Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Afternoon!

- RIP Troy Davis. Such a sad turn of events. An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. It could easily happen to any of us. Send up prayers for peace and healing.

- As Princess would say, I'm hungry like the wolf!

- Time heals all wounds. People think it is holding on that makes you stronger, but sometimes it's letting go.

- Name some good side hustles - I want to buy a house.

- This week is creeping by.

- I haven't watched any new TV shows yet this season. Anyone watch X-Factor last night?

- Getting my car inspected Saturday before my Godson's birthday party. Car stuff is a pain, but glad I got some good wheels!

- People keep complaining about the new Facebook but it hasn't hit my page yet...wondering what all the hoopla is about.

- Eagles vs. Giants this weekend - I hope Vick is okay to play! Otherwise, we're doomed with Kafka. E-A-G-L-E-S - Eagles!

- I want new boots. And a new winter coat. Maybe I feel this way because I'm in my office freezing!

- My eyebrows are crawling across my forehead...I need to get them waxed.

- So many birthdays coming up! I'm about to be broke!

- I haven't had a Snapple in over a week - so proud of myself. Snapple is CRACK to me.

- What I DID have though, was a frozen apple martini (Texas size) from BBQ's that "accidentally" had a triple shot in it. I was promptly laid out on my ass. Never again.

- In honor of my hangover, today's throwback :-)




Annamaria said...


Stef said...


The Cable Guy said...

Stef, you were like 10 minutes late - get over it :-)

Brooke? Drunk? This I GOTTA see! She seems like she'd be so cute drunk :) Awwww!

Brooke, why are you single?

This weather blows. It's too sticky out.

Who in the hell left the gate open?

My son is the best. I'm blessed.

The Troy Davis situation is fucked up. None of us are safe.

What's the difference between X-Factor and American Idol? I don't get it.

Great throwback! Still can't picture Brooke drunk tho.

I need a new ride.

-V- said...

Sorry I missed you, hope you're feeling better!

Annamaria said...

-RIP Troy... Total injustice. I vented on about this for like 10 minutes on my blog. I pray for his family.

-Sophia has deemed herself a princess. She told me Mommy I a princess. AND Now when you ask her who is a princess she points at herself. I'm in trouble.

-She keeps trying to wear your gift too Brooke. LOL

-Letting go definitely makes you stronger because most of the time that is the hardest thing to do

-Brooke your side hustle can be...
1. Real estate agent
2. Passion party consultant

- I LOVE fall TV

-hhmmmmm Eagles Vs Giants... Brooke You coming over??? LOL

-I need to go on a shopping spree. Need shopping spree money too

-My child's teacher called me at 9:30 this morning to tell me that there was a child with pink eye that came to school. They sent him home but Sophia may have been exposed.. GREAT. Off to the pediatrician I go. Parents please keep your infectious children away from mine.. LOL Thanks

-I have a baby shower to attend on Saturday. I have to make chicken for 140 people. WHY do I do these things to myself.

-I need a martini in my life. Pass it down Brooke.

-Brooke it was really nice seeing you on Friday. You always make me smile.

-Sending my Serena a hug. She's an awesome woman.

-My hubby sent me flowers yesterday for no reason. I was all smiles but all the women in my office yelled at their men... OOPPS. LOL And they were my favorites.

The Fury said...

Fuck Georgia as a staff, record label, and as a mother fucking crew! RIP Troy Davis

Brooke never invites me out to drinks

"You seen my drawers? I know I had some on when I came here..."

Kafka did ok for The Eagles Brooke. The Giants have 9 players on IR. Y'all could win based on that, but...

I still want Big Blue to give y'all the BIG Blue diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!


Lost what little composure I have.

Today is #thongthursday ladies. I'm accepting secret pics of you in a thong all day to my email... dirtydetails (at)

Overheard: "All I felt was the stretching...the stretching...the stretching" Oh My!

Yesterday I was walking down the street with a woman with a HUGE ass and a small waist. Men are funny...that's all I gotta say.

Yolanda said...

-Just booked 4 weeks of work on a political show.

-Woot woot!

-This country needs to make up its mind about the death penalty so we can avoid these kinds of situations. It's elitist, often racist and it doesn't stop people from committing crimes anyway.

-People spent all day complaining about the new Facebook but ... guess what? They're still on it. They can't quit FB.

-There will be some new changes coming to Facebook on top of what we saw this week. Can't wait for those complaints.

-Speaking of complaints, I hope all the people who vented online about the Davis execution will make sure they vote and serve on juries. Twitter thuggin' means nothing if you aren't registered to vote.

-I still want a dog.

-Interesting that most of Obama's jobs bill contains initiatives put forth by Republicans in the past. Yet the GOP still won't go for it. Their disdain of the Prez is thick!

-I got a haircut last week. I think she misinterpreted the FOUR PHOTOS of the haircut that I wanted that I showed her. So, I now have a weave.

-I think I have hair ADHD.

-I prefer to think of it as me celebrating my hair's diversity.

-My Mom turns 60 next week. We're going to New Orleans. It'll be her first time there.

-Woot woot again!

-The new Pandora. I can get with that!

-I need groceries.

-Went to visit my Dad's family in NC last weekend. Found out my great-great-great-and some more great grandfather was used for slave breeding and had like 70 kids. I need to do one of those family tree things. I'm fascinated by this stuff. Plus, I believe I'm related to a Pharaoh or something. Ha!

-I was an extra in a Metro training video yesterday. I'm totally getting an Oscar for my role as "woman who pretends to buy a farecard then walks away."

-Can we get out of Afghanistan and Iraq already?

-TV needs balance. A summer of nothingness on 300 channels, then BAM, 50 shows you want to watch all come on at the same time in the fall.

-Sigh. American problems.

-X Factor looks good. The LA Reid/Simon Cowell tension should be good. Funny how they just swapped a judge for that Pussycat Doll girl and no one acknowledged it. That sucks. Fired like nothing happened.

-Google+ is reconnecting me with folks... folks who I forgot were fine. Dayum.

-More later. Perhaps...

Stephanie said...

This Troy Davis story really has me upset.How is it despite 7 people re-canting their testimony his execution still went through. I hate to use race as an issue. However Casey Anthony had an incredible amount of circumstantial evidence pointing towards her and that heffa is walking Scott free.

Three men (known as the "West Memphis Three)," took a bargain known as an "Alford plea" in which they could continue to claim their innocence but pleaded guilty in exchange for an 18-year sentence and credit for time served.jailed for the "Satanic" 1993 slayings of three 8-year-old boys in Arkansas walked free on Fri Aug 19, 2011 after nearly two decades of proclaiming their innocence from behind bars.
These men were also white. Coincidence, I don't know.

I'm having some anger issue's and feel like an ass whooping is coming to the service. I need to DE-compress. WOOSA.

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy - why do you assume I'm single? ;)

I wasn't drunk...I was "nice." LOL!

It was great seeing you too Anna, even if only for a few...had to give SoSo her gift!

She IS a princess! :)

I need to get down to the DMV to visit Serena soon, I miss her! And I MUST meet baby Jordan :)

Fury, I'm going to ignore your midgets...I mean...Giants comment.

Kafka is afraid to throw the ball. Or maybe Andy Reid won't let him.

I'd love to have tickets to that game.

@Anna, no...can't come watch the game cuz I'll be in Philly for my Godson's bday. But maybe I should make a friendly wager with your boy! :)

Still no changes to my page on Facebook.

-V- sorry I missed you too! Next time you're on this coast we must hang out.

@Yolanda...70 kids??? SEVENTY??? How does one have 70 damn kids? That's insanity...but your ancestor must've been BUSY!

I'd love to know my ancestry as well. Have to look into that.

phillygrl said...

funny that ancestry is mentinoedon here b/c last weekend, I sat down with my grandparents & went throuigh the family tree..I too am fascinated with it. I told my grandmother I was gonna go on the computer & put this info in & see if anyone in family was on here, etc..she was like "some family history is meant to be just that...history". Many of my grandparents family "passed"..for instance Bob Brown who was a reporter for NBC & dies at Jonestown was my back then he would NOT have been able to work for NBC, as a Black man. Same with my other uncle, attorney in Philly...on Samson street...married an italian..."passing", he WOULD not have had the clients he had. SO Im very curious...and I KNEW my grandmother was leery, but she kinda wants to know...enjoy this last little bit of summer y'all.

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