Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Thoughts the Cable Guy!

Brooke isn't up to blogging today, so she said I could kick off RTT! Ahem....

- I hope Brooke has a great day. The rest of you too :-)

- Thick chicks are sexy.

- RIP to Brian Urlacher's mother. It kills me how some feel he should still play on Sunday, even though he just lost his mother. Imagine how you'd feel if your mother passed? Nuff said.

- I love my mother...dearly.

- We're in mid-September already - Christmas will be here before you know it.

- My son told me this morning that he wants to grow up to be "cool" like me. That's my man!

- Parenting is the biggest joy in the world, but only if you're up for it. If not, don't have kids.

- This Cougar tried to rape me the other day as I was installing her modem. I told her I only have eyes for Brooke and to keep it moving! You'd be surprised how many naked women answser the door waiting for the cable guy. Desperation is not sexy.

- That said, I do feel kinda sexy in my uniform ;)

- If it wasn't for football and ESPN, I'd never watch tv...and I'm the Cable Guy.

- My favorite game growing up was Dodge Ball.

- I need a new ride.

- The new Ms. Universe is BANGIN'! I don't normally pay attention to those things, but she can get it.

- Brooke is even letting me choose the throwback for today - this goes out to B!

Let's Get It!

- Cable Guy


Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!

Annamaria said...

I HATE U ANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Stef said...


The Cable Guy said...

It's a threeway tie! LOL!

Stef said...

I DO NOT APPROVE of Cable Guy getting to do RTT! Where's Brooke??

The Cable Guy said...

Stef, don't be a hater :)

Anthony Otero said...

There is no 3 way tie... i win. the end.

Annamaria said...

1. I do NOT appreciate Cable Guy doing RTT without our approval. We all had to approve Fury & his TMI Tuesday's on the first of the month WHO GAVE CABLE GUY A PASS???

2. HOWEVER I chuckled when he said he was installing that lady's modem..LOL Such a cliche.

3. Had date night with the hubby yesterday. Had Japanese & went to see Contagion. That movie was awesome. And my date night was a BLAST.

4. Looking forward to my mentoring seminar tomorrow.

5. Looking forward to hanging out with my girls tomorrow also.

6. Miss my lil girl though.

7. My husband is a goofball & he makes me laugh..LOL

8. My sister in law (who was also my maid of honor) is LITERALLY the nicest person EVER. Like almost to a fault. She is amazing and I love her. And she is also HYSTERICAL.

9. i'm hungry.

10. I think I'm coming down with a cold.

Stef said...

You got it TODAY Ant, but I'll get you!

Cable Guy...I hate you :)

So I tried watching football this past Sunday. Didn't work. I give up.

No man, no football.

Brooke, your Hoarders show gives me the heebie geebies! I want to clean every inch of my house after I watch it.

oh, and I saw your name in the credits! So cool!

Oh, and is Shannon really going to marry Gene Simmons? Why now? They've been together over 20 years and have 2 kids...just let it go. If it ain't broke....

How long is TOO long to wait for a man (or woman)?

I need a vacation. I'm not ready for summer to be over yet.

Annamaria said...

@Stef...I always clap when I see Brooke's name in the credits. Even if no one is around.LMAO I have NO idea why but I do... Sometimes if I miss her name I will rewind the damn show just to see it.. Yes I know OCD..LOL

LOVE football.. and baseball playoffs

Miss Universe is STUNNING!!!!!!!! I was rooting for her. I was HIGHLY disappointed in Miss PR.

@Stef.. in my opinion there is no APPROPRIATE time frame to wait. You wait until you don't wanna wait any more & then move on.

Stef said...

OMG! I clapped when I saw her name too. I felt like such a dork cuz I was all by myself, lol. Now I don't feel so bad :)

Go Brooke!

Watch, now I'm gonna watch A&E more just to see her name on everything. That is so cool to me!

Still can't watch Hoarders tho. Yuk! They have all those rats!

I think men and women stay in relationships too long because they feel they put in the work and don't want to start over. That and they don't want some other bitch reaping the benefits of all that hard work! LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

I saw B's name on the credits for Beyond Scared Straight once when I was watching with my boys and I said "there goes my baby." They just looked at me like "whateva n*gga."

They just jealous.

I thought Gene Simmons and that woman were married already. Shows how much I know.

Why do you all need approval for me to post RTT?! Brooke's approval is all that's needed!

Powerz said...

Hey Blog fam!

Date night with A-Buzz was the bestest. She is so supportive. We ran home, changed cars (we drive the nice car for date night! lol), we ran out so I can show an apt, then she came with me to get some paperwork signed from a client, then ran back home so I could change, then we ran an errand, then dinner and a movie and she doesn't complain!

Contagion - could be a good movie if not seen as the last show after dinner on a Wed! Not enough action to keep us awake!

I just found out that when I bragged about eating sushi at work and said california rolls, I lost my sushi cool card. Apparently it looks like sushi, but its not sushi! lol

I love my kids!

My 8 year old son asked me to buy him boxers. I said why. He said to be like you daddy! As Cable alluded, parenthood is the best! (just saying) (just saying again)

I love the A&E shows. Bait Car is hilarious!

You guys have to see Sophia sing Look At Me Know! she is no joke, dance moves and all! lol

There is so much free money out there. Be creative and all of you can think of a way to make extra income, start with a hobby and build on it! My hobby was real estate......

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT everyone!

Cable Guy you rock! I love your random thoughts!

Agreed with parenthood! I love it!

The throwback was dope! I have the single with the instrumental on the B side! Wow!

Happy almost 6 weeks Jordan!

Had my doctors appt today and I AM CLEARED! I can run, dance and do some other things...ahem!

Brooke and Annamaria...can we have a date next week ;)

I can't wait to see my Nana, sister and family! Nana hasn't met Master Jordan yet! Her first great grandson!

We also get to see Daddy! I'm so excited!

My friends in the DMV area rock!

People who show up for a visit with diapers and wipes truly rock! This kid goes through diapers like they are going out of style!

Finishing up a childrens story for a contest! Wish me luck!

I can't wait to get sleep next week!

Ant I know you will rock out the workshop at SU! So proud of you!

I have a job interview on Monday! Wooooo hoooo!

Day care hunting sucks and is scary. Can someone hit me off with loot to stay home with Jordan?

I love my son so much! There are times when he reminds me of Mom :)

May be more later...stay tuned!

Serena W. said...

Austin thanks for the encouragement! Maybe I should bank on something I do well (besides ny writing ;) I love packing and unpacking. Also organizing. I've thought of doing both as a side hustle. I would charge less than movers and still make a killing ;)

Also there are too many disorganized people in the universe! Thoughts everyone...

The Cable Guy said...

Thanks Serena!

I'm so thankful that my mother can watch my son for me. Like I said, I love her. Daycare IS scary.

Good luck on the contest and the job interview!

I don't know how Brooke stays on top of comments all day. Moderating her blog today is a full time job!

California rolls are sushi to me. If it ain't cooked, it's sushi.

I need to do like Powerz said and get creative. I need some loot too.

Stef said...

You can start by organizing my kitchen closets Serena. They're a mess! I wish I was an organized person, but I'm not :(

Annamaria said...

Powerz you are yea we did have a busy night. But I gotta support you. You working hard for us so what is NOT to support.

Thanks for the shout out but my website is under construction for the next week.... :( Stay tuned... :-) but u can always check out my blog...

Aaron is a COOL a** kid.. I love him.
I like when Sophia says I'M DONE!!! LMAO

Serena can you organize my tupperware???LOL
I have a baby shower next Saturday but if you wanna come over next Friday that might work...

Serena W. said...

Hey Stef and Annamaria I got you lol!

Next Friday what time? :)

I wish Mommy was here. She would have packed up, moved to VA and watched him!

Anyone seen Columbiana?

I want some ice cream!

Where is Rameer, DMoe, Yolanda, Jay, Sillouette...

Shameless plug. Buy a book on my website proceeds benefit the purchase of wipes and diapers! Lol!

Naps are wonderful!

I cherish sleep!

Stephanie said...

@ Annamaria, that's so Funny I check 4 Brooke's name in the credits and say hey Brookey when I see her name.

Really digging the BIG SEXY show.
@ cable guy thanks for saying big girls are sexy. My honey would agree. He always cringes when he see's a size 0 chick and says they look like 8 year old boys. I had a guy tell me 2 weeks ago that he thought I was beautiful and that he only dates girls as big as me,not any bigger.UH thanks I guess.
I'm already looking for Halloween costumes It's my favorite day of the year. I like it better than Christmas.

I'm sick and tired of the John Boehner shooting down the presidents Jobs act. If he doesn't have any new / constructive idea's to help create jobs he needs to shut the hell up.

I have a slew of idea's to help create jobs and stimulate the economy.It's not rocket science.

Jay said...

Here I am.

I miss Brookey today.

Good job holding it down tho Cable Guy - how'd you get the job? :)

I like seeing Brooke's name in the credits too, very cool!

Everyone criticizes the President no matter what he does, and it won't stop. Hopefully in his next term he'll just go balls out on these fools.

When is Daylight Savings Time - is it me or is it mad dark already?

Not big on sushi. I'm a meat and potatoes guy myself.

Today's my dad's birthday. He's my idol :)

Serena W. said...

Hey Stephanie! Tell your boo I used to work at Ann Taylor Loft and they created a size 00. Yes a double zero!

Hi Jay! It is dark earlier! We were taking a walk and by 7:45pm it was getting dark already :(

Need to enjoy the last days of summer!

We were going to the river front but not today! Getting a little windy out!

Ummm where did Ant go?

There are serious haters on Capitol Hill! Let the Prez do his job! Sigh.

Anthony Otero said...

Hey Serena. I have been so busy with CBT and Latino Heritage Month. Thanks for the Love!

I saw Moneyball last night. It was a very good film. I recommend it.

Pepboys cant eat a dick. When I have time I will give them a piece of my mind.

Stephanie said...

@ serena, Really 00. I have to tell him. He may just barf.That's Bananas!

@ Jay,these people need to stop criticizing the President.I'm ready to start a new Black Panther movement or some type of movement because I'm tired of hearing are so called political representatives complain all the damn time yet never having an alternative plan.

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