Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good afternoon everyone.

- I'm sad today. I've been sad (and sick) all week...and this morning I came to the realization that I have to put my cat down within the next week or so. I took Cole to the vet, and they agreed it's the best thing for me to do. I can't stop crying even though I know it's the right thing to do. Please pray for us...I need a hug and some strength.

- Not really in a random thoughts mood.

- Conflicted on how I feel about Mike Vick not doing Oprah. On the one hand, a pardon from Oprah is like a pardon from the President. All will be forgiven...for the most part. But on the other hand, I feel like he's apologized a million times, paid his dues for it and said all he's had to say by now. Oprah may touch on football, but her interview will be about dog fighting and redemption, and I think we're over it by now. Who knows...I can't think straight today.

- I hate being sick.

- Why are some people so childish and immature? It should never surprise me when I see it, yet it still never ceases to amaze me how grown ass people behave sometimes.

- The other night at dinner, a couple sat through their entire meal and neither uttered a word to the other. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife. Why bother even going out if you're going to ignore each other and stare at your food and stew all night? Just be mad at home.

- I've been drowning myself in tea and meds and nothing seems to be working. I even tried to "sweat it out" last night...and all I did was make myself wake up with wet feet (from my fuzzy socks) and a soaked scarf from sweating all night. Not the way I want to sweat out my perm :-(

- NeNe Leakes is a bit nuts...but I still seem drawn to her for some odd reason. Not sure if I'm gonna watch Celebrity Apprentice or not, but I may check in just once to see her get in Star Jones' face.

- I should have stayed home again today. Don't feel like being at work.

- But looking at my lovely roses from Monday is making me feel better. They're blooming beautifully. Thanks sweetie :-) Sooooo appreciated :-)

- Brian's throwback this week - the REAL L-Boogie! Don't forget, his party is Saturday if you want to come through. I'm treating his party like MY party, so I'll be celebrating my birthday on Saturday as well. Come thru Blondies on W. 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam if you're in the area!




DMoe said...




DMoe said...

Excuse me...First ----- Beeeyotches!!!1


Stef said...

Damn DMoe!

Sorry to hear that you're sick and your cat isn't doing well. I'm praying for you Brooke. I know how it is, pets are family. Sending hugs your way.

Jem said...

-I'm so sorry Brooke. I hope you feel better soon and I'll be praying for you and Cole. I understand how difficult it is to part with a pet. It's such a difficult decision but they have a way of looking up at you with those eyes to let you know they're okay with what you're doing.

-Vick is doing so well this year. The Oprah show could have derailed him a bit by bringing up old stuff. On the other hand, it could have made him seem likable to more people. I think people have to make the best choices for themselves and perhaps that's what he did. He should have said no from the jump so it doesn't seem like he's bouncing on Queen O.

-I'm working!!! Praise the Lord! I'm on day 2 at new the job. We're building an internal government site for the FAA. Not sure how long this company will have the govt's contract, but I'm happy to be among the land of the employed.

-I'm trying tofurkey with my salad for lunch. I don't have particularly high hopes so I plan to drown it in salad dressing.

-The reality that I have to raise $3000 in sponsorships for a non-profit board I'm a member of just hit me. Oy!

-My head hurts.

-Oh, I have my own office for the first time in the history of ever. I could get used to this.

-That Lara Logan story is terrible. I think journalists want to "get the story" so bad sometimes, they forget the real dangers surrounding them. Sometimes you have to say hell to the naw and go back to the hotel (like Anderson Cooper did).

-I just used my calculator for simple math. I suck.

-So, Brooke got roses from a "sweetie" huh? Someone talk Cable Guy off the ledge. :-)

-More later, maybe...

Yolanda said...

DAMN this Google with my friggin logins! That's me above.

The Cable Guy said...

Yolanda, did you know about this "sweetie" and didn't tell me??!! WTF!

That's alright, I can win her back.

Brooke, I'm so sorry to hear about Cole. I know how much you love him and it's not easy for you to make that decision. But like Yolanda said, he'll be okay with it - it's the best thing you can do for him to show him that you love him.

I also hope you feel better - I know being sick doesn't help.

Vick doesn't need to do Oprah. Enough already.

Lauryn Hill was the TRUTH back then, she done lost her mind now.

Yolanda said...

Nope, Cable Dude... I'm unaware of "sweetie." You know I would have snitched to you if I knew of this person. I got your back, kid!

Serena W. said...

RTT!!!! Hello everyone.

Brookey feel better and I'm sorry about Cole. My prayers are with you. I wish I could give you a big hug.

Glad you have Roses to cheer you up a bit.

Cable Guy...are you out there? Please get off the ledge.

DMoe was first!!!!

Yolanda congrats on the contract and the office!

Brooke I'm feeling you on immature and childish people. How about indecisive people, or people that say they want one thing but act as if they don't want it.

Oh well...I don't have patience for it and I can't stress.

Although Saturday makes a year I'm smiling today and I want everyone to know that :) I miss mommy a lot, but wait until my blessings are revealed. Mom is awesome (muah Mommy).

Heading to NYC tomorrow, send traveling graces.

Dinner for the family will be catered on Saturday (home cooked down south soul food) just how Mom liked it.

I love my family.

Can't wait to love up on three of my godchildren this Sunday and have lunch with a great friend named Renee on Monday before I head out.

A little disgusted that we pay someone to edit our materials at work and I'm having to edit their edits (are we serious people)?

I need to do simple edits for organizations and companies and get paid for it!

Annamaria are you out there, it's been great connecting with you off line. I can't wait until we work out a way to raise money for Ovarian cancer by bringing our gifts together ;)

Brookey...hang in there sweetie. Love ya.

FYI...we're organizing the next SU in DC BBQ! Stay tuned for a date and place!!! Its about to be on again!

The Cable Guy said...

Okay, then you are forgiven Yolanda.

It just better not be anyone on this damn blog or all hell gonna break loose! Y'all know she's MY woman!

Brooke said...

thx everyone :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I'm so extremely sorry about Cole, Brooke-Ra. I know it's hard...I will keep you in my prayers.

- Not to marginalize what happened to Logan in the least - it's AWFUL. But I think these reporters are complete idiots for allowing themselves to be placed in dangerous environments for a story. There is nothing you're going to report differently being in the heart of danger that you can't report from a few miles away. You can still have a photog get video from a safe distance, and talk to your contacts in a safe environment - hell, even on the phone or via e-mail.

These reporters CHOOSE to do this. They're not pressured or forced - trust me. As long as I've worked in media, you'd be flabbergasted at how they fight to get these assignments. They think it will make their career, move them up the ladder, get them accolades and acclaim, etc. I look at it as these people have no real thought of the danger they're putting themselves in. So when they get beat up, raped, or even KILLED - I shake my head at them not realizing the fragility of life. And if you're American - you're AUTOMATICALLY a target abroad.

These fools just don't get that. And it won't change ANY TIME SOON.

- I watched the most disturbing documentary on "Sex Slaves" on PBS (where I work now) the other night. Seriously - I don't think you're human if you see it and aren't disturbed and EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

- My girl and I are planning to make Saturday a date day! can't wait.

- I watched "Basketball Hoes" this past Sunday morning. I felt the intelligence seeping out of my brain...I literally searched for things to read after watching. Holy spit. I don't even see how people find that entertaining - it's just STUPID. Not funny, not interesting - just whores and gold diggers being whores and gold diggers. Good grief.

- NBA 2K11. I'm totally addicted.

- I've been on Vanilla milk at work. There's a whole fridge full of it...

- So pissed Georgetown has blocked us SU fans from getting tickets to the game at their homecourt. What a bunch of LAMES.

- Why do some people think any general statement you make MUST apply directly to them??

- The weather is finally warming up here! It's nice out.

- My Lakers. (Sigh)...

More After The Break...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Serena - if that's Renee S., can you please forward me her e-mail so I can contact her? I'd love to see how she's doing and how she's been...

Brooke said...

Thank you Rameer :)

Is this day over yet?

I feel bad about what happened to Lara Logan, there is no justifying it - but Rameer is right - they know that what they're doing is dangerous and don't care. She has a husband...a kid(s?) If you don't care about yourself, at least think of them.

Date days are fun :)

I love my mom :)

My sister is awesome too. I have a great family, they're always there for me. I'll need to lean on them very soon.

Speaking of sex slaves, what is the story of the woman who became one after responding to an ad on Craig's List? She had a chance to escape but didn't? What's that about?!

Little Kim needs to go sit down somewhere.

I have a headache.

Jaz said...

Brooke, I'm sorry to hear about your cat :( Praying for you, and Cole. I hope you feel better.

Spring is in the air! Love it!

I haven't seen any of the Oscar movies. Any worth seeing?

Where's the DMoe playlist?

Brooke, you got roses for Valentine's Day? Nice! Hope no one was HATING on you! LOL! The guy that sent them to you is one lucky guy!

These reporters are not too bright putting themselves in harm's way for a story. We can understand the facts just fine without seeing an angry mob behind you.

Same goes for the weather man. You don't need to be standing out in the middle of a monsoon for me to know it's raining out.

Brooke said...


See Toy Story 3 and The Social Network. I'm going to watch the rest of the Oscar nominated movies this weekend and then I'll be able to tell you if they're worth seeing. I liked Inception too... but that's me...

Thanks for the well wishes.

DMoe said...

- So sorry about Brooke's cat. A loved one is a loved one.

- NBA 2K11 is a cool game indeed.

- Nothing good could come from Vick's Oprah sit-down. Good call.

- Hey Nene, crazy called and told me to tell you to come home immediately.

- Big weekend coming. DMoe must deliver. Wait, thats talking in 3rd person. *I* gotta deliver...(3rd person is lame)

- - Check that out Sunday. While your watching the all-star festivities, check out the red (oops, MAGENTA) carpet, Sunday at 5pm EST.

- Ash Wednesday is coming and I'm goin all out for Lent this year. No Burger King/McDonalds/Wendys/Taco Bell for 40 days. Its gonna hurt.

- 68 degrees in ATL today. Love it.

- Lakers...Seriously? The Cavs? Really?

- Time for a vacation.

- Sophia Vergara can get it. Catherine Zeta Jones, you've been replaced. Sorry babe.

- Next time I'm invited somewhere, Imma show my azz up in an egg. That's gangsta.

Here's the DMoe RTT playlist for a sunny day like today.

1. Clipse/I'm good.

2. Teedra Moses/Take my love away

3. Corinne Bailey Rae/Is this Love?

4. Fool for You/Cee-Lo Green

5. Poppin Bottles/T.I feat Drake

6. All she wrote/T.I feat Eminem

7. Throw it in the bag (remix)/Fabolous feat Drake

8. Chaka Khan/Whatcha gonna do for me?

9. The Fugees/Ready or Not

10. The Isley Brothers/Harvest for the World

Stay thirsty.


Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Jaz - I'd add The Fighter and True Grit to Brooke-Ra's list. But see them in the order it's been presented: Toy Story 3, The Social Network, Inception, The Fighter and then True Grit.

- as far as the Craigslist sex slave story - maybe she was mentally broken. You should've HEARD what some of the women who escaped said on that documentary - the lengths of what they would do to break them. Once broken, they could literally let them go anywhere without supervision - they owned their minds AND their bodies, so it didn't matter. They always came back.


- Good list as always, DMoe. And forgot to mention - Brian's Throwback was slamming as always.

- That Bruno Mars song "Grenade" is the stupidest f'n Pop song I've heard in quite some time. I tried to understand it's appeal for about 6 months now - it's STILL as STUPID as the first time I heard it.

Gotta go - time to do work!

Anthony Otero said...

- my laptop died last week. All that porn just

- I am getting a MAC as soon as this refund check gets here

- Planning CBT in Syracuse in the fall. I have suggested a poetry event and a writers/bloggers workshop. So Yolanda, Brooke, Serena get ready. If I comes out the way I plan this will be our CBT.

- Work has been generally busy.

- I have no love for 2/14

- Big East Tournament is my next destination. Is there still a party that weekend?

Brooke said...

Party is March 12th Ant.

I DID see True Grit - liked it, didn't love it...was kinda slow but the girl was really good in it.

Watching The Fighter next.

I feel like a walking germ.

Don't know if I know the Bruno Mars song you're referring to? I've only heard him sing with Travie McCoy and B.o.B. His hair is interesting tho.

Did anyone else see Iyanla on Oprah yesterday? She seemed a bit looney.

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