Thursday, November 17, 2011

Send good thoughts to Ms. Brooke! I love you!

RIP to the Heavster! Today is his public viewing in Money Earning Mt. Vernon.

I'm still in denial that he's gone.

Live life to the fullest will be the motto from here on out.

What's up with the crazy weather! Monday it was 75 and sunny, today its chilly and gloomy! Boo!

Thanksgiving is in 1 week! What are you thankful for?

Interviews went well everyone! Waiting on an offer!

Can a sista get a gift card to Jiffy Lube for Christmas lol!

How about a shopping spree at Ann Taylor Loft! Let's throw in 9 West while we're at it!

Wishful thinking!

Feel better Rameer!

NBA postponed until Dec 15th! Boo!

I hope they burn the coaches statue at Penn State! Shame!

Shots at the White House! Don't they know the Obama's will roll on dem fools!

Hit the dance floor on Saturday and African danced my butt off! I literally think I left my butt on the dance floor lol!

I'm going grocery shopping today! Yeah!!!

Craving Red Velvet Cake!

I want some Juniors too!

If you don't know what Juniors is you better ask somebody!

I have an airline credit that I must use by March 1st! Where should I go?

Loved DMoe's RTT last week!

My son rolled onto his tummy all the way today! Yeah!!! He's getting so big!

I smell shrimp quesadillas and can taste the sangria already! A job offer is coming sooooooooon!

This weeks throw back! Again RIP Heavster!




Annamaria said...


Stef said...


Brooke, you're sick?

DMoe said...

What up yall...

- Get well B.

- @Serena: I'll see yo Jiffy Lube gift card and raise you a Walgreens one.

- Wait, Why am I picturing the beginning of Coming to America for your african dancing scene? (Cuz thats the only one black folks can visualize)

- Water snobbery update: Glaceau Smart Water was on sale. No way they can't front on that. Its all about judging my bottles in a meeting? Well….NO MORE!

My heart belongs to Roni….Wait…Why? I mean come people, the truth about Roni, she's a sweet ol' girl, about the sweetest lil girl in the whole world, she'll make the toughest homeboy fall deep in love…Once you had Roni you will never give her up….Yep, that's why.

- That song never gets old.

- Last weekend, I went hard in the paint for the Saints/Falcons game. No…seriously. I did. The funny thing is, my momma went even harder than me, but I was so glad to take her to her first NFL game. The pics are straight comedy….Oh, and WHO DAT!

- Baffling: Why rappers gotta die for their work to truly be appreciated? Drake's alive and well, and that album's gotten better by the day since Tuesday.

- I dropped my iPhone yesterday with the case 1/2 on, and went all "Florida Evans" as it hit the ground like she did when she dropped that punch bowl after James died on Good Times….Had to regain my composure. Thankfully, no damage.

- Good Times? Thelma, Thelma, Thelma…

- I'm officially over my car. I love no car note, but I hate my car.

- There's simply nothing like gettin yo grown azz kicked on a standardized test. For all you've done all these years out there in the real world, you still ain't ish on a multiple choice exam.

Playlist on the way this afternoon...

The 4th letter.

Annamaria said...

1. Brookey get better.

2. This weather is BANANAS!

3. I have a lot to be thankful for...

4. My child is HILARIOUS... She has us cracking up these days... She can drive me crazy but she keeps us laughing.

5. Serena what I told you about dem jobs gurl????

6. hmmmm Sangria... :-)

7. Rolling over? Wait til he rolls his eyes.. oh wait that's only my kid.. LOL

8. I am sitting here looking at everything I have to do in the next few weeks and I am wondering when the hell am I going to sleep??? lol

9. I have a date with my boyfriend on Sunday morning. Can't wait.. :-) (sorry powerz..)

10. I love how motivated the people around me are....

IE: SERENA with her writing,

Aisha with Hartlyn kids

Hayden with Greene Light Photography... (by the way his gallery closing is this weekend let's all go in one mass Occupy Wall St type mob)

Austin with Austin the Realtor.

Helps to get me more motivated with the 900 things I am doing. :-)

Powerz said...

Wishing all Wellness and Good Fortune in all your endeavors

I'm so amped about all the money makin ideas that keeps coming to me

I was told I can sell business plans to investors, I will have to look into that

I'm becoming an app addict for my EVO. My latest is "Trapster" which gives info including voice prompts on red light cameras, road closures, speed traps and other great info while you are driving. Check it out!

As I mentioned before, take a hobby or something you like to do and see how you can get paid for it. We are a group of intelligent individuals and no need for you to kill yourself and get the same pay check every week.

I heard Mountaintop w/Sam Jackson and Angela Bassett was great. Gonna treat A-Buzz to a date night if she behaves!

Thank you all that help pass my realtor info on to friends via Facebook, word of mouth, email or whatever method you use.

Like my page on facebook, search "Austin the Realtor". I plan on having raffles soon.

Serena W. said...

DMoe if I get my hands on a Walgreens card you got it!

Lol about Coming to America!

Annamaria we are all doing big things chica! I'm so proud of you!

Powerz you need to get cracking on Money Mondays!

I think my son despises grocery shopping like I do but we both gotta get over it lol!

I'm thinking I need to go somewhere warm and sunny with that airline credit that's also kid friendly :)

Just me and Jordan ;) maybe a few of my other mommy friends and their kids too!

I really want the best for my friends and I...we all deserve love and to be loved :)

Scrounging up loot so I can African dance next week too. I felt so free!

I've gotten some great sleep! Thanks Jordan!

Need a location for my future bed and breakfast/cafe. Should it be in the dc Miami lol! Where or where!

I'm going to treat myself to chocolate today!

Serena W. said...

I meant to say where "oh" where! Sigh...

Annamaria said...

@Powerz... You better take me on my date night... LOL Don't make me tase u.. LOL besides if you take me I'll thank u after.. LOL

@Serena.. Do it in NYC.. lol So you can be close to us..

@Powerz.. yes you need to sit down and get crackin on Money Mondays.. I'm going to hound you this weekend to write something.

Brooke said...


Yep, I'm sick...but you all hold it down for me, thanks Serena!

Serena W. said...

Annamaria you're funny! I wouldn't move to nyc...I would own it and have someone manage it ;) who knows. I'm going to start praying on it now. Now the cafe I want to live in the area of it because I have some funky fresh ideas!!!

Ask me if I've gone grocery shopping yet? Jordan has been a tad bit irritable :(

I predict he'll cut his first tooth in January when he's 5 months!

I love my son but he's coming between me and chocolate right now lol!

Could use a friend to come over so I can go grocery shopping while they watch him. Now that would be ideal! Where's Yolanda at lol!

When I start working I'm going to order my groceries! Yep! I'll buy my fruit and stuff in the store and get the rest delivered!

Annamaria said...

@Serena but you would still have to come & check on things.. LOL
I'll manage it. I will taze EVERYONE I see slacking off. LOL

Soso's teeth are still coming in. Teething SUCKS..... I'm going to start taking her to the dentist in January.

Stephanie said...

I wish I was off today.The OWS movement really has me motivated.
I'd like to take my stepsons so they can see it and be apart of history. My stepson and I covered what a Ponzi scheme is. He was horrified and excited.Now we are covering NWO conspiracies and how not to believe everything you read in the paper or see on TV.We encourage independent thinking.He is only 10.
@ Brooke Do you produce the show American Muslim? I thought the show was very interesting.It gives a new perspective on the Muslim community.

Serena W. said...

Very true Annamaria! You could be the manager and security lol. Austin could be the realtor to help me find a spot ;)

Stephanie I think that is great that you're introducing your stepson to the movement and critical thinking.

Awaiting DMoe's playlist!

Where is everyone else today :(

DMoe said...

5 songs you forgot about…and 5 you should check for...

1. Lady Cab Driver - Prince
His royal badness sets the scene as he hails a cab in the city, and the proverbial fine chick behind the wheel pulls up curb side. From there, its a funky journey up to and including the point where Prince dedicates each mattress smashin' stroke of his to any and every body he can think of. Hilarious. This song is 8 minutes guitar riffs and classic ad libs for the true Prince fan.

2. Don't disturb this groove/System
One hit wonders? Well, technically, two if you count their hit other joint "you are in my system" from "Beat Street". This jam takes you back to the 80s quickly.

3. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss/PM Dawn
Corny right? Nope. If you haven't heard it in a while, its refreshing. You got the whole Paid in Full thing goin, mixed with Spandau Ballet's "True". This is 4 minutes well-spent.

4. You make me Wanna - Usher
Call this the "Jermaine Dupri" version of Usher. This song was a club banger in the 90s, and if we're wondering how/when he actually blew up…."You make me wanna" was C-friggin-4. Still hot.

5. Looking for the Perfect Beat - Afrika Bambaataa.
Sure, Planet Rock got all the love…But if this song comes on, your arms will virtualy pop-lock themselves. Guaranteed. I'm. Doing. It. Right. Now.

6. A Tale of Two - Eric Roberson
Eric Roberson's one of today's best R&B songwriters and he's operating in relative obscurity. This joint is a clever loop of sing-songy lyrics and an infectious groove. Give it a try. You wont be dissapointed.

7. Nothin but love/Whitney Houston
Crack? Wack. Bobby? Crazy. All things considered, Whitney's comeback album was a testament to her self destructive nature these days, but she absolutely crushes track #2, "Nothin but Love". All the reasons you used to love her can be heard, and since i don't unwrap CD plastic anymore….The moment the whole album finishes downloading is "go" time. Whitney's swag was in full force on this one, and it got slept on. Check for it.

8. Words - Anthony David
This little known duet with India Arie is audible gold. David speaks emotionally, but with slow-baking thoughtful sensibility. This is a head bobber that appeals to certain things in all of us. "Listen, I know these are just words, but i need you to understand that I aint just SAYIN em…." Damn. That's what I'm talking about.

9. Bridge over Troubled Water - Aretha Franklin
Bad day? Trouble? Put this on, and listen to Aretha break it ALL down. This is classic R&B with her signature gospel flavor that puts an exclamation mark on each and every feeling….And if you need me, I'll be "just like a bridge over troubled water"…It sounds old, but it will make you feel new.

10. In the middle of you - Vikter Duplaix
I have no idea why this kid from Philly hasn't blown up just yet. Listen and you'll agree. This song is a simply produced, lavishly styled eargasm waiting to happen.

Stay thirsty and get well B...


The Cable Guy said...

I'm sick today too.

That is all.

Serena W. said...

Vikter D is the shiznit! I love his music!!!

Feel better Cable Guy!

Had a successful grocery shopping trip! Jordan trip out one time! Yeah!!

I got some chocolate!

Treated myself to Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookies! Ah shucks!

Making some steak for dinner with corn and rice!

Brookey, thanks for allowing me to guest blog twice this week!

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