Friday, February 18, 2011


First, I must get some birthday shout-outs out of the way! Happy Wonderful Birthday to Brian (of RTT Throwback fame), Miss Lylah and Ms. Nay! I hope you all have an awesome day and a great weekend planned. Brian's party tomorrow night will be so much fun, can't wait! Hope to see you there!

Now, for the movies....

This week, name the best lines from these 4 movies:

1. Hollywood Shuffle

2. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

3. The Last Dragon

4. Juice

Bonus: Booty Call. I can barely remember this movie, but someone told me it was a "classic." Not sure that I agree, but if you all can come up with lines from this flick, I'll be impressed.

Anyway, I would give my list, but I was told that I always take the "good lines" I'll jump in later!

"Who's the masta?....Sho 'Nuff!"




A-BUZZ said...


Stef said...

LOL! Dammit! I was too busy thinking of movie lines I forgot to be first!

Annamaria said...

1. I've never heard of the Hollywood shuffle.

2. Can't remember I'm Gonna Git you Sucka...


4.You know what? Last time you said that, I was kinda trippin', right? But now, you're right. I am crazy.

What're you asking HER for? She never made a man wait thirty minutes.

Annamaria said...


Brooke said...

I already gave a birthday shout out to Ms. Nay :-)

The Cable Guy said...

Annamaria never heard of Hollywood Shuffle??? Somebody revoke her PR card! ALL people of color have at least HEARD of it!


Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy...I just looked it up.. The movie was made in 1987. I had just turned 8.... It was rated R.. I couldn't stay up past 8...LOL

In my defense I haven't had a chance to go back & watch ALL the movies I missed from the 80's.... and NO ONE I know has ever talked about this movie sooo I think I get a pass.. Matter of fact, I'm giving myself a pass.... LOL

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I love all those movies. But the one I know like the back of my hand - the one I can literally talk ALONG WITH THE MOVE AS IT PLAYS - is JUICE!!!

Some of my favorite lines from one of my all-time favorite flicks:

Bishop (Tupac): "Check yaself, Q! You gotta snap some collars and let them muddafuggas know you here to take them out ANY TIME YOU FEEL LIKE IT! You gotta get the ground beneath your feet, paht-nuh, get the wind behind your back and go out in a blaze if you got to! Otherwise you AIN'T ISH! You might as well be dead your damn self!"

Q (Omar Epps): "You tryin' to tell me I ain't ish?"

Bishop: "I ain't *trying* to tell you ISH. I'll tell YO MOMMA you ain't ISH!!!"

I literally quote that at the very least once a month. Since I saw that film. I kid you NOT.

(Samuel L. Jackson's character): "Just 'cause you pour syrup on something doesn't make it pancakes..."

Bishop (after Q calls him crazy at his locker in the hallway): "You know what? Last time you said that, I was kinda trippin', right? But you know what? *You're right*. I *am* crazy. And you know what else? I don't give a fudge. I don't give a fudge about YOU, I don't give a fudge about STEEL, and I don't give a *fudge* about Raheem, either. I don't give a fudge about myself. Look, I ain't ISH. And you less of a man than ME, so as soon as I figure you ain't gon' be ish, POW! *So be it*. You remember that, muddafugga. Cuz I'm the one you need to be looking out for. *PAHT-NUH*!!!"

Bishop (to the crew): We run from Radimez - we run from old man (forget the name) when he come with that bullcrap gun...all we do is run! I'm serious - I feel like I'm on the cot-damned track team!!!"

That's it I'll get carried away if I go further...

Jay said...

Rameer took all the good lines from Juice - "Riverside Mothafucka!" LOL!

Hollywood Shuffle: "What you say, honky sucker pig-head jive-turkey fool?"

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka - "how much for one rib?"

Last Dragon - "Kiss my Converse."

The Cable Guy said...


I was born in 84', I'm younger than you are and I've HEARD of Hollywood Shuffle, so no excuses! It's a classic!

Hollywood Shuffle - Say it with me, Winky...Dinky....Dog.

Last Dragon - I'm gonna slap that sucker silly for alienation of affection! If it wasn't for me, he wouldn't even know who she was! Chocolate covered yellow peril!

I'm Gonna Git you Sucka - let me get a sip for fifteen cents!

Juice - Steel: Don't you get tired of this shit? What the fuck you want from me?
Bishop: Nothin'.


Tupac was GANGSTA in that movie!

Stef said...

I have to admit, I only know lines from Last Dragon and Juice.

Last Dragon - Vanity: "you sure look like a master to me..."

Juice - "just directa yo feetza to Daddy Green's pizza!" LOL!

Stef said...

Sorry! I meant to write 2 for Last Dragon and one from Juice. So that last quote was also from Last Dragon.

let's try again...

JUICE - Bishop: I got more control over your life than you do.

Steel: How you figure that?

Bishop: I'm letting you breathe, ain't I?

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