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It's Friday, and for those of you with no job (or a job and too much time on your hands) and don't have ish to do - name the best lines from these 4 movies.

1. Friday
2. Coming to America
3. Love Jones
4. Harlem Nights




Annamaria said...


Annamaria said...


Coming To America: Give a hand to my band, Sexual Chocolate.

Love Jones: Let me tell you somethin'. This here, right now, at this very moment, is all that matters to me. I love you. That's urgent like a motherfucker.

Saw bits & pieces of Harlem Nights sooo I can't really give you a quote from that one.

Geeque said...

Friday - Puff puff, give. Puff puff, give. You fuckin' up the rotation.
Coming to America - Give a hand to my band, Sexual Chocolate.
Love Jones - Have you been listening? I'm gonna tell you the point. I'm gonna feed you the point. The point is... I don't know the point, alright?
Harlem Knights - I ain't playin' games no more. You put that fuckin' razor away or I'll blow your goddamn pinky toe off!

The Cable Guy said...

Friday - "He gonna cry in the car"

Coming to Amercia - "Taste the soup... - okay, where's the spoon?" "ahhhhaaaa, ahhhhaaaa"

Love Jones - "Everythang is checckkin' ouuut"

Harlem Nights - "well then swallow it and shut the f*ck up!"


Geeque said...

Friday has so many. This another of my favorite lines - Smokey: I got mind control over Deebo. He be like "shut the fuck up." I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again.

Harlem Nights - Vera: Benny, you put this orange juice back in here, ain't nothin' left but a swallow!
Bennie Wilson: Then swallow it and shut the fuck up!

Jay said...

We could be here all day with Friday, that whole movie was funny :)

Friday: "What's up Big Perm...I mean Big Worm!"

Coming to American: "I am VERY Happy to be here!"

Love Jones: "What you need is a ti tac and a Visa"

Harlem Nights: "Don't take this ass wh-wh-whippin' p-p-personally"

Powerz said...

Coming to America - "She's my queeeeeeeeeeeeeeen to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Harlem Nights - "ratatattaatatatattattttatattaaaatatataatattattat...............pop" (gun fight scene)

Friday - "She said she look like Janet Jackson but looked like Freddy Jackson"

Love Jones - "the whole poem - Thief in the night"

Powerz said...

ok my Harlem Nights didn't come out right, let's try that again:

Coming to America - "The Royal Penis is clean.....!"

Brooke said...

You guys are really making me smile today :)

Harlme Nights:

Quick: "The name's Quick"
Detective: "Quick as in fast?"
Quick: "No, quick as in quick to whip somebody's ass."


Love Jones: "I steal, I don't get stole on."

Friday: Smokey: "Most people wanna borrow sugar, you wanna borrow my car?"

Felicia: "Well then let me borrow a joint"

Smokey: "You need to borrow a job, wit'cha broke ass!"

Coming to America: "His mama call him Clay, I'ma call him Clay"

Geeque said...

Harlem Nights - Vera: YOU shut the fuck up, Bennie! I would tell you to kiss my ass, but knowing you, you probably can't find it, you blind motherfucker!

Stef said...

LMAO @ Geeque! He has all the good ones!

Friday: "You got to be a STUPID mothaf*cka to get fired on yo day off!"

Coming to America: "You ain't neva met Martin Luther the King!"

Love Jones: (Wood) "I don't wear drawlz"

Harlem Nights: "You mess around with them creole gals and she gonna put a root on yo ass!"

LockSmiff said...

Friday: “Oh, shit! Here come Deebo. Give me your stuff. Deebo known for jackin’ a nigga. That’s all he do. Damn.”

Coming to America: “Oh there they go. There they go, every time I start talkin 'bout boxing, a white man got to pull Rocky Marciano out their ass. That's their one, that's their one. Rocky Marciano. Rocky Marciano. Let me tell you something once and for all. Rocky Marciano was good, but compared to Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano ain't shit.”

Love Jones: “Say, baby... can I be Your slave? I've got to admit girl you're the shit girl... and I'm digging you like a grave”

Harlem Nights: “Della Reese - Oh! Now you're gonna shoot me in my pinky toe. Eddie Murphy - I'm not playing with you. I will blow that little black, gnarled crusty, dead motherfucker the fuck off your foot! Now put the razor away!”

The Fury said...

Some more lines for ya...

Friday: You said that was indo? Smell more like outdo

Coming To America: Can't you get that through your greasy head?

Love Jones: You stomping up the street like someone done stoled yo bike!

Harlem Nights: Lookit, I ain't never coming home no more.

Stef said...

Brooke, you should do this every Friday, This was fun!

Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

Friday: I got mind control over Deebo. He be like "shut the - up." I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again.

Coming to America: She's your ...Queeeeeeeeen-to-o-beeeeee

Love Jones: Bill Bellamy: I don't need poetry to get women. ... Sheila: No, you need a personality to get women. Savon: Try a breath mint and a visa.

Harlem Knights : when Murph/Quick locked Danny Aiello in the vault. "how will I survive?" Quick: Take very short breaths. and then he really did it LOL

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