Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

And Happy Birthday to my sister Nicole! I Love You!

Today's blog is a question of the day, courtesy of my boy Jay - not Jay from the comments, but my OTHER boy Jay :-) Here we go!

If you had to rank in order of tolerance, which would you be able to date?

1. Someone that smoked weed everyday (twice a day)
2. Someone that drank everyday (functional alcoholic)
3. Someone that has cheated on his last three boy/girlfriends
4. Someone that has battered a past boy/girlfriend.
5. Someone with poor credit




Yolanda said...


I'd just be single. Damn.

And adopt a lot of cats.

phillygrl said...

5. becasue credit is helluva lot easier to fix than the other( behavior is behavior, but substance abuse & abuse....no way!)

SuSu said...

1)Poor credit doesn't make u a bad person so I'd give him the 1st crack.
2)The pothead might be fun! Lol
3)I'd rather date a cheater than a lush.
4)The lush would make a great drinking buddy on occassion.
5) I would never date a batterer! Never!ever!

Craig n 'em said...

I'd date em all...

Bad credit? There are ways around that...debit cards, cash money, barter system...having a friend that works at Equifax, Transunion or Experian that is proficient with the delete button...

Female batterers are good in bed...as long as she ain't stronger than me and I can take her...I'll take my chances...sex would be off da chain...till da cops come knockin...I always tell a woman..."I won't beat you...but I WILL BEAT IT UP"...Granted, I'd probably be sleep deprived with ONE TIRED RED EYE...(always gotta keep an eye open when you sleep)

A lush? As long as she don't pass out before I enter her it's consensual, right? Are there any lawyers reading this blog?

A cheater? Uh, let's just call it an OPEN RELATIONSHIP, shall we?

A pothead? (um, my name is Craig Verde, NUFF SAID)

Susu, you rather date a cheater than a lush?

The Cable Guy said...

Uh oh, Craig is bizzack!

Where you been man? LMAO@ "beat it up!" LOL!


I'd date the poor credit chick first, but I'd have to handle all the money.

Can't date a batterer. My black ass would be in jail. I ain't saying I'd hit her, but I'd shake the sh*t outta her though.

Women smoking weed just isn't sexy to me. Something very unlady like about it...about smoking ANYthing in general. Kills your brain cells.

I can't take a cheater either. My ego can't take that...being honest.

No lushes either. Again, nothing sexy about a drunk woman. I never understood women who drink to get drunk, cuz they think that's sexy. Means you have no control and that you think you need to appear drunk or tipsy in order to be attractive. A woman without inhibitions in a SOBER state is sexier than any slurring woman ANY day.

BatMan said...

@Yolanda - Your new name is "CatWoman"... :-)

BatMan said...


Jay said...

I agree with Cable Guy on all accounts. A high or drunk woman isn't sexy to me. I need her to have all of her faculties at all times, and if you drink or smoke everyday, that makes me think you have issues or problems you can't solve or face in a sober state. That's weak to me. Drinking to get drunk is not fun, it's stupid. Same for weed.

Credit is easier to fix, but damn. I'd have to find out how her credit got like that. Is it because she got laid off, or because she lives beyond her means trying to keep up with the Joneses? I'd have to control all the money too.

No batterers either. That just seems like a bigger problem than I'm willing to deal with. That's never a good situation, can't do it.

Cheaters can change, but cheating means you're selfish - can't deal with selfish people either.

SuSu said...

Hi Craig, yes I would...I would keep my eyes wide open though! As for the lush, that's just not a habit I want to be around. It can get so sloppy ya know!

The Pirate said...

None of the above! What's the point? Stay single.
Tell Nicole that we wish her a very happy birthday!

Craig n 'em said...

Hey, Susu...;-)

I hear ya...At the end of the day, we are ALL CHEATERS....

Brooke said...


I will be sure to tell her! :)

SarKism said...

5, 2, 3

1 and 4 are deal breakers.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ SarKism - sorry, gotta LOL at your response...cuz the love of your life USED to do #1 all the time! Lmao!

Of course...that was EONS ago, when we were kids...

The only one I'd remotely even give a chance to is #5. I think Captain Cable and Jiggaman answered perfectly...

The Fury said...

1 Someone with poor credit (hell if they went to college this may be the case..)

2 Someone that has battered a past boy/girlfriend. (Anger issues, been there done that. I'm no easy win. My wallet is the one with Bad Motherfucker on it)

3 Someone that has cheated on her last three boyfriends (My schlong is the one with bad motherfucker tattooed on it. In size 128 font. LOL Nah, I give the benefit of the doubt...

4 Someone that drank everyday (functional alcoholic) - [Hey they could be a bartender...or just tipsy. I'd tell them to work on some wine.]

5 Someone that smoked weed everyday (twice a day) [Just not my favorite thing in the world so I'd put this one last, but really the last two are interchangeable depending on demeanor...]

wait..a minute...*checks calendar...*

Damn I've been *Dpnald Trump hand* fired! SMH

*picks up phone and starts texting...*

Brooke said...


I didn't forget that it was TMI Tuesday, but I haven't had a chance to read Dominatrick's blog submission yet and I'm afraid to post it without having read it. I think you all understand my fear :)

But if you have it ready, I can still post today - unless you want to do it next week? Let me know!

The Cable Guy said...

oh damn! Today IS TMI Tuesday! Where is the sexy blog???

I'd be afraid to post Dominatricks sight unseen too!

Domina*tricks said...

I was wondering if it was a bit too racy :) Glad to see it's just that she hasn't had time to read it. I can tame it down if you want, just let me know. Otherwise, Fury can take over per usual. I won't be offended :)

Brooke said...

I'll read it tonight Dominatricks and see if I can post it next Tuesday :)

The Fury said...

*Chanting* Domina*tricks! Domina*tricks!

Put it up next week. If you have to censore, through in some asterisks over the filthy f**king dirty s**t that about d**k and p***y! LOL

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