Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I'm tired. I could crawl under my desk and go right to sleep. I can't WAIT to get home, slip into some jammies and cuddle on the couch with Cole.

- My nephew Ibrahim turns 4 on Saturday! I'm headed to Philly tomorrow night to go celebrate with my family. We're having a bowling party and a Monster Truck cake! I love them :-)

- "The rent is too damn high!"

but did you peep the gloves though? :-) LOL!

- Did anyone see Tyler Perry on Oprah yesterday? If not, you should find it and watch it. Gripping heart ached for him.

- The news has been so depressing lately.

- NPR's Juan Williams shouldn't have been fired for his remarks on Bill O'Reilly's show. Was it an idiotic thing to say? Yes. But he was stating his feelings, not an opinion as a fact. People say idiotic, racist, insensitive things every day - doesn't mean you should necessarily get fired for it. While I understand that not ALL speech is protected under "freedom of speech" - expressing your feelings on something, no matter how ridiculous, should be protected. If you want to be able to state your opinion or feelings, then keep in mind that you have to take the good with the bad on that one.

- Don't you hate it when the funky, fly boots you want don't come in your size? Or if they do, they're in a 5 inch heel? What is up with THAT? I have no desire to bust my ass trying to walk. Flat boots it is.

- I'm in a shopping mood...always happens to me in the Fall. Chunky sweaters, boots, scarves! I've been good lately, but that 45% off coupon I got from The Gap is callin' me!

- Since I've lost weight, my favorite "booty" cords are too big for me. They discontinued them, so I can't even replace them. That can't be a good thing. I need them since I've been told I was "booty challenged."

- I feel like I've been working with idiots all morning. It's even worse when the simpletons think everyone ELSE is simple. Don'tcha just love that? Must be nice to live in that world.

- You're never too old to hold hands, give and receive great hugs and to have someone blow raspberries on your face :-)

- I've cut down significantly on Snapple. Baby steps.

- What's for lunch today? I neglected to cook...AGAIN. I gotta get my act together.

- If you all don't follow TogetherAsOne on Facebook, you should check them out. They've started a scholarship program behind one simple concept: If 2000 people pledged $20 a year for 5 years, we could send a young black man to a 4 year college and support him through graduation. I can spend $20 a day on just lunch and dinner alone, so $20 a year is something I can easily commit to. Will you be one of 2000 strong? Join the Village and let's do this!

- Brian's RTT Throwback!

He pulled that one out the hat!




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches!!!!

DMoe said...



Yolanda said...

-Tyler Perry's chillin' in my DVR. I always toss a side eye to people who have stunning revelations right before their new projects drop, but I read some of the interview excerpts and what he described IS horrific. I'll give it a watch.

-After last night's radio show with the Brew chicks... I'm still wondering what men really want? And guess what? I kinda don't care. Yes. That's where I am today. Eff it. I'ma take myself to lunch...and least there's no f*ckin side of the menu when I'm treating.

-My Pandora quit at 11 am today. SUCKS. I refuse to upgrade though. Yahoo radio it is!

-Today was supposed to be my all out job search & apply day...'til I got an assignment. Um, don't they know I can't be working when I'm LOOKING for work? The nerve!

-Ugh. Co-worker just used a dry erase marker. I think I'm going to be sick.

-This job is wrapping up soon. My to do list is growing. How did I ever get things done when I had a full time? Oh wait...that's right. I didn't.

-I was a Snapple addict. Then I got kidney stones... not saying one caused the other, but someone told me iced tea has something to do with it. I miss the peach tea. I do dabble on occasion.

-Gym. Gym. Gym. Operation Gym. I've been slacking mucho.

-I'm determined to finish "Bitch Is The New Black"... I've been sitting on that book for months. I just wasn't in the head space to read it like I thought I would be when I downloaded it.

-I'm thinking food truck for lunch. Korean vegetable plate. Nothing wrong with that!

-Or maybe I'll go to the curry truck.

-Depends on the weather.

-Happy birthday to Ibrahim!

-More later...maybe.

Yolanda said...

And the rent is too damn high.

The mortgage too!

Annamaria said...

Happy bday Ibrahim.... Give him lots of kisses for me..

I'm sick. Miserable sick...Absolutely MISERABLE.

All I wanna do is sleep...

Hard to do when you have a 14 month old running around...

Supposed to go pumpkin picking Saturday....

Fashion show on Tuesday & I'm stressed but have a feeling it's going to be FAB!!!!

Supposed to be hitting ATL sometime in Dec to launch the line out there!

BUT all I can think about is this stupid cold...

Brooke said...


I know how you feel. The worst is being sick but knowing you can't rest to get rid of it. People think you're not as sick as you are because you're at work, or blogging, or whatever, but honestly, those are the only things that take my mind off of being sick.

Mind over matter though. I will NOT be sick on Saturday for my baby's birthday!

I hope to be well enough to go to your fashion show on Tuesday, it sounds like it's gonna be awesome.

But the pressure of what to wear is killin' me! What does one wear to a fashion show exactly? I'm fashion challenged :)

Tyler Perry will be back on Oprah on 11/5 with an audience full of men who have suffered through the same abuse he did. It's gonna be something to watch. I don't think he had any real revelations recently, especially since he's talked about his abuse long before appearing on Oprah, but this time he simply gave details. Horrific details. I can't even imagine.

Who cares what men want. What do WE want for ourselves should be our focus. We're always trying to figure out what the other person wants instead of making ourselves happy. I say EFF IT too Yolanda!

I need to figure out this Pandora thing.

My sister told me the same thing about iced tea...but I can't help myself. My weakness is half and half, lemonade and iced tea. Delicious!

I can't eat food off the street. I'm sure it's psychological, but I always get sick when I do it, and I haven't done that in a while. Can't do it. I know the food isn't any better in some restaurants, but I've only gotten sick when I eat off the street...unless it's ice cream from Mr. Softie :)

Time to eat!

DMoe said...

Here's where I'm at:

- Happy Birthday 'Brahim!!! (I just 'breviated that.)

- Though I was not taught, I have learned "how to Dougie".

- "Def Jam Rapstar" is the next item up for bids on my ever-evolving "grown man-must-have-this-new-fun-thing" list.

- iPads are sexy.

- Thanks to all for the luck/love on last week's interview. I nailed the dismount. We'll see how the judges score my performance.

-TVOne's "UnSung" featuring Tammi Terrell was great. She died really young, and they say she did NOT die from David Ruffin hitting her with a lamp, among various items besides his fist. Damn bruh.

- Tamryn Hall has been filling in on the Today show lately. (In Dmoe-speak, the name "Tamryn" means "yummy") Not only can she get it...she can KEEP it!

Next up: The Dmoe RTT playlist.This week? Ode to the REEEEE-MIIXXXXX. Puff Daddy bathes in it, but Bell Biv Devoe ran the water.
Here's a handy-list of bangers (and the unforgettable line) that "re-banged" you for your enjoyment, and their money.

1. Aaliyah/At your best - The rare, B-side gem KILLED the original ballad.
"One two checka, baby lemme know whassup."

2. Lost Boys/Renee - From the "Don't be a menace..." soundtrack, this retread featured the vocals of Mona Lisa (where did YOU go?) with a quicker beat, and the Janet Jackson hook from "Funny how time flies".
"A ghetto love is the law that we live by, day by day I wonder why my shorty had to die."

3. Biggie/One more chance - My .02 cents: This is the greatest do-over ever. Keep the change.
"First things first, I poppa, freaks all the honeys..."

4. Brandy f. Queen Latifah, Yoyo, MC Lyte/I wanna be down - Gave this good song a great new life.
"Yeah I get exotic with the melodic tune, I get hypnotic with the room, but you got to put me down soon"

5. Mary J Blige f. Biggie/Real Love - This was by far the shining star on MJB's "What's the 411? Remix album. Timeless.
"Look up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane...Nope, its Mary J ain't a damn thing changed."

6. Jodeci/Come & Talk to me - Gotta give Diddy his props on this one. The first release made waves. The remix? An OCEAN.
"You look so sexy, you really turn me on, blow my mind every time I...see yo face girlllll...."

7. R.Kelly/Fiesta AND Ignition - One guy with serious problems creates TWO great party anthems. The originals were good, these two? FAN-DAMN-TASTIC.
"After the show, its da after party, after the party its da hotel lobby, and, after the lobby then its probly Cris, and after the original, its probably this!"

8. Eric B & Rakim/Paid in Full - Back in 1988, this may actually be the first "club banger 2.0". You loved the original, but you had to have this new version.
"This is a journey - into sound..."

9. Craig Mack f. Busta Rhymes, Biggie, LL Cool J, Rampage/Flava in ya ear - Let's call this joint the first remix to bring in the heavy hitters for 16 unique bars apiece.
I simply CANT pick a favorite line from this joint. "Heeesheee! Uhhh, Blow-ticious...Skee-vee? Delicous!"

10. Jr. Mafia/Get Money - A classic where BOTH versions bang in their own unique way. Cease, Kim and Big deliver 48 bars of pure gold over the Dennis Edwards' "Don't look any further" sample. Of course, this joint spawned 2pac's (mostly lame) response record "Hit em up".
"Big mama, Keys in Tijuana, some call me Donna, Karan or Armani...Caps by the punani, for brown nose-pu**y crushers, cap-peelin lovers, ignorant mutha-f**kers."

Hard to pick just 10, and many more to mention.
I'm sure we can all add more favorites if ya got em....

I'm DMoe and I approve this message.

Yolanda said...

DMoe's writing excites me!

*backing away slowly*

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Go ahead and buy the 5 inch boots...I dare you. If I see you in the street you I'll make good use of you in those boots.

..yeah in the streets cuz we still haven't gone to lunch (my treat at that!)

...or to the sex club

I wonder if the rent at the sex club is too damn high. Has to be they charge $100+ to get in.

sex club entry fees are too damn high...

but necessary to keep out the homeless.

Snapple is crack

The music list is hot.

That Leflaur Leflah joint was a beast...and still is.

today is #thongthursday who's participating?

Monica said...

I saw Bruce Leroy from the last dragon today!!! LOL That made my day.

Still debating on going to the gym today. Maybe I'll follow your lead Yolanda.

Kick Rocks Dmoe! ...just because I felt like lol

sex club?? Do I even want to know? lol

The Cable Guy said...

Yo, between Brian's throwback joint and DMoe's list, I'm in a musical frenzy! This is the hot shit on Random Thoughts Thursday!

Good look B!

$100 to get in the sex club? Just ocme to my crib and get busy, I'll just charge fi' dollas!

Why do I feel like all my boos on the blog are leaving me? Brooke won't give me no rhythm and now Yolanda is "excited" by DMoe. What up wit dat?

I know this is wrong, but I'ma say it anyway. If your baby ain't cute, don't make their pic your profile pic on FB. That is all.

That Tyler Perry interview was brutal.

I want waffles.

Happy birthday to Ibrahim!

Brooke said...


Next week, for sure! Lunch! and maybe the sex club...gotta check my duggets first!

DMoe's RTT remix list is FIYA! "Come and Talk to Me" Jodeci remx is the SHIZNIT! Why they gotta be crackheads and whatnot though?

I missed Taimak when he was here. How did you see him Mo - in the lobby? Charles Oakley is on his way up right I may holla real quick :)

"When I say who's the say...Sho Nuff!" LMAO!

I still can't believe Michael Jackson is gone.

Stef said...

What the hell is the Dougie dance anyway?

Happy Birthday Brahim! Those nephews are cuties!

The throwback today was HOT!! I forgot about that joint!

DMoe, as always, the list is bangin'. The folks on this blog have great music taste ;)

Brian is a lurker. WACK! LOL!

Poor Tyler Perry, so sad. I'm glad he's turned all of that heartache into a positive and is who he is today. Say what you want about him, but HE'S a BOSS too!

Lisa Marie Presley is annoying.

Iced tea and kidney stones? really?

uh oh.

my nails are jacked!

Cable Guy, my nemesis, you are correct. There are ALOT of people who think their baby is cute - and they really aren't. I know all babies are supposed to be cute - but they're not :)

I'm going to hell for that :)

and my baby won't be cute :)

I'm horny as hell. I need a story from you Brooke! Meanwhile, I'll mosey on over to Fury's site for a sec :) Where is the Dominatricks blog!?

Ever be real horny, then get with someone and the sex is wack? Doesn't that just piss you off!?


What is going on with all these concussions in football? I'm no expert and I've just started watching, but I feel like there are at least 5 every Sunday.

Waffles are gooood! I want some too!

Monica said...

Brooke he walked by the conference room I was in on the 14th floor for the emergency evacuations meeting.

Happy Birthday to Brahim!

Cable guy the comment about the kids're too funny! LMAO

DMoe said...

- Back again...

@ Yo and B - I'm flattered, and thanks for today's smile.
"Dmoe's goofy grin is sponsored by ...ya'll azzes"

Wait, booty-challenged? That simply can't be. No way.

@ Mo - You saw Bruce Leroy ey?
Well...I wish I could see him karate-chop yo azz instead of Sho-Nuff sucka!

If Snapple leaves, take me with it.

Stay thirsty.

Monica said...

Dmoe I'll karate chop you! lol

And your grin is goofy every damn day so no need to thank B and Yolanda for that lmao. They have no parts in making yo azz look goofy! :-)

The Fury said...

@TheCableGuy - going as an observer. Never been feel like doing a Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut and seeing what the hell is happening.

@Brooke - No duckets needed. I got you. Next week may be bad though for the sex club. You know that's when I get to wear my ask outside and no one looks at me strangely. Hehehe But....possibly..

I want that Domina*tricks blog!!!

@Stef - yeah you come on over to my blog... *licks lips*

Jay said...

Brooke is NOT booty challenged. Deebo is buggin'...and apparently BLIND. What kind of booty does he want you to have? One so big you can stack a shelf on it? Nah B, your booty :)

Long brown legs and a breathtaking smile....yeah, I'll take some of that. ANY day.

Throwback joint was on point! Definitely dug in the crates for THAT one! Good ish B.

DMoe, your list is always.

I'm praying for Tyler Perry. His story was insane. This happens to men way more than we know, especially black men. I hope his story of triumph can influence other men to get over the shame of abuse.

I'm looking for a good Halloween party to go to. Anybody?

I can't believe October is half way over, this year is flying by.

I forbid Brooke to go to the sex club with Fury :) Lunch? yes. Sex club? negative.

I sound like cable dude now :)

@Stef, you're right. The tackles are getting out of hand in football. If you feel like you need to retire rather than learn the correct way to tackle, then kick rocks. It's only a matter of time before someone dies on the field. THEN what?

Brooke said...


I agree with you on the tackles situation...and Jay, exactly... when someone dies, then they'll be like "what happened?"

I have no idea how to "Dougie" or even what it looks like...but I know the song. But check out this dance that Craig'n'em sent me:

We just make up sh*t don't we?

Oprah is going IN on her shows lately. A lot of good "gets."

I'm not talkin' bout nobody's babies, cuz I don't want any funny lookin' babies myself :) karma.

I'm trying to wait til TMI Tuesday to post Domina*tricks' blog - be patient! with y'all horny asses!

I don't feel like working. I'm still tired.

Yolanda said...

-Charles Oakley has a food truck business. Random. But I read he's trying to get a reality show out of it. Guess that's part of lurking around A&E, huh?

-Cable Guy: don't be jelly. There's plenty of us to go around. You know I'll never give up cable. (Unless a fine FIOS guy shows up)

-Just playin. Just playin.

-No food truck for lunch today. Just a salad and some sushi for dessert (yes, my addiction is that bad).

-I think I might be ADHD. I'm so unfocused.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

'Sup, y'all.

- Truth be told, women don't WANT to know what men want. Y'all too busy debating and talking about it in the salon to even hear it. Every married woman I know knows what HER man wants - it really ain't that hard.

All the women in my family when I was growing up never had these was more like laughing at how easy it was to figure men out and get them to do what you wanted/needed them to do. Sign 'O The Times.

- Juan Williams deserved to get fired simply for being an incessant COON. Sorry - I believe what he said was stupid and worthy of getting fired (his NPR required him to come across as an objective newsperson, NOT a typical Fox head), and I don't argue to defend every Negro or person of color simply cuz they're "one of us". I've listened to the crap that comes out of that man's mouth for years while shaking my head - he's the proverbial "See? We have a Negro who agrees with us!" guest on a lot of radio and TV shows that are offensive to us. I feel no sorrow - that coon is STILL gonna be rich.

- I don't get the "Oprah" thing an never will. First off, it's ALWAYS been on when I'm either in class or at work. I don't really believe in taping or DVRing anything, so it's never BEEN on my radar. And the few times I have seen her show over the years, it just obviously is geared towards women - just not my cup of tea.

And seeing as I'm not a fan of Tyler reason for me to check it out. Such is life...

- DMoe - you forgot (or maybe you didn't) about Boyz II Men's "Vibe" remix...or the "All I Need To Get By" remix. Or any Mary J. Blige remix from her second album...lolz!

- Yolanda put me on to a DOPE website - You can access any music video in a matter of seconds by typing in the song or artist...cuts all the looking through results out of the way! I love to be put on to new ish.

- Trivia - I've met and hung out with members of The Boot Camp Clik ("Lefleur Leflah") more than any other Hip Hop heads I've heard of. Really - it would average out to once a year since they came on the scene in the early 90's. Don't ask me how this occurs...

- The NFL is WEAK for trying to limit hard hits, when they're entire league was built on that. Dirty hits should be fined or cause suspensions...but let these men play FOOTBALL.

- Happy birthday, Ibrahim!!!

- Brooke-Ra - get him some SU gear. Gotta start the kids out early.

- I can't stand my job of late. Can't go into details, but it really has been a chore walking into this place of late.

- Season Finale of "Jersey Shore" tonight...OH YEAHHH!!!

- I find it funny when people who don't know you question your actions or views like "you CAN'T be like/think like that. No one does." My response? Surround yourself with better or different people. Stop assuming everyone in the world does and thinks thing the same...

- I'm staggering my workload lately. If they don't respect my posted schedule, I'll just have to make sure the stuff they throw on my desk doesn't get down FOR SURE. They don't listen to words or can show a fool better than you can tell 'em.

- My girl buys me a fresh melon usually, and chops it up into bits for me to snack on during the week. It's not a big thing...but it's the little things that count. Love her.

- Gotta go edit...perhaps a little More After The Break.

Serena W. said...

RTT! Late edition!

Happy birthday to Ibrahim!

New job is going well! I really missed arts education field.

Gotta SU Alum in my office! It's on! WE BLEED ORANGE!

I want to go shopping too Brooke!

All loot has to go into finishing my book. I can see the finish line but can't touch it yet.

Ran in a 10K on Saturday and won 2nd place in my division! YEAH!

Running in the Army 10 Miler Sunday.

No iPods on the course! BOO! What's up with that! They suck!

I got my dress and shoes for the black tie/masquerade ball wedding reception I'm going too.

Next stop (get toes did)!

My girl in Dallas said, "I was at a brew house sipping on coffee and looked up and there was a framed poem of yours!" Now that's awesome!

I'll be busy next weekend but I gotta make it to Juniors Cheesecake while I'm in NYC!

Yolanda I'm jealous you got Sade tickets! I'm waiting for a NYC or DC date.

Lost Boys/Renee =the shiznit!

I was jamming to Mary J. Blige, "What's the 411" cd. Bananas! Her best work ever!

Did I say my job is great! I'll say it again!! My job is great!

DMoe your list is bananas as always.

Throwback video is the bidness!

Serena W. said...

Rameer you're so dope man! "It's the little things..." that's what's up. I'm happy for you.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thanks, Serena! And you KNOW you reek of dope-icity yourself - always have, always WILL...

Have a good night, all.

Brooke said...

I agree they should let them play football, but dirty hits shouldn't be allowed or tolerated. I agree with Jay, that's not football. There is a right way to tackle and a wrong way. Leading with your head while torpedoing your body into someone's skull is not cool. You become a weapon at that point, and when someone dies or is paralyzed for life, no one is gonna care that they were "just playing football." It's getting ridiculous now.

That's why my son is gonna play basketball...or golf...or tennis :)

Serena rocks! Go girl! I know DMurray and Alison are doing the army 10 miler too - you guys are awesome!

Most men don't "get" Oprah, and I can totally see that. But I wonder why some men don't respect her. She's done alot and come a LONG way - not just personally, professionally. Her show is definitely female skewing, most talk shows are...but I think she's an awesome example of your circumstances not defining who you are or what you'll become...and I think that's a message both genders can appreciate.

Serena W. said...

Rameer I love dope-icity!!! Tight!

Brooke thanks for chiming in ;)

Ah yes the Murray's and I registered together! Team work in full effect on Sunday! We are all crossing that finish line!

Annamaria feel better!

Monica I'm still sending a donation your way!

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