Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday!

DMoe's running RTT today - let's go!

Random Thoughts Thursday! DMoe.

- What up y'all? The QB (The Queens Brookey) hands RTT off to Dmoe! I got the ball! Watch me run the RTT rock.

- Joe Frazier? Damn….RIP bruh. You had a golden heart and a platinum chin.

- Heavy D? Damn…RIP bruh. Your music was just plain fun when i was in high school and now. "The overweight lover" still rocks it - consistently. Then again, you (and Musiq Soulchild) was the reason people be askin' me whats wrong with my eye, since in all my FB photos (all 2 of them) I got my shades on…."Uh no…It was a sunny day when i snapped this photo. Swear to god!"

- I'm goin to hell dressed in gasoline boxer briefs for that comment. Bright side: Its gonna be sunny in hell, so I'll need my shades. (We do know the sun shines in hell...there's just no sunblock).

- Co-worker asks, "you don't have any candy on your desk?"
Dmoe: "Why do I need to buy candy for my desk when I can just steal yours?"
Co-worker: "You take my candy when i'm not there?"
Dmoe: "Honey, your here asking me about it…Which means you are not your desk. Someone is stealing from you RIGHT NOW. Did you turn the alarm on before you left?"

- Jill Scott's live album (the new House of Blues one) is straight funky.

- Da hell is Maxwell's next album?

- I'm goin back to school. Why? Cuz I'm too good for some of the BS I deal with.

- I know the water snobs are judging me for my store brand water bottles. I got something for y'all azzes. I'm rollin with Fiji all next week. Ballin! (Swish)

- I've decided to "Kirk Franklin-ify" (copyright, Dmoe) any songs I like to listen to from now on.
Scene: You at a party, standing in a group talkin to friends, and LL Cool J's "Rock The Bells" comes on….Instead of rappin the lyrics, SPEAK THEM to the group BEFORE LL raps it. Priceless, and Kirk's got a billion dollars.

- Drake's new song "The Motto" is positively euphoric. Its the kind of song my grown-azz be trying to learn the words to, or add a line from for my status updates.The album is out Tuesday. Gotta cop that. (Insert Rameer here: "Uh….got it")

- Saints/Falcons game this weekend: My fam and beaucoup (Louisiana/french word for "a whole bunch of") friends are on their way to ATL. In an annual pre game tradition, a bunch of Saints foolishness/new swag (tomato/tomato) comes in the mail via Amazon and We goin hard, and we gonna party either way, but um….I need that win. Bad. Who Dat?

- Speaking of the deliveries, I'm borderline (scratch that, I AM) OCD when it comes to "trackaging" (copyright, DMoe)
This is where you give me a tracking number, and I watch the package from the moment it leaves your warehouse, to the second it hits my doorstep.

- Speaking of that game this weekend, another tradition is to go dry the entire week before. Clean…Nothing but water from Sunday - Sunday.

- So, I'm chillin the other night after a long day. I'm all set to relax, and I got a fresh Crown/Sprite made. I'm headed down to play a lil Call of Duty 3 (stress relief - and THE greatest video game ever made) on my PS3 and boom….I miss the first stair. Needless to say, I miss the second, then….the third. At this point, Sh*t! Its official: I'm falling down the stairs. Don't panic Dmoe. Don't. Eventually, I regain my balance with a couple of bruises and some lost cool points. My cocktail? Not a drop spilled! I mean, seriously….that takes talent.

- Wait, didn't I say i go dry the entire week before? Ok, so i screwed up a little.

- Meat with marinara and cheese on it doesn't necessarily make it "Parmigiana"…Hate to be a wet blanket. Just keeping it real.

- Since this is my RTT…and I'm a guest, technically, I get to say "First Beeyotches" right? No? Lame.

- Playlist is on the way...

Your friend and mine,


The Cable Guy said...


Stef said...


Stef said...

D - you ain't right with that Heavy D comment! LOL!

Annamaria said...

I AM DYING... LOL DMoe I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD picturing you busting your a** but not spilling your drink! lol

1. This 3 day work week has made me fairly unproductive at

2. My lil girl has a show at preschool tomorrow. Can't wait to see if she is going to perform or be a Diva & just stand there smiling & looking cute.

3. Tomorrow night Girls Night Out in honor of THAT Michel's birthday. Brooke if you aren't busy tomorrow let me know.

4. Going to see my lil brother this weekend for the last time before he leaves for Boot Camp... This is going to sound mean but DAMN I CAN'T WAIT FOR HIM TO GO.. LOL
I love him but I am SOO ready for him to become a PRODUCTIVE member of society.

5. A Skittles Truck just drove by my job... Now I want some skittles...

6. Penn State.. madness

7. I do NOT believe that mother that who left her 2 year old in the car alone while she went to get "gas" LYING HEIFER

8. I don't believe Baby Lisa's parents EITHER

9. Soso likes to dance along with the DWTS dances.. It's HYSTERICAL

10. I don't understand people that harm their kids. Lord knows I want to shake the shit out of my kid once in a blue but I could NEVER picture doing anything to harm her.. Aside from tasing her of course.

Courtney said...

I gotta use that..."trackaging" :)

I love DMoe's RTT's!

The Cable Guy said...

It's nice to switch up RTT's! Can I do next week?

Brooke, your back better?

I want a new job.

Maybe I like my job, just not the people.

Gonna be a good game this weekend between NO and ATL - Who dat?

RIP Heavy D.

RIP Smokin' Joe.

DEAD at "what's wrong with my eye" - you going to hell for that one!

Serena W. said...

RTT!!!! Get it!

DMoe! Your thoughts are classic! I can't believe you didn't spill the drink!

Kirk does make loot off of talking lol!

RIP Heavy! I love you! YĆ²ur music was instrumental in my dance career back in the day!

RIP Smokin' Joe Frazier!

We are losing too many legends too soon! Sad...

On a higher note my job interviews went well! So well that I got (2) second interviews next week!

It would be tight to have a job offer before RTT next week!

I'm kinda looking forward to Thanksgiving! Still bittersweet without Mom.

But! My son brings me joy!

He's discovered his feet and wants to try and hold his bottle! I love it!

Everyday despite my challenges I'm thankful!

So I have a new shopping that's my fave! They have front door parking for parents with infants! Holla!

I've been blasting Heavy all week!

2012 is mine!

Can't wait for the crazy DMoe playlist!

Brookey thanks again ;)

I was treated to dinner this week from NYC! Gotta love friends!

Rainy day with the love of my son...priceless!

Annamaria said...

I LOVE SERENA.. Told you those jobs are YOURS.. LOL
I will treat you to wine when you come to NYC to celebrate! :-)

Serena W. said...

I meant to put "center" after shopping! Oy!

Stef said...

Wait, so Brooke actually ordered you Thai food and had it delivered to your door?

The Cable Guy said...

I wouldn't be surprised if she did. She's cool like that :)

Annamaria said...

That's a VERY Brooke thing to do. She has an AWESOME heart.

DMoe said...

today's RTT playlist is heavy for Heavy D...Traditionally, when rappers head to the Upper room, DJ's create a fly set, Here's some of my Heavy D work I'll bust out this weekend to pay tribute to one of rap's best.

1. You aint heard nuttin Yet. The Mr. Magic sample was way ahead of its time. Nice flow and steady groove.

2. Overweight Lover's in the House - An original, 80s rap party record

3. We got our own thang - Hev goes uptempo, and its infectious

4. Mr. Big Stuff - "Who do ya think ya are?" A triumphant celebration of size. I aint big….I'm Large. Big difference.

5. Don't ya know - A rap ballad where Hev professes all his love and all the stuff he got join on, since you decided to break the thing off….

6. Black Coffee - Hev keeps it rollin in signature style.

7. Nuttin But love - Feel-good rap music. Right. Here.

8. Gyrlz, they love me - Heavy seems to take it back to his roots with this one. Great song.

9. Big Daddy - Love this track. Love the remix more.

10. Got me Waiting - Genius sample of Luther Vandross' "Don't you know that?" Hev flows nicely on this one….enjoy.

Lata yall!

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