it easier.

DMOE you can get Brooke and myself tickets... as our birthday gifts. :-) Sorry about the nachos dude.

Serena I already told my boss if they tell me I don't have to work weekends I'm not coming back... That was my ONLY issue with the offer they gave me. My weekends are for mini me. :-)

Stephanie.... thank ya :-)

john said...

Hey B!
Wayne Brady is the host if "Let's Make a Deal". He's slightly herbish, but cool
I can't stand sellouts on any level. I'veseen to much in the recent months to just make me sick.
Big ups to RG the damm thang brotha just get a fresh cut.
Project X is f ing insane! It took me back to my crazy ass youth. : )
I love giving to underpriviledged people,made a homeless person smile huge today and last week.
Try holistic living people if you wanna live as long as grandmama and dem did ; )
I love having a partner that loves sex as much as I do...3,4 times a day ain't no thang..whew!
Be blessed and love someone other than yourself or in your immidiate circle.

Stef said...

Sex 3,4 times a day!? I wanna know how you do that! Y'all are a beast! LOL!

DMoe said...

Here's what I'm listening to/bobbin to/vibin with/rollin to these days:

1. Adele/Rolling in the Deep (Bounce Remix)
Reason # 255 why I love my city: Bounce Music. If you don't know how we get down, check out this youtube link - - of the N.O's bounce version of Adele's chart-busting song. Bounce is unique to New Orleans…We put this beat (aka the "trigger man" beat) under thousands of songs. From Beyonce's "Love on Top" to Diana Ross' "Missing You", bayou azzes shall bounce accordingly.

2. Robert Glasper f. Lalah Hathaway/Cherish the day.
That's right y'all…THAT Cherish the day. Not everybody can touch the vocal stylings of Helen Folasade Adu (as a real fan, i speak her entire name whenever possible), but Lalah lays capable hands on this one. Glasper's arrangement of my favorite Sade song ever is skillfully done with a modern, flavorful update, and Hathaway stays within her limits, not taking many vocal risks to deliver a funky/sultry rendition. Love it.

3. Estelle/All of Me
Get the whole CD. Its fresh, its innovative, but still an obvious nod to Lauryn's "Miseducation". I've played "Thank You" no less than 600 times since i copped that a few weeks ago, and the entire album is solid. In a musical world of carbon copies black and white, ya girl's got color.

4. Tyga/Careless World
His debut album is much better than decent (as opposed to 'sicker than yo average'). Surprisingly lush production, some clever wordplay, and a few simple club bangers are all it takes to satisfy me sometimes. I'm nodding as i type this, and thats a good sign.

5. Rihanna f. Chris Brown/Birthday Cake
I guess if you gonna have all kinds of drama with a fellow superstar R&B singer, you may need a track that bangs a bunch to make things cool from here. Damn. The beat could stand nicely on its own. Pretty Island girl-singer optional.

6. Dee-1/The One that got away
I'll make the call: a successful swagger jack of Carl Thomas' "I wish". Heard this one in the N.O and I want it to blow up,cuz its fly.

7. Sheila E/A Love Bizarre
This week's "UnSung" special is the 12 plus minute jammin-azz duet of Prince and Ms. Escovedo. Sheila E scored with this joint and you know Prince can't lay a chick down without giving her a couple of hits before, during and afterward. Pun? intended. Please refer to Sheena Easton's "Sugar Walls" for further details.

8. Stacy Barthe/Just my Luck
Ahhhh…..She's smart, funny, she's rhythmic and she's sexy. Just like I like em…
Stacy's little known/lotta groovy. This particular track, loaded with a delicate R&B melody paired with a parisian-styled sensibility is simply a fascinating listen. Stacy's "In the InBetween" is a very good album that's cheap on iTunes. Don't ask me how I stumbled upon her, but now that I found her, me likes.

9. Shanice/Its for You
Remember this chick? I hunted high and low for this new jack swingy joint, and BAM! There it was smack in the middle of the tragedy that is "The Meteor Man" soundtrack.

10. Prince/If I was your girlfriend
Wait….Seriously….How in the hell did he come up with this song?
This classic jam features his Purpleness discussing the nuances of the way things could be if we were platonic….You know….'If i was your girlfriend'. Two interesting things here: Prince's vocals are sped up, and his voice is distorted based on an engineer's error. He chose to keep the mistake in the song after hearing it.

Enjoy your weekend…Oh, and its my year. ALL year.


Serena W. said...

I had to share this song! I sang it to Jordan this morning and he loved it! Old school for ya!

Who remembers Zip A Dee Doo Dah!

john said...

Funny...: ) Hey Steph it's really not hard..well then again yes it is...yuck yuck if ya knoe what I'm saying. Okay there's the 1: 40am wow, the 3: 40 I gotta per, the 7: 00am get ready for work, and the always popular 10pm long kiss goodnight. I urge you all to work this program : ) cheers!

Stef said...

That's CRAZY! If I had sex that much I'd never make it to work!

Brooke, isn't John your boo?

I'd have charlie horses like a BITCH!

Domina*Tricks said...

Whoever this John is, I dig it!

The Cable Guy said...

Sex 3 or 4 times a day?

I'm jealous. Even MORE jealous if he's referring to Brookey.


A-buzz said...

Now Dominatrix comes out the cut. LMFAO

Domina*Tricks said...

I make appearances for sex :-)

Serena W. said...

Love the list DMoe! Especially Sheila E! She's off the chain in concert!

Courtney said...

I'm mad John has names for his sex sessions. The "1:40 wow" and the "10pm long kiss goodnight." LOL!

I'm jealous too!

Women who go after other women's men are trifling.

I want Knicks tickets too! I have "Linsanity!!"

And NeNe is a hot mess.

Not sure why I'm venting about Housewives. But I hear you B, I'm over Basketball Wives too.

Brooke, wear your hair short, it looks GREAT!

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