Thursday, December 15, 2011

How did it get to be Random Thoughts Thursday so fast!?

I've been slippin' on the blogs lately....gotta fix that!

- I've lost another 3 lbs, woo-hoo!

- I have MANY more to go, but it still feels good to say :-)

- I got an iPad for work and just learned how to use it. It does all these fancy things, but I'll probably only play Angry Birds on it ;-)

- Have to hide it from my nephews.

- Been ripping and running in meetings all morning, but so thankful to have a job that I actually love. Thank God for blessings...praying for more for my friends and family.

- Finally got that mani/pedi. Pedicure is great! But my mani is messed up already. Never fails.

- Gotta get my Xmas cards out soon! I'm always late with that stuff.

- What to get my stepson for Xmas? Probably something educational...that boy is a genius!

- What is the new "hotness" when it comes to toys? Unless

- Miss my family - especially the boys.


- Remember, don't act a fool at your company's holiday party.

- What is on your sexual bucket list?

Let's go!



Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!

DMoe said...

- Nice work Ant.

- Welcome back Thursday. You aint Friday, but you still cool.

- I'm always making attempts to break pit-stop speed records at ATM machines. Like somehow, i'm doing the people behind me a favor by being in and out (up to and including check deposits) in under one minute. My current record? 58 seconds, with check deposits. My mini-me is thrilled with the speed. The people in front of me when I pull up? Child please…they aint ever (not never) operated an ATM machine, have no idea what buttons to push, and trying multiple cards like its a SLOT machine.

- More: You think the people behind you (in this case me) can't see yo azz trying multiple debit cards and NOT getting no cash out? Its lame, and its time this behavior is put to an END! You know how much is in there before you get up to bat, and if you don't? Thats a YO AZZ problem.

- I need/want glasses to change my appearance.
Its like a "Dee-moe-sguise".

- Ok, enough of the "referring to oneself in 3rd person" RTT's.
Let's keep it classy.

- I wanna see Mission Impossible. Looks good.

- Two DJ gigs this weekend (white bread) and i'm working the NBA preseason kick off in between (PB&J). A PB&J sandwich on white bread normally hits the spot, but i just gotta make sure I eat it all this weekend.

- Both gigs are "gloves on" and not a lot of fun….What are "gloves off" you ask? A "damn near out of control, grown folks gettin' it" event. Most of these occur at somebody's house. I love those.

- If Brookey had a party, i'd fly up with the DJ tables as checked baggage. Grown folks would be gettin' it accordingly.

- Its official: I'm a headphone snob and everybody and their momma's making some now. I got blessed with a pair of Ludacris "Soul" headphones. Sexy? Sure, they look terrific. Sound? Not the prettiest girl at the dance, but she'll do.

- Still waiting on the grad school verdicts. Come on, put me in the game. I will work hard for you, get my degree, and in the end, you get my thousands of dollars of tuition. Win/win.

- I miss the "Secret Santage" at my old job. They used to do it up.

- Lets Geaux Steelers! For exactly 4 more days, I am a Steelers fan. If they beat the 49ers Monday night, we get that 2 spot in the NFC (assuming we handle OUR business also). Dmoe waves terrible towel, then uses it to wipe up Crown Royal). Wait, that would actually imply that i spilled Crown Royal, which of course is not acceptable.

- Mardi Gras 2012 is coming! This year, its extra special, cuz its merely a stop on the DMOE-palooza tour 2K12. Cant wait for my birthday year. The entire year. I mean, even though the world is ending, I'm going out right!

- Bears WR Sam Hurd movin weight? Word? One week, passes are thrown his way. The next? the damn book. He's gonna get some major time.

- Playlist is on the way…


The Fury said...

Brooke - You've wholly slacking on this blog. Time for a vacation?

Not that I can talk I barely post once a month on my site now.

*throws stone at glass house pillar*

@Brooke - I didn't know you have a stepson. That would mean you have a hubby. Oooooh Have I been missing blogs and life updates?

@Dmoe - Mission Impossible looks SUPER...and that fine ass Paula Patton, MY GAWD!

Chris Paul to The Clippers. So The Lakers gave up Odom to the team that waxed that ass...for nothing. Sucker move!

My sexual bucket list wouldn't fit in a bucket. More like a tub.'s not that much of a list. It's more person focused now ;-)

Yolanda said...

-Happy RTT

-Kinda ho-hum these days. Need to find my Christmas spirit.

-Awaiting interview decision. Pray for a sista please. Thank you!

-The Gaylord hotel's ice show is amazing. Check it out if there's one near you.

-Still learning patience about some things.

-I'm loved ;-)!!!

-Hmmm, sexual bucket list? How about actually HAVING some? Eh, it'll happen when it happens. And, it'll be meaningful.

-Hopeful that 2012 is better for all of us.

-I really really really need the new year to be great. Like, seriously, my spirit needs it. Badly.

-I want some sequins. Sparkles make life better.

-Starting a new freelance gig tomorrow for a couple of weeks. Not working really makes you tired, ironically.

Brooke said...


I meant to say Godson :-) Not married....yet ;-)

I love reading DMoe's RTT's :)

I'll be glad when it's Friday as, 5p Friday to be exact.

Mission Impossible DOES look good.

The Cable Guy said...


I peeped the same thing! I was thinking "when did she sneak a stepson in on us!?" LOL!

Yolanda said...

I saw that stepson too but wanted someone else to call that. Didn't wanna be up in Brooke's bidness :)

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

Boy in the lap just gazing at my Blackberry! Oh boy!

I can see that I'll have to hide the phone in the future!

Still waiting for a job offer!

Getting my side hustle ON! Brooke and Annamaria thanks for encouraging me! I offer baby sitting services, help people organize, gut and clean their closets, bedrooms, office space (you name it and it will be organized) and I do small fixer upper projects! All in the DMV area!

Another hustle is coming soon! I'm thankful to have picked up a few clients!

Bonus...I can bring Jordan with me!

When I do get a full time or whatever time gig I found a day care in my complex! BONUS!

Craving fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

Yolanda come over and get the Christmas spirit! Jordan misses you!

Heading to NYC in a week! Annamaria we're going to visit you!

I would love to go to a DMoe party!

Can I say for the 100th time that I love being a mom!

Jordan is something else! I'll have to get Brooke to post a pic!

I'm thinking of building a credenza ;)

I need to see if HGTV is hiring!

The Fury said...

oh so I'm the only person that's calling Brooke out on her blog? Ok fine then. I hope it comes with a medal. And by medal I mean Brooke reverse cowgirl.

Peanut Butter and Jelly...ain't nuttin wrong

Serena W. said...

I'm not calling Brooke out because I need to do better with my own blog too lol!!!

Yolanda I'm sending good interview/job offer vibes out to you!!!

Yolanda said...

Thanks Serena! I pray your offer comes soon as well.

LOL @ Fury and his call outs. Everything comes back to making the sex with you, huh?

Sidenote: when I was a kid, my best friend and I used to think it was referred to sex as "making the sex." Boy, that just took me back.

Brooke said...

Feel free to call me out, I need to be held accountable!

and send pics of Jordan, I will proudly post them!

Is it wrong that I don't feel like participating in my dept. gift swap? It was too last minute - I've been busy and haven't done ANY Xmas shopping yet. This weekend I'll bust it out.

Now I want cookies...won't do it though!

Yolanda said...

*I had too many words there.
But y'all know what I meant. :-)

The Cable Guy said...

I love how Brooke never responds to our sexual advances :-) Such a good girl!

Reverse cowgirl...mmmmm!

Man, I don't see how B doesn't have a husband and 10 babies by now.

No interest in the NBA right now.

Barely an interest in football right now.

Ant just shows up and leaves. I noticed that he's not "Latinegro" anymore.

DMoe said...

And now, as you ponder items on your sexual bucket list, here's the "slow jam you forgot" playlist:

1. Special Kind of Fool/Basic Black

2. Alyson Williams/Just call my name

3. Teena Marie/Portuguese Love

4. Regina Belle/Make it like it was

5. Vanessa Williams/Darlin' I

6. Force MD's/Love is a House

7. Switch/There'll never be

8. SOS Band/Weekend Girl

9. Tevin Campbell/Alone with you

10. Al B. Sure/Ooh this love is so

Stay thirsty my friends...


Brooke said...

Tevin Campbell/Alone with you - LOVE THAT JOINT!

The Cable Guy said...

Oh right, the sexual bucket list.

I've never really had the "Cougar" experience yet. I thought Brooke would be it, but she's not really old enough to be a REAL "cougar." Even if she was, she doesn't look like it, she looks my it doesn't really count.

And besides...she won't give me the time of day :)

The Fury said...

LOL @ Yolanda and "making the sex". No it doesn't all come down to that. Sometimes it comes down to "making the food". I'll take a great meal any day.

sending great interview juju to ya, sweetheart.

Serena W. said...

Wow! Al B!!!! Love that joint!

Yolanda said...

Thanks Fury!

Where is that Tevin Campell these days? Still on Broadway?

Stef said...

You need to let it go Cable Dude! She don't want you!

And you're talking about Brooke sneaking in a stepson, but you just dropped on us that you had 3 kids!

Maybe she's not married with 10 babies yet cuz she has VERY high standards and isn't settling for just ANYbody.

Or maybe she doesn't want to get married OR have babies. Ever think of that?

There ARE women out here who don't want to birth babies or be married. Ask Yolanda ;-)

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