Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WTF? Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

This day has sucked since the moment I woke up. But I woke up, so thank God for that.

This is my day so far:

Sore throat - check

Super bangin' on the door like he's the damn police at 9am just as I'm about to walk out the door for work - check

Taking 20 minutes to install a heat sensor when he said it would take 5 minutes - check

Brooke now late for work - check

Old lady trying to knock me over to get on the train - check

Co-worker telling me that he couldn't find my cell phone that I swore I left in his car - check

Called T-Mobile only to find out calls were made on my lost cell phone - check

***thank God they weren't international calls***

Suspending service, buying new phone (cuz having insurance on the phone only means you have a which case mine was $90 - new phone costs $ might as well just buy new phone) - check

***note to self...why do I need insurance on my phone again? Cancel it.

And this was all after coming home from the Jets game Monday night to find that my car had been broken into in Brooklyn where co-worker (who insisted on driving) lives - glass everywhere. So I got to take a personal day yesterday to get the window fixed.

Oh, and we won't even talk about the rude customer service I received from AT&T yesterday - I have them for Blackberry service...but I digress....

Needless to say, I didn't feel like blogging yesterday :-)

But, you know what? It's hard to complain when you look at the Chilean miners and their resilient spirits - kind of makes my ordeal seem trivial by comparison. So...I thank God that I have a job that understands when emergencies happen. I thank God that I have money to get my window fixed and replace the things that were taken. I thank God that I have great friends who help me out when I need them. And I thank God I can find humor in even the most annoying and disturbing of situations.

So with that said...this is what I imagine the fool who broke into my car to look like:

WTF y'all!?



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E.Payne said...

Wow you have multilingual first posters over here.

Love me some Tyrone Biggums!

Yolanda said...

I see the bad week bug is going around. Sorry to hear all of that, Brooke! I won't even go into my isht. I just want a day to sleep or something. Maybe a vacation.

Anyway, yes, the miners give me hope! I watched for a bit before I went to bed last night and I got a little teary (except for that one who has a mistress... I wanna see how THAT plays out). Things can always be worse. But, I'm determined to make them better...even if it means taking a bathroom break to cry.

Stef said...

You can only be FIRST in ENGLISH!


Just jokes, just jokes!

Brooke! I'm so sorry to hear all of that, but your clip had me crying over here! I'm gald you can still smile after all of that!

So you have 2 phones? TMobile for your cell and AT&T for your blackberry? At least you have another why did you buy another one?

Yolanda, I'm the same way. When I get overwhelmed, I go take a cry break. It makes you stronger so you can get thru the rest of your day. Brooke, sounds to me like you're already feeling better :)

Stephanie said...

@ Brooke. That's how all these SOB'S look who break into cars.
I missed your Blogaversary.

Why do people think they can keep secrets? Don't they know the TRUTH ALWAYS COMES TO THE LIGHT. Save your self respect and come clean right out of the gate..WTF

Annamaria said...

Brooke I love how you can take a day, Look back & find the humor in your bad day! :)

But it did seem like the universe was just a lil against you...:(

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you..

I can't wait to til that Chilean miner with the mistress comes out.. you know his butt is going to let everyone come first. LMAO

Brooke said...


My blackberry is my work phone, and I like to keep my personal cell and blackberry separate. Blackberry = work to me...but at least I had that at my disposal until I bought my new phone. If I didn't have my mother on my plan, I'd probably use my blackberry as my personal phone...but A&E doesn't need to see what I do on Facebook :-)


What's done in the dark ALWAYS comes to the light - yet people try to test that theory all the time. They'll learn...eventually.

Now...I must write a VERY NASTY complaint email to AT&T. I'm going to enjoy this...cuz I'm STILL pissed about that. I don't understand these people that take customer service positions and then catch an attitude with YOU when you actually expect to get customer service from them. It's like "really dude...REALLY?"

Brooke said...

Thanks Annamaria!

Okay, so I must've missed that part - what is this about a miner having a mistress? I watched as much as I could on CNN last night before knocking out. I'm catching a cold :(

By the way, I'm mad I was watching CNN...I'm still mad at them for firing Rick Sanchez. I don't think what he said was anti ANYTHING, or UNTRUE for that matter...and firing him only somewhat proved his point!

please don't get me started even more :)

Georgia Peach said...

Just wanted to say - whoa this is crazy! Sending prayers and positive vibes your way. It will get better!

Brooke said...

Thanks Glee! Where are you now anyway? I know you're back in the states! I miss you!

The Cable Guy said...

Damn baby, rough week for you so far! F*ckin crackheads breakin' into my baby's ride...that sucks!

It happened to me before, so I know how you feel. Sorry :(

But you went to the Jets game! That must've been hot right? Did you get soaked???

Yolanda said...

Miner #21 has a wife and a mistress. The 2 women found out about each other after the mine collapsed so he's been underground (so to speak) the entire time!

Brooke said...

oh damn! what a way to find that out! He's gonna have alotta 'splainin to do when he comes out. He probably doesn't WANT to come out! LMAO!

@Cable Guy,

I didn't get rained on because I was in a suite, so that was cool. I'm trying not to let the break-in dampen my Jets experience, but it's hard.

Lylah said...


First---HUGS to you!!!!

I am in real funk today...myself. I woke up actually good to go. However, by 9:05 my day start turning into blahness.

But, you know, like you said, in the scheme of it all, we are HERE. As I type this, I am seeing Celie, from my favorite movie of all time, saying I may be this, that and the other, but "I'm here, I'm here." lol I embrace all my feelings. I understand in life on earth as a human, I'm gonna have days I have to work harder at shaking crapola off. Today just happens to be one of them. :-)

However, the universe always sends bits of goodness to me in spite of it all--like your blog. It made me smile! Thanks, as always.

May getting your car fixed, buying your new phone and obtaining good service be as easy as eating a bowl of mango sorbet! ;-)

The Cable Guy said...

oh well excuse the hell outta me! A suite! A&E has a suite at the Meadowlands??? When we going boo?! LOL!

Brooke said...

A&E doesn't have a suite that I know of...I was in a player's suite. And it was work related, so not like I'm gonna get to go to every home game...would be nice though :)

Mr. Nice Guy said...

Suite? Big Baller! LOL!

Sorry you're having a rough couple of days, but it'll turn around!

While we're on a rant - MTA raising fares AGAIN?? With LESS SERVICE!? I hate public transportation.

Stef said...

Cell phone insurance is a rip-off! Unless you have an iPhone I guess.

The Fury said...

Damn Brookey that's one helluva damn week! Hey at least you're breathing and not stanky air in a mine, huh. LOL

So what phone did you get? I'm so surprised that people without an IPhone stay with AT&T.

..and soon that won't have to be the case either.

Brooke said...

I got a Motorola phone, it's called a Motorola Charm I think, a Droid phone. It's like a Droid and a Blackberry in one - touch screen and a keyboard. That my T-Mobile phone.

My Blackberry is the AT&T one, and the only reason I have AT&T is because that's my work account....otherwise I'd have T-Mobile or Verizon.

Yolanda said...

For those watching... the next miner out the hole will be the dude with the mistress and the wife.

The Cable Guy said...

okay, well since we're venting, did anyone see that Runteldat dude on the BET Hip Hop Awards?? WTF??!!

Brooke said...

oh damn! I'm gonna miss it! I have to screen a show now! I'm gonna set my dvr! I have to see that!

@cable dude,

Yes, I saw Antoine Dodson on the Awards last night. Pure buffoonery. Brian (of RTT Throwback fame) told me he was gonna be on and I didn't believe him. Sure enough, as soon as I turned the channel to BET, there he was. Absolute lunacy.

Jay said...

Damn Brookey,

You had a rough week so far, but your spirit is shining through it all. You're a trooper! Just sucks that people are assholes.

That Dave Chappelle clip was hilarious! See, you have a great sense of humor...more people should be able to shake things off the way you do.

I'm mad I even know who Antoine Dodson is. All you need to do nowadays is act a fool on tv, put it on youtube and autotune it and you're a sensation. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

1) why are you still telling me about your personal life..i mean do i really need to know the hotel you are meeting your lover at? WTF..your married..we are at work...WTF!

2) ok so...she walked by..from behind she had on some bangin' heels...tight short dark grey suit..legs crazy..stupid fatty..petite down her back...nice sexy i walk faster to catch up to her to introduce myself..i catch up..i say excuse me..she slowly turns her head..BONG! this broad looks like Danny Glover...WTF! lol

It's your boooooy....

Mr.Ford said...

Antoine Dodson was a complete embarrassment on the awards show last night…

Mr. Ford said...

Somone should have thrown a brick at him!!!!

Brooke said...


you are a MESS!!! LOL!

Mr. Ford...did you peep the hair and skinny jeans tho? THAT was his look for his awards debut?

Only in America....and only on BET.

Stef said...

So what happened with the miner who had a wife and a mistress?? WTF?

Ms. Penn said...

Wow Brooke. So sorry to read all of this. You're lucky they left you the car!

DMoe said...

Rough week B...Hang in there.

Dmoe aka Smallie Biggs

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
I was wondering why you never answered my text yesterday. I was on your floor looking to do the usual harrassing you at your cube and I found out what happened. I hit you up to make sure you were ok and weren't hurt. Had you not blogged that you lost your phone, you know I woulda been HOT about you not answering me. I'm from Brooklyn, you know we don't play being ignored!!!!
Glad you're ok Sugarfoot! I'll be around to harrass ya later!

Brooke said...

awww, thanks DMoe and Princess. I missed you yesterday Ms. Prannie!

But my phone is back, I'm all set! Can't nothing or nobody hold me down! LOL!

Anonymous said...

ahh poor baby...don't worry we will have a relaxing time this weekend and you will have your cheeks filled with kisses from your little me!!!!! In Islam they say that when you go through times of hardship that Allah is cleansing you from some of your sins and testing your patients and remembrance of I am sure he is pleased with you for finding the joy even the wake of a crazy day!!!!


Brooke said...

I love you Nicole, can't wait to see you guys!

spchrist said...

One of the worst feelings in the world is to come back to your car only to see it was broken into.

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