Friday, October 22, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!

TGIF! Finally!

...or should I say...PHINALLY! Go Phillies!

Sexy Survey Time!

1. Do you have "dirty" sex, or "proper" sex?

2. The first time you have sex with someone, are you more concerned with pleasing him/her or being pleased?

3. How do you get over a break-up?

4. What is your favorite sex "prop" - food, clothing, whips, scarves, handcuffs, etc.?

5. Women: Do you have sex when "Aunt Flo" is in town? Men: Do you "run red lights"?

6. What would your sexy Halloween costume be?

7. Do you kiss your partner after giving or receiving oral sex?

8. The mailroom guy flirts with you everyday, the woman who makes your coffee just right at Starbucks thinks you're you tell (brag to) your significant other about folks that flirt with you or come on to you daily or do you keep it to yourself?

9. Your man/woman buys you an article of clothing that you hate. Do you: say thank you, give him/her a kiss and never wear it? Say thank you, give him/her a kiss and then later secretly return it behind his/her back? Or say thank you, give/her a kiss and wear it proudly?

10. Is sex in a nice, cozy comfy bed with 1,000 thread count sheets underrated? Or do you have to have sex outside of the bedroom in order to keep it spicy?




Jay said...


Jaz said...

DANG! I was so close!

The Fury said...

1. Mostly dirty sex...I mean come on who are you talking to??

2. I'm ALWAYS way more concerned with pleasing than being pleased. Always!

3. Write that thing they used to do that I hated on a post-it note and put it somewhere I can't get my eyes from (like a computer screen) then I'm happy their ass is gone!

4. My favorite sex prop is Location location location. Followed closely by clothing, then a sex toy for her, food, handcuffs/scarves then whips/

5. I've run a light or three

6. Since women seem to love men in suits, I'd wear an impeccably tailored suit and a matching mask

7. Yep I kiss her after giving or receiving, sometimes I'd kiss her during.

8. I'd keep it to myself. Flirting is flirting. It's not a behind the Starbucks counter blowjob. Be flattered and keep it moving

9. Say thank you, give her a kiss then ask her where she thinks I should wear it...LOL

10. The bed is underrated. However, that's all about who you're having sex with. As I said before I'm about locations, but if you're partner sucks, the sex will suck...wherever

Stef said...

Fury is so nasty :)

Jay said...

1. Both. It starts out dirty and then gets proper for some reason, gotta fix that.

2. Pleasing...always.

3. I run or work out incessantly. It helps me think and focus - and then I wind up in shape and looking better than when I was in the dreaded relationship :)

4. Food

5. I've run a red light...or three (yep, I bit that from Fury)

6. Women seem to like the whole fireman, policeman I'd go with that...then strip it off.

7. Yep, both!

8. No need to share that. Why piss her off?

9. Say thank you, give a kiss and wear it proudly.

10. I'm with Fury, if the sex is good it'll be good anywhere. I have no problem with a nice cozy bed.

Stef said...

1. Proper I guess

2. I'm concerned with how I look, if I smell funny, what he's thinking. I think that always takes away from the enjoyment for myself, so I guess I'm more concerned with pleasing him.

3. I cry.

4. a blindfold

5. yep!

6. Betty Boop

7. I prefer not to be kissed after he's been down there. That's just me. And everytime I've gone down on a guy, he never wants to kiss it's mutual.

8. I won't tell, because I'd consider that just for me to enjoy. No point.

9. I can't lie, I'd probably say thank you, give him a kiss and secretly return it. I don't like wasting stuff, and the dude I'm seeing probably wouldn't notice anyway.

10. Sex is never underrated anywhere if you ask me. I'll take a cozy bed any day!

Yolanda said...

1. Dirtaaaay dirtaaaaaay

2. I'm a pleaser [calls therapist]

3. Cry. Then delete all references of him.

4. Food, clothing, gadgets, mouth (BAM!)

5. Nope but I'd cross that bridge when Mr. Right comes along

6. French Maid (always wanted to wear one) closely followed by Wonder Woman

7. Yes

8. Not a bragger. I might tell my bestie though but randoms don't need to know.

9. A gift? You mean something I didn't buy? LOL. I'd wear it...for him. Then tell him I gained a few and it no longer fits. #win-win

10. Don't sleep on good sheets (not know what I mean)

Yolanda said...

LOL @ Stef's "smell funny." I think about that too. I keep my baby wipes on deck :-)

Stef said...


I know! Me too! Women don't always smell the same each week of the month :) TMI!

The Cable Guy said...

1. DIRTY...lots o'dirty!

2. I'm concerned my damn breath don't stink. I am ALWAYS the pleaser.

3. I hate to admit it, but I usually have sex with another woman (or two) to get over the woman I really care about. I'm trying to break out of that. #dontjudgeme

4. food

5. If we're TOGETHER, I run all red lights. Doesn't bother me.

6. Some sort of camouflage.

7. Yes and yes!

8. Why tell your girl that? So she can give you the side eye everytime you make a Starbucks run?

9. I say thank you, give her a kiss and tell her I love it...then put it in the closet.

10. I'll have sex anywhere.

-V- said...

1. "Dirty" is relative.
So is "proper" ;-)

2. When you please her, she'll please you.

3. Good old fashioned Ho Down.

4. They usually have a "friend" in the top drawer.

5. Yes.

6. Fig Leaf.

7. Not after a "money shot."

8. Keep it to yourself. Women are too insecure as it is.

9. Say thank you, give/her a kiss and wear it proudly ... once.

10. Good sex anywhere is spicy.

Jaz said...


What is a money shot? am I just slow?

-V- said...

@ Jaz: otherwise known as a facial.

The Fury said...

@Stef - I'm only a little bit really damn nasty. LOL

@Jay - You're welcome to the answer. Use it well.

Ladies, You should never ever be concerned if you smell funny. If you are, by all means run take a shower and come back if you can. LOL

Brooke said...

or take a shower together first ;)

Jaz said...

a facial?

The Cable Guy said...

Damn Jaz! JIZZ on your face. ALL OVER IT!

Stef said...

And I thought I was slow... :)

jus jokes Jaz! LOL!

Jaz said...

OOHHH!!! Ok! But why do they call it the "money shot"?

The Cable Guy said...


Yolanda said...

It's the "bankable" shot in porn.
That's why you always actually "see" the dude, shall we say, "arriving" in pornos. (or so I've heard)

Jaz said...

Maybe I need to watch more porn. Thanks Yolanda!

Forget you cable dude! LOL!

so now I know, shoot me! LOL!

I guess I should answer now:

1. I guess I have "proper" sex. Whatever that means.

2. I'm usually too nervouse to worry about either.

3. I scream and plot his death and where to hide the body. But I don't actually act on it :)

4. I don't think I've ever used a prop.

5. No, never. It makes me feel icky!

6. a that a word?

7. Um...after talk of money shots and facials, NO!

8. I won't tell him, it'll be my secret.

9. I thank him, and give him a kiss and where it proudly.

10. I love high thread count sheets!

Brooke said...

Jaz is so cute :-)

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke never answers her own questions...

Brooke said...

I knew you were gonna say that Cable Guy...I was getting around to it!

1. Dirty or proper? Like V said, that's relative...and it depends on who your partner is. I'm willing to guess that my idea of "dirty" is R. Kelley or Prince's idea of "proper." LOL!

2. Pleasing...because I want them to come back for more ;)

3. Depends on why we broke up. If I’ve been cheated on or lied to, I tend to get over that very quickly - anger usually helps with that :-) Otherwise, I usually cry, and then talk my sister’s ear off about it...cry some more, and then I’m over it.

4. Probably music...if that can be considered one?

5. I have...

6. Like Yolanda, I'd be a French Maid. I actually had a French Maid costume back in the day...complete with feather duster :)

7. I have... :) But I can see why someone wouldn't want to after the "money shot facial" LOL! Jaz is so cute :)

8. I don’t see the need to share – what would you be achieving with that exactly? Making the other person feel insecure/angry/upset? Or would I be fishing for a reaction that would make ME feel better/desired/attractive because I’M insecure? I think flirting is healthy so long as it doesn’t cross the line, in which case I’d simply feel flattered and leave it at that.

9. Thank him, kiss him, and wear it the house. Then I'd whisper the names of some of my favorite stores in his ear while he was sleeping :)

10. Like everyone has stated, good sex can happen anywhere. BUT I’m all about a cozy bed. I don’t mind sex on the couch, on a chair, outside, wherever...but if you put me in a bed with 1,000 thread count sheets, I can do some thangs :-) LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

a french maid? Me likey!

I have some spots that need cleaning :)

we can start elsewhere and end up in the cozy bed :)

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