Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Money Monday!

Don't want to start 2012 in debt? Austin the Realtor is back for Money Mondays with tips on how you can shop smart and still enjoy the holidays without putting yourself in the poor house.

Saving During the Austin the Realtor.

Hope you all had a great weekend! The last official shopping weekend before Christmas. This is a great time to find ways to bring smiles to those you love with that special gift. If money was no object, what would you get? A new car, a new house, a trip to the Caribbean? Unfortunately, for many of us, money IS an object, so we get what we can - and sometimes what we can’t.

Many shop by pushing the limits with thoughts of dealing with the ramifications in the New Year. It is the season of giving, but it will not feel so good when you start receiving the bills associated with all your giving. It’s hard to decide who gets what on a limited budget, but it's more painful trying to dig yourself out of the debt created by trying to please everyone.

Many are going different routes this holiday season to try to soften the financial blow.

- Just buying for the kids this year
- A Secret Santa amongst family members
- Create games where the prizes are wrapped gifts
- Set a spending limit per gift per person
- Offer to perform a service as opposed to a tangible gift (wash the car or mow the lawn for a month coupons)

Many have traditions which they are not willing to part from, but in these economic times, you have to consider what is reasonable while trying to stick to your annual rituals. Consumer spending is up 15% so far from last year. This is interesting given all the reports on unemployment and home foreclosures.

I am a huge advocate of gift giving, but I’m a bigger advocate of ensuring we are not financially stressed after the holidays. You have to find your personal fine line where you can spread the holiday cheer and still maintain your financial sanity.

How do you balance the two during the holiday seasons?



Annamaria said...

First Fuckers! LOL it ryhmed.. LOL

Stef said...

HEY!!! How did I miss this???

I usually try to bake cookies for people during holidays. It's cheaper and everyone loves to eat!

Annamaria said...

Honey.... I VOTE FOR JUST BUYING FOR THE KIDS. SO NOW YOU CAN'T GET ME ANYTHING... I have witnesses. It was YOUR idea!!!! :-)

The Cable Guy said...

I always just buy for kids for Christmas. There are too many people in my family to buy for adults. As far as friends, I just give them a cable hookup ;)

just jokes!

I like the services idea though.

Powerz the Realtor said...

That's a great idea Steph. Take a talent you have and share it during the holidays. It's more personal and its financially sound! Good One!

Jay said...

Funny about services, a friend of mine is a certified personal trainer and always offers a free session in January complete with routine and diet suggestions as his gift since people tend to put on pounds during the holidays.

Great suggestions...keep 'em coming!

Laker 4 Life said...

Powers with a "z",
You are actually right for once. Holiday shopping should never be a financial burdon to anyone. That being said make sure you get me MW3 for the PS3!!! Thank you!!!

Powerz the Realtor said...

@A-Buzz - is this one of those times where No really means yes????

@ L4L aka Foolio - Finances are not a seasonal subject so people have to maintain a plan all year. And no, I don't buy toys for adults LOL. I'll take a bottle of Honey Jack Daniels though!

Another great gift gift idea for friends can be found at where you can buy $25 gift cards for as low as $3.

Laker 4 Life said...

Powers with a "z",
Correct me if i'm wrong but the blog is about holiday spending. Maintaing a plan of the entire year should be next Mon's topic & I will address it then.
Now back to my MW3 hook it up homie, no alcohol for you. I would like to buy it but its just not in my budget! I'm just a poor country boy trying to learn a thing or two from you big city slickers.

Annamaria said...

Powerz... No this time NO means NO.. Give me a big hug & a big kiss X-mas morning and make me breakfast & that's good enough. :-)

@Laker...You are a

Annamaria said...

@Laker.... you ain't from the COUNTRY you from Queens fool.. and secondly correct me if I am wrong but you are a newly appointed VP and thanks to you ALWAYS checking in on FB I BELIEVE your first week at your new job you was at the RANGE dealership.. so you can afford to hook my hubby up with some JD.. SON.. :-)

Oh and no video games for you. lol

Laker 4 Life said...

Anna Banana,
No can do, don't judge me by a title and FB check ins. That don't mean a thing. I'm hear taking notes so I can learn how to save my pennies.
BTW I will take a bottle of 18 year Macallan & Coquito instead in exchange for the JD.

On another note Brooke I would like to thank you and the Eagles for releasing the Kraken on Sanchez and the bumbling Jets yesterday. It made the loss of the G-Men much easier to digest.

Annamaria said...

I'M JUDGING... :-)

Brooke said...

You all are funny :)

Laker 4 Life - Kobe doesn't seem to happy nowadays :)

Anyway, I'm all over the site, thanks!

Hayden said... has a deal RIGHT now for $500 worth of gift cards for $30! here is the link ( and the promo code is todayrestaurant. Enjoy!!

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