Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kobe Hater I Am Not

Happy Hump Day!

First let me say to all the basketball fans out there....the NBA season is back in full effect!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fan of sports....period. Even if I don't follow baseball, I get excited for big games, rivalries, etc. I may not watch hockey every time it's on, but I've been to a game or two and had a great time. Since I played field hockey back in the day, I have a certain appreciation for it.

I was also on the track team - the high jump, triple jump and long jump were my events. And of course there's basketball...which was my favorite to play. I learned how to play at a very young age, and played in team sports from 6th grade to 12th grade...and I don't think I was too shabby.

Given that, I think it's safe to say I have a healthy knowledge and appreciation for the game, and I know who the great players are - past and present. So imagine my confusion when I logged into my email this morning to find notes from people cheering the Lakers and calling me a "hater" because "Kobe won."

My confusion came in the "hater" comment. I feel like I've written about this ad nauseum, so I guess today's post will be my annual "the word hater is mis/overused" rant on the blog.

It's no secret that I'm not a Kobe fan. That's not to say that I secretly plot his demise on a daily basis or wish he'd get hit by an ice cream truck - he's just not my favorite player. I don't root for him like I do the Eagles. But because some people feel that he SHOULD be my favorite player, I'm automatically labeled as a hater because he isn't. What is that about?

I have never in my life said that Kobe is a terrible basketball player. That would be crazy talk, and I'd fully expect someone to have me committed if I ever said such a thing. As a basketball fan, I am very well aware of the impossible feats he accomplishes on the court on a regular basis. His work ethic is insane. His talent is unmatched in the league today. And like the announcer said during the ring ceremony (so I heard), he could arguably be considered the best basketball player on the planet.

It doesn't pain me to say those things. I don't want to yank my tongue out for speaking such words. I've even posted his best dunks on my blog before because they are a thing of beauty to witness. I wouldn't turn down a ticket to go see the Lakers play in the Staples Center either.

I just don't have any Kobe posters on my wall, that's all.

I DID, however, have posters of Magic and Kareem on my wall as a young girl. I like the Lakers. Always have. I can appreciate the Lakers for the team that they are and the legacy they have without being a Kobe fan.'s possible folks.

But why does that make me a hater?

What I find interesting is the people who tell me that I should like Kobe - that say I should "overlook" his personal transgressions against his family or his "assholedness" and simply appreciate him as a basketball player - are some of the SAME people who have disdain for Ben Roethlisberger because they believe him to be a rapist, or Brett Favre because they think he's a creepy man who sexually harassed a woman. Can someone help me with that?

It's like we give certain players or celebrities a pass, but not others - either because they're the greatest at what they do, or because they're our it's okay. But you can't call the QB of the Steelers Ben "Rapistberger" but then tell me to "get over" the fact that Kobe was accused of rape himself. You can't say Brett Favre is disgusting for sexting some woman because, as a married man, that's wrong, but then say "I wish people would leave Tiger Woods alone."

It's hypocrisy.

But I find that people are more forgiving when we're talking about the Kobe's and Tiger's of the world, if for no other reason than their talent is unmatched. But does being the best at what you do automatically mean that you are above any personal faults you may have, while others aren't simply because they're not as talented as you are? That's something I don't understand.

If a woman tells me she's not a Kobe fan because she doesn't respect him as a man because he cheated on his wife, or because she believes he's guilty of rape, then I can respect that. That's fair to me. Everyone has an issue that's personal to them, and we ALL make judgements on people whether we admit it or not. Do I think Kobe raped someone? No...but who's to say? Yes, he was acquitted, but Ben was never charged either. Then again, I don't think Mike Tyson raped anyone either...but he was convicted of it. Would we be calling him a rapist if he were Peyton Manning? Or would we think he was being set up by some trick trying to take down our beloved favorite quarterback? (...and I'm simply using him as an example...not saying that Peyton is America's quarterback...even though he is :-)

Now if that same woman, who has never watched a basketball game in her life, says she hates Kobe because he's overrated, or because he's not good...then she's crazy, a bit delusional...and can possibly be classified as a "hater." That's the difference.

I just really wish people would stop using that term if they have no idea what a "real" hater is. If I put "GO Eagles!" as my Facebook status, I shouldn't be called a "hater" in my comments section of the team they're playing against. People need to get a grip. It's called cheering for MY team, not rooting AGAINST yours. (unless it's the Cowboys...LOL...just jokes...okay, maybe not)

I say all that to say, I don't have to love Kobe in order to appreciate his skill. I'm not going to jump on the "Kobe" bandwagon if they win another championship. Did the Lakers deserve it? Yes. Did they earn it? Yes. Do I shake my head in amazement at some of the mind boggling stunts Kobe pulls on the court? Absolutely.

But I don't have to be president of his fan club to say that. And if you think I'm a hater simply because I haven't changed my profile picture to reveal the likeness of Kobe, then you're an idiot.

p.s. this is me in front of a pic in my brother-in-law's pizza shop...I liked "Young Kobe" :-)


Brian said...


*In Marv Albert's voice* KOBE!!!

Stef said...

I'm getting real tired of people beating me the last couple weeks!

Laker 4 Life said...

Hate on Haters!!! The quest for another 3peat has begun!!!!

Annamaria said...

Brooke.. You're not a hater. We've had many conversations about this... We've discussed our rivalries. We've made friendly wagers against each other. We've sat in the same room rooting for opposing teams. But at the end of everyday whichever one of us lost has always been a gracious loser & there has never been any hateration in our differences. You're definitely a fan I can respect...Unlike those sore losing bitchass Mets fans.. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or you fair weather Giants fans..If you ain't going to root for your team when they down then you aren't a true fan. LOL :)

Stef said...


Whoever calls you a hater is an idiot. "Laker 4 Life" seems to be one. I'm so tired of that word, mainly because like you said, people simply throw it out there for no reason and have no idea what they're talking about.

From what I know of you, you are FAR from a hater. If you hated on Kobe, then you wouldn't have put those videos on your page, or allowed people to write about him on your blog, so if anyone called you a hater today because of it, then those are people you need to delete from your circles because they're stupid.

Jay said...

Brooke, I agree. I hate the term "hater" because it's so misused. If you don't like something, you're automatically a "hater." First of all, we're grown, that word is juvenile. Just my opinion. That's right up there with "chuckin' up the deuces." I don't think any adults should go around saying that, but that's just me :)

Anyway, people are free to like or not like who they want. Why people feel that others SHOULD is beyond me. I understand healthy rivalries that span decades, but this whole "if you don't like my player you're a hater" thing is just stupid. If that's the case, we're ALL haters. Each one of us has someone we don't like for whatever reason, but we're quick to call OTHER people "haters" without realizing that we might be one too. It's stupid really.

Brooke, I agree with Stef. If you got folks emailing you calling you a hater for no reason, it's time to re-evaluate those "friendships." Grown people should know better...grow up.

Mr. NBA said...

The Celtics will crush the LAKERS...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

You're not a hater. You are free to like and dislike whomever you wish.

Go to my Facebook page when I post a Lakers or Kobe article. THEN you'll see what REAL haters look like...they come out of the woodwork! You can dislike and even be critical of a person without being a "hater".

Charles Barkley had to address this very issue on TV last night as to why he's NOT a Lebron-hater. People misuse that term way too often.

And yes...I mistakenly called you a Kobe-hater myself in the past...but it became blatantly clear you aren't.

I think some fans mis-label who is one because there are so many people who ARE Kobe-haters...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Oh - "Mr. Nba" is DELUSIONAL...

Mr. NBA said...

@Rameer- LOL

Geeque said...

@Brooke - I bet I know who called you a KOBE Hater!! :-)

Anthony Otero said...

Brooke, I am not sure you hate anything. I think we have spoken more than enough times to know that you may dislike something but being a hater is just not your style. You have always been to sweet for that.

I feel you on this because as a Met fan, people think that I am a yankee hater. I do not like the yankees, yes that is true, but I do not deny how good they are and how great they have been.

What bothers me is their know the ones that don't shut up because they want you to hear how loud they are sucking their team. Then of course if they lose...we get to hear "it is ok we have 27 rings." The best one I heard this year is how MLB fixed the playoffs since both philly and yankees lost. Give me a break.

I do not consider myself a Kobe hater and I have been called one. Do I like him? No. I don't need to. He is not a Knick. Period. I disliked MJ because he DESTROYED the Knicks...but you know what? Basketball hasn't been the same since and I respect him for how good he is.

I just do not believe in sucking of a player...however I am all for being a hardcore fan until the end. I never sweated Patrick Ewing as much as...well as much as he

(that was a Rammeer type of blog response...) lolol

Brooke said...


Your boy DID call me a hater, but not until AFTER I wrote the blog. Still misused nonetheless :)


I can see being looped in with others who hate on Kobe for no reason, but honestly...people should know me by now. But even if they don't, who cares? I don't always see the need for people to explain their position or defend who they like and who they don't. I simply root for my team, and that's it. There's nothing wrong with a little trash talk ie: "You're team is going down!" But calling people "haters" just because they don't like something that you do is simply assinine to me. It's getting a bit out of hand for the most part.

Brooke said...


Thank you :) You're a sweetie too!

It's one thing to go hard for your team. If you love the Mets, then you love the Mets. You don't HAVE to like the Yankees because they have 20-something titles. If that's not your team, that's not your team. I have nothing against the Yankees personally, I think they're great. But if they are playing the Phillies, I root for my home team...plain and simple. That doesn't make me a Yankee hater, althought I was called that when they played the Phillies in the World Series...which I thought was silly.

Like Annamaria said, we've had our rivalries and made our bets, I make my jokes about Eli being adopted, all that jazz...but at the end of the day, I don't really hate any team or player to the point of delusion. I'm just a passionate sports fan...and that's all it should be about.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I agree, Brooke-Ra. But like I said - the term is misused all the time.

If you're a Yankees, Cowboys, Patriots or Lakers fan, you have to deal with the rantings of people who aren't just talking junk...they HATE. Ands you have to hear it ALL THE TIME, regardless of anything! It is annoying. Same if your team usually wins or does well - I KNOW you can think of some SU haters...

Anthony Otero said...

Rameer, I have no doubt you hear it a lot. Tons of predictions of how the Lakers will not 3 peat now that the Miami Ice has the Big 3.

But, shit runs both ways. People have been know to roll up on me..

Them - "oh you're a Met fan...I feel bad for you"

Me - "oh you're a Yankee fan...I feel bad that you're an asshole"

mind you, i even don't know them!

I mean I have friends who are laker and yankee fans and it is all good because we can have an actual friendship passed that..but it is ridiculous.

So now...I don't say a word. I just laugh at the

Anthony Otero said...

Although...we should be glad that we live in America because futbol fans in other countries kill each other for shit we are talking about right

Serena W. said...

Brooke who ever called you a hater is a buffoon! I'm not a Kobe fan either but the man is talented on the court. I like the Lakers, that team has always had passion since the great days of Kareem and Magic.

I wish my team would get it together and maybe before my first born is 18 the Knicks can make a come back of some sort. (Mind you I don't have kids yet so they have a while).

Anyway back to the word "hater" it is being so overused...I mean really. Just cause you don't like something or someone you're now a hater.

Ant I'm with you! Sports in other countries are scary and deadly! Sheesh!!!! I'm glad to be a Yankee Fan in America and not a futbol fan in Spain or something lol.

Brooke said...


That's can get killed somewhere else for talking smack...

...or to jail if you're in the Linc :-) LOL!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Ant - you're right. People always tell me I'm "okay for a Yankees fan" cuz I'm not as over-bearing about as some. I personally don't understand people who concentrate more on other teams than their own...sure, a little razzing and junk talk is cool. But I know cats who went to community college who know the SU schedule better than ME...just so they can hate!!

And you make Kobe jabs yourself...but you don't HATE. Again, anyone want to see true haters, just monitor my page during b-ball season...

Brooke said...

Your page during ANY sports season is always poppin Rameer! LOL!

But yeah, the Kobe talk on your page is crazy...I just tend to lurk, but I don't dare jump in on those threads :)

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