Thursday, December 8, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

-'s chilly!

- I'm slowly but surely getting into the Christmas spirit. Time to decorate the tree!

- My partner and I have started a business! It's called Expert Land Management, and if you're in the NYC area, call us for your snow removal, lawn care, hauling and light maintenance needs. We do all your "honey do" handyman stuff around the house, haul away your junk, paint your house, dry wall, small electrical work, you name it! Call us for a free quote/estimate - 267-586-0889, day or night. The snow is coming, so tell a friend!

- I had the best fish for lunch!

- I haven't gone spinning in a while, and I'd probably die if tried it today. Not sure I should try.

- I've been eating healthier though :-)

- I love seeing pics of baby Jordan on Serena's FB page. Always makes me smile :-)

- Looking forward to Yolanda and DMoe's random thoughts today :-)

- Annamaria says Mountaintop is an awesome play, so I'm gonna make it my business to go see it soon!

- Did I mention we started a business? Pass it along! :-)

- I'm so glad the week is almost over!

- DMoe's throwback!




SarKism said...

1st Bitches!!!!

SarKism said...

I have a pretty good gig with great perks but whew my coworkers....Lord Jesus Sprinkle them.

I love my babies...Threw a kick-ass party for my son on Saturday and I'm STILL tired but that smile on his face and the gleam in his eyes made all that work worth it. Love my babies (and the hubby too)

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas break. I am NOT in the holiday spirit but I am looking forward to some quality time off doing much of nothing.

I would call if I lived near Brooke. Its hard finding good service these days and I know Brooke wont play :)

I am totally addicted to Words with Friends.

maybe more later....for now back to project schedules and chasing down technicians...


Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

KABOOM - look who stepped in the room...

- My football team won our championship last week! Very proud. Got a bunch of tall, fast young dudes that are basically unguardable. My team literally became the talk of the entire league, because NO ONE talked ish like us - and backed it up. Oh, and we won an umber of bets, that were based on tabs. We ran one poor captain's tab up to $500 in one hour...

- Lebron James is still full of crap. I watched his ESPN interview, and it was extremely scripted and cliched. I give him credit on taking some media coaching - but I wanted to throw something at the TV at this exchange:

Reporter: So how'd you react to losing in the Finals?

Lebron James: Man - couldn't get over it. I just locked myself away in my house for 2 weeks.

R: 2 weeks? No contact with anyone?

LJ: No contact, didn't talk to anyone, just stayed to myself.

That might be cool if there wasn't VIDEO AND PHOTOS of this chump partying the entire week after the finals, and throwing parties with his name on the flyer. I get it - all the greats have stories of taking losses really bad - Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kobe, Duncan, KG, etc. - but you ain't gotta lie to kick, holmes. Smh...

- I had the flu and was sick for about 2 weeks. As soon as I get better, my girlfriend gets a viral infection, and now SHE'S been sick for the past week and change. It's going to be a month since we were both normal at the same time.

- Why did mi abuela question a very close family friend about her marriage prospects - and bring my name up?? And, better yet - why did she tell my abuela she was waiting for me to pop the question?!?

- I used to have a temper, but i was taught to control it when I was still young. I realize, as in control of my emotions as I am (it's almost zen-like to a lot of my friends) - my temper is completely still there when it comes to the thought of someone hurting certain loved ones of mine...

- Pray for the shooting victims at Virginia Tech.

- Bernie Fine needs to burn. Can't believe that PIG is going to get away with pedophilia and molestation due to the statute of limitations...

- SU b-ball is #3 and looking good, in more positive news...

- I've been on an ice cream float kick lately.

- I have Horrible Bosses sitting on my PS3. Have yet to watch it...

- Lindsay Lohan in Playboy? No thank you.

- The Roots new album - y'all need that in your life.

- People will believe anything on the internet. Shame on you if you were one of the putzes who believed that story that Tyler Perry bought American Airlines and changed it's name to "African American Airlines". That headline alone let me know it was a hoax...but for future consideration - *no celebrity can buy a f'n airline on their own.* Not a single one.

- I REALLY want the Lakers to get Dwight Howard. Like...REALLY.

- I want to play basketball...

I missed the blog! Sorry I go AWOL at times - life has been a lot busier, so I limit my Internet playing to things that are easily done on my phone in-between things...

Annamaria said...

@SarKism...Don't get thrown off of any planes playing words with friends. LOL

Brooke I am TOTALLY proud of you & your partner! :-) Awesome to have someone to work with. Heck you guys should come over & give us a snow quote. Especially if it's going to snow the way I think it's going to this winter.

MOUNTAINTOP WAS AMAZING. I cried the last few minutes of it. It was awesome. Angela Bassett is STUNNING and her acting stole the show. And Sam Jackson is just a cool dude and an awesome actor! MUST SEE...

Jordan makes me smile too.

I wanna cuddle with my hubby later... ;-)

Working on this mentoring project is going to seriously be the death of me.. LOL but I love it

FYI: My latest venture Mission 2 Mentor is incorporated... Tell a friend..
Info, fundraisers & events coming soon. This is your chance to give back people so if doing something good is on your list of New Years Resolutions I am here to solve your problem.

All donations will be tax deductible. :-)

We finally have an unofficial home but if anyone has or knows of any donated meeting space in Brooklyn hit up the organization email:

If anyone wants to donate webdesigning services or know of a webhost for non profits.. hit up the above email address.

I love my daughter. I love her more every time I look at her.

I have some very inspiring friends

And a hard working Partner.

Austin the Realtor.. the only real estate agent working hard in this economy... So he has been told! :-)

DMoe said...

Whats up all….missed being in this number, so let me step right up….

Congrats on the new venture B…Best of luck.

Another shooting at Va. Tech. Incredibly sad.

Sandusky gets the chair. My vote.

5K weaves? Child please.
Channeling my inner "Clarence" from Coming to America: "Boy, that aint nothin but Ultra-Perm…"

Newt Gingrich? Really? That's y'all dude?

As a slim dude, I have a single-digit policy when it comes to jerseys. Da hell I look like rockin a "51" or a "92"? I'm good with a "9" or a "2" or maybe even a "5". Double digit jersey may as well be a house dress.

Pray for me fellow Brookey bloggers….My grad school acceptance verdicts will be coming in the next few days. I want in, and when i get in, i want --- out.

I don't mind people "music-pimpin" me (smile B), but you aint gonna "demand" i get it done by such and such a date, with hard deadlines, etc. "I'll do my best" aint good enough for you? F**k outta here with that. Its a FAVOR. Kick rocks, and make yo head get small while you at it….

Ok, the cafe' at this place is like a damn casino. No chance of winning, and you always spend more than you aim to. Lame. 10 dollars for this prison food? Do i get a jumpsuit and them ugly azz flip flops too?

No vacation at all for the month of December, but i'm happy we've got basketball back. Wait, that makes this month a damn "gauntlet"…

I can get my momma a rock with a Fleur de Lis (Saints logo) painted on it. She'll smile, kiss me on the cheek, and rearrange the entire living room to make a spot for it. Love that chick. Oh, and not cuz i'm her son, cuz she's obsessed with Fleur de Lis. #keepinitreal

People drive "stupid-er" in the winter. I don't know why. I do know i need to be grammatically incorrect to illustrate exactly how stupid people drive in the winter.

I need a new phone. Know how I know? Cuz whenever people see me using it, i feel obligated to show them my "other work phone" (iPhone). Clearly, i need a new phone.

Jan 1st is coming. New Years? Hell no. 365 days of DMOE. A year long event. Check your local listings for what's happening near you.

Playlist? I got that.


The Fury said...

Good luck with the new venture Brooke

Good luck with grad school DMoe

Good luck with getting that payment on time this month bill collectors.

Good luck with catching your latest looney VA Tech

Good luck with trying to get free agent bball players all you teams that are jocking the same people you tried to shit on during the lockout.

Good luck with not sounding like you're telling us the obvious Chris Broussard .

Good luck with trying to get ANYTHING done with these fucking yahoos in congress, Pres. Obama.

DMoe said...

Ok peeps, the playlist...Its coming in two posts, cuz i'm feelin some kinda way today....

"Hi, could you read my list?"

"Uh, its all crossed out."

"Cuz I got everything on it...Boom!"
(love that wal-mart commercial)...

Sorry I missed my cue last week. …Right in time for the holidays….Stuff their stockings with these!

Mary J Blige | My Life II
Mary's back to let the fans know how far she's come without losing sight of the perspective we heard in songs from the first earth-shattering work of the original "My Life". She's grown now, and mostly drama free (right?), so she can enjoy the fruits of a career that has seen its share of ups and downs. Star-studded collabos, solid production and her signature emotional stylings are spicing things up all over this one. Everyone on your christmas list deserves a copy.

Robin Thicke | Love after War
This dude has cornered the market on Soul crooning, and he aint lettin' go no time soon. From the pseudo-Motown sound in joints like "I'm an animal" (similar to Raphael Saadiq's terrific work on "The Way I see it"), to the radio jam with the 16 rap bar formula "Pretty Lil Heart" featuring Lil Wayne, Thicke does the old thing just as well as the new joint. That good ol' Robin Thicke sound (if there is one) with the clever wordplay is still consistent throughout these strides across vibes (in cuts like "Boring" and "Love after War"), but the variance gives this CD a flexible versatility. A chick pops Thicke in and she begins to slump down in the bathtub as the relaxation kicks in. Suddenly, her foot's tappin and water's all over the floor. Yep, its like that. This one's worth every penny you spend on the download, or every minute you stand in line at Target.

Part 2 on the way...

DMoe said...

And here's part 2!

Joe | The Good The Bad The Sexy
If Joe's got a sweet spot, its that music where he describes exactly what's going to happen to her, when she will get it, and where its goin down. He knows what the ladies like, and delivers yet again. This CD is good for the drive home after a night out, as well as the bedroom as things wind down (or up) upon conclusion (or at the beginning). Standout tracks like "Tonight" and "Almost there" could be plucked from the CD at random upon click. If you browse it, you buyin' it.

The Roots | Undun
Experimental and "chancy" (copyright, DMoe) Yep, that's what I'd call their latest. For everything we don't like about hip-hop these days, (glamorization of violence, lack of substance, untalented artists going Titanium, etc) this work caters to our inner rap-fan. We all have one, and he's bobbin to this one. I can't guarantee you'll enjoy the CD from cover to cover, but if you start with songs like "The OtherSide" and "Make My" you won't be disappointed from there. The Roots have embraced their role as "the rap band" with both arms.

Amy Winehouse | Lioness: Hidden Treasures
Of the list provided, this is my favorite purchase of a big month of music. Not just cuz Amy's gone (in that posthumous, "Damn…Why she gone/I miss her" kinda way) but really because, this is incredible work. For all that's been said and written about what she was, where she was going, and the promise therein, you can actually FEEL more of her here: in these songs. Many cuts on this album are the traditional b-side, cutting room floor, never before released tracks, but wow….each feels fresh and incredible. Winehouse duos with Nas and Tony Bennett on a couple of tracks that each shine in their own right, but the real bling on this CD is the alternate version and cover of work she had released prior. Amy knocks the dust off classics like "A Song for You", "The Girl from Ipanema" and provides a thrillingly bouncy, reggae-fied version of "Our Day will come".

Meanwhile, check out the reason why she's got a macaroni style with audibly delicious cheese on "Best friends, right?" and "Half time". Top it all off with a dessert of alt versions of "Valerie" (utter funkiness) and a new version of one of her bigger jams "Tears Dry" (seemingly chopped/screwed with a slower meter and lagging delivery). By the way, there's none of that recycled "since she passed away, let's recycle her vocals on this new track" foolishness. This? Fresher than the milk in yo fridge. Check the date.

Feliz Navi-D-Moe

Powerz the Realtor said...

Shout out and Good Luck to all the new businesses, education endeavors, festish fulfillments, supportive spouses and significant others, all positive requests released into the universe (sorry, just saw "Secrets")

Brooke, I can use a quote on some work in my basement, hit us up.

Cuddling sounds like a great idea..

Mountaintop was great! It was epecially interesting seeing after an Angela Bassett monologue which ended with "F*ck White People" and all the white people clapped....HARD!

I've learned to shop more wisely. I'm not hip to Groupons yet but you all should check out Get $25 gift certs for like $3! Great way to try new places without killing your budget.

Its the most adorable think to hear my 2 year old switch from English to Spanish without blinking an eye

Flying out to South Cakalacky! So looking forward to seeing my DAD and some of my old school dudes I avoided getting arrested with! lol

I wish you all a great weekend! I love having every Friday off in Dec!

Annamaria said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your dad too.. :-) LOL

I'm looking forward to the food & REST!

Brooke said...

"Kick rocks, and make yo head get small while you at it…."


Stef said...

How did I miss THIS blog!?

What is "Words with Friends?"

Today I wanted a baby for some reason. I'm sure this feeling will pass.

Brooke, I might have some work to throw your way!

All these entrepreneurs (sp?) on the blog, love it!

What is Anna working on now? She and Austin are like Jamaicans, got "tree" jobs! LOL!

No dis to all my Jamaican massive out there :-)

I think DMoe might can get it - I like a slim goodie ;-)

Rameer is back! We missed you!

Love the playlist!

Brooke said...

I truly, thoroughly enjoyed reading DMoe's posts today! He needs to guest blog again soon :)

Rameer! I missed you man!

Anna and Austin are my inspiration. These people go out and get it DONE! I'm trying to be like them :)

I want mac and cheese now after reading DMoe's description of Amy Winehouse. First time I heard some funky stuff from her was from who? You guessed it - D to the Moe on my special DMoe edition iPod. If you have an empty one lying around or need to update your stuff, send it to D and he'll hook you up... for a small fee ;-)

Is this day over yet?

Courtney said...

Dig the playlist DMoe!

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT! I missed the blog :(

Thanks B and Annamaria on what you said about Jordan! He's my angel!

So-So is adorable!

Hi SarKism! Tell hubby what's up!

Good luck with the business venture B!

DMoe with school!

Annamaria's mentoring org!

Rameer I hope yĆ³ur girl feels better soon!

Praying for VA Tech! Insane!

I want the Roots cd!

Starting to do odd jobs myself! Babysit, organizing spaces, closets, offices, file name it!

One of the jobs fell through! Boo them! Their loss!

Today I watched my friends son (who's not quite 3 months) and I had Jordan! I give peeps props that have multiples! Wow!

I'm in the Christmas Spirit this year! First time since 2008!

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