Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was great! So much to be thankful for.

- It's December already. Geesh!

- Any fun holiday plans coming up? New Year's Eve parties?

- I want something good for lunch, any suggestions?

- I've been in need of a mani/pedi for over a month now. My toes are crying the blues right about now.

- Still trying to get rid of this cough. I'm in the season where my cold just lingers for 2 months. Sucks.

- My back is getting better....slowly.

- Sherri Sheppard irks my nerves.

- Are Greys Anatomy and Private Practice new tonight?

- T.I. and Tiny have a show...I sense some hot country ghetto mess coming. I need a translator to understand what Tiny be talkin' bout.

- It's a bit chilly out today - winter is just about here...and I'm NOT a snow person.

- What's going on at Syracuse man?! There's a special place in HELL for people like Sandusky (Penn State), Bernie Fine AND his simple ass wife. What is WRONG with people???!!!

- NBA is back! Who's happy? (DMoe, that's who ;-)

- Herman Cain is a clown.

- Question of the day: Has cheating ever made your relationship STRONGER? curious to hear responses on this one.

The throwback today - courtesy of DMoe!




Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches

Georgia Peach said...

just wanted to pop in to say Hi!!! :)

Brooke said...

Glee!!!! where have you been!? I miss you!

Anthony Otero said...

Hello everyone! Hiiii Brooke! Been too long! I hope you doing good.

- My Thanksgiving was good. Had a lot to eat. I met the gf's parents...

- oh yeah, I have a girlfriend now...

- I am still doing interviews in NYC. I had one with Columbia last week. Not sure I did well...

- I spent the last month watching the first 6 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. It all makes sense

- I have Netflix (rather I use her's), so I think my nest show will be either Sons of Anarchy or Mad Men

- The Walking Dead is insane. I Love it.

- Don't Ask Me about Bernie Fine. I don't now him

- My cousin has stage 4 cancer. I am so saddened by this. She had to take a leave of absence from Harvard.

- I need someone to hire me in NYC. Ya'll gotta know someone! :)

Stef said...

Damn, Ant snuck in and beat everybody!

Brooke, I missed you! So glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

I don't think cheating makes a relationship stronger at all. It's a deceitful act, so no...I can't picture that, at least not with me.

Brooke said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin Ant :-( Prayers are with her.

Congrats on the girlfriend! You been holding out! Will IM you in a lil bit ;-)

I don't know Bernie Fine either.

What type of positions are you applying for? See if I know anyone :-)

I need to hit the Mega millions.

The Fury said...

I just wrote down 15 random thoughts and Google lost them all!!


Brooke said...

aww, damn Fury!

write them again in a Word document first :-)

Annamaria said...


2. I had a great Thanksgiving and I have SOOO much to be thankful for!

3. Like my awesome hubby who took me shopping last night.. :)

4. And my awesome daughter who I just gave a ton of hugs & kisses to before she went to take her nap.

5. Ant OFFICIALLY had a girlfriend when he changed his FB status... YOU KNOW ONCE IT'S ON FB IT'S OFFICIAL...

6. Brooke I really hope you feel better. And I totally can relate to the whole back thing.


Stef said...

Annamaria STAYS busy! LOL!

I wish someone would take ME shopping.

Rameer has been MIA lately. What's up with that?

...and Craig n'em, DMoe, Jay, Yolanda....where errbody at?

Yolanda said...

-Glad I copied my RTT before sending. There's a bug in Google today that's erasing them.

-Prayers up for your cousin, Ant.

-I'm listening to a merchandising webinar now. Snooooooze.

-Thanksgiving was good. Spent it with friends mostly. Made my own home cooked meal later. And I'll just toot my horn a bit... my oyster stuffing was EPIC (*echo echo echo*)

-Glad you're feeling better, Brooke!

-Can't answer the cheating question and hope I never have to.

-I'm learning patience every day. And it's really kicking my arse.

-Reconnected with someone special and it's great. But trying my patience. LOL

-After watching the Millionaire Matchmaker marathon (my weekend life was on suck status), I have discovered that I have "masculine energy" (according to Patti Stanger). Meaning, I offer up date ideas and do the planning and sometimes will pay for something (like concert tickets), then invite the guy. Rather than being the traditional lady and letting the guy do it. Again...lack of patience (and you can't be waiting long on concert tickets, son). Anywho, it was quite eye-opening to put a name to how I shoot myself in the foot.

-My friends are experiencing such great news lately. I'm so happy!

-Job interview yesterday. Please send good vibes out on my behalf!

-I'm getting a dog next year. It is written.

-I want people to Google before they asks questions. And assume I have Googled as well. Saves us both time.

-This Syracuse stuff is disgusting. Wasn't there a story early on that Coach Boeheim saw one of the boys in Fine's hotel room, chillin' on the bed? I guess that didn't set off any alarms to have a kid in your room. We need to do a better job of protecting kids and giving them courage to have a voice.

-I'm having a root canal in an hour. ARGHHHHH! And, through this process, I've subsequently discovered my dental insurance probably sucks.

-Is the thought still that politicians who have affairs and wandering eyes must also lack the integrity to lead? I'm wondering why a big deal is still made out of these stories. I find cheating on your wife to be scuzzy, but does that make you a sucky, less trustworthy leader as well? I'm not so sure...

-More later... if I'm not too drugged. (actually, drugged out random thoughts might be pretty funny)

Annamaria said...

@Ant.. I meant to add prayers for your family to my first RT's but I was dealing with the Google bug. Good luck with all your interviews. I cancelled my Netflix. LOVE the Walking Dead.

@Yolanda I would love to hear your drugged Random Thoughts.

@Stef.. You would think I would sit my ass down by now right??? LOL

The Cable Guy said...

hey ya'll!

Cheating can make your relationships stronger if the person who cheated admits to it and the person who was cheated on decides to stay and they both work it out. I don't believe "once a cheater, always a cheater" - people DO change. But only if they want to.

I once cheated on a girl and never told her. The guilt ate me up so much that I was unable to trust HER. Sounds stupid I know, but I eventually sabotaged my own relationship. And then ANOTHER time I cheated and I told her, and she STAYED...but I still couldn't be with her because I was afraid she was going to get me back! My twisted mind.

hmm...maybe for ME it wouldn't make the relationship stronger because I'm paranoid. LOL!

Annamaria said...

Can I just say I LOVE how Cable Guy says people can change but then goes on two describe TWO times he cheated on TWO different women!!!! LMFAO... You kinda negated your own point... LOL

But yes MOST people can change.. Just not Cable Guy.. Cuz he's crazy... LOL

The Fury said...

I don't even remember what the hell I wanted to say. Fuck Google!

Me and Google have a love/hate relationship

Anyway, No more Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice until next year, Brooke.

These tights that look like garters are for real in I'm seriously gonna be a drooling bastard.
(see here:

I double dare Brooke to wear these next time I see her. I TRIPLE dog dare you! You wouldn't make it passed the first public bathroom before you get ravaged.

Anyone can change. Anyone. You just can't change others.

It's World AIDS day!

Go get tested

Donate to an AIDS research/awareness foundation

Buy a RED product

Have protected sex

Give oral using a condom/dental dam

Wear a Magic Johnson jersey

..y'all know it was hard as hell for me to type that shit about oral with protection right?


Be careful out there people.

Annamaria said...

@ I am just sitting her laughing at wear a Magic Johnson Jersey!!!! WTF???????????

DMoe said...

What up yall?

- Glad you are getting better B.

- Thanksgiving was cool until my car was trippin.

- She just wants attention and TLC.

- Dont know if yall heard about what happened with my beloved FAMU band, but its been a terrible 10 days since the tragic events began with the death of a drum major.

- No mother should ever have to bury her son. Ever. Not never.

- My N.O Saints are rollin. We cannot let up. Let's beat the Suh-less Lions Sunday night at the crib.

- Woo-Hoo! We got an NBA season! And now, I'm swamped. But. I'm. Happy.

- Next week? Charlotte. Should be fun up there with the peeps.

- I think the internet killed those phone sex chat lines.

- I'm DJ'ing at the aquarium! I'm rockin them damn fish. Real talk.

- Syracuse? Wow, that's incredibly awful. The wife's recording? Kurrrazy.

- Its time for more CK steelios!

- And its time to cut my hair. Yep.

- Playlist on the way...


Brooke said...

Damn, now what am I gonna watch tonight!?

Annamaria said...


The Fury said...

@Annamaria - it's been 20 years since Magic announced he has HIV. That inspires hope in people..or some shit.

@Brooke - The Eagles play The Seahawks tonight. Watch two crappy teams battle each other for crap supremacy. hehehehe

@Dmoe DJing at the aquarium? That's some hot shit. Wish I could experience that kinda fun.

The Fury said...

@Annamaria - That was a great response. Lucky lucky Powerz....

john said...

Hey BBD! Well let see, Thanksgiving was the best in quite sometime blessings to my family and friends but more importantly than that,blessings to my 4 year old son and the queen that traveled 10 plus hours going and returning..I love those negros.

Why is it still so f-ing tough for colored folks to get it together and unite for the strength of our future?

Help an elderly person today.

Shift the way you think...I think we've all gotten soft and comfortable..Try something that scares the mess out of you.

That's all for now...peace and light.

Courtney said...

@Annamaria & Fury,

I like that porn idea too! I'm horny as hell!

hey John, new to the group huh? Welcome!

10 hours??? Yikes! that's love.

Cheating can make a relationship stronger if you learn from your mistakes.

I'm excited about the holidays!

I want some tights like those now Fury!

Annamaria said...

Why do I feel like Courtney is talking really fast??? LOL

The Fury said...

@John - I agree it's too damn tough for us to do basic shit together. It's maddening.

@Courtney - welcome to the horny club. Have a seat.

..No wait...if you're wearing those tights then don't sit your ass don't just yet. Model them...yes. Model them first;-)

I don't know if cheating can make a relationship stronger. I suppose it could considering adversity strengthens. It all depends on the strength of those involved

The Fury said...

oh by the's #thongthursday all pics accepted here---> dirtydetails[at]

Jay said...

I was just telling someone the other day that I need to shake up my life and try something new - so I'm with you John.

Traveling 10 hours for Thanksgiving is no joke - so any woman and child that did that are troopers. Like Courtney said, that's love right there. I don't do road trips like that anymore.

I wouldn't suggest cheating to make a relationship stronger, but it can, just like any other obstacle a couple would face. Trust is hard to gain though once lost.

Don't really care about the NBA while football is still on.

Courtney said...


I AM talking fast, in my mind! My mind has been racing lately...must be because I'm horny!

Brooke said...

Fury got jokes re: the Eagles.

Feels good to be the queen :-)

that Chase Blueprint commercial where the woman is having triplets gives me the creeps. Can you even imagine!?

Cable Guy is funny.

Courtney, I want some of those tights too!

The Fury said...

@Brooke - I already gave you the warning about those tights...I'm just sayin'.

As for The Eagles, think of it this way, you may finally be rid of Andy Reid. Hopefully The Giants don't pick him up after they dump Coughlin.

@Courtney - I don't know what you like, so if I saw you in the street wearing those tights I'd just take a full view of them..if you're fine I may water at the mouth a little.

I can just imagine Courtney typing all fast and squirming in her seat....

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT!

I lost 2 Aunt's to AIDS in the 80's. Get tested and stay protected!

Thinking of running a marathon to benefit AIDS research next year in Honolulu :)

Happy early 4 months to my baby Jordan!

I'm still waiting for a job offer! Patience...patience!

Hitting African dance class again! I feel so free!

Jordan amazes me! He's eating fruit and cereal now. He also loves to roll onto his stomach.

I could truly be a stay at home Mom and work on my books if my bills were paid!

Speaking of which, can someone pay my rent! Its due on Monday and I'm short!

I know the blessing will come from somewhere.

I need to see these sexy tights.

Can brothers get it together!

Ant your cousin is in my prayers!

Ant and Yolanda, I'm praying on the job offers for yóu both as well!

DMoe where's the list or did I miss it?

Hi John! Welcome to the blog!

I traveled to NYC with Jordan last week. He's such a great co-pilot on long road trips.

An endearing moment...sitting on the bed and I felt a small hand touch me. I looked over and Jordan just smiled at me!

Despite no job and funny finances...I'm blessed!

Yolanda said...

-I am currently twisted off some Vicoprofen. This feels niiiiiice.

-Serena, do you have Paypal? I'm good for 20 bucks. I'm so serious (and it's not the drugs).

-Ok, that's all.

Serena W. said...

Yolanda is the shizzzzznit! Thanks Soror!

Still waiting for DMoe list lol!

They are playing Lenny Williams on the radio! Love this song!

Remember when Steve Harvey played this on the Kings of Comedy!

Our Christmas tree is up! Half the lights don't work though! Sigh.

Does the dollar store sell lights?

I'm ready to go to bed! Hopefully Jordan is too lol!

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