Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I enjoy fall weather. Still miss the heat though.

- October is one of my favorite months. My sister and nephew have a birthday in October, and I LOVE Halloween.

- I made the BOMB chicken wings for lunch today - can't wait to eat them...for now. I always wind up wanting something else when it's time for lunch.

- I made some broccoli too...trying to get back on my "good eating" regime :-)

- I thought I'd be extremely sore this morning after the ab working we had last night....but nothing. That means it'll hit me tomorrow. I'm skerred....

- Protesting at military funerals chanting "God hates America" and saying that your child deserved to die because he's paying for America's sins is downright hateful. It's emotional terrorism. These people are nuts.

- Tomorrow is my 2 year "blogiversary" :-) Thank you all for reading and commenting and supporting me all this time. It means more than you know...and I love every second of it.

- I missed Law & Order: SVU AGAIN. I was in the gym til almost 10pm last night. What is THAT about?

- I wanna wear a freakum dress for my birthday...maybe that's what it's about :-)

- I still have to make my sister's appt. for Spa Week. Have to get that done today!

- I had an awesome summer...and a great fall so far. Jay-Z/Em, Roots and John Legend, Eagles vs. Redskins and this coming Monday the Jets game. I'm having so much fun!

- I can't get "Hot Tottie" out of my head. They always play that song right before I leave the house, so Jigga's verse has been in my mental playback all morning. At least I like that song. Jeez!

- I can't stand people who hate on Oprah for no reason. They just don't like her "just because." Everyone is entitled to like or dislike whomever they choose...but at least have a good reason.

- I want ice cream.

- Brian's throwback!

That was the JOINT!!



DMoe said...

First bitches!

Why? Cuz I'm first....and if you aint first, you last!


Stef said...

First bitches!

Stef said...

aww damn! What the hell??

DMoe be missing in action and then sneaks in being first??? Hell naw!

Anthony Otero said...

blah! 4th!

Stef said...

You too Ant, where you been?

Writing all those damn blogs, that's where you been :)

Anthony Otero said...

Stef...exactly. Been busy too!

Annamaria said...

1. At training all day today & tomorrow. But I've managed to stay awake soo far.

2. Sophia fell & hurt her mouth at my mom's house mom cried more than she did.

3. Eating Chipotle as we speak! YUMMMMMMM

4. Clothing line & Passion Parties keepin a sister busy.

5. Trunk show 10/17@East Harlem Cafe & Fashion Show 10/26@ the rooftop bar @ the empire hotel!!

DMoe said...

@ Stef -

MIA just long enough to be....BEFORE YO AZZ!





Stef said...

You got mad jokes DMoe.

I've been reading your blogs too Ant.

Brooke said...

I've been reading too Ant - and in regard to your blog today, I don't think you have to choose. Be proud to be more about nationalism and patriotism, and the other about culture.

I tried to post my response to your blog but I kept getting error messages. But 30 blogs in 30 days is impressive!

Yolanda said...

-Early congrats on the blogiversary. It's a great feeling and you've developed a great family here.

-I'm happy Fall is here. Not so happy about not having the wardrobe for it. I need to get my butt in gear. I still haven't done my Zappos damage.

-I REALLY need to learn how to sew. I've been bugging my Mother (who is a master seamstress) about it for um, 20 years... LOL. I should take a class or something.

-I've got Hermes dreams and a H&M budget.

-I miss chicken a little. Turkey a lot. But, I'm holding out. I read an article about cooking with duck fat and nearly messed mah'self. I LOVE DUCK! But, I'm sticking with my pescetarianism... not so much for health, but just to prove to myself that I actually do have willpower. (FYI: my willpower usually sucks)

-I am SOOOO ready to work for myself. Like fa real.

-I'm working with some really good people from ABC News for the next few weeks though, so that's been interesting. But still... I'd rather be home in my PJs making money.

-LOL @ my "contract" ending with the church I was working for. How you get fired by the church? I swear.

-Going to catch up on Ant's blogs...brothahombre has been working hard (*you like how I kicked it in ebonics and Spanglish...see how I did that?*)

-Sushi. I need it.

-I'm scared to bring fish to work because I don't want to be offensive to the office. But I really want some. I've had tilapia the last 2 nights. It be callin' me man.

-I deeply despise Walmart but I have a hankering to go see what Beyonce's momma is selling there. One of the jackets was cute. *shrug*

-I will not shrink who I am for the advancement of others (*Wednesday's self-motivational talk whilst on the train*)

-V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. Anyone wanna pack me in a suitcase? I have all my shots and a passport.

-That is all... for now.

Monica said...

Hey People!!

Damn it Stef! How could you let Dmoe win? lmao

Got a mani yesterday and a pedi is soon to follow.

Brooke my abs aren't sore either but damn that was a long work out lol.

I'm not sure what I want to eat for lunch.

2 years Brooke?! How time flys.

Congrats on your blog efforts Ant!

I'm happy fall is here too but I seriously need to go shopping for clothes and boots.

Ran 18 miles last saturday... my longest run ever! Can't wait until I'm finally crossing the finish line. If anyone wants to save a life from cancer feel free to donate. My deadline is next week.

Anthony Otero said...

- Thank u all for the love. Yo! this 30 blog thing is hard as hell! Writing half asleep

- I am doing a speaking engagement in a few weeks too at Utica College. I am very excited about that too.

- Um...Just saw Rosario Dawson on the cover of GQ in Germany (via Witches Brew). I just want to know where I can get one of those...

- 2 years is awesome Brooke! Maintaining this is not an easy thing.

- 18 miles???? Wow. I am good with 2 miles. Good shit Monica.

Brooke said...

I can't stand Walmart. Every single one I've been in has been dirty, dark and just depressing - and a mess! I think the Walmarts down south may be nice, but up here? hellz naw.

Now I want sushi. Thanks Yolanda.

And can I just say - Witches Brew has been off the charts with the pics you've been posting lately. Especially the nasty, saggy booty shots in bikinis. I would hope my people wouldn't let me go outside looking like that!

There aren't enuogh hours in the day to spend on The Brew! Oh, and the nekkid pics of Amar'e Stoudemire are just sad...not cute at all!

I have a new blackberry for work and I have no desire to go pick it up.

I've been so tired lately. I think I need to be more consistent with my vitamins...again.

Don't you just wish you could say "what the hell are you talking about?" to people at work?

I can WALK 18 problem :) Monica is doin' it y'all!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

This will possibly be the only time I check in today. These people KEEP piling work on me - like I don't already have a full schedule...

- I broke someone down last night. Some people might say it's wrong to tear someone apart until they're emotional and nuts...I say if you START messing with me, you get what you deserve. Or, as I always say - and as I told my girlfriend as she scolded me - if you do "A", the folly is that you expect that I *might* do "B". Problem is - if you're not someone I naturally have love for, I'm *guaranteed* to do "B, C, D, E, AND F"...

- Just shoot some video of a Hispanic Heritage Event. I love the recognizance, but I DETEST the term "Hispanic". It's just my thing.

- my girlfriend is VERY happy right now. I spoiled her on her birthday - dinner at a really nice joint, tons of love and attention, flowers, and I made her a double-disc of smooth songs that all embody how I feel about her. It was like a 2-disc message to her...I haven't made a mixtape/mix CD since college, I think.

I still got it! Lolz.

- I really wanna buy NBA 2K11, cuz it may be the greatest sports game in video game history. It looks like a real f'n NBA game if you walk into the room...I'm holding out, though. I'mma wait a month, cuz I know they're gonna knock $15-$20 off the price - they did that ish with Madden. Meanwhile, everyone will have a headstart on me...oh well.

- I want fish too, Yolanda...

- SOOOO...why did one of my ex's, who I haven't seen or heard from, hit me up on Facebook last night on some "it's been too long, I need to see you" type ish?? WTF? Why do people DO that??

- I'm shooting A LOT of commercials lately. Solo. And having to produce in the field and re-write scripts in the field. I'm so under-appreciated at my job at times...

- Witches Brew be callin' me, man - it be CALLIN' ME...

- I have a taste for hearty soup. Go figure.


- Hov's verses on "Hot Tottie" are insane. I think most of the public don't really get into lyrics at all - but for those of us who do, he's so simple, yet so dope how he delivers his...

- Ant's blogs are typically excellent. Truly. Love that man's mind and mindset.

- Randy moss got traded to the Vikings?!? INSANE!!!

- Kinda funny the Jets have to play him AGAIN...

- Kobe Bryant said he'd beat Lebron James one-on-one, and people are making a lot of that statement. But based on the type of players they are, and the success each one has had against the other when guarding him...I think he's 100% correct. That's his GAME - to isolate a guy, and kill him. He's done it his entire career, and has always eaten James up when he tries to guard him. Kobe has had much more success stopping or limiting James.

The REAL question is - who would win one-on-one between D.WADE & Kobe? Cuz they BOTH have that type of game where they kill anyone who tries to guard them solo...

- Celtics in the East. Lakers in the West. Lakers Celtics Final...Lakers win it AGAIN. Barring injuries to either team, of course.

- A dude at work barked at me today when I said Margaret Cho isn't attractive..."we can't ALL date model-lookin' chicks, Rameer!" Ummm...I just said I thought the chunky, biker-tattoo'd comedian wasn't attractive...that's all...

- I hope y'all see The social Network. Really - it's THAT GOOD.

- I had the best cheeseburger sub on a client shoot yesterday. Oh my GOSH...

I've typed too much and too long! Gotta go - EXCELSIOR!!!

Yolanda said...

-I bet you do want fish, Meercat.

-Hee hee

-Thanks for the Brew love. It distracts me as much as it does everyone else. I have to pull myself away sometimes. Good thing there are 4 of us.

-Congrats on the speaking engagement, Ant!

-Ok...back to work. Gotta log a tape.

Brooke said...

I'd say Kobe would win playing either Wade or James...he's too competitive to lose.

The Social Network was brilliant. I think Sorkin will win an Oscar for best screenplay...and the film will be nominated I'm sure.

Thanks on the blogiversary love!

Randy Moss at the Vikes...crazy.

Just realized I dvr'd SVU at work - will watch this afternoon! Yay!

Greys tonight :) but who knows if I'll still be in the gym or not.

maybe I'll try to eat fish all next week, see if I can hang with Yolanda :)

Jay said...

Hey people.

Brooke, congrats on two years with the blog. It's become a part of my daily routine, thanks for all the great writing. Keep it going!

Ant, congrats on your blog too. That really takes dedication.

Same to you Yolanda. I've peeped The Brew and you ladies are busy!

All these talented writers! Where is Serena?

I hope baby Sophia feels better.

Kobe would beat both.

Social Network was excellent.

Who thought getting rid of Moss was a good idea? They'll pay for that later.

Brooke, that should be a good game. You've had a great summer and fall indeed.

Was looking forward to that Dominatricks blog - post it on Tuesday!

People testing me at work.

That Fugees joint was the ish! What was that? 1994?

Where's your playlist DMoe?

Loving this weather.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Back briefly...

- I hope Baby Sophia feels better. Sick children hurt my heart...

- that Fugees joint WAS the ish. Fools on Witches Brew have actually defended Irv Gotti's statement that Nicki Garbaj is just as nice as Lauryn Hill...WTF?

People be sippin' that SIZZURP...

- As much of a Kobe fan as I am, I'm not 100% sure he'd win against Wade now - simply cuz Wade is younger. But you guys are right - no one is more competitive than Kobe, so that would play a big factor...

- Judge shows. Ugh...they're the new "Ricki Lakes"...

- Putting my car in the shop this weekend. Goodbye, $500...

- My boy referenced Lisette Melendez today, and I posted her video for "Goody Goody". Remember HER?? THROWBACK!!!

- If I could turn back the hands of time...(sigh).

- I came up with the ILLEST theory ever to prove Superman was/is heterosexual...this came about as a co-worker tried to say male superheroes are mostly gay, just look at the way they dressed (he specifically used Superman as an example). It's too long to get into it on the blog right now, but I will say this - Superman tore up half of Metropolis in Superman II rather than kneel/submit to another man. Think about that for a second...lmfao!!!

- I need to remember to stop and get some Breyer's tonight...

- "It's tttttttttt-shirt tiiiiiiiiiiime..."

- Whenever I see a really attractive woman on Witches Brew, I've taken to saying "HULK SMASH!" Yes, I know - I AM a nerd...

- Speaking of which...I'm still waiting for the Tron sequel to hit theaters...

Okay - now I REALLY gotta go!!!

DMoe said...

@Yo - LMAO at Hermes dreams and H&M budget.

@Mo - Dont get a pedi. Your gonna ruin it when you....KICK ROCKS SUCKA!

Meanwhile, here's where I'm at:

- Folks are tryin me left and right around here. Its bout to be Thriller night...Don't be lookin all funny when you spin around and I'm a zombie bout to tear yo azz up. (Gotta funk it first though)

- Its fall, its the most wonderful time of the year. Ahhh...Football.

- Headin to Cali in a few weeks...cant wait.

- I'm through with "The Event" it lost me.

Enough small talk. Here's the Dmoe RTT "Best songs from movie Soundtracks" playlist:

1. SWV f. Missy/Can We?
Booty Call

2. Warren G/Regulate
Above the Rim

3. Michael Jackson/You can't win
The Wiz

4. Jay-Z/La La La
Bad Boys II

5. Brandy/Sittin up in my room
Waiting to Exhale

6. Shanice/Its for You
Meteor Man

7. Anthony Hamilton/Do you feel me?
American Gangster

8. En Vogue/Don't Let Go
Set it Off

9. Tony! Toni! Tone!/Me & You
Boyz N The Hood

10. Boyz II Men/End of the Road

Stay thirsty my friends.


Annamaria said...

Thank u everyone. Grandma took Sophia to Toys R Us this morning & treated her like it was X-mas! So she's fine! Lol

The Cable Guy said...

Wow...Booty Call and Meteor Man! LOL! Good songs though! LOL!

Why do DMoe and Monica hate each other so much? What did I miss?

Maybe it's like the hate/hate relationship I have with Stef's ass. LOL!

Brooke, with yo sexy ass...that is all.

Vick took a bad hit last week, sorry B. He'll be back, but damn he got cracked.

I bet the Jets is mad as hell they have to face Moss again.

I dunno, Wade might get Kobe. Might.

Brooke is scared of Dominatricks, that's too funny :)

I think ex girlfriends can smell happiness on you Rameer, that's why they do that.

Fugees was the shit! That's the REAL L-Boogie right there!

Jaz said...


I love it when men gush over their girlfriends and treat them like queens. Most men are afraid to show their affectionate/romantic side for fear of looking weak or less masculine. If you love someone show it, and let them know it. Take a real man to do that.

I don't respect men who are afraid of relationships. THAT is weak to me.

I have a crush on this guy in my office, and he just announced he got engaged. As Yolanda would say, "le sigh."

I wish him well though...I guess ;)

I can spend a good hour on Witches Brew and not even realize it.

Why do men like crazy women?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Jaz - thank you for the compliment. I agree - if you love someone, say it and SHOW IT. No one is promised tomorrow. I tell the people I love that I love them one has ever had to wonder how I feel.

@ Captain Cable - is that it? They see/hear/feel that you're happy, and just HAVE to come out the woodwork?? Geez...I think you may be right...

@ Jaz again - you REALLY wanna know why some men like crazy chicks? REALLY?

Cuz crazy chicks almost ALWAYS have the ILL NA NA. No really - that's the reason. The can be f'd up in all aspects, but the sex will be like the physical equivalent of Nirvana exploding from your loins.

Brooke-Ra asked it eons ago about why guys on the blog thought "Danger" on Ray j's show could get it, even though she was nuts, mad dramatic, and needed serious mental help. And that was all the guys' answer - cuz the sex would be bomb-a-rific. This doesn't mean ALL guys will go after a crazy chick, or want one - it's just to answer why some guys tend to go after the crazy chick.

And it's not just a perception. If every guy on this blog is honest, I bet each one of us could name a crazy chick we had to get as far away from as possible...but the sex was so good, you thought you saw Xanadu, Niagara Falls and the George Burns when you climaxed...

(waits to see if anyone gets the George Burns line)

@ DMOE - you playlist this week is UNHERALDED. I don't even know the word to express the awesomeness that has been manifested in the form of your playlist! I LOVE every song you listed...Dayum. Makes me wanna crack those joints out...ESPECIALLY the Shanice joint!

DMoe said...

Back again!

@Rameer and Cable G - Thanks for the love. That Shanice song was hard as hell to find on CD a while back.

Now...I cant believe I didnt say this before.

- SADE ANNOUNCED Tour dates this week!!!

Why is ya boy picking two random cities to see her in?

Vegas and, and, and...Hmmm. TB-friggin-D!

Witches Brew is sooo well done. I love it. Here's how I break this thing down.

Brookey's Cafe? Bose!!

Witches Brew? Cerwin-Vega!!

I'm Dmoe and I approve this message.

Yolanda said...

I had to Google that shizz... all I knew was BOSE!


Brooke said...

yeah, let me Google that...cuz I have no idea what that means...but it sounds like it's good :) LOL!

If a woman is hot, it really doesn't matter how crazy she is until the cops need to be called :)

Jaz said...

I understand the sex part, so does that mean men can't see the crazy til AFTER they get the sex? The crazy doesn't come out BEFORE you hit it? I find it hard to believe that women who are nuts hide the crazy up until the sex is had and THEN they act a fool. Or am I just clueless?

The Cable Guy said...

Man listen, Rameer ain't neva lied. All the crazy chicks in my past made my toes curl...but I was afraid of they crazy asses. Good sex can cloud your judgement, and it's not until they key your car, slash your tires, call every chick in your phone, stalk you and....

...sorry, had a flashback.

After a while you come to your senses, but not until you've deemed the p*ssy not worth going to jail over.

The Cable Guy said...


Believe it or not, I think crazy chicks KNOW they're crazy and they DO hide it until something doesn't go their way, they feel threatened or feel scorned or whatever.

Women are VERY good at hiding the crazy, especially before the sex is had, because they don't get emotional and nuts until AFTER they sleep with you. Then once you make THEIR toes curl as well, then they go crazy on you!

BatMan said...

CableGuy is so right....

DMoe said...

Crazy chicks are always "cool as hell" on the front end.

Jus sayin.

Jaz said...

Well, it's sad that men can't separate their two heads long enough to run from the crazy chicks. They seem to want them MORE than the sane ones. At least in my experience it seems that way.

I know plenty of cool as hell women who are not crazy. But men don't want them.

Brooke is cool as hell. Is she crazy? Or will you not know that until after you sleep with her? LOL!

Brooke said...

***waiting to read the answer to Jaz's question***


Rameer The Circumstance said...

The guys are right. You're assuming the crazy is on display for the world to see. Even when I was young, I could tell a guy "Yo - that chick is CRAZY!" and he'd come back to me a week later "Yo, she cool as hell, son! What YOU talkin' about??" And I'd just be like "Aight - you'll see". And he wouldn't see until some time later...cuz women are smoother than men. Y'all can hide ANYTHING better than the average guy, including the crazy.

And, no disrespect to Brooke-Ra - and I don't think any of us believe this to be true - but she COULD be a crazy chick! None of us would ever know until after we hit it, got involved, and showed up 5 minutes late...only to see she had poured bleach on your clothes and slashed your tires cuz you "musta been out with some hussy". was rush hour. I got caught in traffic...lmao!

Go look at the film Fatal Attraction again. You know why that film was a hit with men AND women? Cuz the men knew what the hell was going on. Dude slept with ol' girl, and had no clue she was coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. And she gave no indication. He didn't find out until he was already in...

It's the same thing with the guys who dog the ish outta of women, but are smooth about it. Women ALWAYS give that dude a shot, cuz they're like "maybe the rumors are false. I'll find out for myself". Or they won't believe that he's like that with EVERY girl - maybe it was just that one girl. Every guy can see it...but the women can't or don't want to.

I imagine it's the same thing with the crazy chick. A lot of them CAN hide it really well. One of my co-worker's wives is CRAZY. She doesn't even get mad when I tell her to her face she is - she KNOWS she is. But any time I tell people "naw, I don't test her - she's crazy", people act like "HER?!? She's sweet - you buggin'." Um...both her and her husband aren't arguing with my assessment. MESSAGE!!!

The guys are right. You don't know many times until you're in it...and sometimes, ESPECIALLY if you're young, you'll try to put up with it for the earth-shattering Nooni she's giving you.

The Cable Guy said...


Once Brooke gives in and decides to give me some, then I'll let you know if she's crazy :) LOL!

Brooke said...

I'm too lazy to be crazy :)

I don't have the energy to pour bleach on clothes, slash tires, etc. I think all women have THOUGHT about it at some point - but to actually DO those things? Nah, I'd rather be home in bed crying my eyes out than exacting my revenge like a lunatic.

Besides, I'm afraid of either 1) going to jail or 2) catching a beatdown from some dude for wrecking his ride.

I'm the type to disappear, not do a drive-by :-)

Jay said...

Crazy women have the "crazy" in their eyes. Brooke has "sparkly" lively eyes, but not "crazy" eyes :) LOL!

Annamaria said...

I'm normal...Til ya f*ck wit me & then I become the crazy chick! Lmao

I'm keying your car, slashing your tires, pouring sugar in your gas tank & then stabbing you in the neck & leaving you on the floor bleeding before I leave! Lmao

Brooke said...

awww, thanks Jay! I'm glad you think I'm not crazy :)

Annamaria on the other hand....

Powerz better sleep with one eye open! LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

now see...and Annamaria is fine as hell...AND crazy! But I bet she got that goody goody! Powerz knows what I'm talkin' bout!

Brooke, you're too fly to be crazy.

Brooke said...

Thanks Cable Dude. I think everyone has the potential to break fool, but I have too much pride for far ;-) I don't want you to do me wrong, then I act a fool and go nuts on you, and then you say "see, that's why I had to be out, cuz that chick is COO-COO!" I won't give anyone the chance to think I'm the crazy chick, even if I am secretly dreaming of murdering you in your sleep :)

Annamaria said...

Cable Guy is right! I'm cracking up over here! LMAO!

Serena W. said...

RTT! Late edition!

I'm here!

I was in NYC. Visited the family, met family for the first time on my Dad's side, went on a date (ohhhh yeah)! Got some Juniors Cheesecake! (Carrot Cake Cheesecake)! Jesus Christ it was good!

Last full day of NYC right after I went to my Papa's favorite flowershop to buy flowers for his and my great aunties graves I got a call...

That call was a job offer!

God is good!

Start my new gig as Assistant Director, Education and Programs at the Washington National Opera on Monday!

3 out of 5 of my team at my former gig are now employed!

Enjoying working on side hustles!

Monica now that I'll have steady pay again I will donate next week!

DMoe your list is sick!

Happy Blogiversary Brooke!

Ant you're doing the damn thing!

Sorry I've been MIA but with good reason!

Training for the Army 10 miler!

Got a spot that wants me to start facilitating workshops in DC! Sweeeeeet!

Book is coming I promise!

I want some Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!

I feel my Mommy smiling on me so much!

My Papa and Great Aunties shined their spirits through the rainfall in nyc and blessed me with that job!

I hope my happiness is rubbing off on whomever is reading my post.

Gotta go! Working on a workshop now. Peace and luv!

Lil So-So...feel better!

Brooke said...

Congrats Serena!!!

God is definitely GOOD!

I can feel your happiness, thank you for sharing it!

Serena W. said...

Thanks Brooke! I'm super excited right now! Its been a long time since I've felt like this. Wish the blog fam was around to read it but its all good! The behind the scenes people are and you read it!

Yolanda something will come along! I also swear Witches Brew is better than a BET, MTV, etc! Get it first with the Brew!

Yolanda said...

Congratulations on the new job, Serena!!! That's great news.

Anonymous said...

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