Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been a bit under the weather. I'm slowly making my way back, and thanks go out to Cable Guy for holding down Random Thoughts Thursday for me last week. But while resting on the couch, some thoughts of my own have been swimming around in my head, and I have to get them out. We'll just call today "Tidbit Tuesday" - I think Ant has these on his blog from time to time. I won't bombard you with them ALL, but here are a few things on my mind today:

1. Floyd Mayweather.

This guy is a clown. He's a great fighter, but he's a clown. Now we can debate that (sucker) punch all day. Was it legal? Yes. Should Ortiz have protected his neck at all times? Absolutely. But that shot was bitchassness at it's finest...and there seems to be no honor or sportsmanlike conduct in sports these days. I predicted Mayweather to win, and I still think he would have won sans sucker punch, but true warriors don't have to win THAT way. The punch, however, is neither here nor there - what I want to really discuss is the post-fight interview.

What the hell was that?

Now, Merchant screaming that he wishes he was 50 years younger so he could whip Mayweather's ass was ridiculous as well, but Floyd Mayweather threw a tantrum like a child - simply for being asked about a questionable shot. Any reporter/commentator would have asked him about it - and rather than answer the question, he danced around it, promoted himself some more and then blew a gasket like a spoiled brat.

He's supposed to be a professional athlete, so where was his professionalism? I understand he just won a fight - emotions and adrenaline are on steroids...but c'mon son. He was yelling at an old man who was doing what he always does...and made himself look like a complete ass in the process. What is even more sad are those who defend this type of behavior. Ignorance should NOT be the standard, and hood sh*t should not be celebrated. True champions know this and hold themselves to a higher standard. I call bullsh*t on anyone who thinks that was funny, cool or justified.

2. Ray J.

First of all, why does anyone even still care about Ray J - or Fabolous for that matter?
Okay, if you're a fan of either of these gentlemen, I won't diss you, but Ray J really needs to go sit his ass down somewhere. If you haven't heard the story, supposedly they got into a fight and Ray J recently went on the radio to defend reports that he got knocked the EFF out man! Take a listen:

Ummmm.....Ray J sounds crazy. And he's going to hire someone to "rape" Fab? Really? And he knows these people...how? He played himself. No wonder he's friends with Floyd Mayweather, b*tches of a feather flock together.

3. Ron Artest.

Speaking of playing oneself...here's...uh..."Metta World Peace"...is it?


4. Miss Universe.

Now they're saying she's not "really black." Fuckery.

5. Fantasy Football.

Congrats to Ant on whoopin' my butt in Fantasy Football...has nothing to do with anything, but I'll be back and victorious next weekend!

Bonus tidbit question of the day: Ladies - What type of guy would you NEVER date because you'd think/assume/swear he was gay (if you're heterosexual that is)? None of this means he actually is - and it's completely ignorant - but this came out of a conversation I had with my girl Su. My guesses?

- a "hair dresser." Not a barber...a "hair dresser."
- a figure skater
- a ballet dancer
- Fonzeworth Bentley




Annamaria said...


Annamaria said...

1. Floyd Mayweather is a CLOWN. He threw a tantrum like my two year old & should have gotten a taser up his a**.

2. I'm glad Ray Gay got knocked the fuck out. He should just stay down or up Mayweathers butt. Just cause you hang out with a boxer don't mean you should be fighting...

3. Ron Artest is a FOOL.. and he will be the first one eliminated on DWTS cuz what he did last night was NOT dancing...

4. How is she NOT REALLY BLACK???? Fuck outta here. She's GORGEOUS & SHE BLACK. Nuff said

5. I didn't join a fantasy league... booo me..

6. I can't date a dude that is "prettier" than me. LOL
If he takes longer getting ready then I can't do it.

Stef said...

Damn, how did Annamaria get there so fast! Conspiracy!

1. Floyd Mayweather is a punk.
2. Ray J is gay.
3. Who is Ron Artest?
4. She's black and bangin'! No Ray J. ;) LOL!
5. I have no idea what Fantasy Football even is. I give props to women into football - I need to get back into it.
6. I automatically assume male hair dressers are gay. I know it's wrong, but they usually have a better head of hair than i do :)They can be my best friend tho!

The Cable Guy said...

Floyd Mayweather is a bitchass.

I thought he'd win, but not like that. Now I know Ortiz should have kept his guard up and protected himself, but he sucker punched him and then got mad when asked about it. Dude FIGHTS for a living, and he's acting like a bitch yelling at an old ass man cuz he asked him a question? Negro please. Larry Merchant doesn't have to like or respect him, especially not after a display like that. Just let your fighting do your taking for you if you feel you're not getting your props. All he did was taint his win by acting like a sucka.

BatMan said...

Mayweather should have given the Fans a better fight, especially since he was going to win the fight anyway.

He was angry for the head bump, but he should have sucked it up and put a beating on Ortiz.

Ortiz on the other hand is a Bitch too for getting angry and losing his composure which lead to the head bunt.

Anonymous said...

Even though Floyd was wrong for screaming at Old man Larry Merchant, someone had to do it.

Larry likes to trash these boxers too much…

I don’t feel bad for Larry, Fuck him!!!

Anthony Otero said...

The little respect I had for Mayweather is now gone.

Dont care about Ray J.

I am happy about my Fantasy Football team. It is all love Brooke. :)

Jay said...

No one is saying Larry Merchant is an innocent, great commentator, but as a PROFESSIONAL athlete, you have to hold yourself to a higher standard. This man is earning $40 milion dollars, not fighting on a corner in the BX. He's a classless thug. Like Brooke said, too many people accept this type of behavior and thinks normal or justified. It isn't. That's why some people think we ALL are ignorant and act like animals. Larry Merchant - an old ass man - "offended" you, so you act a fool? I'm not buying it. No one should think that's justifiable or cool.

Brooke said...


Ron Artest plays for the Lakers :)

I need to teach a sports 101 class for women :-)

Stef said...

Good idea Brooke, I'll be your #1 student!

Anonymous said...

Why is Ray J trying act like he a thug???

He is nothing more than a fake wannabe gangster.

That fool knows nothing about being a Thug. He's a fake video thug!! LOL

The Cable Guy said...

Ray J is a cornball. This fool was cryin over chicks on his show but he wants us to believe he punched Fab in the face?!

I don't believe you, you need more people.

Fab called him "Lil Brandy" LMAO!

Anonymous said...

@Gable Guy - Exactly!!!

Lil Brandy was mad funny. He called him lil red riding hood too!! LOL

The Cable Guy said...

yeah, I heard that! I was dyin!

Jaz said...

To answer Brooke's question - I'd think a man who was a figure skater would be gay...or a ball room dancer :-)

Ms. Penn said...

Save Troy Davis!!


an injustice.

Yolanda said...

Ron Artest tickles me.

His wife is also funny. She plays no games. Seems like she'd be good to have in your circle (well, until she smacks you in the mouth... I can see that coming on Bball Wives since someone is always getting smacked in the mouth on that show).

I have an aversion to Mayweather. I get it. It's sports. It's show business too. But he seems like an asshat. And what's with burning money in the club when people are on food stamps, lining up at food banks and whatnot? That just rubbed me wrong. He's so "new money." Don't flaunt your wealth. You don't see Warren Buffett doing that.

I actually think Fonzworth Bentley is cute. I know. I know. He just reminds me of someone I crushed on in high school. Plus, I like that he's so well-groomed. I doubt he'd protect me in a dark alley though.

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