Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- it IS Thursday right? This week has been a blur.

- It seems like everyone got on my nerves on my way to work this morning. Sometimes commuting on the subway/bus really sucks.

- I feel better now :)

- DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles, along with two linemen, surprised a young boy on The View today who was bullied and is a huge Eagles fan. That touched my heart...***fanning my face*** a lil misty.

- Bullying is a real problem these days - if you see it happening, step in and do something (like whip the bullying kid's azz!)

- The situation in Egypt is crazy! The violence is heart breaking, pray for them.

- I hate being lied to. It's not necessary, and if you're not good at it, trust me when I tell you I'll know when you're doing it. I may not call you on it (right away) but I DO know.

- I had a cardboard sandwich yesterday from Subway...but it was a healthy sandwich. I may have another cardboard sandwich today again for lunch. Tryna be like Jared :)

- I really want oxtails and rice and peas though.

- I can't wait until Spring gets here. The temperature is supposed to reach 40 degrees on Sunday - why does that sound tropical to me?

- What am I gonna do when football is officially over? :(

- Watch college basketball, that's what....Go Syracuse! - nice win last night!

- Smoking is a disgusting habit.

- I want to shop for sandals...just need the warm weather to wear them in!

- Soul Siesta in Mexico is looking really RIGHT right about now.

- I miss my family back in Philly - hopefully I can dig myself out enough to head to Philly this weekend. I think my car is frozen though :(

- Braids are coming out this weekend even if I have to yank them out myself.

- Don't you hate it when people have no concept of "personal space" in an elevator?

- People keep giving me chocolate. I put it in my drawer to keep it out of sight, but I still know it's there. It's GOOD chocolate too! Yum!

- I want a really good cupcake for my birthday. That will be my splurge for the month. Deebo said I could :)

- Speaking of Deebo, abs are killin' me today.

- My clothes are blah.

- Fury's blog was off the chain this week.

- I heard Terrence Howard was getting a divorce. Not sure if that's true or not, but I don't see his appeal post The Best Man. Now I can only picture him with a conk saying "It's hard out here for a pimp, mang!" Not sexy.

- I want to see The King's Speech since it's getting all this buzz. Heard it was pretty good.

- Facebook stalkers are kinda creepy.

- New Greys and Private Practice tonight - about time!

- RTT Double Feature Throwbacks!




Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches.

Geeque said...

@Brooke - No joke, I pray for 40 degree weather these days...LOL

Yolanda said...

-My head hurts.

-I'm feeling the wheels of change moving in my direction. Hallelujah!

-Wham is playing on my Pandora right now. Nothing wrong with that at all.

-That Oprah show with the cow killing messed me up. I haven't had been in a long time, or chicken or turkey but sometimes I do think about falling off the wagon, but not after watching that. Eww.

-Ok, but for real... I am craving some fried chicken.

-The wind sounded like it might come through my walls last night. Scary.

-What is it about unrest and protests in foreign countries, particularly in Arab, Mideast and African countries? People go HARD for their freedom. Americans? Not so much.

-Don't nobody better lay a finga on my Anderson Cooper!

-I've wanted to go to Egypt since high school. I did a paper one year (and recycled it later...sue me), read all these Egyptian-related books, got a tattoo and everything. Drinking the pharoah's kool aid hard... but you probably couldn't pay me to go now. I'm good. Maybe in 5 years.

-New York is going hard on smoking, huh? I wish someone would ban my neighbor from smoking in her own house. That would make me very happy.

-All my neighbors on my floor have dogs now. It's a c-o-n-spiracy.

-Geez, I'm hungry. (totally unrelated to dogs, FYI)

-More later...maybe.

Yolanda said...

*geez... haven't had "BEEF" in a long time.


Brooke said...

I knew what you meant Yolanda :)

now I want fried chicken. Do they have that at subway? :)


I pray for a boiling hot summer.

I missed the cow killing episode of Oprah, and I'm glad I did.

There's a woman who smokes in the hallway of my building. Funk up your own apartment so that the rest of use don't have to walk thru a cloud of smoke! Just gross.

ArrElle said...

Egypt is on my to do list when it comes to countries to visit.

I've been in the house waayyyy to long, I'm in between jobs trying to find another job is a job within itself. The whole interviewing process can be draining

I've seen enough snow and ice to last me for 3 years now please go away and don't come back

The lady downstairs smokes however when she smokes say in the kitchen the smoke travels into my unit and I'm like "really"?? Can we ban ppl from smoking inside their apt units?

Now I want some fried chicken

When I hear of other kids being bullied it makes me wonder what's going on inside these kids (Bulllies) homes?

Annamaria said...

1. I'm sick of all this DAMN snow. This is some straight up buffoonary!

2. Brooke send me the chocolate instead of hiding it in your desk.

3. CUPCAKES...YUM.....

4. Finally got a wedding dress!!! YEA...

5. Chick at work just annoyed me... I may have to bring out the taser.... She must not know bout me!!!

The Fury said...

Shout out to Brooke on lunch and the blog compliments

Shout out to Annamaria for helping to make 3 very lucky winners happy

Shout out to Latinegro, my first tumblr follower (don't expect much over there right away, homie)

Now Fox News reporters getting beat up in Egypt? Yeah they wanted to one up Anderson, but Cooper took his lumping like a G

The sandwich I had for lunch was lackluster. I need a snack

beating on my desk with my hands like the old school lunch table

Give the drummer some

no seriously, ma, give the drummer some

...and still I haven't gone to the sex club *cocks eyebrow at Brooke*

LockSmiff said...

- I miss my big brother. He's struggling with a drug/alcohol addiction and I have seen him in almost 6 years. his BDay is next week so he's been on my mind heavy.

- My a$$ has been super lazy. A negro hasn't been to the gym in 2 weeks. I plan on getting it in tonight!!!!

- I might buy a new MacBook Pro this weekend. YAY!!

- It feels good to walk in the house and get tackled by my daughters.

- I can't wait to get home!

- Kennedy and Kendall daddy loves you!

- Buy a new pair of shoes or keep saving for a new car I need?

- I know the car is more important. But I'm a man who loves shoes. :-)

- I only had soup for lunch today but somehow my stomach feels like I ate a 9 course meal.

- In the words of my 3 y/o "i have to go poopy!"

DMoe said...

- @Yo: "Somebody told me, that everything she wants is everything she sees..." LOVE Wham. Period.

- @Yo (deux): Anderson took a beatdown yesterday...for real. Naturally, he doesnt have a scratch.

- Work is fun. You read that right.

- iPhone's on Verizon now, but the bastards got me locked into this wack-berry for another 8 months.

- Its goin down in Egypt, and it says alot that one of the greatest society's of the planet's history is plunged into utter chaos. Then again, ALL of em suffered the same fate at some point. Who got next?

- I miss NYC. Not this frosted, tundra-ish version of the Apple, but I miss the apple.

- If you haven't played the Michael Jackson Wii game, your a lil bit dead inside.

- I'm drinkin more water these days, and I notice a few "water snobs" lookin down on me in the conference room for meetings. Gotta step my water game up.

- Sing it with me: "I can feel my iPad comin in the air tonight...Oh lord..." Yep, I've been savin up for it. That sexy bitch is mine. Soon.

Here's the Dmoe Top 10 Tribe joints for today's RTT playlist:

1. Get a hold
2. 1nce again
3. Jazz
4. Buggin Out
5. Electric Relaxation
6. Award Tour
7. Find a way
8. Check the Rhime
9. Bonita Applebaum (Hootie Mix)
10. Scenario

Stay thirsty ya'll.


Brooke said...

Yeah, DMoe, you don't miss THIS NYC. It's BLEEDING out this mug.

I think they just gave up on plowing in my neighborhood in Queens. Cars are parked on the median in the middle of the street. And not one of them has a ticket. It looks like South Broad Street - I thought I was in Philly for a second!

Good luck on the job search ArrElle!

What exactly is a "water snob" - someone who drinks Voss?

The MJ Wii game looks fun, I can't front :)

@Fury, we can go when it gets warm out ;)

Raquel said...

Hello everyone, I'm back!

Tuesday's blog was so much fun - I like this site!

I tried to look on Fury's site but it was blocked at work. I will have to check it out when I get home, must be some juicy stuff on there!

So, how does random thoughts thursday work - are there rules?

Where is Stef today? :)

The Fury said...

Mommy's a narcoleptic always sleeping on Fur

This cold sucks, but I'll take it if it doesn't snow anymore

Dont you hate when you say the same thing to someone on the phone a multitude of times. They say "I got it" then they call back asking for details! Mthrfckr no!

@Raquel - yeah you're better off not looking at the site at work. Check it on your phone if you're at work and curious. Otherwise, check at home.

Yolanda said...

Fury, what's your Tumblr (I missed that convo)? I will follow you.

Did y'all see the CNN vid of the Egyptian police van running over people in the street? My Lord...the horror!

Get that iPad, will become your lovahhhhh.

Lol at water snobs. Just buy one bottle and keep refilling it. Fake it til you make it!

True Lemon is a life saver in my water. Get y'all some!

Teena Marie's "Irons In The Fire" came on my Pandora today. I got misty.

My Dad's on my mind. I need to call him. We are cut from the same Taurean cloth. He won't call me. I don't call him. Then we give each other the blues for not calling. It's my turn in the cycle. Ooh, maybe I'll give him the blues publicly on Facebook. LOL

I moved my vision board, then it fell off the wall. I hope that's not a sign...

I need my hair braided. Where are the girls who used to braid on the stoop? Man, kids today...nobody wants to work for a dolla.

The Fury said...

@Yolanda - You're a Taurus? me too! Booyakahhsot! here ya go

I need some more clarification on just how bad it is for Egyptians. The media is staying with the violence angle I need to see why they're so hostile. I've heard poor, issues with economy, issues with dowry. Anybody seen a CNN special on it?

Sex on my mind...

Jem said...

Fury's a Taurus...that explains a lot :-)

Poppy Harlow on CNN (sorry, I just turn the TV on and let it play like Muzak, so I'm always on CNN for some reason)...anywho, she had a good story today about the money issues in Egypt. Basically, a lot of them are unemployed and they have like a 17% inflation rate and need subsidies on basics like food. If you can find her piece on their website, it's been the best, most clear explanation of what's going on there that I've seen so far.

Yolanda said...

Dammit...with all my frickin logins!

DMoe said...

Water snobs be all on the "fiji" and the "smart water" bottles, but then look funny at my aquafina/dasani/store brand choices of agua. Whateva.

And yeah B, the "Voss" people are a whole other level in this convo. That's actually "club" water

"Irons in the fire" is a fantastic song.


Brooke said...

"club water?" And here I was thinking I was doing something with my Poland Springs (way better than Dasani and Evian in my opinion). Fuji is cool and Smart Water IS good, not gonna lie :)

@Raquel - welcome back! No rules, just say what's on your mind - random...just whateva today :)

And yeah, you best not look at Fury's site at work - might get you fired...and a lil tingly ;)

What is True Lemon?

Yolanda, call your dad. I need to do the same thing.

This chocolate is calling me.

Annamaria said...

@ Brooke....

Send me the chocolate. I'll hide it from you!! :)

Brooke said...

Annamaria, I'm saving it for an "emergency" :-)

Brooke said...

My sister said Lexington Steel is on the radio (Michael Baisden show) and a caller said he "sounds naked" on the radio :) LOL!

She also said she's looking forward to watching the Super Bowl and hopes I can make it home to watch it. I'm glad I have a family of women who like to watch sports, and their men appreciate it too.

Magic said...

Black and yellow, black and yellow
Black and yellow, black and yellow

Yeah ah ha, you know what it is….

Stef said...

Hey everyone!

I was off today, so just now checking in!

Brooke, I'll help you with your chocolate dilemma :-)

Hi Raquel - join our blog family!

Jaz said...

Who is Lexington Steel?

Raquel said...

Just found Fury's site - yowsers!

My dream job would be massage therapist to the stars - men only :)

I'm not very good at computers, but I will bookmark this site :)

I want to go see Janet Jackson in concert. Anyone going?

I love pretty lingerie :)

and yard sales!

If I had the money, I'd feed every homeless person on the planet.

I wish I could play the flute, don't ask me why.

Thinking of getting a tattoo, are those still in? In a sexy spot too!

I used to think acid wash jeans were so cool - what were we thinking??!!

Hi Stef!

Lexington Steel is a porn star - I Googled him :)

How did I do for my first Random Thoughts Thursday?

Brooke said...

You did great Raquel, thanks for checking us out!

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