Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This weather (post Irene) has been splendid!

- I love the Fall - but sad summer is coming to an end :(

- I feel like shopping for boots. Nothing good can come of that.

- Do any of us really care why J-Lo and Marc Anthony split up? It's sad, kids are involved, yada yada yada...but a full media sweep starring Marc Anthony? C'mon son.

- I'm so happy for Beyonce and Jigga - she looks so cute preggers!

- Anyone wanna spot me a Rock the Bells ticket? ;)

- Having Naya for lunch today - and it'll probably taste even better since it's the company's treat! Gotta love lunch meetings.

- Anyone have any show ideas they wanna toss out there?

- Picking up my family from JFK this Sunday...counting down the days! I missed them so much!

- I feel like I've been thirsty all week!

- Gonna go spinning tonight...on the wack new spin bike. I want the old ones back - I wonder what they do with them. I'd love to have one in my house.

- This week's throwback!




DMoe said...



DMoe said...


First beeeyotches.

The Fury said...

Damn! Just missed it. *throws fireball at DMoe*

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

- Please add “Flo-Rida” to my list. He sucks.

- Tomorrow is college colors day, and I gotta represent my FAMU Rattlers here at the job. If somebody fixes their face to open their mouth to clown my orange and green, its gonna be thriller night up in here.

- I cant wait to do much of nothing besides watch football this weekend.

- Lil Wayne's "The Carter IV" is solid work. As for comparing it to WTT for beef reasons, I cant or wont. Apples/Oranges. There are 2-3 tracks that are utterly skippable, but that’s average for rap albums these days.

- Vick got that paper. Again.

- I need some sunglasses.

Playlist coming soon.


Sillouette said...


* I hope we have a better blog day than we did last I have been waiting for this all week!!!:)

* My boo got me a new Front license plate for my car. I know its rockin cuz he designed it himself! THANK YOU SUGABEAR!!! :)
NOTE: Some freak stole my last one!! Like who steal license plates!!???

* My lord I need to do my hair again.. It is time. But its not time consuming..oh well. :)

* So glad for the holiday weekend coming up!!! Yeeessssss!!!!

* So much to do, so little time.. ssiigghhh

* I totally need to improve my 10-key ksph, I have slowd down a bit..

* Im hungry and dont know what to eat.. (hhhuuummmmm)

* Anybody here do couponing??? Im totally into it and going to give
It a whirl this weekend at the grocery store. Gotta save man!! $$$

* Soooo the latest and greatest is that Beyonce is Prego.. Well I
dont mean to sound cold BUT... Who cares!!!!!... lol.. Women get pregnantall the time. What makes her so special that we have to keep hearing about it..DAMN??? (Im just sayin)

Serena W's Pregnancy and welcoming of her new baby boy is worth talking about and sharing her happines!!

* Oh and this whole Jada Pinkett and Will Smith/ Marc Anthony Ordeal???? Like seriously people...What in world is in the water in Hollywood!?

* LA Basketball Wives.. All I can say is HOTT GHETTO MESS, way worse than the Miami Housewives!! And Gloria need to go sit down somewhere. (find a home somewhere girl please, your all over the place)

* I hope everyone is having a great day!!!!

Stephanie said...

I think I should of become a therapist or a counselor.
I'm so tired of people coming to me with their problems.I love to help when I can and be supportive when I can. But if people think I'm just going to tell them what they want to hear they are sadly mistaken.
If you fucked it up then you should fix it. It's that simple.

I have my stepsons at the house for 2 weeks. They are so cute and make me laugh.It feels good to come home an see their little faces filled with excitement.

Sillouette said...

@ DMOE!!!

Lawd no you didnt say " Thriller Nite"!!! LMAO!!!! Thats a good one!!!

Well for their sake I hope they dont say anything either.. Id hate for them to end up missing..LOL

@ Stephanie

That right hunney tell it like it is!! If they want your advice tell in to them straight , they way later downt he line, if they decide to do the opposite, they cant ever say " No one told them better"!! :)

Sillouette said...

** Sorry for the typos , typing too fast.. Need lunch!! lol

But Im sure you get my drift!! lol

Annamaria said...


I want to cut my hair shorter...LOL

I get to leave work at 1 today.. Oh wait it's 1...I'm OUT beotches...

Brooke I will tase you if you don't reschedule our date soon.

Brooke I love talking to you make my day sometimes. LOL

I almost cut someone in Sophia's school yesterday at family day. They going to learn how to communicate with parents if it means I gotta tase someone

She sang the AUGUST song at family day. Or rather her class sang it while Sophia said NO to singing. Then she came home & sang that song ALL night. Basically she said I WILL SING IT WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT FOOL...

She is soo stank sometimes. I don't know WHERE she gets it from.

I am very happy for B & J.. Not sure why but it warmed my heart when I heard they were expecting.

I hate Jlo & Marc so I could care less. BUT I do know that any woman that leaves WILL SMITH For MARC ANTHONY needs a psych evaluation cuz that is a SERIOUS downgrade.

TI is home.


We saw the WORST accident yesterday morning. Motorcyle & SUV... The guy on the motorcyle was in bad shape. I told Powerz I don't think he's going to make it. Passed by the spot this morning. There is a candle there.. UH OH..

phillygrl said...

- this weather is MUCH more bearable than the heatwave, but I'm glad it's still "summer" love it love it love it

-Brooke--I went shopping in my GRANDMOTHER's closet last weekend..Might sound crazy, but we wear the same size shoes(my mom & aunt do as well too) and she's a hip grandmom(Sak's is her favorite shopping haunt!)..anyway, she's out of commission now in her old age, but has true classic pieces that never go out of 3 pair of excellent boots from her...YESSS!

-BD- you & Nicole have go to post pix!!

-My son is really getting too grown...I mean he's going on 5, but thinks he 15, Seriously..too much hanging with the teenage cousins...and when he doesn't know what a slang term mean he asks & then uses is promptly in a not so "slang" moment!(like at school, when he should be using 'proper' english!**smh**

-2 of my best buds from Cali in town next week..yeah!!(one is my godmother:-)

-edamame is the best...really buttery tasting!!:-) Since it's Sept 1, Im on 'another' weight loss

--another person from my college got killed..senseless violence in philly...

Brooke said...

I love talking to you too Anna :)You ALWAYS make my day :) I was thinking we could go to the new Brad Pitt movie screening, but that may be too far off (9/19 or 9/20) But I DO want to give my boo Sophia her gift! I can't wait for you to see it!

I love chatting with Serena too - such a great spirit :)

earning my paycheck today.

I've been collecting tabloid mags for my sister so she can catch up on all the latest celeb gossip - poor girl is so behind, but not really missing anything.

yesterday she was like "Beyonce is preggers!"...I was like "yeah, old news " :)

What to get my soon to be 8 yr old Godson for his brithday? He's having his bday party at the SPCA so that people can look at all the animals that need adopting. He's such a thoughtful child. I didn't even know they did parties.

I need V to tell me how to double my money.

this day is creeping by.

Stephanie said...

Weezy had jeggings on? how did I miss that.

DMoe said...

Back again:

After the VMA's, I've been binging on all kinds of new sounds. For kicks/giggles, I've purposely chosen one WTT/Carter 4 track for the list. Here's how all over the place my ear is these days

1. Fabolous/Sicker than yo average

2. Frank Ocean/Novacane

3. Young the Giant/My Body

4. Kelly Rowland/Feelin Me Right Now

5. Beyonce/Love on Top

6. Rahsaan Patterson/Bleuphoria

7. The Beastie Boys/Triple Trouble

8. Drake/Headlines

9. Jay-Z & Kanye/No church in the wild

10. Lil Wayne/She will.

Stay thirsty,


The Cable Guy said...

Diggin' the playlist DMoe.

Throwback was the joint!

I'm ready for fall.

Good look for your boy Vick B. Go Big Blue!

I know B is so happy her nephews will be home :)

I need to switch up my workouts, getting bored.

I'm bored period, need to shake some things up soon.

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

For some stupid reason I can't comment today from my Blackberry :(

I've had a somewhat challenging week. But I'll be okay.

Jordan will be 4 weeks old tomorrow! Happy 1 month baby! He's the light and sunshine in my life!

I might pack him up and go for a walk by the water front today.

We have so much love from people!!!

Wow Brooke I forgot about the Diamond D track!

Some times people think they are helping by sparing their 2 cents of advice...please keep it to yourself!

Jordan was partying from 2-6am like it was 1999!

I need to declutter my brain and write. I shouldn't have writers block but I've had it for weeks.

The weekend is here! Observing African dance classes, meeting up with peeps and a BBQ! Happy September everyone!

Praying I can fit the fall clothes before fall really makes a come back (10 pounds shy of my pre-pregger weight)! Woo hoo!

I love being a Mommy!

Brooke I love chatting with you too...your message on FB came right on time.

Hi Sillouette! Thanks for the love!

Maybe more later...gotta get dressed before you know who wakes up :)

Stef said...

They do parties at the SPCA? Who knew???

This day sucked :(

Love the playlist and throwback tho!

I'm a bit envious of those of you who know Brooke personally - you all seem like great people and great friends!

Sillouette said...

Im still at work!!! ssiigghhh :(

Yolanda said...

I hate Verizon.

My phone and internet have been dead for a total of 13 days this month and now it's stretching into September.
(I'm typing this from friggin Wegmans)

That is all.

Happy holiday everyone.

Brooke said...

Damn Yolanda, that sucks! sorry :(

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