Friday, September 23, 2011

Sexy Rainy Days


I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it's pouring here in the NYC. Sometimes there's nothing sexier than a rainy day....but not so sexy when you're at work.

If I were at home, I'd be bundled up on my sofa with fuzzy socks on, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies - that is....if I was alone. But if you've got a boo, here are some sexy rainy day ideas for you:

Kissing in the rain Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Make love all day. Even better if it's a thunderstorm. Nothing is sexier than that.

2. Cook together. We always want comfort food when it's cold and rainy outside, and cooking together creates an intimate experience. Hook up a steak and potatoes, feed each other...then work it off later if you know what I mean. Have each other for dessert :-)

3. Take a long, hot bath together. Light some candles, put on some Prince...Sade....Jill Scott - whoever does it for you on sexy days like today. Just relax, be a little romantic and wash each other. Dry each other off, and follow it up with an oil massage. Many sexy things can begin in the bathtub.

4. Make it a romantic movie night. Pop some popcorn, break out the candy, cuddle on the couch and watch Love Jones. ("I love you...that's urgent like a muthaphucka.") You might have to put it on pause for a nookie break ;-)

5. Dance together. Dim the lights, or turn them off completely, plug in your iPod to your stereo and hit the "slow jam" playlist. Hold each other close and let the music move you. I'm getting a little tingly just thinking about it ;-)

What are your favorite, sexy things to do on rainy days? I'll look to DMoe for the rainy day playlist...Go!



Jay said...

First Bitches!

BatMan said...

First Bitches!!

Stef said...

Damn you Jay! Where did you come from!?

The Cable Guy said...

Sexy ass list Brookey! Personally, I like to order in food and play under the sheets all day. Just be lazy and and sex. Can't beat it.

Jay said...

Sexy ass list indeed!

I have a fire place, so I like to put on sexy music and light a fire. Wine, good company, good music - that's all that's needed.

Annamaria said...

1. I'm going to tase Jay...

2. I'm jealous that he has a fire place...

3. Powerz & I will be putting all 3 kids to bed early for a rainy night date night... We'll take on or all from B's list!

4. B thank you for letting me steal your blog! LOL

5. I'm going to copy & paste my comments on my blog too! lol

Stef said...

Fireplaces are so sexy :)

This list was sexy!

I have no boo to do any of these things with :(

so sad.

Brooke said...

Kissing in the rain is sexy too ;)

The Fury said...

Nice list, Brooke!

I haven't been fortunate enough to really take advantage of most of my rainy days, but I like playing in the rain.

Take a sexy walk in the rain (umbrellas so she's not worried about her hair).

Kiss in the rain.

Caress in the rain.

Press yourself against her from the the rain.

hot, passionate the rain.

Stef said...

Fury is a the rain :-) LOL!

The Fury said...

Hey Stef come meet the rain ;-)

Stef said...

I just might do I can do the things on Brookey's list!

Brooke, can I borrow Fury? LOL!

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