Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

And Happy St. Patrick's Day...if you're into that sorta thing. I personally spend the day avoiding all the drunkards in the street who were inebriated at 9am, but that's just me :-)

- I have another cold. I don't understand it. I think I just need warm weather and I'll be fine.

- I need a vacation. One where it's 80 degrees at breakfast time, there's warm sand between my toes and an ocean.

- I hate hearing people chew gum. Even worse when I actually see the gum in their mouths.

- I also hate when people pronounce the "L" in "salmon." Like they said on Witches Brew - straight bamma!

- The woman who sits next to me always over-waters my plant because she assumes I don't water it myself. Poor thing is drowning. She doesn't do her own work because she's too busy walking around watering plants and minding everyone else's business.

- I don't feel like eating healthy this week, but I have to try. Need to get right!

- Is Charlie Sheen touring now? GTFOH.

- Sheri Sheppard is a clown.

- Cole says hello :-)

- Kyce (my oldest nephew) got a perfect score on his Arabic exam. I'm so proud of him!

- A lot of bridal showers and bachelorette parties coming up - fun times!

- I've never dreamed of how my own wedding will be (if I have one) but I LOVE going to other people's weddings.

- I hate my cell phone.

- The Fab Five documentary on ESPN was excellent.

- Need a mani/pedi in the WORST way.

- Don't forget to check out BUMP tonight at the IFNY Screening - Spike Lee Screening Room - Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY. Craig is gonna be there, so that makes it worth going all by itself!

- I woke up with the urge to shop for shoes. Then I open my email and see a Friends & Family discount from Nine West. This isn't good.

- Getting my taxes done on Saturday finally. Hope he tells me something good!

- And now, this week's throwbacks - RIP Nate Dogg. So will be missed and your music lives on forever.




The Fury said...

First bitches!

Geeque said...

R.I.P. Nate Dawg!!!

Annamaria said...


1. Giving up cursing is a lot more difficult that I thought it would be.

2. Sophia is starting to repeat stuff.

3. Loving the weather for the next 2 days.

4. I leave work a few hours early today & I have tomorrow off.

5. I get to pick my lil girl up from daycare today. I'm think I may take her to the park & out for some ice cream...

6. My birthday is in 10 days & for the life of me I am not as excited about it as I usually am

7. Ms. Nay & I have to get together and celebrate our bdays..Brooke you should come out too so we can celebrate yours too.

8. I'm wearing a green shirt today

9. We got our first wedding present yesterday! :)

10. Brooke I need a mani/pedi too..

11. I need a vacation..


13. Charlie Sheen is not only TOURING but he's selling out venues! WTF

14. Powerz bought me some HOT shoes last weekend. They are my wedding shoes.

15. I just got boots too.

16. I'm starting to really hate some people....

17. Off to finish my work so i can get the heck outta here.

Annamaria said...


The Fury said...

Wow..lots of bachelorette parties to crash!

Fellas, in celebration of St. Patrick's day. Look at this...

Ahhh when Irish eyes are smiling...

Not sexy enough? Ok here...

Still not sexy enough? Ok...

Those Irish come in flavors!

The Japanese are technically gifted and willful. If those reactors were melting down in America, the workers would be running for the hills...or eating donuts.

RIP Nate Dogg....heyyyyyyyy smoke weed everyday.

I don't smoke I just like how he delivered that line.

You better lay low...

Craig n 'em said...

I smoke...HOLD UP!

Brooke said...

When are you ladies going out Annamaria? I may be down to go! :)

This woman at my job asked me where my green was today. I told her I didn't have anything green. She said "well, that's because you're not Irish I guess."

How the hell does SHE know that? My mother's maiden name is "McCants" and there are PLENTY of Irish folks on my mother's side - I just don't have anything green. People kill me sometimes.

Good thing you gave up cursing Anna if Sophia is beginning to repeat stuff :)

I wish I was off tomorrow.

I need some tea.

Craig n 'em said...

you need some weed...

Annamaria said...

@Brooke.. That's cuz people are STUPID...
I get the craziest looks when I tell people my niece is half irish...
Like it's scientifically impossible for a PR & an Irish person to make a baby or something..

The Cable Guy said...

I liked the last photo you put up Fury, not down with pasty white chicks, no matter how big their tits are.

Brooke, can I kiss you since you're 1% Irish? :)

Almost got into 2 fights on my way to work cuz of these drunk fools in the street. Don't make me hurt you bruh.

RIP Nate Dawg, smoothest dude with the hooks to come out of the west coast.

Yes, B, that Fab 5 special was great. Grant Hill is my dude, not mad at his response, but Jalen was speaking truth to how many dudes from the hood viewed Duke. I STILL hate Duke. LOL!

Hi Cole :) That cat is a trooper.

Brooke, you look cute on your pics on FB.

Isn't it bad luck for a dude to buy his lady shoes?

Brooke said...

I've never smoked weed in my life, does it knock out a cold? ;)

@Cable Guy,

Yes, I think Grant Hill overshot his response to Jalen. I think he was using Jalen's comments to address a broader audience. Jalen felt that way THEN, not now - and you're right, many kids growing up in inner cities who went to public schools, with one parent households could never see themselves going to Duke...and therefore hated them. I've hated Duke since Danny Ferry...but that's only because they beat Temple in the championship :)

Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy... I don't believe in bad luck...

Personally I believe with the headaches we've had to deal with PLANNING this event, everything else will be fine.. LOL

Yolanda said...

-Feel better Brooke!

-Hey Cole!

-I finally made a dr's appt FOR NEXT TUESDAY for this cold. They're booked solid. Errrybody must be sick.

-I want a burger in the worst way.

-I will have said burger after I hit my year of meat-free-ness in April.

-I will probably get sick from said burger but it will be worth it.

-Then I will return to meat-free-ness.

-I don't believe in denying myself a few pleasures when I can.

-The Fab Five doc was wonderful (but really, all of those "30 For 30" specials are good). I've always loved Jimmy King's gapped-teeth. (I'm random, I know).

-I have lost my motivation for a great many things. I'm forcing myself to blog, even.

-I caved and bought Sade tickets for the DC show. Now, I need to offload the Baltimore ones.

-I'd almost forgotten how many hits Nate Dogg was on. The Baltimore station did a great tribute to him late last night. It made my drive home bearable.

-I saw Sherri Shepperd filling in for Meredith on the Millionaire show. I promptly cut the TV off. I can only handler her in doses. I prefer her in scripted comedy.

-I cursed at my Mother as a kid. She loves to tell the story of how she whupped me in the bathtub for saying the F-word.

More later...maybe...

Craig n 'em said...

My daughter celebrated ST PATTY'S day by eating a bowl of LUCKY CHARMS (and a stink ass fried egg)...

I ate 3 bowls right after I smoked a bowl..namsayin?

Stef said...

I remember the stank egg story Craig! Are you really going to be at this screening tonight! I have to see what you look like!

Weed cures everything I guess :)

Grant Hill always looked corny to me...even though I'm sure he's really smart and talented. I didn't see the special or read his response, but I will make a point to.

Can't believe Nate Dogg is gone :( Thanks for the throwbacks Brian!

I don't even know why I looked at those pics Fury posted - not for me.

I DO want someone to invite him to their bachelorette party tho - and take lots of pictures so Brooke can post them :)

Hi Cole!

I want pizza everyday. Eating healthy is HARD!

Don't eat the burger Yolanda, it'll make you sick!

The Cable Guy said...

clearly Stef doesn't know bachelor/bachelorette party etiquette. NO CAMERAS!

You trying get Brooke in trouble?!

Don't invite her.

Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy...I agree...

Sorry Stef..

Stef said...

I just wanna see what Fury looks like, not anything else! Shut up!

Brooke said...

Fury would have his mask on anyway ;)

The Cable Guy said...

If Fury was there and Brooke posted pics, Annamaria wouldn't be getting married anymore.

One guy I know secretly videotaped my boy getting a lap dance at his bachelor party and showed his girl, who was friends with the bride. That wedding almost didn't happen. And dude got f*cked up! not cool.

I think Brooke knows better. Didn't you write a blog about bachelorette parties Brooke?

Brooke said...

I believe I did Cable Guy :)

And yes, I know better.

I DID take pics at a bachelorette party once. Girl had strippers in a church! Totally not expecting that. I didn't know her, still don't - but I still have the pics...and if her husband ever saw them, he'd divorce her instantly! They're THAT bad.

Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy...yes i would be because I wouldn't be doing anything to risk my relationship...Its a night to chill with my girls. I'm not doing anything I wouldn't do normally NOR would I do anything that I don't want him doing at his bachelor party.

And Fury's cool BUT he is definitely NOT invited either. Him & Stef can hang out that night..LOL

WHY would someone videotape a lap dance??? And why would the bride get mad.. what did you expect to happen at a bachelor party??? Unless he was straight boning the chick GET OVER IT.

And strippers in church... talk about a ticket straight to hell..

The Cable Guy said...


I was joking about Jury :) I know you're a good girl :)

Fury on the other hand.... ;) LOL!

Strippers in church? That's crazy. All heathens!

Brooke, you took pics!?

(you still have them?) ;)

What was so bad about them?

My bachelor party was pretty tame. But I'd have still kicked out any dude with a camera or webcam.

Courtney said...

One girl I know had sex with BOTH of the strippers who danced at her bachelorette party - went off into another room and did it. She told her best friend at the time she wanted one last night of good sex, especially since her husband wasn't GREAT in bed.

Later, she and that friend got into a HUGE fight and the girl told her husband - now they're divorced. I can't say I blame him.

These parties can be BIG trouble if you're not careful.

Annamaria said...

Brooke's keeping those pics in case that chick ever looks at her the wrong way...LOL

Brooke said...

LOL! @Annamaria - I don't know why I still have's not like I know her, but still...

I think I just keep them cuz some people don't believe me when I say there were strippers in the church!

I'd never do that to any of my friends. EVER.


Girl sounds trifling. I'd have divorced her too.

Annamaria said...

@Courtney.. she's a HEIFFER and deserved to be divorced & then tased.... And she's lucky I can't curse right now. We will revisit this topic when Lent is over...LOL

@Brooke...LOL you lie.Those pics are the ace in your pocket!

Brooke said...

I really don't know her Anna! LOL!

The Fury said...

@Stef - Those pics definitely weren't for you. I had to make sure I said Fellas.

And yeah Christina Hendricks needs a 2 gallon bottle of True Blood, but that is one paler than the moon chick that could get it all St Patty's Day.

@Annamaria & @Brooke - Yes I'm not invoted...hence the word "crash"! And I'd leave my mask on...or maybe I'd take it off and then no one would know I was crashing. hehehehe

I'd be on my best behavior...scout's honor! LOL

Bachelorette parties are only bad if the bride to be is bad and the friends don't like the hubby to be... Powerz is safe

Viva La Cole! May he prosper in his delicate age.

The Fury said...

i'm not *invited* either. Damn it's hard to type fast when you're busy saving the universe...

Hey Brooke...never mind I can't type that here, but it is a very random thought... ;-)

Brooke said...

I wanna hear it, text it to me :)

The Fury said...

*texting Brooke in 5...4...3..2...1*

Brooke blushes in 3..2...

Brooke said...

Blushing isn't even the word, my face is on fire! :-)

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