Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- For some reason, it doesn't feel like my birthday is tomorrow.

- Probably because I've been fighting a cold and worrying about my cat. I can't think of anything else.

- I want chocolate. I also want these Girl Scout cookies I've been avoiding for weeks now.

- I am going out to dinner for my birthday tomorrow though, so hopefully that makes me feel better.

- A friend of mine asked me to pose this question to the blog. I'll change the names to protect the innocent :-) She is engaged and her fiance wants her to eliminate her maiden name altogether. So for example, if her name is Angela Franklin, and her fiance's last name is Washington, she wants to make her maiden name her middle that her name will now be Angela F. Washington. He, on the other hand, wants her to get rid of "Franklin" completely, leaving her name to just be "Angela Washington." What say you? Is he justified....or is he trippin'?

- I hope that wasn't too confusing :-)

- Libya is a mess. And they're saying gas prices could reach $5 a gallon by Memorial weekend if the chaos continues. What's going on??!!

- I brought steak for lunch, but forgot the Pio sauce to go with it :-( Now I want sushi.

- Did any of you see this billboard? What do you think of it?

I didn't like all.

- Now I have a taste for tacos. Weird.

- I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks. Not good. But I want to make sure I'm completely well again before I go back, otherwise I'll relapse and be sick some more.

- I can't believe February is almost over. Spring is just around the corner!

- Carmelo Anthony is a NY Knickerbocker...and the city is on fire! Some say they gave up too much for him...what do you think? Or do you even care?

- Knicks ticket prices are through the roof now! Geesh!

- I want to shop for shoes. I need new shoes.

- Still haven't gotten my taxes done. Trying to schedule an appointment today.

- Iyanla Vanzant was on for Part 2 with Oprah yesterday. She's a bit crazy, but she lost a child. Burying a child is enough to make anyone a lil nuts.

- It's never good weather on my birthday. Tomorrow they're saying drenching rains, a flood watch and gusting winds. Nice.

- At least it's not a blizzard like last year.

- I could use a good hot stone massage.

Check out this high school senior's dunk:

- Brian's throwback for this week!

Double XX Posse - Not Gonna Be Able To Do It
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BatMan said...


Stef said...

ya know, I 'm REAL TIRED of this Batman being FIRST and then not COMMENTING!! LOL!

Brookey's birthday is tomorrow, woo-hoo!

The billboard makes me SICK! Terrible...and during Black History Month at that!

What's the big deal about Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks need more than him to opinion.

That throwback was the shit back in the day!

Hope you feel better Brooke, and your cat too :(

Serena W. said...


Happy Early Birthday Brookey!

That dunk was sick!

Who watched the slam dunk competition during All Star weekend? Bananas!

Whatever happened to players being committed through a season and no trades happening until "after" the season? Sheesh.

Praying for your cat Cole.

Can't wait to see my SU fam on Saturday at Bar Louie's here in DC!

I made it through the weekend. Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts. My family and I had a great time celebrating Mom's life.

Looking forward to my trip to San Fran next month.

Pray for my sister Shavonn, she has the flu, bronchitis and a lung infection that has a long funky name. She's in the hospital.

Had a meeting at work today about the future of my dept. So far it sounds promising. I'll know on March 2nd about my job. Send good thoughts up.

I can't wait for spring.

If gas goes up to $5 a gallon I will take metro and the bus and my SUV will remain parked until further notice.

My friend Natosha is due next week! Can't wait to meet her bundle of joy!

I would love to know who in the world is Batman on here? LOL!

Tony (Brooke's cousin) said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!

- Tomorrow is also my anniversary. 8 years with this wife.....hmmmm it's getting close to trade in time! (just kidding ladies).

- I didn't get to yesterday's blog until too late to comment so I will say this; I admit to cheating, I did it purely for revenge and it turned out the vajayjay was better than I thought so I went back for seconds. I never did get caught, I admitted it after confronting her about her episode. What a year!

- Don't know what the weather is like up north but we are back into the high 80's in "O" town.

- We are going to Kobe's for our anniversary....Favorite player, favorite restaurant.

- You friend's fiancee is tripping. He should be happy that she is willing to take his name at all.

- The middle east is a mess and it will continue to effect our gas prices. Something big is brewing over there and my hunch is Iran will be right in the middle of it. We are NOT ready for a conflict of that magnitude.

- I saw the billboard and didn't understand why African Americans were targeted in it. I will admit that I haven't seen statistics on which group has higher abortion rates so......

- Carmelo Anthony is a NY Knickerbocker...and it wont make one damn bit of difference! The East is SO talented and top heavy that his acquisition will mean nothing come playoff time.

-That dunk was .....DAMN!

A-buzz said...

I think that's a fair compromise. Her taking his name & making her maiden name her middle name.. :)

Stef said...

Oh, forgot to answer the question Brookey! your cousin Tonday said (welcome back!) - he's trippin! Why can't a woman keep some part of her? It's not like she's even hyphenating it! She's making it her middle name, which is a great compromise. He needs to get a grip.

Stef said...

And by Tonday, I meant "TONY" - sorry!

and what happened when you admitted to your wife that you cheated for revenge? Did she forgive you since she messed up first? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Tony said...

Stef - Forgive me? She didn't have a choice...I had her dead to rights: dates, times, places..everything. So I broke it down for her and after the crying and apologies I said, "Don't worry about it....we're even." It took her awhile to get it but when she did there was nothing to be said....Our communication sucked and that was 95% of the problem...after that communication increased by 10 and now we are MUCH better than before.

Tony said...

This all happened in year 2 by the way.....

Brooke said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

And happy anniversary Tony!

After year 2?? Wow...but it's good you made it to year 8!

Thanks for the well wishes for Cole too.

Mucinex doesn't work for me...which pisses me off considering how much it costs.

This cough is driving me nuts.

Sending good thoughts for your job Serena, and I'm glad you had a good weekend celebrating your mother's life :)

Praying for your cousin too.

I think taking a maiden name as your middle name is a geat compromise as well. There's no logical reason why he should insist that she give up your maiden name completely - sounds like pure ego.

I wish I knew who Batman was too :)

Stef said...

Wow, that's crazy!

But you know what, that probably wouldn't work in reverse. Most men who cheat first expect to be forgiven, but if a woman cheated out of revenge, the man would probably never forgive her, no matter if he was wrong first or not. So good for you guys for working through it!

Jay said...

Sending well wishes to Brooke, Cole, Serena and Shavonn - may all your prayers be answered.

I agree with Tony about Carmelo - and I'm a Knicks fan.

I'm sure Brooke is happy to see her fellow alum in a Knicks uniform though, right? Blue and Orange again.

As for the question - dude is trippin. I see nothing wrong with a woman taking her maiden name as her middle name. Some women nowadays don't want to give up their name at all, so this is a good compromise if she feels her name is that important to her - as it should be. I agree with Brooke - pure ego. He has no reasoning for it and I hope she sticks to her guns.

There are bigger things to worry about in marriage - a name isn't one of them.

That billboard is not cool. It suggests genocide...and other races get abortions just as much as Black women do. It's one thing to be anti-abortion, but another to suggest Black babies are dying because of our women. Give information without offending, the message is all messed up here.

The Dunk Contest was cool - jumping over a car was nuts. And that high school dunk was pretty sick too!

Great throwback!

Happy early Birthday Brooke!

Serena W. said...

Hey Brookey, my sister is sick but pray for my cuz too. He's dealing with a broken jaw (sigh).

Forgot to answer the question, if she is willing to use her maiden as a middle then that is fair. Sheesh!

I've never been to Kobe's but always wanted to go!

Happy Anniversary Tony!

Thanks for the thoughts Brookey about the J.O.B.

Girl it sounds like you need a Z-Pack if its in your sinuses. That stuff is great!

Serena W. said...

Oh and that billboard is the worst!

Tony said...

Thanks for the Anniversary wishes!

Brooke said...


What is a Z-pack? And it's in my chest :(

Now I think I'm getting Subway for lunch...saving the steak for dinner.

The Future Mrs. Washington said...

OK in his defense it isn't his ego. He wants to give me his name. Feel like he gave me something. Be one big happy family. To be part of him. etc

I get it. I love the sentiment & appreciate the gesture. It's wonderful, amazing, etc

Our future best man was in the house & explained how he feels hyphenations & such cause a seperation in a marriage that shouldn't be there which again I GET...

The original reason for me wanting to have both names was because I was this one person for over 30 years... One man had my heart unconditionally for those years. MY dad. He taught me about the man I wanted to marry & that is exactly the man I am marrying. To me it symbolized respect, acknowledgement & admiration to BOTH of these men who mean the world to me.

I'm going to give in & just change my name because I don't want to start a marriage off on a sour note. I love my future husband to death & can't wait to marry him & would never want him to feel as if I didn't want to be his 100% or feel like I was rejecting him. But I think most men don't realize that it isn't just a name to us.

Serena W. said...

In the Mexican tradition women carry their maiden name because of the respect issue (being raised by their father's etc) and of course have their husbands names. I think I want to keep mine. One out of respect to my Papa who raised me and two because I'm published and by then (whenever then is) my books will have my name on it and not his so I want readers to be clear. Plus I worked so hard on getting published (even now with my works being out there in anthologies). I know Papa would be proud to see his name on books and in them (I miss him).

As long as you're happy future Mrs. Washington as my Nana says, "That's all that matters." Best wishes to you on your special day :)

Brooke...a Z-Pak is the shiznit and only prescribed by the doctor. It's these huge pills that work miracles for sinue infections. You may need to go to the doctor sweetie :(

Now SU heads...correct me if I'm wrong but Carmelo left Da Cuse mid way through and didn't finish, therefore he's not an alum or did he finish after he left? Still got love for him but just want to be sure.

Either way I agree with the east being top heavy with players.

I miss the old school NBA, I was addicted to watching the games. Now...not so much any more. Oh well.

Serena W. said...

Oh but I would also have my hubby's last name for sure! I forgot that part. OOOPS.

Annamaria said...

Brooke I hope you feel better & I'm sending you a cyber hug about Cole.

I love & ALWAYS want Chocolate. It's my crack...Did you hear about the lady who assaulted her roomate over Girl Scout Cookies??

Did my taxes almost 3 weeks ago. Was supposed to get my $$ last friday & now the IRS website says March 1st.. The IRS don't know who they messing with MAN...

Welcome home Melo.

Off to a work function for the rest of the afternoon.. Outtie people's.

The Cable Guy said...

Hey ya'll!

As for the last name thing, I think that's bullshit. A man wanting his wife to take his name IS ego, and any other way to try to explain it away is nonsense. You can give yourself completely to a woman without her having to give up a name, especially if she's making it her middle name. You can be his 100% with your maiden name as your middle name.

Question, has he been married before?

I feel like "The Future Mrs. Washington" is someone we all know and love on this blog because they both use "&" instead of "and." LOL!

If so, then girl, stick to your guns like Jay said and show your dad some respect!

Didn't Carmelo Anthony grow up in Baltimore from the age of 8 on?

Welcome home my ass. Being born in NY doesn't make you a NYer unless you made it through high school out this b*tch! LOL! BROOKE is more of a NYer than Carmelo is.

Knicks ain't winning no time soon - an I'm also a Knick fan.

That billboard is bullshit.

Where is Craig?

That throwback was my shit!

Who is Batman?

Brooke, hope you feel better and best wishes to Cole. Happy Birthday too babes!

Serena, it'll all work out wit your job, your mom is smiling down on you.

Hope your family gets better tho, damn!

Tony, that's some story, but happy anniversary to you bruh!

Pardon my ignorance, but is Kobe the restaurant name after Kobe the player? Is it his place, or just a restaurant named Kobe? :)

Brooke, are you partying for your bday?

have to get my taxes done too.

Jay said...

I agree with Cable Guy, you can be one big happy family with your maiden name as your middle name. He'll give you HIM on your wedding day, not just his name. That's the measure of a marriage, not a name only. People take other people's names all the time, doesn't mean the marriage will last.

Question to Tony (if he's still around): You are on wife #2 - does your first wife have your last name still? I'm sure she had it at one point, and you gave yourself and your name to her - clearly the name doesn't always equal "one big happy family."

Like Serena's Nana said, to each his/her own - but just be honest about what your real motivations are. I'd want my wife to feel happy and respected as well, not just giving into my selfish whims. You don't want your marriage starting off on a sour note, but it is if your husband doesn't respect your wishes as well.

Jaz said...

Amen Jay! She might resent him later for it. It's a good compromise.

Happy Birthday Brooke - feel better! Praying for Cole!

Serena, glad you made it over the weekend, you are so blessed! Hope your sis and cousin feel better.

Happy Anniversary Tony!

I think the excitement over Carmelo is great :)

Why does Martin Lawrence keep making these Big Momma's House movies?

Where is Yolanda and Rameer?

and DMoe's playlist?

Can't wait for TMI Tuesday next week! Will Dominatricks be back?

Yolanda said...

-Just tase that man and keep your name.

-I have no plans to change mine if I ever get married. I quite like it and, alphabetically, my last name is a win!

-Feel better Brooke, cat Cole and sister Shavonn and good luck on the job front Serena.

-Co-sign on the Z pack. Greatest antibiotic invention since penicillin.

-Side eye on that billboard. I get the point they're trying to make about the instances of abortion in minority communities, but it's extreme. I don't know if their figures are correct or not, but it seems there are better ways to prevent abortions other than offending people (i.e.: education, free birth control, etc).

-I have to volunteer all day, so I'm gonna miss the game Saturday and the Bar Louie outing. :-(

-Apple finally has the Jay-Z "Decoded" app. I'm giddy like a kid waiting on a new Cabbage Patch Kid. Can't wait to download it.

-Ok, Khadfi is a nut job.

-I've planned to stalk the lobster food truck tonight. I'm so serious I entered it in my calendar. The truck's gonna be on H Street. I'm hunting them down!

-I need to take my twists out. I'm so lazy.

-Have a great birthday, Brooke!

Brooke said...

Lobster truck???

I'm afraid to eat from food trucks. Last time I did, I got violently eating seafood from a truck would terrify me.

Let us know how it is tho!

If I'm still coughing on Monday, I'll look into this Z-pack.

Whenever the woman who sits next to me sneezes, I say "God bless you" and she NEVER says thank you. I hate that. I always say I'm gonna stop saying it, but I wind up saying it anyway. She needs the blessing even if she IS ungrateful!

And no, she's not an athiest.

Yolanda said...

There's a food truck craze in DC. It's really taken off. There was a cook off a couple months ago. The lobster people are pretty popular so I trust them (let's hope!).

That "bless you" thing bugs me too. But, I figure, they need the blessings so I keep saying it.

Brooke said...

There's a food truck on every corner in NYC and the food always smells so good! I can't do it tho. My mother always told me never to "eat off the street" - so I'm sure my phobia is psychological. It's probably no different than eating at a restaurant, cuz you don't know what you're always getting there too.

I hope it's good when you find it!

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