Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- "Happy" is NOT the word that would describe me right now. As if my WTF Wednesday wasn't bad enough, this morning my HERB ass co-worker tells me he found my cell his car, the car he SWORE he searched up an down looking for my phone after I begged him to look AGAIN. And of course he finds it TODAY...three days later...AFTER I buy a new one. And how does he explain the calls that were placed on the phone while the phone was supposedly "lost in his car? He doesn't know how that's possible. "Pissed" isn't even CLOSE to describing how I feel right now. Why are people such assholes!?

- Hopefully I can return the new phone with no issues. The problem is they had to deactivate my old SIM card, so now it's gonna be a problem returning the new phone, but keeping the new SIM...unless I can somehow get them to re-activate the old one...who the hell knows. Such a pain in the ass!

- Bill O'Reilly was on the The View. He said "Muslims killed us on 911." He's a hate monger, a condescending asshole and a complete imbecile. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the set after he said that. I would have too...after a few choice words first of course.

- "The Situation" got booted from Dancing with the Stars. Poor thing :-)

- Thank God all the miners were rescued safely. That story is amazing. Who do you think will make the movie?

- I SO can't wait til my mom, sister and nephews get here tomorrow. I need a bunch of hugs and kisses...and my family always makes me feel better.

- Did I mention my Godson Lee is a genius? I love him to death too! I miss him.

- I LOVE this!

- What is up with the "Mean Girls of Morehouse?" Buffoonery.

- I'm not the biggest Weezy fan, but I love when he says, "I've been fly for so long I fell asleep on the p-p-plane!" LOL! That's right up there with, "I'm the bomb like tick..tick." LOL! He's a complete clown, but sometimes he entertains me :-) LOL!

- Drake on the other hand....still get annoyed by his voice.

- I feel like boxing...I'm STILL pissed about my phone. I want to punch something.

- Not looking forward to the rain coming.

- B's throwbacks! A double joint!



DMoe said...

First bitches!


If you ain't LAST!

Dmoe aka Firston Howell III

Jaz said...


Jaz said...


LockSmiff said...

Fourth bitches!!!!!!


Powerz said...

Hello my good people. Just wanted to say What's up. Been a while. Hope everyone is doing well.

I want an IPAD so bad!


Yolanda said...

-Brooke, sell one of the phones on ebay if all else fails. I've done that a couple of times. Good money!

-I need to find a clip of The View. WOW!

-Went to an awards event last night for Women in Film & Video and friggin' cried when the honorees gave their acceptance speeches. I DON'T KNOW THESE PEOPLE!!! But I was moved in some kinda way. My period must be near. LOL (TMI)

-I've decided to take myself on some dates this weekend. Why not?!?

-First up, "I'ma take myself to da mooovies" (

-My brain is so full, I've gotta marinate on some random thoughts.

-Be back later... I hope!

Annamaria said...

Brooke I told you to shank that co worker...Once you tell dude you are having the calls traced to see where they were made FROM he's gonna start stuttering.. Once he starts stuttering BBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ tase his ass in the vocal cords!

Or you can send him the link to your blog! LMAO

1. working on a Thursday... wack but I better get used to it since I'll be signing my full time contract one day when they realize my contract expired in August..LOL

2. I've been hiding from full time because it means I have to leave my baby 5 days a week & I don't wanna...

3. Full time along with being a mommy & a passion party consultant & the VP to the clothing line... Are people really having a hard time finding work??? LOL



6. I'm having a sale on my passion party website. I know it's breast cancer month but I am choosing to donate to the american cancer society in honor of ALL types of cancer (inspired by Serena's mom & my grandma's) automatic 10% off your entire purchase. Just enter 4ACURE at checkout. I will donate 10% of all sales to the american cancer society. Sale ends Sunday 10/17. My website is:

7. Anyone booking a future party by Sunday I will donate 10% of your parties total sales to the cancer charity of YOUR choice.

8. My baby is getting sooooo big it's horrible. Time FLIES

9. Monday will mark 8 months until the wedding..... I guess I better start doing stuff huh???

10. Anyone uptown on Sunday come to the East Harlem Cafe for our Trunk Show 12-3

11. Anyone around on 10/26-come to Doralina's official fashion show at the Empire hotel Rooftop Bar. Doors open at 6..

12. SOO not looking forward to the rain coming our way BUT I am looking forward to having tomorrow off with Powerz & Sophia.

13. Why don't people read?

14. Why don't people listen?

15. Brooke I LOVED what your sister wrote on the blog last night about your bad day. It was soo cute & soo inspiring.. Love me some Nicole! LOL

16. Brooke have you tased your coworker yet?????

17. That's not the same one that wrote the book we all read for book club is it???

18. We should start another book club.. Or Booze club.. LOL

Annamaria said...

posted twice Brooke can you delete one PLEASE????

Powerz get your fiancee an IPAD also!!!! :)

Yolanda said...

-Two words: SADE TICKETS! Got mine.

-Glad you're finding work, Annamaria.

-iPads are fab! I highly recommend.

-Just saw that clip of The View... insulting. And Sherri just sits there. Sigh.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra - your co-worker is AN ASSCLOWN. I wish I was there to let him know how much of one. What a JERK.

- These people at my job just don't know when they're pushing it. Last week and this week we've been down one guy in my department, due to vacations. For SOME odd reason, these fools have decided to load up work on us, even if it's work my department doesn't normally do. Because I try to be accommodating, these fools tend to throw A LOT of it in my direction. And now today...they've just gone too far. Y'know how Rameer fixes they arse???

3 DAY WEEKEND...and maybe FOUR if I find out they tried to put way more ish than I can handle on my plate for Monday, too! Oh yeah...I WILL leave that arse out to dry. Anyone on my Facebook, don't say A WORD on my page. I'mma LACE 'em - last second text, bitches!!!

- I'm taking my girl on a date to a really nice place Friday night...won't tell her where. It's a Southern-style placed, great food, great atmosphere, and a live band playing that night. Hope she loves it!

- My mother wants me to take her out to dinner for her birthday. First time she's told me what she wanted on her birthday since I was a child. No joke.

- I hate being rarely happens, and these fools at work are causing it...

- Got my new phone this week - a Droid. The Samsung Vibrant. Seriously - if there's a doper phone that can do more, I don't even WANT to see it. This ish is better than a lot of COMPUTERS...and can do more...

- This is wack. I gotta go - probably not any more than what I just typed for the day. Take care, all...oh, and the Throwbacks were DOPE!!!

Annamaria said...

Yolanda...I'll give you $1 for your IPAD..Maybe even $

Yolanda said...

At the rate people need vibrators, girl you'll have that iPad before Powerz!

Annamaria said...

OMFG!!!!!!!!! Yolanda that shit was HYSTERICAl!!!!!

The funny part is the new line in my Passion Party Business drops tomorrow.
There is a new bullet called the Bullet 2.0 the shit has a USB cable.. You can be on your computer & getting off...
Even worse OR better depending on who you are is there is one called the Car Pet... It plugs into the lighter outlet in your car... Being stuck in traffic just became a GOOD thing...

Yolanda said...

Ok, I suddenly just became concerned about my safety on the roads.

Annamaria said...


Brooke said...

Okay, I'm back and all caught up on comments.

I haven't shanked my co-worker yet because I like my job...but I WILL be waiting for his ass outside one day when he least expects it!

I just hate inconsiderate people.

I burned my tongue on soup today :(

Powerz! What's up!

I'm mad there's a Bullet that has a USB cord with it...da hell does that do?

And I'm with Yolanda, not too fond of women jerking themselves to death on the Turnpike. da hell??

I WILL look at the new line though. Oh, and Annamaria, remind me to give you my work address for any future orders. I had to go pick my package up at the Fedex building and the dude was like "ok, let me see where your package is from...oh....Passion Parties?"

then he got this big smile on his face. I felt like saying "dude, ain't nothing in there for you."


Isn't the iPad just a computer that's smaller than a notebook? If you have a laptop and a iPod and an cell phone, what do you need an iPad for?

Or are you all just gadget people? :)

Brian is mad I won't learn how to use my cell phone or blackberry past making calls, checking email and sending texts. He's lucky I know how to use the Fantasy Football app. I just need a phone.

I hope you and your girlfriend enjoy your date on Friday. Dates are always so nice :-)

Stef said...

hey people!

Brooke, where was Dominatrick's blog this week?? I want to read it!

Your coworker sounds like a real jerk!

I hope you can return your phone, that sucks.

I'm addicted to tabloids - I read them all...US Weekly, In Touch, etc. Probably why I love being on Witches Brew all day too. Cant' get enough!

Does anyone really care about Courtney Cox and David Arquette? Why do celebrities put their business on blast?

I'm tired of Kim Kardashian.

And Reggie Bush...and them period.

Greys Anatomy tonight!

I wish more guys were like Rameer who actually were excited to take their lady on special dates - let alone PLAN them. Sigh.

I want a baby. Annamaria, can I have Sophia? :)

I can't wait for Halloween when all the little ones come around! And I get to eat candy!

Brooke, we need to see new pics of your nephews. I bet they are so big and cute! your Godson too!

I love kids. I want a baby :(

Annamaria said...

Stef you can borrow her. I won't give her to you for 2 reasons...
1. Powerz won't let me
2. Just when I start getting used to the quiet YOU gonna knock on my door trying to return her ass!!!!!!

She is a HANDFUL.. LOL

I can't wait to take her all around for Halloween also.

The Fury said...

The Situation is making between $5 and $10 Million this year. Yes I said million. *starts doing crunches*

So more than one of the miners had a mistress show up...that mining money must be some good cheddar.

Fried chicken wings and fried rice. Ain't nothin wrong with that

Gilbert Arenas needs to take injury acting lessons from Derek Jeter

Hey Brooke...your fucking coworker needs to get his knees taken out. WTF!?'ve said you may have taken pics of body parts before. Were they in your phone? Think he was playing slappy with them before he gave the phone back?

Annamaria send me a link to your site. I'll do the link thing on mine. Women are always asking me about toys.

The other day was squirt day. I kept hearing squirt stories from friends. Made me smile.

Brooke said...


There were no nekkid pics on my phone. Only ones from the game and no slappy for him :)

I heard about the multiple mistresses. That's got Made-for-TV movie written all over it.

What a way to find out your husband was dippin' out on you. Geesh!

I can't believe The Situation makes that much. It's so hard listening to him speak...all the money for some abs and buffoonery. But if Antoine Dodson can make a quick $50G's on iTunes, then why not make a star out of "The Situation"? Just stupid.

I love rag mags too Stef...I have one on my desk right now that I'm saving for the train ride home.

I want a baby too. Just not too sure I want to actually birth one. Being pregnant I don't think I'd mind, but I think I'd mind when it comes out :)

Actually, being preggers doesn't look too fun either. It looks like carrying around a bunch of groceries that you can't put down. I don't even wanna know what morning sickness feels like.

My nephews will take care of that itch this weekend :)

I already warned my downstairs neighbors that they're coming - even though Ibrahim is working on his "quiet feet" for when he comes up. He LOVES to just JUMP everywhere. Those boys make NOISE.

Annamaria said...

Thanks for all the support Fury!!! :)
Brooke I think you would like pregnancy.. I LOVED every minute of being preggers.

Had I been one of those miners wives that found out they had a mistress. Those would have been the best 69 days of my life.
F that.. I would have cleaned out all the bank accts. Sold the house & bounced with all the money. Left his sh*t at that b*tches house.

DMoe said...

Here's where I'm at:

- Mean Girls is utter foolishness.
C'mon man...Black folks gotta take "everything" to the next level? First Basketball, then Golf, now Transvestitution?
(copyright, DMoe)

- I got a big interview tomorrow, and I gotta do the damn thing. Please wish yo boy luck.

- If you chew gum, go with 5 Cobalt. Flavor never dies.

- Follow Chad Ochocinco on Twitter and hilarity will ensue. I promise.

- Sweet Tea, Minute Maid Lemonade, and Pinnacle Citrus Vodka is my own DEE-DAMN-LICIOUS concoction. Sweet Tea/Lemonade is an Arnold Palmer. Mine? I call it the Arnold Drummond.

- Glad for the miners, but I guess I expected them to emerge like they were actually in a cave for 69 days. They all came up like they had been at Sandals or Breezes resort. Fresh shaves? Nobody malnourished? Ya'll ate 2 spoons of apple sauce a day for 2.5 months, and we can't see your rib cage? Da hell kinda cave IS this?

This week's DMoe RTT playlist is dedicated to the songs that live forever as sampled classics.

1. Summer Madness/Kool & the Gang.
Add some ad-libs,crowd noise and a beat to this dreamy 70's tune, and you get DJ Jazzy Jeff's "Summertime".

2. Watching You/Slave.
Put this joint on and listen closely, you'll hear the bass line that spawned Snoop Dogg's 90's classic: "Gin & Juice".

3. Fool's Paradise/Me'lisa Morgan
Jay-Z was a mere pup in the studio when he rapped over this sample. The result? Reasonable Doubt's "Can't Knock the Hustle."

4. I wanna do somethin freaky to you/Leon Haywood
If you think Dr. Dre's a great producer, this song's got alot to do with it. We can thank Leon for the song that inspired Dre's "Nothin but a G thang". Listen closely, Dre merely looped the first 16 bars of the song, and turned up the bass. Genius! LOL.

5. Girl Callin/Chocolate Milk
This was tough, but I love Soul 4 Real's "Candy Rain", so I had to find this one.

6. You can't turn me away/Sylvia Striplin
This one's pretty easy. As soon as you put this one on, you'll be yellin "Get Money" just like Junior Mafia, Biggie and Lil Kim.

7. Bennie and the Jets/Elton John.
Easy to hear how this song became the Mary J Blige classic with this chorus: "Deep inside I wish that you could see, that I'm just plain ol' Mary."

8. Who Do You Love/Bernard Wright
Bad Boy girl-group Total wasn't around for long, but they were on the scene just long enough to get the vocal gig for LL Cool J's bangin-azz remix to "Loungin".

9. Your too Good to me/Curtis Mayfield
Sorry, HAD to put another Mary joint on this list. Who doesn't love "Be Happy" from the My Life CD? Mayfield's work is probably the most sampled, and this track was a bangin' azz sing-along. Reincarnated.

10. Herb Alpert/Rise
This list could be filled with Diddy/Puffy/Sean Combs discoveries, but I gotta give him credit for turning this song into Biggie's bang-a-licious "Hypnotize".

Stay thirsty my friends.


Yolanda said...

DMoe - I love reading your thoughts.
Arnold Drummond? HAAAAAAAA!

Those wives better play the position til the made for tv movies and books come out...then file for deeevorce! (*takes off golddigger hat*). Hee Hee!

The Fury said...

Good luck on the interview Dmoe

According to CNN the miner everyone made a big deal about was already separated from his wife and she knew he had a mistress. The others...I dunno.

$5-$10M....I'm still thinking about that. WTF! I actually have some talent and these..nevermind...

Annamaria - Always gotta support. I'll tweet the link as well. Anything to help a good Black couple stay together. LOL

who's dressing up for Halloween?

TheBlackMan said...

@Stef - Let's go half on a baby!!

Yolanda said...

Yes, good luck on the interview, DMoe. I was sidelined by the Arnold Drummond comment!

Brooke said...

I LOVED the samples list DMoe, I didn't know some of them - cool!

Good luck on the interviews babe!

Arnold Drummond...that was funny.

Oh, and I TOTALLY agree. I thought they'd be looking like a runway model, all emaciated and whatnot when they came out, and they looked healthy and fine to ME. I'm glad they're healthy and safe, but not ONE of them looked like they missed a meal. Incredible!

Annamaria, you loved being pregnant, but not sure I'd feel the same way. I'm gonna be an old mom (if I become one) and I already got bad knees. Add extra hips to that equation and it doesn't look like a happy time for me :)

But I won't be much :)

Chad Ochocinco is just simple. Child Please.

Stef said...

@Black man

Anthony Otero said...

- homecoming = busy

- Edward James Olmos, Gost Face Killah, and Damon Wayans will be up here this weekend...and will miss them all.

- One more blog left (which is today) and I am done

- I am have not finished my speech for Utica yet.

- My fridge broke which means my Utica check is now spoken for.

- smh at brett is kinda funny

- I have had such wild dreams for like a month now

- i need to take out your co-worker?

- @Fury kills me on

- @steph...u want my kid? we should practice

Stef said...

I think it's so funny when dudes hit on women they've never seen, which only makes me think they'd sleep with ANYone.

I could look like Danny Glover! That was funny yesterday on the blog LOL!

like Brooke

I'm sure those wives of the miners are giving interviews for paper as we speak! It's like THAT in Chile?

I'm still steadily learning football, and my man friend hasn't been testing me as much lately - which I think means I'm getting the hang of it :)

Brooke, I think your coworker should pay you for your trouble. Asshole!

Jay said...

Hey people!

Those throwbacks were FIYA! Jeru is that dude.

Brooke, say the word and I'll bust your coworker's kneecaps. That's bullshit.

Brooke, I bet you'd have a beautiful pregnant glow if you were expecting. You're gorgeous now! Let me know if you want me to help you out with the baby thing ;)

I saw that clip of The View with O'Reilly. He's an asshole who says shit just to say it. People feed into his hate, which is the scary part. He knows EXACTLY what he's doing.

DMoe, that list was hot. Good luck on the interview!

Where is Craig?

Wives AND mistresses at the rescue site? Man listen...I'd be like "nah, I'm good, just leave me down here." Crazy.

Stef, not all men will sleep with a woman sight unseen...cuz I damn sure wouldn't.

Serena W. said...

Hey everyone!

New job is going well! Went to 3 elementary schools, met a bunch of teaching artists and one school asked me to share some poetry with their students! Love it!

Today I went to the Kennedy Center Opera House for work! Its gorgeous!

Annamaria thank you for some of the proceeds to go towards cancer research. Glad my Mom and your Grandma can inspire people!

Thankful for work but the rest of my week has been very funky.

Rameer I'm happy to see you treating your girl to a nice date too and that you're excited.

Brooke your coworker needs to be drop kicked!

DMoe's list is tight!

Yolanda I've been emotional all damn week and yes its that time of the month.

And people being stupid not knowing what they want!

Tired of it!

About to head home, drink some wine and work on a submission for a writing contest. Wish me luck.

Brooke said...

Good luck Serena on the entry!

Yolanda said...

Best of luck Serena.

Brooke... I think the posse is mounting up for this co-worker. :-)

Brooke said...

Well, he must feel the hate, cuz he just came over to me to apologize profusely. He neglected to utter an apology earlier, which is I think what pissed me off the most - his non-chalant attitude. I think he realized that I cover his ass ALOT at work and that he didn't want to make an enemy of me. He was called out for some stuff that I would have normally fixed for it didn't take him long to realize that he doesn't want to get on my bad side.

Too late.

Anonymous said...

Can I buy your phone? Can I put your phone on lay a way?!?!?

Nicole ;)

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