Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!
I got in late last night and have been slammed all day. Couple that with having problems with eBlogger and I'm lucky I got this post out at all!

- Had a blast at the Breakout Kings premiere party last night! All the stars of our new A&E series were fun to hang around - very cool people....especially fine ass Laz Alonzo! I love it when celebs don't take themselves too seriously and know how to have fun and be silly :-)

Make sure you watch this Sunday, March 6th at 10p. Especially if you have a Nielsen box! LOL!

- I guess I used up all my random thoughts in yesterday's post of things I don't have time for :-)

- Gas prices are insane...can't wait to run through Jersey this weekend on my way to Philly to fill up - it's cheaper...and I don't have to pump it myself.

- Looking forward to my bowling/Chuck E. Cheese belated birthday party this weekend with the fam!

- My cat Cole is hanging in there. I love him so much.

- I've been downing Diet Coke lately like it's water. I just need to drink more WATER!

- People look at me like I'm a different person when I wear makeup. I must really need it!

- I was going to check out a movie tonight, but after seeing some photos of myself, I'll be in the gym instead.

- This week's throwback!




A-Buzzz said...

First Bitches

BatMan said...


A-buzzzz said...

GET OUTTA HERE BATMAN! Your second Sucker! lol

1. OVER all the damn wedding planning. Word to the wise.. ELOPE. lol

2. Taking the baby to get her passport on Saturday & registering on Sunday...

3. Where the heck is Ash Wednesday???

4.24 more days til my birthday!!!! YIPPEEEEE

5. Brooke You don't need makeup.

6. Powerz is awesome. Always knows how to make me feel better. Luv him.

7. I upgraded him yesterday!! :)

8. My kid is a TRIP.. she's such a lil person..

9. LOVE LOVE LOVE my maid of honor. God definitely sent her to me

10. Work has been CRAZY lately

BatMan said...

@A-Buzz - Check the time, it was a tie!! :-)

The Fury said...

"Slammed all day" huh...mmmhmm

No you don't need makeup. They're probably just surprised you're wearing it. You're a natural beauty.

I'm actually looking forward to Breakout Kings. Hope it's a good show with some legs

These bastards better get a deal done in the NFL. I can't hear a lockout!

This "Winning" slogan is moving too fast. It'll be dead by the end of the month, which is probably longer than Charlie Sheen has if he keeps up.

Are they gonna cast any Brazilian's in Wonder Woman? I mean, she is from the Amazon... #cmonson


@ Batman.. check the order I'm FIRST!!!!! LMAO

Brooke said...

I wasn't "slammed" THAT way Fury! Get your mind out of the gutter!

I don't even think Fury is capable of that :-)

But thank you for the compliment :)

I was told I look better with it - not sure how to take that.

@Annamaria, I always envisioned myself eloping to some island somewhere. I've never pictured myself having a "wedding." Yours will be worth it and beautiful!

Wait, tomorrow is the deadline to rsvp isn't it? I have to call you!

Charlie Sheen is sad...I feel sorry for him.

The gut-wrenching Tyler Perry Oprah interview is on (repeat). So sad...

I just ate the best apple crumb cake! Guess that's an extra hour in the gym tonight :(

Stef said...


Is that Laz Alonzo!? Girl, he is FINE!!! Is he kissing you! I'm hating! DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!

I plan to elope. Right to the justice of the peace.

A-Buzz was first!

How did you upgrade Powerz?

What's going on with the NFL?

I think I'm the only person not paying attention to Charlie Sheen.

I need to get back in the gym myself.

Annamaria said...

YES the deadline is tomorrow.. People don't seem to understand that IF they don't answer me by tomorrow they are officially uninvited... LOL

A-buzz said...

Elope on an island & don't invite anyone..LOL

@Stef: I changed the wedding band I had originally gotten him for a nicer one. Put that tax money to good use! LMAO

The Fury said...

I can get my head out of the gutter...


now see...



oh well...

talk to y'all tomorrow....

Brooke said...

no, come back! We like dirty Fury! :-)

I'll be so glad when winter is over. All this warm, then cold, then warm, then cold again is making me nuts.

That was nice of you Annamaria, awww! :-)

Brooke said...

oh, and yes Stef, that's Laz Alonso - make sure you watch Sunday!

The Cable Guy said...

B, let me know when Halle Berry comes through! or Nia Long!

Brooke said...

Nia Long has been here...I have a pic with her too :-)

Doubt Halle would ever come thru here unless she was pitching or producing something.

Jaz said...

I want Brooke's job!

Jay said...

Brooke, you're so cute :)

And no, you don't need makeup and I don't think you look better with it. Fresh faces are always more beautiful, so whoever said you look better with it isn't looking with the right eyes. Women with too much makeup turn me off, so a woman like you who can go without it is rare and gorgeous.

This football lockout needs to get resolved quickly.

Dude at BYU CHOSE to go there, he's an idiot. No sex in college? Yeah, ok.

Charlie Sheen is manic.

We need teachers. Find them money.

Breakout Kings doesn't look half bad.

Serena W. said...


Laz=Hotness!!!! *sizzle*

A-buzzzzzz! You're funny! My homegirl got a white bride maids dress off a rack for $60, her and boo flew to Vegas and just did it. (I'm not hating on her at all)!

I was pretty down this morning :(

When you're on cloud 9 don't let anyone take you down...anyone!

Debby Downers...don't like it!

There are days where I wish I walked in and had a personal chef!

I want some Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream (that's my craving these days) lol.

Brooke have fun this weekend! And no you don't need make up!

Just read the rest of the blog...eloping on an island would be great!

My friend had her baby yesterday and he is a doll!!! Congrats Tosha!

1 down...6 more to go! Busy year ;)

So I really want to go to my college reunion in Sept (SU heads you know what's happening)...they jacked up hotel prices because they have homecoming the same freaking weekend as our reunion! Oy vey...may need to stay out the way in the burbs if I make it.

Tomorrow makes 11 years my father left this earth. Time flies...I never knew him physically but know him through my spirit, through my siblings and that side of the family. RIP Dad.

I can use a vacation like 10 years ago!

Yesterday's blog was great Brooke!

Shameless plug...a book I'm in (Keep the Faith anthology) has been released and I'm taking orders! Go to my blog and order your copy or copies today at I'll even sign them ;)

The story is titled, "Listening Ear" about my journey with Mom while she was sick with Ovarian cancer.

Spread the word.

phillygrl said...

Brooke..the make up thing is funny you bring that up( I had a training last week & was out of the office--and since the training was shorter than my regular workdy aI had some free time, bought some new make-up..did hair a diff. way, etc.)

when I got back to the office these FOLKS( and you KNOW who I MEAN) ..must have thought I was NAOMI CAMPBELL!!..Once man even asked me if I had a new boyfriend or something!!! Im like DAMN! I usually THAT busted!!(usually I think I look kiddie-ish---most of my office is 55+)lol!!I mean I was flattered, but I'm like OK..instead of looking like plain jane & natural netty..i need to spice it up a bit...!!lol:-)--and I must admit, I've been on the You Tube make up boards getting some tips on color saturation on eyes;-)

Great PIX!!

Serena W. said...

Throwback by the way was the bomb!

Why is it when women wear make up (that usually don't, I being one of them) get all the looks and compliments. Dang! Its a nice feeling but like phillygrl said...was I that busted to begin with lol!!!

I just think it's so funny!

Ca88andra said...

Gas prices in Australia are also insane! (We call it petrol here). I have to admit, I kinda like makeup...

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