Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Thoughts Monday!

Hey mi gente!

Sorry I've been MIA, but a sista has been having bad lower back problems. So while I get acupuncture and electro treatments, I'm taking offers for guest bloggers this week while I'm on the mend :-) Since we missed Random Thoughts Thursday last week, our sisa-friend Serena volunteered to pick up my slack...Random Thoughts Monday...let's get it!

RTM!!! Serena T. Wills

Miss you and feel better Brookey!

Is it me or did 2011 fly by?

I have not 1, but 2 interviews tomorrow! Wish me well!

This will be a good week!

Why is Kim K getting so much dag on attention? Really??? I'm sick of hearing about her!

I'm craving a good old school party!

Also some salsa dancing!

So what it's the holidays! I still want a couple of people tased! Annamaria get the taser warmed up!

The cable guy came on Friday to take away my box (sniff...sniff) I'll get cable again soon!

He was nice to look at though ;) lol!

Happy 3 Months and 2 days Jordan!

Need a vacation!

Hawaii next year? Bet!

Mani and pedi would be great too!

Can someone wash all of this thick hair I have?! Nothing like getting your scalp scrubbed!

Craving chocolate! (Rameer send me some man)!

Shrimp quesadillas and a sangria are on the menu the day I get a job offer!

What are people's holiday plans?

Free gas for a year would be nice!

I'm an undercover biker chick! Can't wait for the National Bike Show to hit DC! I want a maybe a cruiser one day ;)

I love my friends!

Love the fam!

I love being a mom and waking up to Jordan everyday!

Marathons 2012! Here I come!

Congrats to my peeps that ran in the NYC Marathon yesterday!

Here's the double throw back for the week! Me and my crew had routines to these back in the day!

Everyone have a great day and week...and...go!

Sincerely, Serena Wills


Stef said...

First Bitches!

Annamaria said...


1. I secretly hate Serena because just when I want to sit back & be lazy or whine or complain here she comes with her rosy attitude...LOL...making me get up off the

2. That is also the reason I love her soo much

3. I need a twin...

4. I have a THREE day work week this week. Thank GOD

5. Even better Sophia has school the two days I'm off!!!!

6. Miss Leah will be 3 years old this weekend. It feels like just the other day Ms Nay was bringing her home from the hospital & I was squeezing her & kissing her & she was inspiring me to get preggers...

7. These kids grow up too damn fast

8. Great day in NY football yesterday. :-)

Stef said...

Bout time Brooke posted a blog - even if it was by Serena :)

Love Serena though!

I was first today, yay!!!

I miss you Brooke, hope your back feels better soon. We need you!

Still don't know anything about football. I feel like everything I learned last year is all forgotten.

SNL was funny as hell this past weekend with the Kardashian skit. I thought for sure Brooke would have posted that!

I'm sick of her too.

Saw Tower Heist. Eddie Murphy was kinda funny, but he's always the same to me.

I need a ticket to the Watch the Throne concert tonight...or tomorrow :) Anyone going?

I may try to cook for Thanksgiving this year. Wish me luck!

Serena W. said...

Yeah for Stef!!!

Annamaria you love me!!!! Muah!

Happy Birthday to Ms. Leah!

My son has discovered my dangling earrings! Nooooo! I guess I'll take them off :(

Go Giants!!!

I really want some chocolate!

Watched Black Girls Rock last night! It was great!

Powerz said...

Random Mondays..I can dig it....

Real Estate Tip: Get Pre-approved before shopping for a home. In essence, find out how much money you are shopping with.
1) Find out what the bank will lend you so you don't waste time looking at homes you can't afford. (And saying you have good credit does not equal a pre-approval)
2) Know your monthly payment and what you are comfortable with paying without having your dream home dangling in front of you like a carrot.
3) Let Sellers know you are a serious buyer and they will be willing to negotiate.
4) A pre-approval will let you know if you are ready to buy a home or not. You may be pre approved for $300,000 but want a $400,000 home. May need to hold off and save a bit more to get the home you want.

Finance Tip: Dollar Cost Averaging will lower your average cost as opposed to trying to time the market. This means invest a set dollar amount Monthly (Quartely, Annually)over a period of time. Mutual Funds are a great investment for the novice investor. A portfolio of stock and bonds managed by a portfolio manager which allows you to invest as little as $250 to get started and less if your strat with a Dollarf Cost Average plan. (Good Funds are American Funds, Fidelity, Vanguard and Franklin Templeton.

Disclaimer: I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and Securities 6,7 and 63 licensed so I know a little about the above :)

I've decided to be a source of information as much as possible.

I have a few business ideas that I think make be a success. Time to get out the pen and pad!

My view on money - there is so much money out there, we just have to go out and get it. Work smarter, not harder.

My view on life - It is important to save for the latter years but you must also enjoy life now because you may be in your latter years and not know it.

My view on relationships - Appreciate those that impact your life, good or bad because both will be a learning experience and help you be a better person and enjoy life that much more.

Every now and then, stop. Take a few minutes to take in whats around you. You'll be surprised what you find sometimes......

Brooke said...

Love it Powerz!

Annamaria said...

Random Thought: When the hell did my husband become a freaking philosopher??? LMFAO
Hi Nice to meet you husband!!!

Powerz said...

Thanks Brookey!

Powerz said...

Hello Wife, see what happens when you don't tune me out! LOL

Annamaria said...

Is this what you were trying to tell me at 1am the other day??? Interesting.

Serena W. said...

Go Powerz!

Some people take advantage of relationships and how nice a person is instead of seeing their blessings through that person.

Great real estate tips! I always told people that I want a home mortgage that is less than what I'm paying rent! That's the goal!!!!

Hey Powerz! Since you're a philosopher that knows a little bit about real estate lemme ask you something. If I wanted to own property for a business (let's say a bed and breakfast or cafe) should I own a home first before getting a loan for the businesses or does it matter??? Speak oh great one! ;)

Powerz said...

Ahhh Serena....(as the clouds swirl above my raised hands).....

The timing should not matter, the only concern would be if you would still qualify as a first time home buyer if you already purchased property for a business. You don't want to miss out on programs that can offer down payment assistance and grants. I will verify with the gods (aka my mortgage contact) and confirm if your eligibilty is affected.

According to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", a home purchase is a liabilty if your monthly cost increases and your monthly income stays the same. Your view to pay less in monthly mortgage that you do in rent truly makes your home purchase an investment. Adding to your monthly income (cafe or B&B) will assist in this if you go the route of starting the business first.

Brooke said...

Powerz should do a guest blog on all this stuff...weekly, like a class :) In return, you all can give him referrals :)

I know I need all the advice I can get.

My back is hurting again :(

I need another vacation.

@Stef, going to the Watch the Throne concert tomorrow and already dreading standing the whole time with a bad back.

Hope it's gonna be fiya tho!

Happy Birthday Ms. Leah - she's my little buddy :)

SNL skit WAS funny. I didn't post it cuz I didn't write today's blog ;)

Thank you Serena for writing today!

Today I'm wearing a dress with biker boots. Not sure that's a good look, but I wasn't trying to wear my high boots with this bad back.

I feel like I need George Jefferson to walk across my back.

Annamaria said...

@Brooke. I think that is a great idea... about Powerz guest blogging & getting a TON of referrals...

Sorry B for passing you my back issues. I know I feel crappy right about now. Feel better.

Powerz said...

Serena, an investment property would not have any bearing on a first time home purchase as long as it is clear it is a seperate investment. This way the mortgage in the investment will not be added to your debt for mortgage purposes. Agencies that offer grants may have their own rules that may or may not see this as an issue.

Guest blogging may be something to think about. Not a bad idea. I wouldn't want to change the flow of the blog though and bore you all with all this business talk. lol

Powerz said...

Serena, an investment property would not have any bearing on a first time home purchase as long as it is clear it is a seperate investment. This way the mortgage in the investment will not be added to your debt for mortgage purposes. Agencies that offer grants may have their own rules that may or may not see this as an issue.

Guest blogging may be something to think about. Not a bad idea. I wouldn't want to change the flow of the blog though and bore you all with all this business talk. lol

Serena W. said...

This is great stuff Powerz! So 1 last question! I had a home in Dallas and sold it in 2010. I "heard" after 3 years I can qualify as a first time home buyer again. Can you confirm whether what I heard is true or not?

Okay where is everyone today! Rameer, Yolanda, DMoe, Cable Guy, Jay, Jaz, Sillouette...Ant...need I go on!

Its all good!!! I feel like Powerz should have a life class like Oprah! Ha!

Brooke feel better :(

I think the system sucks! Sorry I had to throw that in there! Just came from human services and I gotta go back "again" with more papers!

God please give me a great job offer after these interviews!

I'm hungry! I wish Thai Food would magically show up at my doorstep!

Annamaria said...

Serena...good things are coming yours & baby Jordan's way...

Brooke said...


As you can tell, people need this information - we can't talk sex ALL the time ;) (Fury) too ;)

I for one would love it you guest blogged for me on finance and home ownership and I think all the readers will too. We can add your link so that when it posts on FB, your face will pop up and everyone can read your advice. That way when they think to buy or invest, they think of you first.

Even if it's just once a month like TMI Tuesday, that would be great and give us all something to look forward to. Let me know!

Do you deal with foreclosed properties? I have a friend who recently bought an AMAZING house in Delaware as a foreclosure. When she first went to visit the house, it was trashed. But after looking some more and not finding anything in their budget for their 5 kids (yes, 5), her husband suggested they go back and look at the house again. The bank cleaned it up and now it's gorgeous. I feel like my first home would definitely have to be a fixer upper in order to be within my budget. What do you think?

Other than that, I think I'd have to go the condo route.

Serena, text me the number to a Thai place near you ;) And your address :)

The Cable Guy said...

I'm here! I hadn't checked my email in a bit and thought Brooke was taking a break from blogging!

Glad you're back, if only in the comments! Hope your back feels better!

Serena, your random thoughts and your throwbacks are HOT! LOL!

Giants got a good win last night, good shit.

Eli is still a punk tho.

Eagles tonight B, good luck to your team!

Powerz, this is all very helpful advice - who knew you were such a wealth of such useful information! Anna, you betta reckanize and respect that man's knowledge!

I'd love to read your posts on finance and home ownership - I'd definitely give you some referrals.

@Serena, So was your cable guy as fine as me?? LOL!

Jay said...

We can call it Money Mondays or Real Estate Wednesdays :)

I'm down for it - good info Powerz!

Annamaria said...

I told that boy to start a finance/real estate blog of his own but I had a knife in my hand at the time & so I don't think he heard me..LMFAO

But I think he should definitely do at least a once a month posting on Brooke's blog. Hey if nothing else it's free advertising & it can potentially help someone in our blog family...

Annamaria said...

Personally I like Money Mondays because he can explore more topics than just buying houses... But that's just me....

Powerz said...

@Serena - First Time Home Buyer time frame would not be relevant unless a particular agency has a specific time frame (which is usually 3-5 years) to qualify you as a First Time Home Buyer or if taking a loan from a 401k. The big issue is trying to carry 2 FHA loans at the same time.

WOW, an Oprah comparison! That's Huge!

Thanks Cable Dude! A-buzz be sleeping on da skillz!

Hey Brookester, i've been expanding my business based on new clients. Outside of the regular residential sales, I ahve information on rentals, HUD, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Coops and Condos. Each have their own special place in the Real Estate world.

I've never been a blogger but starting once a month and depending on demand, we can take it from there. Feel free to send me yoru inquiries in the meantime. you can also like my page on Facebook to recieve periodic Real Estate tips and info.
"Austin The Realtor"

My site also has good info including Real Estate Terms.

@Jay - Thanks, liking the titles! I may have to provide footnotes giving credit where credit is due! lol

Courtney said...

How does one go about finding these programs and grants for first time home buyers? Is there a website?

Powerz said...

To search for these agencies, you can google the topic (ACORN, NHS - Neighborhood Housing Services are some agencies) or work with your local mortgage broker. I have referrals if needed.

Ms. Penn said...

I think this is a great idea. We need this type of information out there. Brooke and Powerz, let's do it!

Annamaria said...

Powerz passes the ball to A-buzz

@Courntey to find the approved list of HUD agencies IN YOUR AREA...
Go to and click on find an agency... after that click on the state that you live in & it will give you a list of agencies in your state that can help you. Make sure you tell them that you are looking for FIRST TIME HOMEBUYERS assistance. They may require you to take a class but if they are giving you money WHY NOT.. :-)

Annamaria said...

FYI: you should be looking for assistance in the county that you are looking to live in.. So if you currently live in one county but desire to buy a house in another start with an agency in the county you want to buy property in.
The way funds are allocated most of the grants are given to agencies to revitalize the area they are based in so they basically want to give the money to the people that are going to stay in the area & invest in the neighborhood. :-)

Courtney said...

So basically you should house hunt before you look to get assistance? What if you don't know where you want to live yet?

Annamaria said...

No not necessarily house hunt.. But if you have an idea of where you want to live you may qualify for different grants/assistance based on the area. If not you can start getting the help from an agency in your area.. Just make sure that whatever grants and or financial assistance they may give you will be able to be used wherever...

Also anyone with a union talk to your union rep. Some companies/unions help with assistance too.

Serena W. said...

Yo!!! I love the advice (and Money Monday's)!!!! Powerz get on it!

Annamaria got some skills too I see!

Annamaria thanks for that comment! I have some for real dreams and they will come true with my lil guy!

Brooke if some Thai food ends up at my door step I'll scream lol!

Cable Guy I've never seen you man! All I know is that I'll get cable again with Comcast ;) lol!

Everyone send extra big vibes! One of the interviews tomorrow I'm super excited about!!! Its at 3:30pm!

I have some amazing friends out here! My girl who's on maternity leave will be watching Jordan while I interview!

I wanna meet Jill Scott!

Glad peeps like the throw backs! Tell me why I still remember half of the routines! Ha!

Going to start running again soon! (Like this week)! Yeah!

Brooke said...

Great things are coming your way Serena ;)

I was jammin' to those throwbacks :)

back is hurting really bad now, time to go soon.

What does everyone think of the Conrad Murray verdict?

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, send me some food too! LOL!

Ask Brooke what I look like ;)

Stef said...

I heard the Cable Guy was FINE!


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