Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This snow sucks. What happened to Spring?!

- A new world will be built before some people can concede a point.

- Still coughing. Picking up antibiotics at lunch time. I can't take it anymore.

- Some people I work with are a trip.

- Can't wait til Friday - it's my nephew's birthday weekend! Kyce is gonna be 7 years old!

- I love Cole. He's so strong. I'm sure God is keeping him here for me, and I'm so thankful.

- What's for lunch? I want something GOOD.

- I'm off on Monday and Tuesday, so if anyone wants to guest blog, let me know!

- I need to hit the Megamillions.

- If you could donate a million dollars to any ONE charity, which would it be?

- RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

- Chris Brown is a clown. I saw the GMA interview and it didn't seem that bad to me. But even if some think that Robbin Roberts went too far, that doesn't mean throw a chair and shatter a window because you're having a tantrum. He needs to grow up.

- If you could start your own business, what would it be?

- Did anyone else know that Tyrese wrote a book? I didn't.

- Got my taxes done and it's taking everything I have not to splurge on the Soul Siesta trip to Mexico!

- If the plane ticket to Morocco doesn't get bought soon, I WILL be in Mexico!

- If you were offered a seat on the next space shuttle, would you take it?

- I can't believe we ever wore stone washed jeans.

- Brian's throwback this week! This was my JOINT! What happened to real hip hop?



Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches...

Stef said...

DAMMIT!! I was trying to beat Batman, now Ant shows up out of nowhere! Damn, damn, damn!

Yolanda said...

I'd totally go to space.

My charity would probably be something for kids...or something that is typically underfunded.

My "cold" turned out to be a three week long sinus infection. I finally got my antibiotics on Tuesday. They're not so great on the digestive tract...and I'll leave it at that.

I'm in a funky mood this week. Just rather silent without much to add. Sigh!

I wish I was getting a significant tax refund. I'm actually going to owe the state, in think. Sigh again.

Oh Chris Brown. Sigh.

I really want some olives.

Going to the "Men Ain't Boys" documentary screening tonight. Looking forward to getting out and doing something new. Also looking forward the film.

Why do people make everything racial? Sometimes people are just's not always "the white man's" fault. That's really bugged me this week...

Ok, more later, maybe!

Happy Thursday and happy birthday to your nephew, Brooke.

Brooke said...

Thanks Yolanda! His birthday is actually 3/30, but we're celebrating this weekend.

I picked up the tab for his Science Explorers camp as his bday gift....but something tells me he really wants that Xbox :-)

I have to call him today, I miss him.

Sinus infection? maybe that's what I have even though my doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me when I went. All blood work, tests came back negative. No idea why I can't shake this bug.

But I'll be at CVS in a few to get my Z-Pack! Serena said it was the bidness!

The short doc screening I went to last Friday was excellent! We need more great, black filmmakers.

I don't think you could pay me to go into outter space - I'd die at lift off.

Stef said...

This snow DOES suck! I feel a cold coming on myself. Wasn't it just 70degrees last week?!

Happy Birthday Kyce!

Chris Brown is such a poor excuse for a man. And that blond hair doesn't help. He looks mad suspect. Why does he even have any fans left.

Brooke, I'd say eat pizza, but not sure the cheese is good for a cold.

Did someone hit the lotto? I need that money too! My tax refund isn't gonna cut it!

Hi Cole!

I don't think I'd go into space. I'd be too afraid we wont' make it back!

I'd donate money to the American Heart Assoc.

As my business, I'd love to have my own clothing line.

Tyrese wrote a book about what?

Liz Taylor died? Where have I been?

I'd love to guest blog one day, but I don't think I write well enough to blog :(

Annamaria said...

My Birthday is on Sunday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work has been EXTREMELY crazily busy...

Can everyone please send an email to their assemblyman and/or congressman & ask that they restore funding to Foreclosure prevention so I can have a job next year (side eye to the Governor)

Damn Cole u are a TOUGH cookie aren't u....

Sophia's stuck on NO.. everything is NO.. if that lil girl tells me no one more time Imma cut her...

She did say Jigga this morning though... HILARIOUS.

Attending an Aries party on Saturday with the girls at a friends house...CAN'T WAIT!

86 more days til the wedding.. Time flies when you're having fun....

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...


- I miss out on the blog too much lately. It's either posted too late and I get busy at work, or I see it and don't post cuz I'M too late. (Sigh)...

- My girl has been out of town this week. I miss her.

- Chris Bron is an Asshat.

- Dying to see Suckerpunch this weekend...

- Got Sirius to renew me for 1 year at $80. WINNING!!!

- I'm so disappointed in the Knicks. I TRULY want to see them relevant again. The coach needs to be fired.

- Anyone out there still have any doubts about my Lakers? Hmm??

- Isha Sesay. Mmm!

- I heard Whop went off on Donald Trump. Meh - I don't like either one of those two chumps.

- NOW the NCAA wants to tell the world SU should've had the ball so we could hang on to it and take a final shot - rather than LOSE? That the call was BLOWN? EFF YOU, NCAA. Kiss a diseased mule's ASS.

- I spoiled my sister for her 25th birthday. Spent A LOT, too.

- Been playing Me'Shell Ndegeocello all last night and part of today...

- I need Spring to ACTUALLY come. thanks.

- I know I can't - but I really do wish I could rewind time.

I'm going to sleep, so I hope you all have a great day! Excelsior!!!

Brooke said...

sleep? Rameer, you have a half day today? :-)

Trying to wrap my head around new rules for the NFL.


I ate pizza...and it was delicious! Took dude 20 years to make it, but it was worth it!

that wedding is creeping up on you huh Annamaria? :)

American Gangster is on BET - Denzel is so sexy ;-)

The Fury said...

Today is the reason i don't complain when it's really hot

God bless ya kitty Cole. Dude is a rider

@Brooke - That was a lot of question...ummm...I'll take the physical challenge ;-) Get better soon, mama!

Happy soon to be birthday Annamaria

@Rameer - I agree. D'antoni isn't a good coach. I hated that they hired him. He doesn't believe in defense. Therefore any team can score 100 on the Knicks.

I also said it last year. Barring a Kobe inury the Lakers have a three-peat. No team built in a year can match their chemistry

I'm just gonna say Chris Brown is a little bitch and leave it at that.

God bless the people in Japan..and now Burma. They have real problems.

Ladies, I have a bet going. Which would you rather have A cups or D cups?

Brooke said...

A cups...that way you don't always have to wear a bra :-) I have enough legs, thighs and ass to get the dudes who aren't "breast men" :-)

Stef said...

I'd rather have D cups, cuz I have no ass :-(

The Fury said...

I'm not going to reveal my side of the best just yet. But Thanks Brooke and Stef for answering! More more more answers! Please :-)

Brooke said...

Actually, considering the size of my ass, thighs and hips now, D cups are better. It didn't occur to me that I'm already a healthy C+/D-...I need to be balanced out. A cups would make me look silly and disproportionate. So I change that answer :-)

Jay said...

I can't stay long, just wanted to say hi :)

Where is DMoe and his RTT playlist? He done fell off - later for him!

That throwback was ths shit tho! Brian is on point!

Sorry your SU team lost B...and Rameer, and Yolanda, and Ant...and Serena. Damn SU is thick up on this blog.

Chris Brown is the epitome of bitchassness.

I would NOT go on the space shuttle. They might leave my black ass up there.

I'd donate $1 mill to the homeless or a shelter perhaps.

My business? maybe a laundrymat. Gotta have clean clothes...easy, cash only.

Brooke, you still sick? Feel better babe.

Cole is a soldier!

Happy birthdays everyone!

Jaz said...

I'll just answer the questions :)

1. I'd donate to cancer research.

2. Business - catering

3. No to the space shuttle

4. D Cups! I'd look like a boy with A Cups.

Throwback was hot!

Chris Brown is dumb.

Serena W. said...

RTT!!!! Hi Everyone!

It's spring again...right? LOL.

SU loss was bananas! Boo that ref!

Happy Birthday Annamaria and Kyce!

Brooke...our nephews have the same bday. Mine will be 9 on the 30th.

If I had 1 million dollars to donate I would send it to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. I would want research to be done and for funding to go to families that can't afford the expensive cancer treatments, etc.

Too many people have colds on this blog. So sorry.

Throwback was hot!

What's up Rameer! What up Ant! Haven't chatted with either of you in a minute!

SU in DC BBQ has almost 100 people rsvp'd if not more by now! A lot of folks are coming since we can't seem to get rooms at CBT!

I feel something brewing inside :) a lot of great things are happening.

I wouldn't go to outter space. But if someone bought me a seat to Tahiti or some nice island with clear water and white sand I'd be there lol.

I gotta call my Nana today. She's a sweetie.

I want some ice cream! Fresh out of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt (its so yummy)!

Love ya Cole!

No comment on Chris Brown or the Knicks...sigh.

Serena W. said...

Oh and my own business. I would totally write full time and concentrate on that but would love to have a full fledged business that publishes people, offer editing, writing workshops, etc. I do that now but on the side. I want it to flourish.

Anthony Otero said...

- Been so busy lately trying to get my life together

- Was conducting interviews all day

- Chris Brown is a fool.

- RIP Liz Taylor

- I love teasing Ana Maria on twitter

- Happy Birthday Kyce

- I am waiting for my photo shoot pictures to be sent to me.

- I got so wrecked at the SU Alumni party, I just had to

- I didnt even pay attention to the SU Loss. I have been too focused on moving on from Sarah Lawrence

- I got that Ghostface Album

- I also got the Chris Brown Album that someone gave me on a flash drive. I am thinking of deleting it.

- Detroit 1-8-7 is such a great show and The Chicago Way is good as hell too

- I miss you all and I am sorry to be so MIA

Geeque said...

@Latinegro - Yes, Detroit-187 is a great show.

Check out Break Out Kings, not bad at all..

Brooke said...

Yes, check out Breakout Kings mama can get a nice bonus next year :-)

Move on from Sarah Lawrence? What does that mean?

Photo shoot? You tryna "mottel" as they would say on Witches Brew?

I need my back cracked in the worst way.

I'd write full time too Serena!

Good things ARE brewing :)

Anthony Otero said...

I have Breakout Kings on the DVR so I never miss it!

I didnt get into grad school, so I am moving on from that.

Well...the photo shoot was for the public speaking gig. I think I sent you an email with the contact

Serena W. said...

You didn't get into grad school! The nerve!

Brooke we need to be full time writers! I'm waiting for you and Yolanda to also be full time paid bloggers! Niiiiiice!

Can't wait to see the pics Ant!

Where the heck is Dmoe?

Brooke said...

DMoe don't love me no mo :(

I'm with you on getting paid to blog. Now just have to figure how to do that.

Sorry Ant - try again!

photo shoots and fancy huh? :)

you sent me something? Let me check my yahoo.

The Fury said...

Ha! i win my bet! D cups! Even Brooke went from answering A to D cups. I have a friend who said most women would want smaller boobs so they could dress more stylishly. But I think more women want balance and especially with Black women (our focus of the bet) that does not include A cups. Bong! I win!

Thanks ladies!

Sorry about the grad school thing, Latinegro. they don't deserve you, brother.

Brooke said...

glad you won Fury!

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