Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Spring can't come fast enough.

- I made a steak for lunch today - can't wait to eat it!

- People at work are working my nerves.

- Would you rather meet your great grandparents or your great grandchildren?

- You know you have truly forgiven someone when you pray for them.

- I'm selling Girl Scout cookies for one of my nephew's friends. Let me know if you want some!

- Did any of you think any of the Super Bowl commercials were racist or offensive? Namely the Pepsi Max commercial or the Groupon commercial(s)? Here they are:

Or are we getting a little too sensitive?

- Which would you rather be: a great musician, a great artist or a great athlete?

- What age has been your best year to date? Mine was 27 I think....

- I don't think you could pay me enough money to get on a space shuttle. Outer space scares me.

- The situation in Cairo is tense.

- Send up a prayer for my cat please :-(

- Here's Brian's throwback this week! Speaking of Brian of RTT Throwback fame, his birthday is coming up! He'll be celebrating his birthday All Star Weekend on 2/19 (8-12) at Blondies Sports Bar on West 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam. If you're around, swing by!




BatMan said...


Annamaria said...

First Bitches

Annamaria said...


Stef said...

DAMMIT 2 times!

Annamaria said...

1. It's freaking BRICK outside.

2. Battery in the truck is acting up again. BUT the nicest cab driver gave us a boost last night. He's going to heaven.

3. My boss is getting on my last nerve today... She's a little too whiny for my patience.

4. If one more person asks about girl scout cookies I may slit my wrists.

5. I'd prefer to meet my great grandparents

6. My child just got a new tooth. She's miserable.. Now she has 3 whole teeth.. WTF can they all just come in & lets get it over with

7.Brooke whats up with your cat.

8. WHY did the people at David's Bridal tell me they had to put my dress on RUSH & that it wouldn't be in til May & then they'd have to rush alterations YET the crap is here already & it hasn't even been 2 weeks!!! WTF.

9.I'm hungry

10. Work is CRAZY the past few days.

11. Powerz makes me laugh.. :)

Brooke said...

My cat is old and sick :( He has a tumor :(

I hope my steak is good.

Better than eating Girl Scout cookies though :)

Don't you just love the moment when someone who was acting all stank suddenly realizes THEY were wrong the whole time? Like when you see it in their face? And it PAINS them to admit it? Love that.

I hate my phone.

Annamaria said...

Brooke I hate your phone too. You never get my texts! LMAO

Stef said...

I can see why those comercials would be considered offensive or racists, but I really don't care. It gets us talking about them, which is what they wanted in the first place. Mission accomplished.

My best year was 21. But I hope better ones are coming.

People at work are mssing with me too! Bastards!

Steak sounds do girl scout cookies!

I want to meet my great grandchildren.

Sorry about your cat Brooke :(

Stef said...

Oh, and I'd rather be a great athlete! I want to be in shape!

Domina*Tricks said...

Can I come to this party? I want to meet Brooke...and Brian too ;)

Mad I missed yesterday's blog about porn. Porn can never replace a real person, but it can sure spice things up a bit ;)

I want to go to the sex club with Brooke and Fury. I have a feeling that would be amazing.

I'd want to meet my great grandchildren.

27 was my best year too Brooke.

Prayers for your cat.

Those commercials were stupid, but didn't really offend me.

Where has Craig been?

I think I may want to guest blog again for the next TMI Tuesday :)

The Cable Guy said...

That throwback was the SHIT!

Twenty-four was a good year for me - that's when my son was born.

Teething sucks Annamaria.

Praying for Cole.

Brooke, let Dominatricks blog again, that was fun :)

Don't really care where Carmelo ends up. I think I'm just bitter that football is over.

I'd want to meet my great grandkids.

I'd want to be a great artist or musician - make some money that way...publishing rights!

Super Bowl commercials were blah this year. Those Groupon commercials were outta pocket tho.

Pepsi Max was just dumb.

I may crash Brian's party, cuz if his throwbacks are any indication, the music might be off the hook!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Sorry about your cat, Brooke-Ra. Hope things aren't too bad...

- Syracuse lost to Georgetown last night. I was INCENSED. Especially cuz it was at home, and it was a game we SHOULD have won. Gotta be honest - I think this team isn't ready for a long tourney run. But there's time to right the ship...

- "Lights Out" on F/X - another in a long line of excellent programming on that channel...

- I'm addicted to NBA 2K11. My girl bought it for me weeks ago; I just started playing it Sunday. I've been up to like 3-4am most nights learning how to be superb at's literally the GREATEST SPORTS VIDEO GAME EVER. Even a sports fan who doesn't like video games would be AMAZED at this game - I'm so not kidding. It makes all other games look like - well, just video games...

- I love MYA. Really. I better not EVER see her in-person again...

- Oh,,,and me girl and I live together now. Just thought I'd put that out there... =)

- Chocolate. Mmm.

- Is it bad that I think 50 Cent's new song "2003 Ferrari" is pretty good?

- The new Roots song is BRILLIANT...

- We can't stop laughing here in Buffalo over the now former Congressman who was trying to hook up with chicks on Craigslist - all the while being married. What a moron. I've SO come to expect these type of stories from Republicans and NY politicians...

- "Shook Ones" is one of the dopest Hip Hop songs ever. If that beat comes on and you don't just feel it come over you, just give up your Hip Hop card and go listen to Barry Manilow.

- My girl bought some more Cream of Wheat. =)

- Lakers have an interesting stretch of road games - Boston tonight, Knicks tomorrow and Orlando on Sunday. If they win all 3, that would be amazing!

- XM Radio has made me very narrow in my music listening. For all those options, the only stations I listen to lately are Shade 45, Hip Hop Nation and Backspin (Old School Hip Hop). There is ALWAYS something dope on one of those 3 stations - so it makes it hard to even go out of the genre, even those there's TONS of dope stations. I'd say I keep it on Backspin like 85% of the time...

More After The Break.

Annamaria said...

Congrats Rameer..... Very happy for you & your girlfriend!!! :)

Brooke said...

awww sookie, Rameer and the girlfriend are shackin' up! I knew that was coming after he bought the ring :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thank you, ladies! =)

Jaz said...

I want to come to this party just to see what Brian looks like - make sure he's real :)

Invite Craig so we can see if he's real too :-)

And Fury :)

Carmelo will go where LaLa wants him to go. Okay, maybe not, but I think I only know who he is because of her show :-) She's changed alot, a baller's wife now!

I'd want to meet my great grandchildren and be a great musician.

Where has Yolanda been?

Jaz said...

Wait! I missed that, Rameer and his girl live togethe?! Love it!

So does that mean an engagement ring will soon follow? Can that be the question of the day Brooke?

How long should two people live together before they become engaged? My friend's man want her to move in, but she said she won't do it til she gets a ring because of the whole "milk for free" thing. Curious to get your thoughts?

Yolanda said...

-Praying for the cat, Brooke. That's a tough spot to be in. Animals are our family.

-Congrats Meercat. Put me down with a 'plus one' for the wedding.

-I'd rather meet my great grandparents. I've heard so much about them and would have loved to know them.

-Plus, nothin' coming up outta this womb sonnnn!

-I may have some good news next RTT. Pray for a sista please!

-I thought the Pepsi Max spot was funny at first viewing on Sunday but I totally get the argument that it portrays black women negatively. Plus, that broad's weave was some bullshiggidy! I mean it was just tragic...looked like a dead cat.

-Ok, Egypt. Now what? I'm curious to see how this unfolds. I pray for the country's stability.

-I need to get up on the Oscar movies. I suck at movie watching.

-Prince clowning Kim Kardashian made my week!

-More later...maybe.

Courtney said...

I didn't really have a problem with the Pepsi Max commercial until the end. Up until then, she just wanted her husband to eat better, which I get. But why did the woman he looked at have to be white? Why couldn't she be another black woman, or even an Asian woman, or Latino woman. I just feel like subconsciously, it's like saying our men only covet white women and don't find other women attractive. Maybe that's just me, but give some other women some shine...jus saying.

Serena W. said...


This has been a long a** week! Yes I said it! I've been working since Sunday and don't get off until Saturday!

I need a vacation.

I wanna go to Miami's Jazz Fest next month.

Shook Ones was ridiculously dope!

Congrats Rameer!

Yolanda what's up! Coming out on February 26th to watch the SU game at the bar since whack G'Town won't let us buy tickets!

The GroupOn Commercial was offensive. Pepsi Max was cool as Courtney said until the end.

I want a steak now.

Praying for the cat Brooke.

Next weekend makes a year my mommy has been gone. But she has delivered so many blessings to myself and my family. Despite me being tired I'm so overjoyed right now ;) I miss her but will continue her legacy.

Yep I'll write a blog about her next week before the 19th and post it on my website.

I want spring to be here already please!

Submitted descriptions of my two books that are coming out this year for the SU Coming Back Together Again reunion authors signing. (Wish me luck that I get in).

Annamaria do you have orajel? I heard that stuff is fantastic for teething!


Annamaria said...

@Jaz... I don’t think there should be a time frame..There should be open communication & intentions stated up front. I never gave Powerz a time frame but he knew what I wanted from day 1 and I knew his intentions from day 1…He knew I wasn’t going to wait forever and he made his move when he was ready & when the time was right.
Bottom line is when it’s the right time & the right person it will happen…

Powerz said...

@Rameer - those are my XM preset stations too but I do have the Foxxhole and Laugh Attack (I love comedy)

Why have people at work keep saying I'm soooo patient! Little do they know, I may go postal!

A-Buzz looks gorgeous when she sleeps!

Brooke.....hi....that's it!

Soso has mad long hair! It's the PR in her.

I'm a Minute To Win It Fan! I'm dying to have a game night! lol

Thinking of starting a dating website - "" a site for divorcees and widowers. This way you know what you getting upfront!

Annamaria said...

Yep Orajel is in my medicine cabinet...

Yolanda said...

-Oh geez, so sorry for using a cat in my bad weave reference. Poor word choice there.

-So G'town is afraid of the Orange crush huh? Just got this in my inbox...
"Update as of 2/10/2011 - Although we have been working diligently with Verizon Center Group Sales trying to secure tickets for our alumni base, they have just confirmed that they will NOT be releasing any tickets to the Georgetown game on 2/26, and that the game is effectively sold out.
We are very disappointed that we will not be able to provide a block of tickets for our members."


-I'd rather be a musician. It is my secret fantasy to sing "Square Biz" on the American Idol stage.

A-buzz said...

Thank you Powerz... :)

I'll thank you properly later!!! lol

Powerz has a million ideas.. if he only had the time to work them all out.

Why did my mom blow dry straight Soso's hair last night. It was hysterical.. Her hair is soo long.

Yolanda said...

Taser Momma...
My friend swears by rum, Remy or bourbon on her teething baby's gums. Not advocating a drunk baby...Just sayin...

I have a shoot on Feb 26th. I may not make it to Bar Louie. I'll try though. I really want to go.

The Fury said...

You're asking a lot of questions today, Brooke.

I'd rather meet my great great grandchildren

My best year behind me? Hmmm...Maybe 25. Wait what year did I meat the chick with the ill badonk and her friend with the crazy body and they asked me to...I think it was 25.

I just ate a sandwich that made me feel sick on the stomach. Tied it up in knots. WTF!

*looking for pepto so i can throw up*

Brooke send me a text right now so we can check to see if your phone works.

@Jaz - I'm real, but I can't make the party... :-(

@Brooke - prayers for your cat. poor him. I hope he's delivered from any pain.

The Fury said...

...and yes I said "meat" the chick not "meet" the chick.


I'm sick in the head

Serena W. said...

Powerz is so sweet!!!! I hope I look beautiful when I'm sleeping lol! I need to ask somebody (mmm mmmmm).

G'Town is a bunch of suckas!

Finally finished a newsletter article for my job. Everyone had to get out the office!

I heard Orajel is the shizznit (word on the street).

Yolanda I hope you can make it out on the 26th.

I'm praying for patience with a situation I'm dealing with. It's all about God's timing as Annamaria put it earlier.

I still never got my shrimp quesadillas! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Pay day is Tuesday and I think I'm going to splurge and get some ;)

Valentine's Day is coming *sniff sniff* every year Mom and I exchanged cards and chocolate. She always bought me flowers and would do so throughout the year *just because*

We're missing mad people on the blog today.

Brooke how was your steak?


Serena W. said...

Of course I'd love to be a great artist...I'm one in the making.

I'd love to meet my name sake. My Great Grandmother from my Papa's side is the original "Serena Wills" and she was a strong and dynamic woman!

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

- A dude just "Deebo'd" a meeting I was in. Came in, totally disrupted our mtg, and was making noise about the fact that he had the room booked 8 minutes from then? WTF? Um bruh. Really? Kick rocks for the next 8 minutes si vous plais.

- Celtics/Lakers tonight. Will be a good one.

- I'd wanna be a great musician. Athletic gifts may wither, and artistic trends may change, but great music lives forever.

- I'd wanna meet my great-grandchildren, cuz that will tell me how well my daughter turned out.

- Fave SB commercial: the kid as Darth Vader.

- Finally, I can celebrate properly starting at 6pm TODAY!

- Word is, Mubarak aint so tough after all.

- I was rootin for the Cuse last night.

- Still gotta get my "ORANGE-1" jersey.

- "Harry's Law" is a pretty good show so far.

- DR is officially on and happening. Again. This time, (I said this last time and the time before that) I WILL have my Rosetta Stone work in place prior to departure.

- 3 Big projects happening in the next two weeks? Can I nail the dismount? Bet yo azz.

Here's the DMoe RTT playlist. This week? Another edition of 9 Lives.
Here are 9 great concert versions of some generally kick-azz songs.

1. Little Ghetto Boy/John Legend & the Roots - iTunes live from Soho

2. Use Me/Bill Withers - Live from Carnegie Hall

3. Ascension/Maxwell - MTV Unplugged

4. Irreplaceable/Beyonce - I am...Yours (Live in Las Vegas)

5. Borrow You/Eric Roberson - (Acoustic)Choice FM London Sessions

6. Love Rain/Jill Scott - Experience: Jill Scott

7. Matter of Time/Kem - Intimacy (Unplugged)

8. Medley: War-No More Trouble/Bob Marley - Gold

9. If I ain't got You/Maroon 5 - Hands All Over (Deluxe)

Bonus/Honorable mention:

Adele/Make you feel my love - iTunes live from Soho

Stay thirsty.


Powerz said...

this was iteresting....I think i want one

Brooke said...

Just met Susan Sarandon a bit ago - she's tiny.

World News interrupting Oprah - was enjoying watching Jennifer Hudson...and she normally urks my nerves. She looks great!

Serena, my steak DMoe would say..."pretty damn-delicious!" I wanted to suck the bone!...but I was at work :)

I was thinking of coming down for the SU game on the 26th if I got tickets, but I'm not traveling that far just to watch a game in a bar. That's wack...G'Town IS a bunch'a suckas!

Powerz....hi!...back :)

Orajel is the business. Tastes nasty tho.

@Jaz, I get what your friend is saying, but I think living with someone is how you really get to know them. She should do what works best for her though - she probably knows her man well enough to know he'd get a little too comfy. Some folks just like shacking up and saving money, which is fine. But for those who want to get married, state your intentions and desires BEFORE you move in so there's no misunderstandings...and set a limit for YOURSELF.

I think I might make some shrimp guesadillas this weekend :)

I was told I look "peaceful" when I sleep...and cute...but beautiful, not sure I've heard that one yet...I think? That's sweet :)

Sorry for all the questions Fury - geez! :)

I'd rather meet my great grandchildren. I've actually met my great grandparents, which is a blessing. Besides, considering I don't yet have a child, I'd be grateful to meet my GRANDchildren. If I met my great grandchildren, that would mean I lived a long, blessed life.

I'd want to be a great athlete, because I miss my athletic self. I think I could be a great artist if I really put my mind to it.

Fury, stop getting fresh on text! LOL!

The Darth Vader kid was on The View :)

Annamaria said...

@Yolanda.....Nuttin wrong with a drunk baby... how you think she got here! LMAO

@ Serena.. yes he's very sweet.. That's ONE of his best qualities...

Also'll be fine. Timing is everything & god & your mom will take care of EVERYTHING! :) (cyber hug)

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Fresh? Who me? I thought your phone wasn't working well...hehehehe

Oh I forgot to answer question. I'd probably want to be a great musician, but I'd go with great athlete so I can make more money. People aren't appreciating musicians these days.

Jay said...

Brooke, there's no way you could NOT be beautiful while you slept.

I can see how both commercials are offensive.

I'm mourning the end of football myself Cable Guy.

Any good movies out?

I'd want to meet my great grandchildren. And be a great musician.

Will send a thought for your cat Brooke.

@Jaz, I'd want to live together first before getting engaged, but I'd get engaged within a year or so. No use dragging it out. Shit or get off the pot.

Been doing work in the gym for the past couple months. Looking real right!

Serena, God is able...and you made it. Your mother is smiling down on you.

Serena W. said...

Dmoe--Ascension/Maxwell - MTV Unplugged was the shizznit!

Jay and Annamaria...thanks for that. I know He is able and in time I believe another part of my life that is already taking place will flourish into something amazing!

Dang Brooke! I really want those damn quesadillas! I may have to get some tonight!

Craving Red Velvet Cake! (Yummy)!

No Cable yet...

Favorite Superbowl commercial were the ETrade babies. The 1 with the cat is the best!!!!

Although I'll be in NYC next weekend Brooke I'll be at Brian's bday bash in spirit since that is Mom's anniversary. I'll catch you next time.

Brooke said...

Understandable Serena, sending a big hug your way. Your strength continues to amaze me and your mother is proud :)

Jaz said...

Prayers for you Serena, you're making it!

Another thing my friends and I talk about - Valentine's Day. Brooke, can you blog about this on Monday? Those who celebrate and those who don't.

I know the history of V-Day, I get it. But if people want to show love on that day, who cares??? I'm so sick of people hating on other people for celebrating something that is none of their business. I know you're supposed to show love all year around, but you're also supposed to appreciate your life all year around, not just on your birthday...yet people have no problem celebrating birthdays. I say, let them be. If you don't celebrate V-Day because of the history of the day, or because you think it's gotten too material/commercial, then do YOU and leave those alone who do. It's not hurting anyone.

My rant for the weekend.

The Cable Guy said...

I don't see myself living with someone I can't see myself marrying one day, so the proposal would have to be on my mind if I wanted to shack up. Whatever works for the person is what I say do. There are no set answers for that one. Individual decision.

Serena W. said...

Thanks Jaz and Brooke.

Cable Guy and others that chimed in about shacking up and having future/engagement/marriage on the forefront (or just a sense of direction). I agree. I want direction and clarity, saying all of this because I've done it. The guy sold me wolf tickets. Glad he did. Marrying him would have been a disaster.

I realized that he thought he had direction and he thought he knew what he wanted but even I knew before he knew that he didn't know.

Just be sure before you shack up. Know that person and be up front with one another.

Brooke I'm looking forward to that V-Day blog on Monday ;)

Brooke said...

Dang, now I gotta write a V-Day blog for Monday :-)

Serena W. said...! :)

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