Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Question of the Day

Happy Hump Day!

So I'm sitting here watching "Good Hair" on HBO and they're discussing weaves, among other things. Some women on the documentary say that their men pay for their weaves, and the men have all gone to the poor house supporting their women's "weave habit." Some weaves can cost up to $5k!

That is pure fuckery.

Maybe I feel this way because I'm not a woman who spends a lot of time on her hair. Pull it back, put it in a pony tail. If it's not long enough to be put into a pony tail, I slap on a hat. Done.

I don't like sitting all day at the salon unless I'm getting my hair braided. I don't color my hair, I don't weave it, I don't pay much attention to it other than wrapping it up at night...and then my scarf inevitably slides off. Hair just doesn't do it for me.

But for those women who get it poppin' with their do's, they have a hair budget. If a man isn't footing the bill, I don't know how they do it. Getting your hair did every week can cost a small fortune, and some stylists even allow their clients to put their weaves on layaway.

Again, pure fuckery to me. I hope their stock portfolio's are a healthy as their hair.

Anyway, the question of the day....

What is the most you've ever spent getting your hair done? Any women have their men paying for their hair upkeep? Men - ever tricked on a chick's weave?

Let's hear it!



Batman said...

First BITCHES!!!

SarKism said...


Stef said...

Dang it!

SarKism said...

I think we are tied batman.....

no hair budget here and I dont do all that fancy stuff but I try my best to keep the hair looking proper.

Stef said...

I spend about $150 a month on my hair. I've had men treat me to the salon before, but nothing heavy. He probably gave me money and I used it to get my hair done, no trickin' tho.

The most I ever paid to get my hair done at one time was like $250. There's no way I'd spend thousands on a damn weave!

HOWEVER, if someone wanted to TREAT me to a GOOD weave, like Chrissy's on Love and Hip Hop, I'd try it! :-) LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

Once an ex asked me for $500 to get her hair done. I was like "bitch please." That's a car note.

Nah son.

I've treated my son's mother to get her hair done, like $200 once for her birthday, but that can't be an every week thing. That's ridiculous. Women who spend thousands on weaves, but live at home or their kids ain't eating, gets no love from me.

Annamaria said...

I wouldn't spend $500 to get my hair done NOR would I spend that shit on a car note. But that's just me..

Yolanda said...

Oooh, my kinda question.

As a woman who comes from a long line of hair enthusiasts (LOL), I can say that my hair budget has been substantial at different times in my life. I'm sure my hair experimentation came from my Momma who used to make fake ponytails and wigs for herself and her friends when I was a kid (she still does, actually). Now that I'm natural, I spend much less money on my hair since I'm using less product and don't really go to anyone regularly to really "keep it up." I do it at home mostly and when I get it braided, it's like 70 bucks and much less when I go for a trim. I've always known how to do my own hair (my Grandmother used to say it was vital for a woman to know how to manage her own hair), so getting my hair done is a luxury.

No man has ever paid for my hair before. But IF THERE'S ONE OUT THERE WHO WANTS TO... email me :-)

The most I've ever spent on my hair was in a swanky salon, probably around $275-ish. It was the best cut and color I've ever had. But I've had bangin' kitchen weaves too.

I view hair as an accessory, just like putting on cute boots or a nice pair of earrings. It's not a necessity to have my hair laid all the time, but I enjoy the different looks and the versatility of my hair. As long as it doesn't detract from your life, your necessities (like mortgage and savings), your daily routine or your sleeping habits; go for it.

Brooke said...

Amen Yolanda :-)

The Cable Guy said...

I'd pay that car note on a nice ass ride ;-)

Courtney said...

It's all about what makes you feel good, and if you got it, then do you. Weave, short cut, natural, whatever it's all an individual choice, and your money is your money.

If you want to be broke on hair, with no savings...that's your business. Maybe not very smart, but your business.

I've had a boyfriends who gave me money for my hair monthly...I miss those days. Not the man, just the money for the hair ;-) Lol!

Annamaria said...

We need another Money Monday lesson for Cable Guy. lmfao
We drive two luxury cars.. Guess what our car note is..... $0.00


The Cable Guy said...

Excuse me...not all of us can be real estate ballers like Mr. Powerz!

Annamaria said...

Not a matter of being a baller. It's a matter of making smart purchases.
But I'll let him explain that.

We don't have money LIKE THAT but I will be DAMNED if we have a $500 car note. It's a freaking car. Loses value the second you drive off the lot. The only way I'm agreeing to a $500 car note is if that bitch drives itself, makes dinner, and changes diapers.

Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy since I don't condone spending $500 on a car note I applaud you for not giving your girl $500 for some hair.. LOL

If your hair cost more than your rent/mortgage... SOMETHING is WRONG.. LOL

Serena W. said...

If anyone would like to pay my car note off so it could be zero let me know and I'll send you my acct # and address to the loan peeps lol!

As for hair the most I've spent is $150 and that was for braids. I haven't beens to a salon since last February. I try to go semi or annually to get a trim. I maintain my hair or my girl Jeanette hooks up the styles. I can't see spending a fortune on hair! I have other priorities!

5k for a weave! That gets a "C'mon son!" From me!

Annamaria said...

@Serena EXACTLY.

SarKism said...

yeah I guess choose your vice. I've heard people say that you shouldnt spend that much on a handbag or a car either but to each their own.

I dont even think I know enough stuff to do with my hair to make it cost $500.

i'll also raise my hand for any hair/car sponsorship :) (just dont tell the hubby )

Brooke said...

Most times, the more swanky the hair salon or stylist to the stars, the higher the price. I know some women who pay $200 for a wash, blow, trim and set. That's insane to me, but it's because the salon is in a fancy part of the neighborhood or the stylist has a bit of celebrity with them.

But yes, it's all about what's important to you.

The Fury said...

I know several women that spend an average of 2 thousand dollars for their weaves. Some of them use it professionally, whether onscreen, on the pole or to look great in business meetings or in the corner office. They look great, but they always have an issue with getting those expensive weaves pulled...but they love it though.

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