Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Cramps are a KILLER today! I know that's oversharing, but we missed TMI Tuesday. Damn you Fury!

- No idea what to eat for lunch today.

- Nothing on tv.

- I know the weather has be lovely lately, but my office doesn't have to put the AC on blast every time we hit 68 degrees. I shouldn't have to go outside to warm up in March.

- Seeing my family this weekend, yay! I miss them!

- My nephew Kyce wrote me a letter and is mailing it to me - I can't wait to get it! I wrote him one too. It's the little things :-)

- I love that Serena misses my blogs...that makes me feel special :-)

- Check out my articles on as well! A sista be busy!

- I cut my hair even shorter last weekend - getting used to this natural hair.

- Anybody have any ideas on love and relationship articles? I have a touch of writer's block again :-(

- Here's a question - for those of you who are single but dating - if you HAD to choose between marrying the person you're currently dating, or breaking up with him/her never to see them again, which would you choose? No in between....

- They're talking about the Duggar's on The View - how does ANY woman bear 20 children?! No multiples, 20 INDIVIDUAL children??? Ouch!

- Whoopi makes me laugh. Sherri makes me cringe.

- I want a cute wrap dress.

- My lips are dry, I must be dehydrated. Going to get water before my meeting.

- This week's throwback!



Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches! GO ORANGE!

-V- said...

"if you HAD to choose between marrying the person you're currently dating, or breaking up with him/her never to see them again, which would you choose?"

This is a great question! Really hard to answer for most I'd imagine.

phillygrl said...

Good morning Brooke...long time:-) ....Sherri, ---I Agree..WHOOPI...fist pump!:-).
-I saw a Sade video last night & it reminded me of just how awesome her music is.
-loving the new hair brooke....i'm natural as well, but never did the Big Chop! look beautiful:-)
-15lbs gone in 6 weeks..Imma stay on this Weight watchers bag:-)slow & steady...
-school districts, moving, private head is about to explode!(a la Madonna, without the nannies:-)

Serena W. said...


Brooke...that throwback is my anthem! Love me or leave me alone!

Nuff said on that topic

Wow you cut your hair shorter! I wanna see a pic!

I did miss your blogs!

I love the side hustle! You're encouraging, maybe a magazine will ask me to write for them one day.

I love Sade too phillygirl!

I'm so in love with Voila meals! Easy, delicious and filling!

Missing my pumpkin while he's with the sitter. She's so wonderful to him!

I wrote a poem yesterday titled, "Once Upon a Time." Maybe I'll post it on my blogs.

Check out my website party people.

I can't believe spring is next Tuesday.

Weather is gorgeous!

Jordan is getting so big! His laugh makes me laugh and when I laugh he laughs. We both crack up together!

Ahhhhh mommyhood!

Can someone take me on a shopping spree for me? A lot of my pants are big (yes big). I weigh less now then I did before I got pregnant.

Plus I deserve to be treated.

I want some ice cream but being good.

DC Orange and Blue BBQ is now in planning mode! Ahhh shucks!

More later on...

Brooke said...

Thanks Karen! Big chop had me traumatized for a minute :-)

Congrats on the 15lbs. You are SO Philly..."bag." LOL!

It's so funny for me to hear Philly slang having now lived in NY for over 8 years. Sounds foreign almost :)

V - you didn't answer it ;-)

Go Orange!

I'm going to a hockey game tonight :) Islanders vs. Flyers - should be fun!

I love Bertolli meals myself :) wish I had one of those right about now.

I'll text you a pic Serena :)

and I want to read your poem.

I've been wanting ice cream for weeks now but haven't gotten any. Maybe I'll get some from Rita's once they open for Spring :)

Serena W. said...

Brooke...Rita's is open now in the DMV area! Check your local one in NYC and they are giving out free ice on the first day of spring everyone!

I'm such an addict!

Stay tuned for the poem Brooke :)

Brooke said...

yeah, I always wait for the first day of spring for Rita's, but they're hard to find in NY. I was in the DMV not long ago and saw one open, but I didn't do it!

The Cable Guy said...

March Madness has officially begun. Not sure what Syracuse is gonna do without your boy Fab, but it's a team effort - y'all might be able to pull off a few wins. Good luck!

Popeyes for lunch for me. Not good for you, but finger lick smackin' good!

Brooke is honeymooning on her own blog with another magazine :)

Knicks coach is out - he saw it coming. Now what is D. Howard gonna do?

Brand Nubian was my isht!

I'm not dating anyone right now so I can't answer your question B. But that's a good question.

Brooke and Amber Rose are about the only two women I know who can cut all their hair off and still be just as fly, if not MORE fly, than they were WITH hair.

hockey game huh? I wonder how many black folk will be there - do we go to hockey games like that?

The fights alone would make it entertaining enough for me to go!

Yolanda said...

Happy RTT.

I LOVE to get letters and cards. I love sending them too. People just don't do that anymore.

Sammich for lunch. I've cut waaaay back on calories. I mean, I think I have. I'm not exactly counting those mofos.

The cable keeps cutting off at work. I'm missing the games.

I've been working three different places lately. Grateful for the work but I am so scattered. Sometimes, I pause when I answer the phone to remember where I am.

I shaved my legs, polished my toes and put on a dress today. WATCHOUTDERENAH!

Your hair is too cute, Brooke!

I designed an online store for this media organization I'm in. I need to put this stuff on my resume (*note to self*)

Brooke, did you write anything yet on dating people with kids?

Ooh, what about when a friend/co-worker dates someone you used to date/do the hibbidy with?

Or... what do you do when you really like someone and the sex sucks?

Or... overcoming a sexual drought.

Ok, I'm done with ideas.

I think I'd marry the man who's holding my interest at the moment. Think!

My Grandfather was one of 20 kids.

Congrats on the 15 lbs, Phillygrl!


I need some color in my life. I think a summer 'do is on the "to do" list.

A "gifted" shopping spree sounds lovely, Serena. Add me to that list.

Serena W. said...

Yolanda I will add you to the list for sure!!!

Congrats on the 15lbs phillygirl!

I'm visiting my sister at the end of the month. I cannot wait for her to wash, deep condition, scalp treat, trim and do whatever else to my hair!

It's nice to have talent in the family!

Sooooo fingers crossed, I might go to a John Legend concert on May 3rd through my job! Fingers crossed! It's right here at the Kennedy Center! Yeah!

More later...

Brooke said...

great article ideas Yolanda! Thank you!

and thanks for the hair compliment!

I don't shave my legs. I don't grow hair there for some reason. The hair I DO have there is so fine you can't see it.

shopping sprees are ALWAYS fun!

DMoe said...

12th peoples!

Whassup yall...

Here's where I'm at:

I'm sure the do is fly B.

Went hard for 3 weeks and had a blast along the way…. now, back to business.

The business? 3 business courses, 80th percentile on each exam, by May 24th.

Can I pull it off? Bet yo azz.

DR is official! Cant wait. Booked my flight and departure is May 24th….haha, see above…let's geaux!

My team is in the middle of some scandal right now, but we'll get through this. We have most certainly seen darker days.

The real issue is not the unsportsmanlike nature of injuring players for money -- that already happens starting with the opening kickoff -- but injuring players for MORE money.

Who-the hell-DAT!

iPad 3 is kinda hot, but I'll wait….

ok seriously DMoe…get a new phone.

Question: If i got an old parking ticket that wasn't paid on my old car, should I pay it? Different whip, different tag….what say you?

Lil KMoe's got a tournament in South Carolina this weekend, and she knows it would have been papa's (her great granddad's) 90th birthday.

If my lil boo scores one goal and points to the sky, I think i'll drop dead on the sidelines. right then, right there.

No way she does that anyway....
She's all business, but here's to hoping she scores - and they win.

I think today's the day I go "DMoe Lite". Low haircut, no more goatee....Gotta keep em guessing.

Boot camp today...Good grief.
No pain/no pain.

Playlist on the way after I sit thru this meeting.

Your friend and mine,

The 4th Letter Moe

Stef said...

I love DMoe's comments!

Hi Ant! Where you been!?

Watching Basketball Wives. Why am I doing this? No idea. These women aren't worth the air, my time or even commenting on, but I can't turn away and I don't watch college basketball.

Congrats on the 15lbs phillygrl! I need to get up on a weight loss program myself!

I'd dump the guy I'm seeing - too soon to tell and I'm not desperate.

Serena W. said...

Anxiously awaiting DMoe's playlist, I can use it :)

I wanted to take a walk along the waterfront after work with my lil guy but they are calling for thunder showers! Ummm, I think we'll take cover.

I want a Shrimp Po Boy from New Orleans! YUMMY! I haven't had one in years!

Also I want to go to Cafe Du Monde and get some beignets!

DMoe I might need a tour guide when I visit the N to the O! It's been 12 years since I've seen New Orleans.

Lunch has worn off and I'm hungry!

About to go and pick up my lil man soon!!! YEAH!

DMoe said...

@Serena, I got you, just let me know. Either i'm virtual or i'm in town. One way or the other.

@Stef - thanks!

Here's the RTT joints i'm rollin with as we type:

1. Estelle/Thank You. Song is just too damn hot.

2. Chante Moore/Love's Taken Over. If I didn't love Sade so much, she'd have my fandom on lock.

3. Keith Washington & Chante Moore/I Love you. "Candlelight and you" got all the pub, but this song put the "do" in duet.

4. Keith Sweat feat Athena Cage/Nobody. What can I say? Its 80 degrees today. Gotta have a good ballad every now and then.

5. New Edition/If It isn't Love. Come on y'all….how can anybody not love this joint?

6. Big Punisher/I'm not a Player. Not the candy-coated, lollipop-azz remix with Joe that they tailor-made for the radio. The grimy original, with the O'Jays sample. That? That's that ish.

7. Clipse feat. Pharrell/I'm good. As i said earlier, its 80 degrees. Swag? Swole. Why? Listen.

8. Toni Braxton feat Babyface/Give u my Heart. Yep, yo boy watches BFV every Thursday night, and this is vintage Toni for the real fan who still has that Boomerang soundtrack.

9. Whodini/One Love. A jam then….a jam now. Their UnSung episode was good.

10. Stevie Wonder/All I do. "You make my soul a burnin' fire, ya getting to be one my desire….ya gettin' to be all that matters to me…." I'll just stop there.

Enjoy the weekend y'all.


Serena W. said...

Love the list as always! Especially Whodini! Gotta love that Estelle joint too!

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