Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This week is flying by because I'm SO BUSY! All this last minute stuff at work to do and my brain is already in Morocco.

- We leave on Sunday! God Willing.

- Ask me if I've packed one thing.....ONE.

- The answer is no. And I have no idea when I'm gonna start. Tonight? Saturday?

- I can't wait to meet my extended family over there :-)

- There's nothing good on tv this summer.

- I'm so sorry I'm gonna miss Serena's baby shower this weekend. And's not a surprise, I didn't ruin anything :-)

- And I'm gonna miss the SU DC BBQ this year. Have fun for me!

- No idea if I'm gonna be able to braid my hair before I go. I have no time to do anything.

- Looking forward to reading a book on the plane. I have a nice 8 hour flight ahead of me.

- The summer seems to be going by fast. It'll be almost August by the time I come back - gotta get my beach days in!

- My face is breaking out like crazy! Stress? Heat? Not drinking enough water? What's going on!?

- Steak for lunch!

- Don't be stingy with compliments. If you think someone is the shiznit, tell them so :-)

- Zoo Keeper was corny.

- I wanna see Transformers though...wonder if I can sneak that in before Sunday.

- Annamaria is the Blog Police.

- Buttercup/Magnolia Bake Shop cupcakes are the best!

- I have meetings all day today - how am I gonna get all this work done?!

- To spin or not to spin tonight? That is the question.

- Anybody having a summer of love? :)

- Today's throwback! This was the joint right here!

and if you wanna hear it with The Wu...

I'm head boppin' at my desk!




Courtney said...



DMoe said...



DMoe said...

What up yall...

- Gets to packin B...

- Its the summer, and I’m a 'festival guy', but there’s something about the way Atlanta throws a concert/festival/outdoor event that just doesn’t sit well with me. Too many 'mules' and 'linen short sets' and not enough people just flat-out enjoyin themselves.

- Speakin of which, Ticketmaster’s a friggin racket. A license to steal. All for printing tickets and keeping inventory of an arena/venue’s seats and what’s sold? Hogwash.

- Target is like a casino…A casino i'll never dare walk in with a red shirt and khakis on. Not never.

- Horrible Bosses seems funny. I saw a preview of it in ‘Green Lantern’ the other night. When I say ‘Green Lantern’ I mean: Green “Two hours of my life I can never get back cuz my nieces dragged my azz into this film” Lantern. HORR.I.BULL.

- I watched ‘Food of the Gods’ last night on Netflix. If anyone remembers, it was a horror B-movie about animals who ate a mysterious substance and grew to outrageous sizes, and started killing people. It wasn’t a comedy, but me and my 16 year old nieces laughed our azzes off. The “special” effects were hilarious.

We were gonna watch ‘Poltergeist’ too but the chicks were “El Pollo”. Uncle D's schoolin em.

I added “Pet Sematary” and “Children of the Corn” to my queue for old laughs.

Jill Scott’s new CD is growing on me. Growth in iTunes terms: I bought two tracks at first, and just added two more.

The dough begins to flow for Casey Anthony. Here come the offers.

Saw Karate Kid remake recently on cable....not bad.

Seriously, I require football this fall. Quit F--in' around fellas.

I signed up for the Atlanta Poker Club. My first tourney is Monday night.

I lost my blackberry, and I think i’m ok not having it anymore. Time for an upgrade.

Playlist is coming right up...

Dmoe aka Smallie Biggs

Courtney said...

I can't believe I was first! That NEVER happens!

Have a great time in Morocco Brooke! Your work will be waiting for you when you get back. Enjoy!

steak for lunch sounds yummy.

I thought for sure Brooke would blog about Casey Anthony.

I'm having a drought, no summer of love for me.

SWV was the group! 90's music was the best!

Annamaria said...


1.Getting Sophia into preschool is harder than getting her into freaking college.. wait lists, etc and the prices are bananas!!! WTH

2. Pays to know people.. LOL

3. Brooke have a safe trip & a wonderful time in Morocco. And don't worry I packed two nights before my trip! LMAO

4. Wish I could go see Serena this weekend too. Just cuz I need to tase one or two people..LMAO She is a beautiful pregnant woman. Can't wait to meet Mr. Lima Bean.

5. My hair has a date with some scissors later.. :)

6. yes I am the blog police. GET OVER IT..

7. Summer is going by crazy fast... My baby will be 2 in a few weeks. She came back from PR a completely different kid. Soo grown

8. I wanna see Transformers too. Hopefully one day

9. I'm having a summer of love!!!

10. I think my husband is the shiznit!!! :) Along with all my sister-wives & other husbands.. My friends in general are the shiznit.

Hayden said...

I hope you didn't think that Zoo Keeper WASN'T going to be wack! Transformers was great but I could have done without the love story. It was weak and unnecessary. If you haven't already go see X-men First Class.

Brooke said...

Are you having a party for SoSo? Let me know!

What kind of preschool is this? Having kids looks less and less attractive to me sometimes...I tell ya'. You gotta KNOW people for PRESCHOOL?

My sis just posted pics of my nephews from a Mc Donalds. Um...they can do that here. And it was mad late at night when they went....and it was packed! Kung Fu Panda masks on everyone...McD's is the same all around the world :)

I'm freezing in my office - need to go outside to warm up. Love the heat!

I'll try to stay away from the ice cream man.

I'm mad DMoe used the word "mules." Do people still call them that? :)

Where is Craig?

No desire to see Green Lantern, but still wanna see X-Men...even though I've only seen the first one in my life...not the rest. Does it matter muhc?

I really like the J. Smith Karate Kid - he's so cute. The Smith kids seem a bit bratty, but in a good way...if there is such a thing...but talented nonetheless.

Somehow I think Anna is gonna blame me for her not being first today :)

Rameer said...

- I'm DYING to get to the SU BBQ in DC! Outside of seeing and catching up with my alums, my boys are gonna be there this time! Awww yeah - B-Lo Crew back in effect!!

- Funny the B-Lo Crew got our name from the New York cats on campus - and everyone in it wasn't from Buffalo. Lolz...

- I don't care about the Casey Anthony thing. At all. This blog sums up my feelings on it PERFECTLY:

- I have no interest in seeing a lot of this big blockbusters this summer. Haven't seen Green Lantern or Transformers, didn't see Pirates, have Super 8 on my PS3 and still haven't watched it, probably won't see Captain America...meh. But I WILL be watching the Tribe Called Quest doc on my PS3 this weekend...

- My girl made bison burgers last night. Yum!!

- NFL Lockout will be done very soon.

- NBA lockout? Not so much. THAT lockout is going to cost us games - but I don't think the public will mind as much, to be honest...

- I need to lose weight.

- Serena looks soooooooo radiant as a mother-to-be! =)

- I wish time wouldn't pass by so fast. Really.

- Anyone ever see a movie called Harlem Hostel? Saw it the other day - it gave me a good chuckle...

- I need some chocolate.

- Going to meet my newborn cousin tonight! Pretty happy about it...

- Damn, yo. Chris Hansen got caught on tape stepping out on his wife? Oh, the irony...

- Time to get back on my wine tip. I haven't been sipping like I used to...

- I realized recently that ALL my friends mothers and husbands/wives seem to LOVE me. This is not the case with other friends of their sons/daughters/husbands/wives. I don't think I do anything special - just act respectful and I tend to get to know them. Apparently, other people don't do this - I don't even think about it, honestly...

- Eff Chris Brown. And Robert Kelly. Still.

- I brag about it a lot, but I can't help it - my girl's sister came over the other day, with her daughter. The little girl was crying, so I turned on my beloved TV, and put on How To Train Your Dragon. I guess sis owns the movie and has an HDTV as well, but her reaction was "Whoa! Is this 3D?? Why does it look like that?? Wow!!"

A smiled proudly as my girl rolled her eyes and said "(Sigh) It's his TV. He's VERY proud of it. But yeah - whatever specs he took all that time looking for, it's probably the best HDTV you'll ever see..."

Haaaaa! Damn skippy!!!

- Is it cheating if a friend of the opposite sex gives you a peck on the lips in greeting you? A group of people I know had a HUGE argument about this a few weeks ago...interested to hear other opinions...

Possibly More After The Break!!!

Annamaria said...

11. Brooke you are not to blame.. I am blaming politicing with preschools.

12. Yes apparently you need to know someone cuz Soso almost got wait listed until strings were pulled...

13. And why was 1 preschool $300 a week... WTF I need to start a preschool..

14. Wait I don't like other people's kids... LMAO

15. Maybe I can just enroll the kids I like.

The Fury said...

Brooke - can you just pack me in yoru bag to Morocco? Promise I'll be a great travel companion while there...

You actually sat and watched Zookeeper? Wow I give you credit for patience

It's hotter than outside. Ladies, take off a piece of unnecessary clothing!

Congrats on the baby shower Serena. Make sure you wear a longer dress. I went to one of those things once and the mother wore a short cute dress, bent to grab a present and..let's just say I think she was crowning...


Courtney was first? Wait...Courtney? GTFOH! Congrats.

Casey Anthony gets outta jail in 6 days. TI needs her lawyer.

So these tiny shorts that cup the butt cheeks and the others that free flow over the butt cheeks are in style, huh...OK!

Let's all do a big trip to see Transformers 3! oh wait, I'm anonymous. I'll show up but I'll wear a mask.

Stef said...

Where the hell did Courtney come from?! I wasn't trying to be first today, but I didn't expect to see HER be first either :-) LOL!

I LOVE that SWV song! Good one Brian!

Now I need the DMoe playlist!

What is this NFL lockout business about anyway? Can someone explain it to me? Same with NBA.

(I probably won't even understand it, so not sure why I care.)

When are you proposing to your girl Rameer? :)

No, it's not cheating, but it's probably inappropriate. I say don't let them do it.

I'm with you Brooke, is preschool THAT hard to get into? Private preschools?

I never go to movies. ever.

Everyone seems to be having a great summer so far but me. Anna got married, Brooke is going to Morocco, Serena is preggers. I just working. I need a beach!

what the hell are mules?

I agree Rameer - F Chris Brown! Cornball.

Craig's been missing for a minute now, hope he's okay!

Yolanda said...

-Have fun in Morocco. Can't wait to see pics. I've always wanted to go there and to Egypt.

-Loved XMen First Class. Haven't seen any of the others yet.

-I'm excited about Serena's baby shower, although her not having a name yet is messing with my gifting ability. *glares at Serena* But it's all good...she'll just have to get the gift once he's here and named.

-No summer of love for me...not yet! I'm hopeful though. It's been a summer of change. Summer of disappointment, maybe. But I look at it as God clearing out and opening doors for better things. At least, that's how I try> to look at it but most days I'm a jumble of feelings about myself and the job situation.

-I also think God gives you new opportunities when He thinks you're ready for them. *tapping foot* (just kidding)

-Ticketmaster is the biggest ripoff in creation. Jill Scott tickets were like $60-something as a baseline price. By the time the fees were added, they were $84. And that's the cheap seats.

-Feeling like I've lost my mojo lately.

-Is Bad Teacher any good?

-Horrible Bosses is on the list also.

-I've been hearing lots of Jodeci songs lately. Kinda miss the 90s sometimes. I was a hot mess of thick glasses and Hammer pants back then, but you're supposed to be a hot mess at 12, I reckon.

-I'm going to need VH1's Behind The Music to be more like TV One's Unsung. I actually learn new stuff on Unsung.

-Facebook is exhausting me lately. I've been on a semi self imposed exile, but it be callin' me, man.

-I try to tell and show the people I love that they are the shiznit all the time. Give folks their flowers while they can smell them.

-Oh, school for the kids is no joke. My friend had to have her kid's IQ tested to get into the school of her choice.

-A haircut is on the list. Fa real.

-SU BBQ approaching!!! Woot woot.

-Serena's pregnancy photo shoot pics are stunning!

-Spent the holiday weekend with my Dad and his side of the family in NC. It was good to be in the country and clear my mind. We also went to a cabaret/party/whatchamacallit. Partying with a parent is hilarious.

-More later...?

Brooke said...

Zoo Keeper was an excuse not to go to the gym. We actually went hoping to sneak into Transformers, but no luck. I blame Monica. At least it was a free screening.

I can't articulate the lockout business Stef...let one of the guys (Rameer or DMoe...the sports dudes) explain it to you.

Fury, feel free to squeeze in my bag. TWSS ;)

$300 a week for preschool is pure fuckery. I'd homeschool my kid AND yours for half that ;)

What the hell do they teach them (in PRESCHOOL) for $300 a week? For that amount of money, they'd better turn out to be Rhodes Scholars...and POTUS!

Why are these young'ns messin' with me? They better fall back!

And why is my dad on Facebook?? He's probably reading my blog right now :)

Courtney said...

I beat Annamaria! I beat Annamaria! LOL!

(ducking from the taser!)

Good luck to lil Sophia in Preschool! My kid would be sitiing home right with me for that much a week.

Yolanda, you'll get your mojo back!

I don't understand the lockout stuff either.

Brooke said...

oh, and I didn't blog about Casey Anthony because I feel like I talked that to death already...on Facebook. Put it like this...if she did it, she'll pay for it one way or another.

@Yolanda, Trust God. You'll be fine. And you still got it toots!

off to my next long ass meeting.

Annamaria said...

16. for that amount of money the lil heifer better get a FULL scholorship to EVERY college in the world.

17. Trust that we are NOT paying $300 fuck outta here!!!!!!!!!! I won't even consider it.

18. But even the discounted price & the price of the second place I looked at is still expensive... Same as what we pay now for daycare but still a lot.

19. But Soso is smart & I need them to keep teaching her. We got counting from 1-10 down (in english & spanish) and she knows her ABC's

Yolanda said...

Thanks ladies.

Annamaria said...

@Courtney....I'm not tasing you right now... BUT you got one comin to you.. TWSS..

@Yolanda..Serena didn't tell you the baby's name??? I named him..
Thor Sadaam Laden... :)

Craig n 'em said...

- I love B and Stef for the shout out!

- I want to eat Brookes STEAK!

- I'm listening to LOVE POEMS by Bilal

- Here's my LOVE POEM...Here's it goes...

Let's Fuck. (long pause) THANK YOU! It's a Haiku

- I may have fallen out of Love with JIll Scott on this Album...Doesn't have that UMPH...

- Speaking of Love Poems....I hate when after I have sex with my girl and I go soft....and then crack a joke...she starts laughing and she pushes me out of her PUSS...and then I say...DON'T YOU LAUGH ME OUT YO PUSSY!

- I don't give a fuck if this ain't TMI Tuesday...Most of the shit I say is TMI...

- Ok here's another's called DON'T YOU LAUGH ME OUT YO PUSSY...(Clearing throat)

Don't you laugh me out yo Pussy, girl!
That wasn't a fucking joke!

Don't you laugh me out yo Pussy, girl!
You know I like to stroke!

Don't you laugh me out yo Pussy!
Yo coochie muscles are crazy!

Don't you laugh me out yo Pussy!
You pushing me out like Im a baby!

Dont you laugh me out yo Pussy!
I'm not ready for the eviction!

Don't you laugh me out yo Pussy!
I want some round 2 friction!

Don't you laugh me out yo Pussy!
Is cold outside!

Don't you laugh me out yo Pussy!
Nice. Now the condom is dry...

I'm HUNGRY....What was I talking about?

Yolanda said...

Craig came back with a vengeance...

phillygrl said...

Brooke, I TOTALLY wish I was going to Moroco...was planning an Egypt & Dubai trip 'til all of the 'uprisings' started....Maybe Morocco will be my birthday trip:-)..

-I knew casey Anthony wasn't going to jail...prosecution had NO"smoking gun" so to speak.

-OH and the Daycare..Yeah! it's a mess, I visited/toured abt 8 before I put my sone in--some are just too ghetto fabulous & not diverse & the ones you like are hella-high$, gotta find a happy medium. Cost is basically another mortgage payment..but on the other hand, I asked my grandmother to watch my sone one day( I think it was a snow day or something)--when I came home from work, her hair was on top of her head in a ponytail & she was in grandpops la-z-boy chair..she says "Whatever those daycares want, PAY 'EM....watching one is more more than a notion--I can't imagine a whole class!"..and she's right!!:-)

--loving my tan right now AND the fact that b/c my hair is natural I don't give a DAMN abt the pool/beach water, I dive right in:-)

--Brooke, share the pix from the vacay! I think I may bet a few long weekends, but no REAL island relaxation like I want-- I Love love love the beach!

--Very quiet at work, lots of people out on vacation

--My son can SWIM!!!.:-) He's 4 and last year he needed a vest..this year he still needs one to play around w/ friends, but takes it off & goes underwater, holds his breath, tells me to "stand there" & swims to me like a FISH!!:-)

Stay cool int he heat y'all ( & I feel you on the festivals....I am the lay in the grass type..keep the "mules"(lol---is that from the 90's?), I'm cool w/ flip flops:-)

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

FINALLY!! I can post on my own. My work computer was allowing me to READ the blog, but not post any comments.

- Craig - you's a muddafudgin' FOOL!!!

- LOVED SWV back in the day. Throwbacks are on-point, as always.

- When I go on some friends' Facebook pages and look at the comments, I realize - my peoples have some f'n MORONS and IMBECILES in their lists. I can thankfully say, I have not a single person in my list I think is THAT dumb. Then again - I'm kind of snobby like that. If I think you're actually dumb - we ain't cool.

- Basic gist of the 2 lockouts: just like at any job that has a union, the NFL's and NBA's collective bargaining agreements expired. Both sides want certain things put into a new one, and they disagree on a wide variety of issues. The owners, in an attempt to try to FORCE the players to accept their terms, lock the players out - meaning, the players cannot use team facilities, doctors, get insurance, get paid - they can't even be on company property. They have no association or communication with the players, and neither does anyone in the entire league. This is to make the players get nervous, panic, and agree to all their terms. But the players have planned ahead for this, and aren't panicking as the owners would have hoped. Thus, we have long labor battles, with the threat of seasons not starting due to the owners' stubborn behavior.

We won't miss any games in the NFL lockout situation. We WILL in the NBA one - it's a much worse, more contentious labor battle.

- Preschool was $300 a week, Annamaria? Then you don't even WANT to know what my boy paid for his kids for preschool down in Maryland. It STILL gives me a hernia just thinking about it...

- Stef - proposal? Not sure. We're extremely happy together...but I think we'd both like to get a few things in a line financially this year before that...

- Yolanda is pretty and one of the good ones. True spit.

Possibly More After The Break.

Sillouette said...


**people herenare picketting like crazt here about the Casey Anthony case...

** this week went fast..

** its raining here yucky..

** i have another paper to write...UUUGGHHHHHH

** @ Brooke, Transformers is really good!! I saw it in 3D ..Awesome!!!

The Fury said...

*snaps fingers* Dat N*gga Craig back with a performance!!

*throws ounce of weed on the stage* PREACH IT!

DMoe said...

This week's RTT playlist? Dedicated to the train-wreck R&B chicks we all know and love. In NOLA, we love the train wreck chicks…
After all, you aint really "sangin" if there's no element of real-life drama to back things up…Tired of that no-good fool? Not if i didn't read about that late-night scuffle in Mr.Chow's.
Got a chart-topper? I aint feelin it unless we all guessin' WHO the lyrics are actually about. You gotta miss shows. You gotta sound bad on the BET awards at least once. Give me something.

Here are the chicks whose R&B lives seem/have seemed to be sucked into the foolishness vortex:

1. Mary J. Blige/Love no Limit. She overcame KCi's crazy ass and came off like the mob.

2. Miki Howard/Come share my Love. Saw this chick on Unsung, and drugs got her. Call her 'old school train wreck chick' at this point. Damn.

Fantasia/Bittersweet. She does nothing for me, but i guess i'm just intrigued, and I dig her tunes. Think that whole "You stole my dude!" thing's blown over yet? Listen to the end of this joint as she throws in some needless profanity. See? That's what i'm talkin bout!

Keyshia Cole/Heaven Sent. Ahhh…the reigning diva of foolishness. Crazy azz mom, beefs with other singers, and smack-dab in the middle of the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj war on Twitter? Keyshia does IT for me. She seems like she'd be pointin all up in my face if she ever read this "WTF DMoe, after I got this DMOE Tattoo on my spine? Yo azz bloggin this crap?" I so dig that.

Toni Braxton/Breathe Again. Fresh divorce from a Mint Condition bandmember, pending bankruptcy, and 4 crazy-azz sisters? Toni, you complete me.

Lauryn Hill/Tell him. Word on the street is she's got another biscuit in the oven. Meanwhile, how bout putting yo apron on and showin up on time to a show these days? Comeback, SCHMUMback. What happened Lauryn? Damn. You release one of the greatest HipHop/R&B efforts of our generation one minute, and go Dave Chappelle the next? Get it together baby….

Rihanna/What's my name
Getting mushed by Chris Brown while he's driving 60 mph is not cool, but this chick keeps some headlines….So, she makes the list. Plus, I kinda like this song.

I had to take it back to the beginning for this one, since this is the song that "started it all" for this chick. She made the cut based on some cute yang talkin back and forth with Ms. Keri via the Twitter. Some say a few "Pretty Girl Rock" lines are direct shots at Ciara, and if so, Word up!

Brandy, Monica/The Boy is mine.
A classic joint recorded specifically for lists like this. This is the combo meal that comes WITH the large fries and the Biggie drink. Brandy's had some real bad stuff goin, and i was diggin her when she hit the apex. Throw in Monica? Child please. She balances it all out...

SWV/I'm so into you.
Because girl groups always break up right? Why? For all the reasons that chicks are on this list. But then, one diva believes she's more DEEV than the others, and voila, a solo project destroys the group. One chick heads to the studio, the other hits the gospel stage play circuit, and the last one? She goes milk carton.

Kelly Price/Its gonna rain.
Of course its gonna rain Kelly...and you'll tell us all the reasons why right? Might yo dramatic azz provide ANOTHER forecast? Nah. Don't worry though, this one's actually an uplifting jam.



Yolanda said...

Aww Meer. Thanks. That guy has had my back, son!

And yesssss... a DMoe playlist about trainwrecks. Nobody did trainwreck like the old, unhappy Marry J. Now she's all happy and in love and whatnot. Is it bad that I prefer the unhappy music? I liked when E. Badu was getting over Andre 3000 too. That's bad. *smacking my own hand*

Have I shared my love for DMoe today?

Where is Serena? She'd better be somewhere naming that baby :-) Young Thor!

Yolanda said...

*Mary J.

(geez, my spelling is in the toilet)

DMoe said...

Back again...

- Luv ya back Yo!

- 6 flags found my wallet! Woo Hoo!

- 6 flags found my punk-azz blackberry. Boo!

- I lost both this past Sunday ridin' the rides.

- @B: Of course it was Mo's fault.


Brooke said...

why did I even ask where Craig was? That's what I get...I don't even know what to say. :-) head is spinning with all this work and trying to anticipate what problems will crop up while I'm away from work. A&E will just have to collapse without me.

I'm sure I'm worrying for nothing.

did I mention I haven't even started packing yet?

I like depressed MJB too - what does that say about us? Bad right?!

Serena pinged me to tell me she can't comment from her phone, so she'll do it when she gets home. She's not happy.

I can't wait to post a few of her pregnancy photos...she truly looks radiant.

I hear thunder....great.

Serena W. said...

Hi everyone and Happy RTT!!!!

I sent Brooke my Random Thoughts to post and nothing...sigh!

My child's name is Mr. Thor Lima Bean III.

Every time someone asks me what his name is they will get an answer. Might not want to be what they want to hear but they will get an answer.

I have to teach my son patience when he gets here.

Happy 35 weeks to us!

In regular English...I have 5 more weeks to go.

Baby Shower is in t-minus 2 days and counting! I can't wait!

Thanks for compliments on the pics!!!! Brooke you should post one for the viewers!

Rameer called me Radiant! Wow! I can't wait to see you man!!!!

Crib is up! Yeah!

The boy has more clothes than both of his parents put together!


I need beach time but the pool will do.

Can't wait to see my peeps this weekend!

I still miss my old job :(

Wow Courtney was first! You go girl!

Annamaria, I like your name for our son, we'll have to consider it lol!

Good luck with pre-school!!!

Maybe more later!

Brooke said...

I didn't get any thoughts from you - where did you send them?

I probably wouldn't have posted them before now anyway busy as I am. I don't think I'm making it to spin tonight :(

I can't wait to eat cous cous over there!

Which pic should I post Serena? You only sent me proofs...

I'm gonna miss some folks while I'm gone...SKYPE ME!

Serena W. said...

Ahhhh :( I sent it to your email. Oh well. There are pics on my Facebook page. There are a few, my profile pic is one as well. It's all good :)

Brooke said...

Oh! I thought you said you would send me one to post! I'll do it tomorrow!

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