Friday, October 29, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!


Sexy Survey Time!

1. Do you have a pet name given to you by your boo that you hate?

2. Is a little separation necessary for a relationship to stay healthy and exciting, or can you spend every waking moment with your partner doing everything together...and still get along just great?

3. Is there a time in your relationship where you allow your partner to see you flossing your teeth, popping your zits, or clipping your toenails - or do those things remain a mystery forever - even after marriage?

4. Do you feel you have a greater orgasm from better quality, longer lasting foreplay, or better quality, longer lasting sex?

5. Do you think it’s fair to say men are more at ease with meaningless sex than women are? And/or do you think women or men or Sex and the City are responsible for propagating the myth that females are cool with "meaningless sex"?



Happy Halloween!


Anthony Otero said...

first bitches!

Anthony Otero said...

I predict steph will come 3rd..maybe fourth

Stef said...

And you would be wrong!

And it's STEF...not Steph! LOL!

Stef said...

And you didn't answer the questions, so you don't count!

Brooke, thank you for posting the Thriller video! Love it!

1. No...he calls me sweetie. Not very original, but whatever.

2. I can't spend every waking moment with ANYone, let alone a love interest. Not good.

3. He might be able to see me flossing my teeth, but I don't pop zits or pick at my toes in front of a man. Ever.

4. Longer lasting foreplay.

5. Men could care less who they have sex with. Women SAY they can, but I think they're lying.

Anthony Otero said...

Well 2 hours later... STEF!

and I was waiting to see if you would show up...I count more than you think! :)

Anthony Otero said...

1. I have not current pet names for me or anyone...besides

2. separation is key. you need to miss your partner. otherwise it is smothering

3. i think you will have to see all of that eventually. not showing your human side like that is almost lying.

4.longer lasting foreplay

5. i think that men do care who they have sex with, they just hide it better. I hate meaningless sex. I said this in a poem and I am sticking to it:

Sex without emotion is just motion.

Stef said...

Good one Ant! I think I'll steal that :)

Jay said...

1. Women tend to not give me pet names for some reason.

2. Separation is necessary. Like Ant said, you have to miss each other in order to not take each other for granted, in my opinion. You have to have your own friends and interests, or you'll lose your mind...and yourself.

3. If the relationship progresses to something serious, especially if you're living together, you're going to see those things. You can't keep everything a secret, but there are some things I don't need to see either. If it's that time of the month, find a way to hide your panties from me.

4. Both.

5. I don't know how "at ease" we are with it, but we definitely DON'T need a deep emotional connection to do it. Women don't either, but they WANT it. Most aren't good at meaningless sex, unless they're a porn star or something.

Brooke, are you dressing up for Halloween?

The Cable Guy said...

1. I had one - Snickers. I felt like a damn dog.

2. I'm sure there ARE people who can be all up under each other and be happy, but I'm not that needy. I need space sometimes.

3. I'm sure they'll see some of that at some point, but I'm with Jay...I don't need to know when Flow is in town because you got your drawlz soaking in the sink.

4. Longer lasting foreplay.

5. Men can have meaningless sex, but at some point that gets tired. Women can too, and then they begin to feel used. It's not in there makeup, but I'm sure there are women out there who are just as trifling as us men.

Where is everybody?

Ca88andra said...

Its been so long since I had a partner I can't remember!

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